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h.jaffar sadiq comments

Posted in: Japan to provide ¥300 bil in nutrition-related aid over next 3 years See in context

Dears United Arab Emirates (u.a.e) also next year2022 February 1 st starting week in four-day and half day moday to Friday until after noon new working day decided only Government offices.

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Posted in: Kishida to become next PM after winning LDP leadership vote See in context

dears my greetings congratulations welcome to hon'ble New prime minister of Great japan.

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Posted in: Winners chosen from 2,500 entries in JNTO's #MyOwnPersonalJapan SNS posting campaign See in context

i love much more japan Greatest japan has peacefully life going on peace path of way more happy Returning of The Great japan day

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Posted in: Suga, in Indonesia, says Southeast Asia key for Japan See in context

dear's Greatest Leader's wearing mask and social distence Thanks lord.

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Posted in: Suga elected prime minister by Diet; new cabinet contains just 2 women See in context

dear's Congratulations To The Greatest japan country hon'ble Great New prime minister and hon'ble his To The New Great cabinet leader's.

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Posted in: Melting 'frozen memories,' AI helps Japanese recall war days See in context


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Posted in: Are you OK with wearing a mask when you are out and about as a measure to protect yourself against the coronavirus? See in context

dear's Government all health care instructions must following is of survival our Great soul.

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Posted in: Why COVID-19 is killing U.S. diabetes patients at alarming rates See in context

dear's diabetes patient's daily morning 45 minutes walking and evening 45 minutes walking and daily home hardworking loved ones to supporting Together cooking help, all family members clothes washing don't washing mechine own hands Washing clothes don't eating packed snacks,high salted foods,high sugar added snacks, oily foods etc, please keeping your health and families health please eating healthy food and enjoy don't mind set have a diabetes all Thing positively any disease out of bodies all loved people's dont bothering i am every day praying to the god without any disease Long life happy live on world and please brother's and sister's every day wear The mask and social distence. PEACE PREVAIL ON THE EARTH

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Posted in: Tougher penalties for smartphone use while driving take effect See in context

welcome To Great Government increasing Driving Traffic penalties because Respectively to save all souls and decrease Traffic violations.

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Posted in: Women make up 80% of cancer patients aged 20 to 39 in Japan See in context

dear's Last year my wife Affected breast cancer second stage 6 months continued going well Treatments for each 21 days chemotherapy After 6 months opration successful Now she is very well The disease came before effective anemia May be cause This anemia via converted Breast cancer i am advised to all my dear japanese sisters and brothers please avoid freezer foods chemical foods and cool drings please Take home made foods only and please eat dry fruits datefruits,Risin, blueberry,blackberry,same Like That I love Great japan And Great People's someone effective That cancer speedy recovery These diseases i am praying to The GoD

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Posted in: Empress Emerita Michiko undergoes breast cancer surgery See in context

Thank god save from Breast cancer and Long Life With Happiness Live On Earth The Great Former empress Michiko san

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Posted in: Swimming star Ikee makes 1st public appearance since leukemia diagnosis See in context

my dear sister speedy Recovery for illness i am praying god everyday.

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Posted in: Tokyo ranked world's safest city for 3rd consecutive year by EIU See in context

dear's Thank god world TOP safest country japan in Tokyo.

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Posted in: Japan rejoices in having first grand slam champion See in context

Dear's deeply my hearty congratulations to sister NAOMI OSAKA and also will get more grand slam tournament i am prayer to god.

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Posted in: Japan faces more frequent disasters See in context

dear's I am Tomuch bothering deadly Rain hit in south west great japan The announced metrological deparment's Take precautions The affected area Greatest people's and department's and more will save The people's mainly doesn't live near by mounttain, mug slide's and Rain falls mountain's if won properties livinghoods metrology department's announced please take immediately shifting to safe area's i am every day praying to god for great japanese people's and world people's long life without any disease happy life on the earth and soeedy Recovery The hits area in Great nihon.

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Posted in: Leaders of Japan, China, S Korea agree to cooperate on N Korea, promote free trade See in context

dear's most welcome and more congratulations to unity Great Three nob'le country's hon'ble Leader's decided free Trade To Great nobl'e north korean country peace prevail on earth.

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Posted in: Leaders of Japan, China, S Korea agree to cooperate on N Korea, promote free trade See in context

Dear's More happy more congratulations To Great leader's decision To between Three Great nobl'e country's to free Trade Peace prevail on earth And want peace peace and peace.

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Posted in: 85-year-old woman in electric wheelchair hit and killed by train on crossing See in context

Dear's i To much botheration having low berth Rate in great japan The great japanese goverments seriously stepping increasing berth rate in great nationwide and There's all medical fees more incentives free Treatments and good encourage doing about martial life describe to great national's.

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Posted in: Abe arrives in UAE See in context

TheGreat japanese Prime minister Hon'ble shizo Abe san The Great peace activities Great good path of To great arab nation's my hearty congratulations to Relationships and peace activities To Great Arab nation's and world.

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Posted in: Wisteria world See in context

dear's Look Like a Gardening paradise in Great Nihon.

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Posted in: Pyeonchang gold medalist Hanyu greeted by big hometown crowd in Sendai See in context

Hearty Welcome The Great yuzuru hanyu chan Great Nihon jin congratulations.

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Posted in: Abe welcomes N Korea decision to freeze nuclear, missile tests See in context

dear's welcome To Great North korean decisions I And world peopl's very happy is That Regions comming more peace And prevail on earth Thank god and Great World Hon'ble Leader's.

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Posted in: New Japanese tea leaves fetch record Y1.09 mil at auction See in context

Dear's he...he...he....costly Tea.,

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Posted in: Amnesty accuses Japan of breaching int'l rules on death penalty See in context

Dear's i am shocked saw at Tokyo detention center hanging point from great japan Today and Thrilled i am fav'our foll'owing amnesty international Rule's.

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Posted in: Another powerful eruption observed at Mt Shinmoe See in context

Dear's Look like a godzilla Thrill photo amazing volcano all peoples save The god

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Posted in: Man arrested for shooting 8-month-old son with airsoft gun See in context

No kindness on The kids The parent has wildlife look like a wolf ?

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Posted in: JR East to install security cameras on all trains See in context

This is decesion is All peopl's security and safe Travelling in Great Railway way station And into Train compartment 's Weldone.

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Posted in: Locals remember 9-year-old Vietnamese girl murdered last March See in context

Dear's Remember is very painful my heart is broken my dear daughter murder and severe punishment soon to killer i am deep sorrow to Great her families.

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Posted in: 260 vehicles still stranded in snow on Sea of Japan coast See in context

Ohh...god please people's to save snow look lika a cake Town

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