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habidaccus comments

Posted in: Turk jailed for life for murder of Japanese tourist See in context

The death penalty is the easy way out, not to mention more expensive, as the previous comment mentioned.

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Posted in: Microsoft sells over a million Xbox Ones in under 24 hours See in context

Not sure what this has to do with obamacare. But...I think ill go for the xbox one because of the exclusives.

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Posted in: 3D printing will change the world, say researchers See in context

I can't wait for the future. The implementations of this, and whatever discoveries we make once we know the practical applications of the higgs-boson particle.

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Posted in: China praises Korean assassin whom Japan calls a 'criminal' See in context

I'm confused why people are getting downvoted for telling these three goverments to move on. Should they rwmain in this ridiculous political quagmire instead of cooperating for the sakes of everyone in the region?

I feel the same as the aforementioned. Childish politics. It's even more sad that people actually eat this up instead of questioning things. Sure, I used to repeat what I heard from my Dad or some bogus news story, too...when I was ten.

Point is, nothing is black and white, except those two colors. But even that is debatable. It's never as simple as, "They all hate us, so we should hate them".

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Posted in: Hunting: The newest growing hobby of Japanese women See in context

My hometown in Eastern Pennsylvania is right on the doorstep of farmland, and just beyond that, the wild. I grew up immersed in a strong hunting culture and have nothing but respect for it, even if buck fever dissuaded me from trying it since middle school. Cheers ladies! Hopefully it instills respect for the animals you eat.

To be clear, if you're shooting an animal and not eating it, you aren't a hunter.

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Posted in: Lawmaker who gave letter to emperor receives death threat See in context

Agree with the Chronic. Royalty are nothing special, and it's a sad state that so many people can get swayed by this rather than worrying about the core issue. Actually, this sums up the mentality of Japan in many ways.

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Posted in: Man stabbed after online video game dispute goes too far See in context

This is just as ridiculous as people getting violent over sports. Killing is virtually always foolish, but because of video games or sports are some of the most trivial reasons.

wildwestNOV. 12, 2013 - 06:48PM JST All video games should be baned they are a waste of time and electricity.

Well thought out argument, friend. Why do these threads always seem to reek of reactionaries and negativity? It's always like "meh, kill 'em", or "lock 'em up for good", or some similar sentiment. Can't anyone see things from a different perspective?

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Posted in: Japanese gamers feeling left out in the cold as new consoles launch elsewhere See in context

Yeah, its ironic how in the dark Japan seems to be when it comes to gaming nowadays. Mentioning World of Warcraft or anything at all made by Blizzard is met with blank stares. And of course the Halo series, another iconic franchise that nobody knows about. But I suppose it's no surprise, just another example of how closed the country still is.

I know you can't tell people what to like, but in a country where people arguably have gaming in their DNA, literally and figuratively, and who love RPGs and Monster Hunter types, why aren't other MMO's, especially the most successful one in history, big here?

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Posted in: Miley Cyrus smokes a joint at MTV Europe awards See in context

After another unfortunate night of inebriation, I wish I could do the exact same thing to take away the misery, and just do it instead of drinking altogether.

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Posted in: Al-Qaida claims murders of French journalists in Mali See in context

Well, this is infuriating. But I guess slaughtering them would make whoever did it no better.

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Posted in: Lonely or in need of female assistance? Try a rental friend See in context


$375 per romantic encounter? $1000?! No offense intended, but what kind of women are you dating?

I think I've paid for a few of my lady's meals, but they've never even been close to $100...maybe 50 at the most. Most of the time we go dutch. The only exception was a Disney trip + one night in a hotel suite...but even then, I didn't have the money so she paid at the time. And it was her birthday!

Girls that insistent on guys paying can take a hike, IMO. I certainly don't leech off of mine, or expect her to pay for me, but she does know that I have limitations.

