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Posted in: Hyogo town installs mechanical kappa in park pond See in context

I think it is cool because it is scary for children, but not for people my age. I want to go see the Kappa one day. I could imagine a person running by and getting very scared because of how creepy looking it is. That is very funny though. Maybe a video on Youtube could be made.

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Posted in: Student arrested for placing rocks on train tracks in Ibaraki See in context

I can't believe that the kid would do that. He could make the train fall over and people would get hurt. The mother and father of the children should watch the kids more for this kind of things. The kid is not that young to understand that there could be an accident so i think that he should get in trouble for what he did. I think that it was very stupid for him to do that. Maybe they shouldnt accept children the the areas near the track train because of what that person did. They should put signs for that not to again happen.

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Posted in: Minami Takahashi to graduate from AKB48 in Dec 2015 See in context

I do not want Yokoyama to be the new leader. I like Takahashi more than the Yokoyama. Takahashi should stay the leader and not graduation. I am really missing Takahashi when she leaves. I do not know where she is going to go when she gone from group. I hope it is somewhere better so she will be happy. I do hope that Yokoyama makes a good leader for the team group.

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Posted in: Man flees after attempting to rob pachinko parlor See in context

I am afraid becuase they have not catch him yet. I think they should give help to those kind of people because he was so angry for losing money. I think he was angry because he lose a lot of money so that is why he try to robb the pachinko. Pachinko is bad for taking so much money from people.

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Posted in: Another cooked bug found in processed food See in context

First, I think that it is very gross. There should be a person watching the process of the noodles being made. I will never eat these noodles ever again because it is very sickening to think of bugs in my food. It is a good thing that they recalled all of the noodle packets so no one will never have to see a bug in the noodles anymore. But, maybe someone tried to get the company in trouble by putting the bugs into the noodles when they were being made as a joke to make the company lose the job.

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