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Posted in: Amber Heard cross-examined about fights with Johnny Depp See in context

Just reading she’s been dumped from DC comics movies. A little karma I’d say.

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In a phone call Saturday, Putin told Finnish President Sauli Niinisto that there are no threats to Finland’s security and joining NATO would be an “error” and “negatively affect Russian-Finnish relations.”

Like there was no chance of Russia invading Ukraine. Joining NATO wouldn’t negatively affect Russian-Finnish relations anymore than the invasion already has, and it’s not just Finland and Sweden that have realized this.

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and two Russian-speaking British SAS chaps, who were busted somewhere they shouldn't have been.

The two captured in Mariupol? In Ukraine, defending Ukraine, at Ukraine’s invitation, and they “were busted” somewhere they shouldn’t have been? The only people who shouldn’t be there are the Russian invaders.

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Sorry, Ukraine fans... Watch the full video with analysis and see that this news has been debunked. The river has been crossed and the Russian advance continues.

Where exactly does it say they were stopped?

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Posted in: World's biggest YouTuber PewDiePie moves to Japan See in context

It’s fairly world-wide. Kids everywhere want to be YouTubers. But it’s no different than wanting to be on TV or movies or to be a rock star for generations past. YouTube is just the new medium. It’s extremely profitable, and the economic model behind it objectively differs little from TV and movies and even music; all are the creation of content, which if it has appeal, motivates advertisers to pay money to advertise, as well as creating a peripheral economy around the content. YouTube is just new, not really different.

I get all that. For me it’s more about the brand association. A kid that tells me they want to be a YouTuber, I’ll probably give them a “don’t limit yourself because you’re better than that” response, but a kid that tells me they want to be a digital content creator will more likely get a “that’s awesome, you go for it” response. All YouTubers are digital content creators, but not all digital content creators are YouTubers. It’s not just YouTube though. I feel the same about all the brands.

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I know the name, and I know he’s a YouTuber, but that’s all. I’ve never been all that interested in YouTube or TikTok or Twitter etc, only reason I have an account with any social network is the much easier contact with family and friends… so if you can make it a career, then cool, but I find it a little sad that for a lot of kids in Japan (maybe elsewhere?), “YouTuber” is their big dream.

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Because he’s odd.

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Still, dropping testing too seems maybe premature? Let tourists in, but keep testing going for the forseeable future seems like a reasonable hedge. Especially given the recency of a lot of their cases.

I think it’s only pre departure testing that’s being dropped. May still be testing on arrival. Not sure

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LOL, seriously? 'we' won't even intervene to save women children, ie a humanitarian corridor. The west, the free nations have lost even that simplest of mandate, saving innocent lives.

Has Russia attacked a NATO member yet?

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There are signs that Russia already has increased its focus on Sweden and Finland, with several airspace violations by Russian military aircraft reported in recent weeks and an apparent campaign in Moscow with posters depicting famous Swedes as Nazi sympathizers. Putin used similar tactics against Ukraine’s leaders before launching what the Kremlin called its “special military operation.”

They’ve already started.

They don't have to invade, but they will have an excuse to destabilize and wreck havoc.

”we started this thing in Ukraine that has forced you to increase your defensive capability and allegiances and it’s your fault”

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Posted in: As Putin marks Victory Day, his troops make little gains in Ukraine See in context

Tough to believe the narrative 

At least some are exposing the narrative to the people who need it.


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Yup to the above. Seriously glad you got in early @purple_depressed_bacon

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Posted in: Can movie theaters save Netflix? 'Door is open,' says trade group boss See in context

I had already left the movie going experience prior to COVID due to noise and unruly patrons, I can't see myself ever going back

I’ve noticed a completely different experience in Japan to back home. Back home, people have always tried to ruin it. Cellphones are the worst, but even before cellphones there were kids with laser pointers or somebody giving a running commentary of the on screen action. In Japan there is none of that, at least in my experience. It’s almost TOO quiet.

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Posted in: Ukrainians plead for Mariupol rescue; Russian advance crawls See in context

Claiming an incorrect usage of the word “literally” as a “fact” that “means” something is funny.

Of course, a lot of those civilians are very relieved to be free from the Kiev regime's oppression, 

Out of the frying pan, into the fire.

