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Posted in: S Korea warns of security impact if dropped from Japan's easy-trade list See in context


And Japan ought to remember who was number 2 in bailing them out during the last major quake. You're comparing once instance and a few bullets to 30 years of colonisation, rape, and murder. Well done.

And this was proven to be a lie. S.Korea wasn’t even in the top 15 donors.

Another propaganda by S.Korea.

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Weren’t lil’Kim and Moon strolling in the park like two best friends not too long ago?

Who are we to come between 2 brothers?

South Koreans always make it look like they are self sufficient /reliant. Let them deal with the siblings rivalry.

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Posted in: S Koreans boycott Japanese beer See in context

Samit Basu

No job loss since those breweries will now brew for domestic brand.

You are well aware that your people are not really fond of their domestic brands.

Give it 2 more weeks. They will come around, buy the Japanese drinks and consume it at home far from judgmental eyes.

This won’t be the first time.

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Posted in: S Koreans boycott Japanese beer See in context

I don’t get it. They are hurting themselves/their businesses and repressing their own needs in order to hurt Japan?

Those Japanese beers come from breweries located in S.Korea.

Guess who will be out of job is the sales keep slumping? S.Koreans that’s who.

Either there’s Something wrong in South Korean waters or they are all brainwashed.


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Posted in: Samsung asks partners to stockpile Japanese components See in context

South Korea's Samsung Electronics has sent letters to local partners urging them to stockpile more Japanese components in case Tokyo expands its export restrictions,

Showing desperation already? I thought Japan was supposed to be hurt by SKorea’s removal from the whitelist not state-backed Samsung.

Anyway, thanks for giving Japan the heads up. I pray the people in charge of approving the S.Korean export will put the export request at the bottom of their files. Those supplies are about to not be delivered on time.

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Posted in: South Korean political parties back Moon in Japan trade row See in context

They don’t really have a choice unless they want to be found flotting in the Kang river or “get suicided”. Just like the Korean politician who refused to follow Moon’s propaganda against Japan.

RIP poor man, at least you showed integrity.

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Posted in: Japan may take S Korea wartime labor dispute to International Court of Justice: NHK See in context

Japan can take it to ICJ but S.Korea won’t show up.

They will find a way to delay the process and whine as usual.

Mark my words.

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Posted in: Former Mitsubishi workers seek assets sale for forced colonial-era labor See in context

I"f Korea’s coerced workers were not paid by certain occupying Japanese companies then it is only fair that they should be.

The article clearly states that Mitsubishi refused to negotiate with the former coerced workers.

It is logical that a court action and ruling be sought and it has!

Tough for Mitsubishi."

People need to realize that all those Japanese companies were requisitioned by the Japanese Army/government, therefore the Koreans were working for Japan not Mitsubitshi.

Japan considered all the victims compensated so did the S.Korean government when they signed the Treaty in 1965 and received the funds.

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Posted in: Japan's trade minister criticizes S Korea for 'mistaken' explanation after meeting See in context

“Tokyo lodged a protest against Seoul, saying it had broken an agreement on what the two sides would disclose from the Friday discussions on Japan’s curbs of exports to Korea of some materials used to make high-tech equipment”

> ”...the officials had spent about an hour toward the end of the five-hour meeting to discuss and agree on what to disclose to media.”

What else is new?

Keep showing that you are untrustworthy S.Korea.

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Posted in: S Korean leader says Tokyo's trade curbs will hurt Japan more See in context

South Korea's president urged Japan on Monday to lift recently tightened controls on high-tech exports to South Korea, which he said threaten to shatter the countries' economic cooperation and could damage Japan more than South Korea.

There’s no more economic cooperation since your untrustworthy country has been taken off the whitelist.

Japan is producing over 80% of what your state-sponsored chaebols need to make the chip.

Japan will mass-sell to Taiwan and other Western companies who, I am pretty sure will be happy to knock you out of your pedestal. Don’t worry S.Korea, Japan will be just fine.

Keep whining, in 3months time, those companies will be able to sell to Apple and others cellphone companies and you’ll be left behind.

Do you feel the burn? I hope it was worth it.

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Posted in: Japan-S Korea feud deepens with disputed accounts of trade meeting See in context

"I am frustrated," said the Korean official, who declined to be named due to the sensitivity of the matter.”

“ South Korean media, however, reported there was a "cold reception" for their officials, and that the meeting took place in a room that looked like a "garage".”

A taste of your own medicine S.Korea.

Your frustration is barely a week old.

Now you know what Japan has been feeling in the last two decades.


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Posted in: Tensions over history, North keep Japan, South Korea at odds See in context

@Samit Basu

If what you said is true then S.Korea doesn’t need Japan and won’t suffer from their removal from the whitelist.

So what all the fuss Moon and his government are making about?

Why involve the USA and WTO if there’s no negative impacts to the Korean economy?

Unless your people are releasing fluff pieces to the media to save face.

Good luck; it’s only the beginning.

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Posted in: Tensions over history, North keep Japan, South Korea at odds See in context

@Samit Basu , You're rejoicing it seems.

So when Samsung and co deplete all their chip maker supplies, when and where will they get the new ones from?

Koreans always thinking in the short term.

The Japanese are very patient. You don’t know when and where they will strike next. Petroleum and related materials? Machinery parts? Use of Japanese patents?

keep laughing and good luck.

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Posted in: South Korea seeks US help in bitter trade spat with Japan See in context

What a joke.

Koreans companies (Samsung&co) may be the world biggest suppliers but not the world only suppliers. Taiwanese/Euro/American companies will gladly take over and end the S.Korean market dominance. The world will be fine.