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Posted in: Toyota to unveil concept fuel-cell car at Tokyo Motor Show See in context

I remember back when I was a youngin' in high school, reading about fusion, fuel cells, and so on, and how many obstacles made these things a near impossibility. And now, we're on the verge of mass produced fuel cell vehicles, with a thermonuclear reactor under development right now. I can't wait for the future!

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Posted in: Lonely or in need of female assistance? Try a rental friend See in context

One of the earlier posters is right -invest in therapy. Paying money for a fantasy only encourages an even broader gulf from reality.

There's nothing wrong with psychotherapy. Truthfully the best decision I ever made, and something that all those with social anxiety and othee mental issues should consider. Just gotta make it more available, and take away the stigma tha keeps people from going.

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Posted in: Apple's iPad Air takes flight See in context

"I like this thing the most among all my Apples."

Really? I always thought these people were a myth, but finally, proof that there ARE those who buy every update. Psy yai yaiii!

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Posted in: U.S. Army seeks 'Iron Man' armor for commandos See in context

Minor correction: How to kill others more efficiently with zero risk to themselves. They pretend they're such big manly men, but I've met mice with more courage. They only go into a fight when they've got an overwhelming technological advantage... and even then they normally lose (e.g. Vietnam, Syria, Somalia, etc.)

The U.S. Military... the biggest bunch of cowardly killers the planet has ever seen.

Everything you mentioned is a generalization, minus the defeats in Vietnam and Somalia, both of which are two vastly different levels of engagement. But that is not "normally" losing. And if you could tell me of a country that doesn't want to throw the lives of its soldiers away, then I would tell you of a country that is the farthest thing from being moral, or worth defending.

Please don't make a post fueled by your own vitriol and without any logical argument.

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Posted in: Japan's defeat in WWII not only due to atomic bombs, says China See in context

'You point a finger back far enough, and some germ gets blamed for splitting in two.'

It's interesting that people seem more interested in arguing about the he-did-this-she-did-that than 1.) Understanding it's all manipulation by politicians to distract people and 2.) Focusing on reconciliation and mutual understanding.

What's more important, saving face or ensuring man's survival?

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Posted in: Iranian president praises 'positive' Obama approach See in context

Unfortunately, since every country that is demanding Iran stop developing nukes alteady has them, it really hammers their credibility, if any government had it in the first place.

Fringe revolutionary elements are the ones I worry about getting these weapons. And I can see that Iran's connections with some of these groups would make the US and co. worry, but I take comfort in the fact that such an attack hasn't happened yet. Additionally, if you work to build a positive relationship and move forward, you decrease if not eliminate any incentive to supply groups aiming to strike US/Western interests.

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Posted in: China: 2020 Olympic success will depend on how Japan faces its history See in context

Ah...East Asia makes me sad...

On one side are two counties using the memories of wartime to misdirect the anger of the populace towards their one-time oppressor. With an overabundance of media, especially in China, that features brutal acts committed by Japanese soldiers (at times hyperbolic), it's no wonder that Japan has a bad image in lands they aimed to control. This is of course not helped by Japan hoping to gloss over the depth of the atrocities that they committed during the war. The brief mention or omission of events during and preceding World War 2 in textbooks and courses, coupled with the inflammatory remarks and actions of political figures only fans the flames. In turn you have many Japanese who can't understand the anger from China and Korea because of this lack of information, which in turn ignites their own need to defend the honor of their homeland that they see as being unjustly accused. While the negativity that individual citizens from each country feel for their counterparts in the countries with which they are having a dispute is hard to calculate, every time you see one person or another pointing the finger at the other means just another person has had the wool pulled over their eyes. All involved here need to properly educate, without omission or exaggeration, their citizens about what happened. And finally, they need to view the past as something to learn from, not a suppository from which to dig up old grudges. This will pave the way towards having responsible, civil conversations and mutual understanding in order to resolve petty conflicts about dubious claims on sea rocks and other small islands. Humanity has bigger problems, the least of which is worthless politicians, the most urgent being the multiple environmental and ecological stresses we will soon be facing.

