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Posted in: Trump says he looks like Lone Ranger in a mask and likes it See in context

Now he says he is all for masks. Revisionist history anyone? Soon he'll be saying he never downplayed how bad Covid would be. I would much rather see him in a fictitious role than the fictitious role he's been playing for the last 3 and 1/2 years.

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Posted in: 20 sumo wrestlers rescue drowning woman in Tokyo See in context

Love sumo wrestlers even more now...I understand how humor can be found by some here, but to anyone who would make fun, have you ever saved a life?

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Posted in: Trump pushes conspiracy theory about Buffalo protester shoved by police See in context

Statements like this and others have to indicate the dumpster is trying to throw the race. He is much more suited for something that doesn't hurt the country or the rest of the world.

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Posted in: Trump threatens social media after Twitter fact-checks him See in context

A government leader who wants to shut down companies etc...sounds like Germany between the mid 1930's -40's

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Posted in: Japanese comedian Ken Shimura dies from coronavirus-caused pneumonia See in context

Countless people laughed for years while watching Shimuraさん. Job well done, rest well funny man.

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Posted in: Trump grapples with public health and economic maelstrom See in context

"He uses hand sanitizer all the time. "

So that's where it all went.

 "he's not concerned about this at all."

I totally believed this...until he heard that he has been around people who might've been exposed.

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Posted in: Swimmer Ikee appeals to public for blood donations as virus causes shortage See in context

Even out of the pool, Ikee san continues to be amazing!!

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Posted in: Trump peace plan delights Israelis, enrages Palestinians See in context

The Dumpster trying to get Jewish Americans to vote for him.

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Posted in: 'Nobody likes him' - Hillary Clinton bashes Bernie Sanders See in context

Trump is a scam artist, conspiracy theorist and a compulsive liar. 

That’s why he could beat everyone.

WOW! This explains the thinking of the dumpster's minions perfectly.

No problem with this "rezident" being a scam artist,conspiracy theorist or compulsive liar? Message received.

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Posted in: Neil Peart, Rush's star drummer, dies at 67 See in context

Getting the call about Neil yesterday was devastating to say the least. From my early teens into adulthood no band, no individual musicians and no lyricist has meant more to me. I was lucky to see them well over 10 times on numerous tours.

Neil the rock drummer- G.O.A.T.

Neil the lyricist- G.O.A.T.

Time to listen to every cd from Fly by Night through Signals.

Sir, you reached the highest levels in your endeavors while inspiring, influencing and adding happiness to lives of millions. Endless thanks!

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Posted in: Trumps wish Americans 'Merry Christmas' See in context

Were Santa's paper's checked? Were each and every one of his packages x-rayed? He could be smuggling in too much Christmas cheer.

Merry Christmas to ALL

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Posted in: Democrats lay out case for Wednesday Trump impeachment vote See in context

" Democrats actually have a conscience." So funny since "dump"sters choose to see no evil or hear no evil when it comes to their "dear leader".

"do what it right, just and fair." Three more words that the "dump"ald can't define and his minions don't seem to care about.

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Posted in: Trump threatens to bypass Commission on Presidential Debates See in context

"He incorrectly claimed". A very P.C. way to avoid using the term "lied". The press should be able to call a compulsive liar just that.

He wants to avoid debates because he is a horrible public speaker, he lacks control and just doesn't have the intellect to match almost anyone. In a battle of wits one dare not show up unarmed.

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Posted in: N Korea warns Trump it will use 'corresponding' force if attacked See in context

Two wingnuts threatening each other and THE WORLD.

The post office announced it is using this pic for a new stamp titled, "stable genius".

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Posted in: Legal experts summoned by Democrats call Trump actions impeachable See in context

Here go the "Dump"sters, with "we know more than professors of law". Your beloved megalomaniac needs to be shown and put in his place.

"But at least they didn’t get blankets"... No, dump likes to throw paper towels at people in dire need.

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Posted in: Robert Hunter, Grateful Dead's poetic lyricist, dead at 78 See in context

Once in a while you get shown the light

In the strangest of places if you look at it right

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Posted in: U.S. House to launch Trump impeachment inquiry over Ukraine controversy See in context

Time to go GET HIM !!!

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Posted in: Will marijuana become the next tapioca? See in context

 Better to be around someone who is stoned that someone who is drunk, surely.

i agree 100%

Alcohol and tobacco are far more deadly.


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Posted in: Trudeau begs forgiveness for brownface photo See in context

He apologized and will be fine.

Before pictures come out, I want to apologize, one Halloween when I was a kid I dressed up as and wore the makeup of one of the members of the rock band KISS.

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Posted in: Sam Smith announces new pronouns of 'they' and 'them' See in context

I will now only answer to: The man, the myth, the legend.

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Posted in: Trump slams John Legend for not helping with justice reform See in context

Trump should be slammed for helping with injustice.

Teigen is famous for what? Walking around in revealing clothes at the awards? 

You realize what the "so-called" first lady used to do, right? Hint: no other First Lady has revealing photos of themselves all over the net.

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Posted in: High-stakes gamble: Iranian envoy gets surprise G7 invitation See in context

Sure, characterize Trump as getting trumped because an Iranian official was invited for discussions concerning his country's nuclear ambitions, lol.

No...but I'll explain...he was definitely slighted on the world stage by real leaders that don't respect him because dealing with him IS dealing with a petulant child.

With me now? Did i simplify it enough?

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Posted in: Trump sends mixed messages to China on trade war See in context

There are so many well adjusted "silver spoons" in this world...What happened to lil donny along the way? He just doesn't play well with others.

thoughts can always be interpreted in various ways depending on what the person saying them was trying to convey.

And I was hanging on every one of your words until this:

 elevate their a lot of European leaders and forces within the United States on the liberal socialist side

What was trying to be conveyed and how can I possibly interpret this? I await a run on sentence as explanation.

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Posted in: Trump suggested nuking hurricanes: report See in context

Like the Peace prize, the self proclaimed "genius" will not be receiving any science related awards either

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Posted in: High-stakes gamble: Iranian envoy gets surprise G7 invitation See in context

donny got trumped

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Posted in: Danish MPs ridicule idea of Trump buying Greenland See in context

"If he is truly contemplating this, then this is final proof, that he has gone mad,"

Love the quote but "has gone"? Been that way since day one.

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Posted in: Japanese swimmers aim to give ailing Ikee a lift at world championships See in context

Do it for yourselves and Ikee!!!

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Posted in: Trump says he does not have 'racist bone' in his body See in context

Ok, he doesn't have "a" racist bone in his body...that would imply one bone...I believe EVERY bone in his body is racist.

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Posted in: Barbie goes glam rock to honor David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust See in context

"Barbie played guitar, jamming good with Ken and"...(sorry can't name another Barbie character)

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Posted in: 4 Australian kids take stolen car on 1,000-kilometer road trip See in context

Except for the stolen car, stolen cash and ignoring police orders....EPIC!!

Stories like this are sadly not uncommon among indigenous kids. 

I re-read the article...where does it state indigenous (aboriginal)?

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