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Posted in: Nippon Steel rebuffs S Korean lawyers in forced labor row See in context

We got an answer from them. However, it was not from the company itself, but from a contract security guard," lawyer Lim Jae Sung told reporters.

Good. And they should forever pay you dust.

Go ask your government what happened to the 1965 compensation.

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Posted in: N Korean paper raps Japan's reaction to S Korean court ruling See in context

"It is possible that North Korea will in the future push its demands for compensation for Japanese colonial rule by referring to the same ruling.

The Japan-North Korea Pyongyang Declaration of 2002 states that both sides agreed to discuss the issue of property and claims in talks to normalize their ties "pursuant to the basic principle that when the bilateral relationship is normalized both...would mutually waive all their property and claims and those of their nationals that had arisen from causes which occurred before August 15, 1945."

This is why Japan should stay away from the peninsula or their reunification plan. Abe should stop picking up Moon calls for help.

The Japanese should focus on themselves and leave the Koreans fend for themselves.

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Posted in: TV Asahi cancels performance of K-pop group BTS over A-bomb shirt See in context

melonbarmonsterToday  12:10 pm JST

LOL all these clueless comments about K wave being past and Japan being an important market. BTS has leapfrogged over Japan a long time ago. They're far more popular in the US, Europe and South America. Japan is a blip for these guys. They're not my cup of tea but welcome to 2018.

LOL back at you.

And yet the K-music industry needs Japan to survive. About 70% of their revenues come from selling their music and touring in Japan.

Were will BTS be in two years when all the hype dies?

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Posted in: Osaka cuts sister city ties with San Francisco over 'comfort women' statue See in context

The former mayor (who passed away in December, weeks after allowing this statue) was of Chinese descent.

His father fought the Korean War.

It looks like he had an agenda.

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Posted in: Released memo points to Hirohito's role in Pearl Harbor raid See in context


It doesn't prove anything.

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Posted in: Japan to consider new document to mark improving ties with S. Korea See in context

Never going to matter.

1-If 0.001% of the S.Korean go against it, the current president will tell Tokyo that the atonement/Money is not enough.

2-The future President (after the current one) will renege on the Treaty and ask for a new one.

This will never end. Let it go and let the Koreans fend for themselves in the future.

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Posted in: 5 reasons why Japan does watermelon better See in context

Watermelons taste like crunchy spit.

No thank you.

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Posted in: Man arrested for trying to kill acquaintance with mercury in tobacco See in context

The man, who ended up using 14 of the 20 cartridges in the pack

In less than 24 hours? Mercury or not, this poor man was headed to an early grave.If this unfortunate event doesn't stop him for smoking, I don't know what will.

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Posted in: Japan studying SDF response to Korean Peninsula crisis See in context

The Japanese government has begun discussing how the Self-Defense Forces would respond to a military conflict on the Korean Peninsula.

Why? Is this why Abe wants to change the Constitution?The Japanese should mind their own business and let the Koreans fight among themselves. Unless their really want the same Koreans to come around and accuse Japan of killing their fellow countrymen and ask for reparations.

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Posted in: Major Korean junior high school, cut off from aid, to close in March See in context

So the Japanese had to fork the money to private schools whose priorities are to teach / preserve the language and culture of their #1 enemy who swore to destroy their country?

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Posted in: Shrine murder suspect sent 2,800 letters disparaging victim See in context

2800 Letters? Couldn't send emails? Killing with swords? This pathetic loser seemed pretty stuck in the Middle ages in his modus operandi.

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Posted in: Moon tells Komeito leader he wants to visit Japan soon See in context

Visit for what? Ratify another treaty that will be rescinded in few weeks because the Korean people are not "emotionally" ready to accept it?

Those fake smiles are irritating.

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Posted in: San Francisco mayor accepts 'comfort women' statue; Osaka to end sister-city ties See in context

A little background of the Mayor Edwin Mah Lee:

 His parents immigrated to the United States from Taishan, Guangdong Province, China in the 1930s. Lee's father, Gok Suey Lee, fought in the Korean War.

This should explain a lot.

