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h10miki comments

Posted in: 12 dead, nearly 100 missing in Indonesian landslide See in context

It is very bad news and shocking. I thought a landslide is very scary. Disappearance prays to all people to be found early.

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Posted in: Another cooked bug found in processed food See in context

I was very shocked. It is very delicious noodles. I love yakisoba. I dove noodles.

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Posted in: Mother suffocates 4-month-old daughter to death See in context

This news was very very shocking. I felt very sad. I thought why her murdered a child. And, I thought whether there was not her person who helped her around. I though her compensate a crime, and never cause a this case .

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Posted in: 税 chosen as kanji character best representing 2014 See in context

I think it is correct this kanji. In Japanese consumption tax was promoted to 8 percent this year. So, I think the tax is suitable for this years kanji. Next year's kanji is also pleasant.

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Posted in: IOC passes votes on bidding, more sports and TV channel See in context

I think that I should increase more competitions. I want to increase baseball and softball as a competition .

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Posted in: Malala vows to fight on as she shares Nobel Peace Prize See in context

I was very surprised. Because, she was 17 years old. She was younger than me. She is very wonderful people. She insisted that a girl had a right to receive education. I am agreement in her opinion. But, she was attacked by the opposition. i thought that I felt very sorry for her. I intended that I watched her on TV and support to her.

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Posted in: Yukie Nakama encourages people to vote in Dec 14 election See in context

This election is very very important. This Yukie Nakama's poster is good. She is very beautiful. And, I'm the same town to her.

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Posted in: Minami Takahashi to graduate from AKB48 in Dec 2015 See in context

This news is uninteresting. Because, I don't like AKB48. But, I have a good impression toward Minami Takahashi. I think that she did the best very mach. I support to her activity.

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Posted in: Nobel men See in context

Congratulations!!! I respect to them. I watched on TV to them. They are very busy.

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Posted in: Winter wonderland See in context

It is so beautiful. I like illumination. I'd like to see Kobe's illuminations. I want to go to Kobe!!!

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Posted in: 'Black widow' potted plants show traces of cyanide See in context

This news is very very surprised. I thought that a criminal of this case is her. Because, it is strange that her marry, and a husband dies immediately. So, she is absolutely a criminal. I think that it is evidence that she is a criminal that the person that she associated and a married person die in sequence. I hope this case is settled early.

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Posted in: Heavy snow hits Sea of Japan coast, Shikoku, leaving two dead See in context

I am very sad. Snow is very very scary. I live in the place where it does not snow, I don't know the snowy terror.

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Posted in: Ryoko Yonekura returns as Doctor X for third season See in context

She is so beautiful. I like Ryoko Yonekura. SO, I don't watch this drama. But I know this drama is very funny drama and good audience drama.

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Posted in: Author says 'The Wind Rises' is full of lies See in context

I watched this title movie. It is Junichi Okada ftomV6 to have played a chief character. And Mao Inoue played his wife. This movie is very very very sad. But I think it is great movie in Japan. I want to people all of the world to watch this movie. It was touched by the figure which he was going to survive for a beloved family.

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Posted in: Actor Ken Takakura dies at 83 See in context

I was very very sad. He was very very good movie actor and very famous actor.

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Posted in: Washi paper added to list of UNESCO intangible heritage items See in context

It's great. Washi may be registered it was really wonderful. I like washi because washi is very very beautiful. I think that washi it became a good chance for people all over the world to learn the goodness washi.

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