S.Korea decided to be a hostile country and reneged old treaties/ seize business partners assets on their own accord.

So why are they seeking US help now? Weren’t they gloating few weeks ago at the idea of bullying Japan, yet again?

Japan is free to whitelist/give preferential treatments to whoever they want.

Now suffer!

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Posted in: S Korea's Moon calls for diplomatic solution to trade spat See in context

Very funny that South Korea wants another diplomatic solution/treaty that Moon &Co won’t respect.

Don’t bother Japan.

Untrustworthy people cannot be your friends, business partners or get preferential treatments. Keep hitting where it hursts them the most.

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Posted in: 68-year-old man arrested over wife’s murder See in context

On Monday, Horiike admitted to killing his wife who had been in poor health. He was quoted by police as saying he couldn’t stand to see her suffer any longer and wanted her to depart in peace.

Theres nothing “peaceful about strangulation”.

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Posted in: Man kept mother’s body at home after her death last June See in context

A 78 years old scammer!?

I was expecting an unemployed man in his forties/fifties.

Come on Grandpa!

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Posted in: S Korean visit left as unfinished business for new emperor See in context

There's a law in South Korea banning all the Japanese Emperors from setting foot on their land.

Now , they want the Emperor to visit ? Total nonsense. Make up your mind, people. All this looks like a sign of mental illness.

Besides, the imperial family link to Korea was over 500 years ago. Time yo let it go.

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Posted in: Ariana Grande, reigning teen pop idol with a defiant edge See in context

How is she a "teen pop idol? She is 26 years old.

This Lolita concept is starting to look creepy.

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Posted in: S Koreans declare start of Japan firm asset sale over wartime labor See in context

Opinion of Japanese legal experts on the verdict of S. Korea Supreme court regarding forced wartime labor:

http://justice.skr.jp/estatement.html (Enlgish)

http://justice.skr.jp/statement.html (Japanese)

Too easy. Legal experts of Korean ancestry?

Who are you fooling.

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Posted in: Renault denounces Nissan over Ghosn investigation: report See in context

Oh please. Read between the lines.

They are not against the result of the Japanese investigation. They are against the process/method.

Renault would have nipped it in the bud, had they known about the accusations against Gibson. They wouldn’t have been public.

The Gohsn affair exposed Renault itself and the French Unions are asking for deep investigations too.

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Posted in: Ex-policeman gets 22-year prison term for fatally shooting boss See in context

So he was 19 years old when this happened.

Old enough to be a Police officer but too young to have his name revealed to the public because he’s still considered a “minor”.

What a conundrum.

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Posted in: Ghosn: Bail refusal would not be normal in any other democracy See in context

Sorry Ghosn can’t order people here. This is not Nissan/Renault Headquarters.

He is in detention. No special favors will be given to him.

He needs to stop saying that he revived Nissan. He just fired tens of thousand or people and reported the salaries not paid as profits. That’s it.

He needs to stop with the Messiah complex.

By the way, keep insulting the Japanese Justice system. I am not sure they will show leniency from now on.

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Posted in: Ghosn tells Nikkei arrest due to plot, treason within Nissan See in context

Ghosn got too comfortable throughout the years, acted like a dictator and is now paying for it.

Both sides (French and Japanese) were plotting but the Japanese got swift enough and beat them.

The End.

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Posted in: S Korean 'comfort women' campaigner dies at 93 See in context

This poor woman was abused during the war and ended up being abused in her later years by S Korea, her own country, who used her as a political tool, almost 70 years after the end of said-war.

I pray she is finally at peace.

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Posted in: France seeks Renault board meeting to replace CEO Ghosn See in context

Ghosn’s misdeeds are all over the news in France at the moment.

The CGT (French Union) is asking for all his spending review.

Ghosn even hired/paid family members who never set foot or worked for Renault/Nissan.

His secret is out.

*For those who can read French:


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Posted in: Don't shift blame over wartime labour ruling, Tokyo tells S Korea See in context

Yes. S.Korea is shifting the blame.

Why is Moon quiet when Korean citizens are suing his government?

Give them their share of the 800 millions and all will be well.

We are yet to hear his speech about a Korean group of 1,103 former forced laborers and their families said it had filed a lawsuit demanding the South Korean government provide 100 million won ($88,500) to each of them in compensation because it had received funds from Japan.


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Posted in: Yasukuni protesters from Hong Kong to face trespassing charges See in context

@Do the hustle

But, they are not being charged with disturbing the peace. They are being charged with trespassing in a public place. If the charges were destruction of property it even vandalism I could understand

Really? It seems like the trespassing charge is the result of them disturbing the peace and violating the general licence given to the general public AKA the permission to enter the premises in order to pray and visit the museum without creating troubles for other, refusing to leave and resisting arrest.

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Posted in: Yasukuni protesters from Hong Kong to face trespassing charges See in context


Interesting that is private property, but representatives of the state paid by tax money visit there, while in their capacity as public servants. That seems to indicate a mixing of state and religion interest. how does that work?

The same way Mayors,senators and governors,members of the Democratic or Republican Party decide jointly to attend a yearly Memorial service for WWI or WWII Falken soldiers at a Church.

See? It’s easy like that.

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Posted in: Yasukuni protesters from Hong Kong to face trespassing charges See in context


So when they don't like you they can claim you as trespasser whenever they like.

Who told you they didn’t like them? The shrine people didn’t even know who those Chine were.

They flew to Japan with the intent to disturb the peace and create mayhem in a place of prayer.

They were rightfully charged for it.

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