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Posted in: Why do tourists continue to stay away from Japan, despite the fact that there are many places of interest far away from the crisis-affected areas? What should Japanese tourism officials do to promote See in context

The flights to Tokyo are still too expensive. Why are there no discounts to be had on flights to Tokyo? Also, the Yen is way too strong. Reducing both would be an incentive to stimulate tourism.

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Posted in: Realistically speaking, what do you think the police should be doing to catch Tatsuya Ichihashi, the suspect in the 2007 murder of Lindsay Ann Hawker? See in context

More posters could be posted on public transport.

Also, anyone travelling around wearing a facemask who is suspicisouly tall should be stopped and checked out. Bad luck if you're tall with a cold but I am sure innocent people would be understanding.

Personally I reckon Ichihashi could stop at a koban and ask directions and noone would notice. The Japanese police are very lovely but seem rubbish at detective work! Private detectives need to be employed.

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