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Posted in: South Korea to end outdoor mask mandate See in context

Basic math with the above stats indicate that 7,140,000 South Koreans have chosen to remain unvaccinated.

My kid would’ve failed basic math and quite possibly basic English if they gave that answer to exam questions with the details from the article.

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Posted in: Yellen, Ukraine official walk out of Russia's G20 remarks See in context

Appropriate action considering nothing that comes out of Russian officials’ mouths can be trusted.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, EU affirm swift aid to Ukraine as assault in east starts See in context

but the Russian Foreign minister denied that.

So it's still quite likely.

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Posted in: Japan to send masks, hazmat suits, drones to Ukraine See in context

The only thing Ukraine needs is someone to negotiate a peace deal. 

It’s not a war.

Just give up the East part and stay neutral - which was always the deal from day one.

“Just give them what they want” said no negotiator ever.

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No evidence nothing but the repeated droning on about "possible use".

Kind of the same as there was no way the Russians were going to invade.

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Posted in: Zelenskky says Russian offensive in eastern Ukraine has begun See in context

Spread the news. The Russians are liars. Not news? I don’t care. Spread it again.


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Posted in: Russia renews strikes on Ukraine capital, hits other cities See in context

@Haaa Nemui Its like hitting the gas as soon as the traffic light turns green without looking to see the truck illegally going through the red light and you getting killed. The Truck driver, Russia is in the wrong, but in the end you are dead; not a good outcome for you.

No, it isn’t like that. It would be like that if the truck driver was all the time trying to reassure you that he wasn’t going to but then did anyway. The problem is Russia. They can’t be trusted to do what they say they are or aren’t going to do.

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Posted in: Russia renews strikes on Ukraine capital, hits other cities See in context

Zelenskyy will not agree to what Russia wants until the entire country has been turned into rubble.

Why should he? He’s seen what Russia is doing.

I am not siding with Russia, just stating the obvious.

Putin is responsible for this. All of it. Not Zelenskyy. You’re trying to make Zelenskyy responsible for the actions of Russia. You are siding with Russia.

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Posted in: Russian military's damaged Black Sea flagship sinks See in context


yep. They’ll only admit to the former though

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Posted in: Russian military's damaged Black Sea flagship sinks See in context

Total incompetence or another win for Ukraine. Hmmmmm.

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Posted in: 62.9% of people with foreign roots in Japan questioned by police: survey See in context

@ Antiquesaving

I haven’t been here 30+ years. Only about 10. In that time I haven’t been stopped once. Not for an ID check or anything. The ONLY time I’ve even spoken to police here is when I stopped in at a koban to ask directions. I don’t think it’s a suspect claim at all.

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“Yes, we have significant losses of troops and it is a huge tragedy for us,” Peskov said.

Not sure if one can have less than zero sympathy, but that’s about where I am on this.

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The mere presence of the Russian invaders puts every Ukrainian at risk. These atrocities may have been committed by Russians or they may have been committed by Ukrainians, but the Ukrainians would have a scapegoat if it were them. It makes it extremely difficult to judge what is going on, but the one truth that is absolute… Russia’s invasion is illegal.

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Posted in: Ukraine accuses Russia of massacre; city strewn with bodies See in context

Either the Russians are guilty or they’ve provided a scapegoat. Whatever it is, Russia illegally invaded and their presence in Ukraine puts every Ukrainian at greater danger.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 7,395 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 48,825 See in context

What about people with 3 doses?

That information should not be hidden from the public.

What makes you think it’s hidden? Adding up all the figures from the columns listed gives us the exact total reported, which is 7,395. Those who have had a booster are either included in the column with 2 shots or in the last (unclear) column. Or it’s zero.

Also, what is the rate of vaccination in Tokyo. (Hint: many times more people are vaccinated than not) Proportionately, those who are unvaccinated have a much much higher rate of infection.

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Posted in: Ukraine says Moscow is forcibly taking civilians to Russia See in context

You do realize this is nonsensical that 400,000 people were taken in less than 30 days, right?

All I’m wondering about is whether it was abducted or evacuated. Not the how. Clearly 400,000 people being moved either by abduction or evacuation is a big logistical task but both sides are saying 400,000 people were moved.

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