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally beating 78-year-old mother over 3 days See in context

I pray he get the same treatment from his cell mates .

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Posted in: Dentsu fined Y500,000 for making employees do too much overtime See in context

That's it?

why Japanese Labor Laws such a joke? At this rate, Dentsu can let few hundred employees die every month.

It seems cheaper to work them to death apparently .

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Posted in: Ground-breaking ceremony held at Moomin theme park site in Saitama See in context

Unless they build an IKEA next to it, I am not sure they will recoup their investment.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for stealing 5 mil yen from 89-year-old man See in context

So much for 'protect and serve'.

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Posted in: Scandal-hit Moritomo Gakuen sued over unpaid construction costs See in context

When it rains, it pours.

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Posted in: Robert De Niro says Meryl Streep's Globe speech was 'great' See in context

Meryl Streep? The same actress who is a staunch supporter of Roman Polanski the convicted rapist? Hypocrite Hollywood mouthpieces love to pick and choose, I see.

Americans made their choice.Time to accept it and move on.

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Posted in: Abe urges S Korea to remove 'comfort woman' statue See in context

The truth is out.

So Seoul allowed the activists to put the statue back up but plead ignorance when Tokyo decided to recall the diplomats claiming there was nothing they could do to stop said activists.

Refund and no more accords!Japan already paid 50 years ago. Let's all move on.

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Posted in: China manufacturing growth slows See in context

So it begins.

Next: Real estate bubble.

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Posted in: China upset at name change of de facto Japan embassy in Taiwan See in context

Beijing has repeatedly urged Japan to show greater repentance for World War Two atrocities and the two sides have a festering territorial dispute in the East China Sea.

Every time the Chinese don't get what they,they feel the need to remind the world of what happened last century.

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Posted in: Koreans on the march See in context

They also need to sue the USA and China who also used Comfort women. Where is the outrage against them? Where are the settlements?

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Posted in: S Korean politicians call for nullifying sex slave deal with Japan See in context

Are they going to nullify every treaty signed with Japan? No wonder The Japanese are so tired of this back and fourth. Korea already got the apology and compensations 50 years ago. Time to get over it.

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Posted in: Putin himself involved in U.S. election hack: NBC See in context

And This coming from the same CIA who "found" weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, created ISIS and helped Hillary destroy Libya and wreck havoc in the Middle East?

Stop blaming the Russians with no proof. The Democrats lost the elections because their candidate was arrogant and lead a weak campaign with no real message. Own it and move on.

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Posted in: China tells Japan it opposes unilateral N Korea sanctions See in context

“China is willing, along with the international community, to fully and completely enforce Security Council resolutions, and opposes unilateral sanctions imposed outside the framework of Security Council resolutions,” China’s Foreign Ministry cited Wu as saying.

Since when? I really needed a good laugh today. I doubts these words were uttered by a Chinese representative.

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Posted in: 200,000 join blasphemy protest against Christian governor in Indonesian capital See in context

**>"The blasphemy controversy erupted in September when a video circulated online in which Ahok criticized detractors who argued the Quran prohibits Muslims from having a non-Muslim leader."

“I’ve been called to defend Islam,” she said. “As a Muslim, I feel guilty if I refuse a demand to defend my religion. I believe Ahok insulted the holy Quran and it’s hurt us!

Holly cow! Is this really happening in the 21st century. They just proved Ahok's point with the whole hoopla. If you are not one of us (If you are a christian),you are surely against us.

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Posted in: Man arrested for mailing more than 500 garbage items to former bullies See in context

I like the idea. He didn't hurt them physically,he just exposed their sorry selves. At least everyone will now know how awful these bullies were in their youth.

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Posted in: Chinese military says it's seriously concerned by Japan-S Korea pact See in context

" Why wasn't I invited to sit at the table? I want to be friends too! I am important too you know.Don't you see that I matter? I do matter. Right? Right? Somebody!"

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Posted in: Japan forces a harsh choice on children of migrant families See in context

Speaking through a Punjabi interpreter, an immigration official quizzed the Singhs about their lives.

Not to be heartless but after two decades in Japan,the parents still need interpreters?

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