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I am Japanese and I live in Okinawa. There are many big issues between Okinawa and the U.S. army. We have many U.S. military bases in Okinawa and they are going to make another new base in Henoko which has very beautiful ocean. They want to reclaim that ocean. But the Okinawan people do not agree with it and many Okinawan people especially old ages taking part in anti-base demonstration there. But interestingly, there are also many people especially young ages (include me) who like American people like this video. I think we are kind of longing for the Americans. They are positive and friendly but we are shy. In fact, I don’t agree to make a new base but I can’t hate the American people.

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It is very interesting and unique!!! I think I would try it^^ But my family will be surprised when they open the rice cooker, cinnamon honey apples there!!! lol Anyway, the rice cooker can arrange many kinds of food like cake, steamed bread, or rice cake(Mochi) etc... I have cooked the chocolate cake used rice cooker. It was nice!! I think the rice cooker is very useful. My grandmother often makes "Takikomi gohan" for me. It is a Japanese rice dish seasoned with Dashi and soy sauce with mushrooms, vegetables and meats. I like it very much^^ Last Sunday, she taught me the way to cook “Takikomi gohan”. I will teach to my child and tell the taste of my grandmother.

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Hello^^ My name is Riko. and I'm Japanese. In Japan, Curry is the most popular especially during children. Because it is easy for mothers to cook. So we eat it often as dinner. And sometime, we cook Curry Rice in our homemaking class that is usually in elementary school. I also did. It is very good experience for little children because they can eat Curry Rice which they cooked by themselves. When I was in Australia, I often cooked Curry Rice for my house owner and he really liked it. I think Japanese Curry Rice is made people who live in around the world satisfied^^

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I am Japanese and I'm very interested in this topic because these products are all famous in Japan recentry. Especally "Frozen" and "Yo-Kai Watch". "Yo-Kai Watch" is the animation which famous especially durling children. It has cute song and we can dance easly. When I heard this song at first time, it stayed my mind whole day!!! I couldn't forget!!! I had sung all day at that time. And "Frozen" is famous all of ages. In Japan, the song "Let it go" which is sung in this movie is coverd by many great singers in Japanese!! This is very rera in our country. I think the song has very simple melody and we can remember easly. That's why "Frozen" is hit all over the world I think.

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