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Posted in: TEPCO reports Y772.9 bil profit for April-December See in context

its good profit and no problem tokyo metropolitan government health officials have issued an influenza epidemic warning, labeling the capital as a high-risk are

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Posted in: Japan set to pass state secret law despite growing opposition See in context

they already control nation mind too much , for use (out sides national ) its seem a photo copy mind nation , now in next step policy makers are going to make more good quality and stop miss printing . and nothing else.

i think i stop to wast my mind to share some kind on good opines that i think , why i do it till today because i feel its my second home land .

no regards,

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Posted in: FSA to probe megabanks after gang loan scandal See in context

this is time to realize , stop hate out side. inside cleaning is batter for peace full country. ., japanses society have a lot of batter values in daily life that other countries have i only books.

wish some one realize and save this country

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Posted in: Powerful typhoon pummels Kanto; heads toward Fukushima See in context

as Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO), said it was **** for the storm after a series of leaks of radiation-polluted water what happened with other , they cant think. every not look out side world how much problem that human are going to face for their power craze

sad word

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Posted in: Delegates pay tribute at Minamata mercury poison site See in context

what happens after dedicate at fukushima , case by Tokyo electric miss , who many peoples ? will ile and died in next 7 years . i think misalliance ile in Tokyo and misalliance die around the world too.... because world is not rich and reassure of information and medical facilities . wish it will not happened please save the human being as human

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Posted in: Mystery, spy claims surround missing Japan-based Chinese professor See in context

India and pakistan have more then 66 years of history to this type of foolishness , ( creation heat between both country's peoples,) its result are only war (wast to human being and resources) and bani-fit is only help war tool industrious of EURO and america. wish japan not involve too much this old way, japan is very peace full country inside. i wish my second home always peace full place.

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Posted in: Abe's claims to have Fukushima under control criticized See in context

fulll full full full ........................ stop lie

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Posted in: China: 2020 Olympic success will depend on how Japan faces its history See in context

“Japan should learn how to behave,” the Global Times said in an editorial that focused mostly on Beijing’s longstanding diplomatic rivalry with Tokyo.

i wish japan must think it this is reality and not hide with money and human hart is not got with money .

i wish japan open their hart and though out heat again-es other national as its show openly on NHK every day many time.


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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan to offer any soda of any size for Y100 See in context

McDonald’s seems hell-bent on making the people of Japan fat. Their most recent campaigns all make it easier and much more convenient to shovel unhealthy food into your face

whats a bad wording toward on big company. why

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Posted in: Radioactive water spills leave Fukushima fishermen floundering See in context

Don't warrid about censer ,it's no problem in Fukushima as UN and Abe nominciya says, Shama shame but why I say shame words towards them it's use for human nature man not man of money hhhhaaah

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Posted in: Kumamoto baby hatch says it received 9 infants in fiscal 2012 See in context

this hospital doing good job. make it more as much. may this way parents stop killing there child's

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Posted in: Small businessmen See in context

this is japan , if you are good and befitted power is with you . if you are not able you not equal human being ..... just money and lock down to under-developers .. ..... .

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Posted in: U.S. balks at Japan sanctions over child abductions See in context

why you peoples don't accept all human being are equal.

its very big painful for all forgers that will bound to live in japan because children are every think for human being , even mother no kill his son , but in japan its very common . peoples form round the world want to save their children from this narrow selfish thinking.

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Posted in: Abe's 'stealth' constitution plan raises civil rights fears See in context

yes it good thinking but really going to do for or just buying tools for supports the american economy . because they are mainly war tool seller

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Posted in: Japan signs nuclear cooperation deal with UAE See in context

its very good deal for japan . its big problem is going to very strongly solve . this is OIL buy and atomic sell .

this really nice plane by this government best of lock.

wish japan cannot face problem like we Pakistani facing from last 12 years. at all its my second home. prayer for this home save as it is.

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Posted in: Japan signs nuclear cooperation deal with UAE See in context

hhhhhaaa duel standard

i remember when pakistan is going to sell it iran or libya then its called atomic transferred . and after it pakistan become too much unstable ...... why if any body not now about Pakistan real once, just find what happens with its atomic sentient .

really whats going own in this world .

atomic is a black gold and if Pakistan will going to sell it too then difficult for its other seller country to compete price . because row marital is too much in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

any way realty shell must become out , i wish peoples understand this double stander soon.

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Posted in: Man accused of murdering father, stealing Y50,000 See in context

is money is a new GOD in japan too

to achieved it people do every think no matter what good or bad

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Posted in: Woman, 77, ordered to repay Y400 mil she got from 79-yr-old man for sex See in context

what is human life goal. sex exchange money ? 14 year girl also do same as 77 year old woman done ...... human being ...... or work like beech. .... beech like to sex a lot of pock before born a child ...... is this is transferring in to human being ? they are eating too much pock as other countries.

what is this very shame,

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Posted in: U.S. hopes for new Japan stance on child abduction See in context

any word . is all human being are equal ?

too much bad think is still in grass root .

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Posted in: Mother gets 30 years for letting 2 kids starve to death See in context

i think hang her in front of all to stop self thinking this type of killing is too much in japan

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Posted in: China appoints former ambassador to Japan as new foreign minister See in context

this very clear Chinese polices that they are not willing any human killing war. this very reproachful that china became a great power with out any war.( human killing in any name like ta-rarest or religiousness extremeness all kind of bullish mind ) i feel that they are really service human being all around the world with their hard work

regards to good thinking

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Posted in: Japan's 'long war' to shut down Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

war ? why using this word is japan will to do war in with china . and making mind of peoples of japan by using this word . . . very sad.

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Posted in: WHO: Small cancer risk after Fukushima accident See in context

any way its atomic plant start again with open news. what we are leave for next generation . use less money that's great ? too much sham and .....

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Posted in: Gov't to restart nuclear reactors once safety assured See in context

bad news of the day japan can not learn from history try to accept and take start new selfish stories. this is japan and nihon jin ?? why why why ....... very sad ....... aaahh hhaa sad

real respect is buy by money (please don't loss it too much ) i wish peoples like to japan for living not for just making money and accept.

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Posted in: Thousands evacuated as 2 WWII shells removed in Kobe, Shizuoka See in context

thanks god it save

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Posted in: G20 pledges to hold back from currency warfare See in context

its just a move to make money fundamentalism and rolls are not exited any way at all. in fx

from five year i expanding my free time in this filed. and my prediction is in October 2012 its time that yen going back to 94 not more before come back to 87 ~85 . or big instability is coming if it go more up before

lets see

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Posted in: Dive bomber See in context

hhhhhaaaa so what it for ..... hhhaahhaha

any way great for greatest is it ok to say happy ?

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Posted in: Japan shocked by IOC decision to body slam wrestling See in context

she is really great . great sports-men-ship in her.

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Posted in: Japan offers nuclear help to Saudi Arabia to free up oil See in context

know its clear japan is not anti-atomic country . it just speak only in for money .... very bad.

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Posted in: TEPCO accused of blocking probe into nuclear crisis See in context

if they are really good just accept their mistake and lead the nation. other voice in history not for-give them....

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