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Posted in: Man walks 1,400 kilometers home after getting mugged See in context

Yeah, he may have worried his parents a bit. But what an awesome trek. Worth it. Who does this sort of thing this day and age? I don't think there's anything stupid about this. On the contrary, saying you walked 1400 km...how many other people have had such an experience. And I don't mean that he should use this for bragging rights, rather he should be proud of taking what was probably an eye-opening journey. It's an experience that all the haters here wish they could do themselves. "when you judge others, you don't define them, you define yourself".

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Posted in: Cardinals beat Pirates in 12 to tighten NL Central See in context

Yeah dude...went to Uni out there and I've been in love with their teams long before that..clean it up, Buccos!

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Posted in: Kyoto high school students detonate homemade explosives in public space See in context

Like many others, did this stuff too. We even tried making napalm. However, potato guns were the most fun...nothing like launching a spud 200 yards towards a concrete wall. That being said, we had plenty of wide open spaces to do this without endangering anyone but ourselves.

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Posted in: U.N. sounds alarm on widespread designer drug use See in context


Yes they do extend beyond synthetic marijuana, as the article mentions, but spice is the one example where the natural version of the drugs they are attempting to regulate is NOT dangerous, as well as the only one I've tried. You can't overdose on MJ. I don't know if you can on spice, but I did feel bad when I did it...extreme paranoia, shakes and sweating. And there Is evidence of people having psychotic episodes when partaking in it.But touche, if they can determine that some of them are harmless, or at least no more harmful than the "natural" variety, then by al means, have at it.

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Posted in: U.N. sounds alarm on widespread designer drug use See in context

Solution: legalize the all-natural, non-toxic variety of spice (marijuana), and your problem is solved. We've gone alone with this farce long enough.

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Posted in: Fire breaks out in Ginza building with famous sushi restaurant See in context

My school's behind that building. We wrre wondering why they had ten different trucks there.

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Posted in: Sarah Palin back at Fox News See in context

Palin, does draw huge crowds that is something she does well, it pisses off the left to see her, when you resort to calling someone ad hominem names constantly, it means on a subconscious level, the person pisses you off. She is doing her job. But at least, she is being watched, unlike our President that pretty much no one is watching these days...even with a six pack.

Why would you want to defend this? Of course it pisses people off - this is not helping our country! It's not good if it's from the right or the left, it's destructive either way. I'm also sorry to say, but Fox News does use fear-inducing propaganda, and if it does by some strange chance happen to be less deceitful than that of other networks, it's still holding us back.

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Posted in: Sarah Palin back at Fox News See in context

So...she's right to refer to her own god by a different name? Okay, maybe, but the question remains whether or not she knows there is no difference between who she worships and who Muslims worship, or not. I'm going with the latter.

Whether or not my suspicions are correct, all her comments do are promote ignorance anddivisiveness.

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Posted in: Sarah Palin back at Fox News See in context

Palin causes a stir because, like Michelle Bachmann, she's a dumb person in a position of power and influence that projects ignorance to people who don't know any better. That quote about "Allah" sorting out Syria...very progressive. Does she realize that's her god, too?

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Posted in: Youth arrested for hitting 16-year-old girl with baseball bat See in context

@the chronic:

When did he mention the west in his reply? Or make it a comparison?

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Posted in: Sony to release 'Angry Birds' film in 2016 See in context

Yes terrible idea, and am I the only one who sickened by business jargon? Consumers, brand awareness, etc. Its as if the idea of actual people is slowly being phased out.

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Posted in: Japan gets tough on law-evading hallucinogenic herbs See in context


Do you have some actual facts to back those absurd claims up? The ironic thing about your statement is that if they actually were up to date on their knowledge of substances, they'd have no reason to prohibit some of them.

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