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Dear's i am congratulations to great japanese sport's men and women's participate great north korean winter olympics i hope will get more medals.

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Dear's most welcome in great japanese bullet Train in great india congratulations to hon'ble great both country's to the prime minister 's.

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Welcome The great japanese prime minister has good path of way for iftar party them i love japanese great government .

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Posted in: Victim's activities likely known to robbers in Y384 mil cash heist See in context

Dear's ca'rrying to money for business purposes now situation  very critical not now only great japan whole worldwide Robbery like that now much more safety  only digital Transactions are safe and bank to bank,bank to other business concerns for digital  Transactions is more safety and peaceful life.

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Dear's All human's are Brother's And sister's each people 's bring PEACE Activities spreading To The Global every people 70 between 80 year's Living in the earth in The grace period Gift from The Great God  short life on Globe Please Great Dear Leader's PLEASE NO WAR NO BLOODY  All human's doing peaceful  long life without any disease  including coming generation  I WANT PEACE PEACE PEACE .                     Thanking god                                       h.jaffar

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The maritime officer has wrong decided for commite' su'icide any difficult situation no way get su'icide,to his family ,friends co officer's have a deep sorrow.

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Dear's i prayer to the god soon recovery abuse effected the children.the parent's have a not pitty this is parent has animal? Every peopl's having passion,love,pitty,straight forward,no violence,following abide country rules and regulation,bring all peopl's to PEACE activities,country wide clean sanitary health promote and more,severely legal action to the on abuse parent's same incidents dosn't again occur.

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Dear's welcome this is decided but chain smoker's dosn't desist' imme'diate enter olympic smoking prohibited area,arrange'ment separa'tion best of smoking area for the chain smoker's

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Posted in: Y42.51 mil in cash found in garbage at Gunma dumpsite See in context

****dear's The Two employees has Great as informed To His company boss The great japanese people's faithful And Honest.

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Dear's good apportun'ity to stud'ents by the great goverment

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for groping woman on train See in context

Railway police patrole boost late time train's in side checking and protection for railway passengers i hope never again dosn't this is incident like that i love nihon great japan

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