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Posted in: Trump's son-in-law Kushner possible next chief of staff: U.S. media See in context

Tomorrow will Barron be up for Supreme court nomination?

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Posted in: Search continues for 5 missing U.S. Marines off Japan coast See in context

Did Trump not thank the Japanese SDF then?

Of course he didn't...But this American will.

"The SDF sent 10 aircraft and the Japan Coast Guard dispatched six patrol ships"

Thank You to the SDF and Japan Coast Gaurd!!!!

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Posted in: Bush hailed at funeral as U.S. 'soldier-statesman,' master of civility See in context

"The Democrats scorn Republicans when they’re alive, but praise them when they’re dead"

Because 41 was actually a good person with kindness in his heart. You and Ms. Ingram won't need to worry about any perceived hypocrisy towards your beloved in the years to come. Nothing to praise about 45 now and there wont be anything in the future

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Posted in: Japan considers inviting Trump after new emperor's accession in May See in context

Dogdoo is meant to be thrown out, not invited/brought in.

This man is a hateful, poor excuse of a human. An admitted sexual predator..."I grab women..."

Invite him to stay the hell away!!

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Posted in: G20 agrees on trade, migration; U.S. goes its own way on climate See in context

"I think this whole thing is a hoax"

Thankfully there is a HUGE difference between what posters "think" and what SCIENTISTS(actual THINKERS) know.

Neither a scientist nor a journalist can some posters be...my take on Shakespeare

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Posted in: 'I want to thank me,' says rapper Snoop Dogg on getting Hollywood star See in context

Some "stars" these days pay to get their star on the Walk...sorry to say

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Posted in: Trump administration says it has not reached final conclusion on Khashoggi murder See in context

"allow for more fracking"

Not surprised. Enough said, thanks for playing

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Posted in: Trump under fire after cancelling WWI cemetery visit See in context

Where is the press conference where he shows a (paid for) Dr's excuse?...I doubt he would miss a chance to commemorate the creation of fast food and diet coke.

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Posted in: Trump political ad linking Democrats and immigrants to violent crime assailed as 'sickening,' racially divisive See in context

We should only expect lower lows from this "Shameless Frank Gallagher-like" buffoon

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Posted in: Trump warns that migrants who throw stones at U.S. military may be shot See in context

Posters shouldn't waste time questioning others regarding morals or guilt when they state..."so basically, I feel nothing"

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Posted in: Rock band Kiss promises 'unapologetic' final tour See in context

As a 10 yr. old, with Cheap Trick opening, they were great for my first concert. My 2nd, The Who, right after Keith Moon passed, taught me how much better music could be.

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Posted in: Irish singer Sinead O'Connor converts to Islam See in context

"the natural conclusion of any intelligent theologian's journey"...she sees herself as a theologian...LOL

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Posted in: Japanese journalist happy after 3-year hostage ordeal ends in Syria See in context

How about a post that says...Thankfully he is going home...Breathing...and with his HEAD!!!

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Posted in: U.S. pastor freed from Turkey prays with Trump in Oval Office See in context

He is saying, "Dear Lord, please remove the evil from this man and thus remove the devil from our Oval Office."

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Posted in: Trump says he and Kim Jong Un 'in love' See in context

Kim should be fearful, if "The Dump" likes him, he might think he is allowed to touch him inappropriately

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Posted in: Trump boasts of response to deadly Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico See in context

The only thing going through Little Donny DogDump's mind is, " Don't "those people" remember how i threw paper towels at them in their hour of need?"

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Posted in: Obama, Meghan McCain rebuke Trump in tribute to fallen senator See in context

"You are a wordsmith and literary type"

Thanks for that Jimizo...I love starting my Sunday with side splitting laughter.

I expect a crowd of people at Donny Dogdoo's funeral...as they queue up with wooden stakes and holy water.

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Posted in: Trump trashes media as 'fake, fake disgusting news' at rally See in context

Just to be clear, my "Thx for this too" comment was only for the honesty...I would never endorse Pence and/or any of his born again views

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Posted in: Trump trashes media as 'fake, fake disgusting news' at rally See in context

Trump is deranged.

"But the media is 10x worse."

Finally, an admission that you think, but still support, a person you think is deranged. Thx for that.

"Pence would be an improvement over Trump"

Thx for this too

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Posted in: Trump invites Putin to Washington See in context

Donny Dimwit : "Here ya go Poots, I've been keeping YOUR chair warm for you."

Poots: "Thank you Dimwit...I mean Donny. Now get me a diet coke."

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Posted in: Trump to meet Queen Elizabeth next week despite chorus of discontent See in context

" I’m not sure if anyone could even remotely criticize the president of acting like a child."

Even when wearing blinders the wearer shouldn't be blinded to what's right in front of them.

I'm sure the Queen's security has been increased due to donny dogdoo's habit of being handsy.

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Posted in: Illegal immigrant parents not facing U.S. prosecution for now; Trump, congresswoman clash See in context

"advocated violence in subliminal ways"

Uh oh or LOL don't know which is more appropriate.

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Posted in: Virginia restaurant refuses to serve White House press secretary Sarah Sanders See in context

Consequences of being the mouthpiece/defender of an administration led by a "rodeo clown"(love that description) whose plan is to MAHateA

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Posted in: Trump backs down; orders end to family separations at U.S. border See in context

"I feel very strongly about it. I think anybody with a heart would feel very strongly about it." A lie followed by the truth. He only did this for the upcoming elections. This awful excuse for a human doesn't care for the right reasons...and he has no heart.

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Posted in: Lewandowski on girl with Down syndrome: 'Wah wah' See in context

Donny Dogdoo's minions can't just stick to the content of this article and say that this "wah wah" was just wrong. Deflect deflect deflect. "Hillary called Trump supporters deplorable". This is a perfect example of the truth we are gifted by rezident hump's followers.

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Posted in: Fox News host sorry for calling Trump, Kim 'two dictators' See in context

wait...what's wrong with the wording...oh yeah it should've been "two bat cr#p crazy dictators".

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Posted in: Trump wades into furor over racist Roseanne Barr tweet See in context

Of course Rezident Dogdoo made it about himself...that's all he cares about. an apology for him?...he deserves much worse

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Posted in: TV show 'Roseanne' abruptly canceled after star's racist tweet sparks furor See in context

Rezident Hump and his minions/fanboys just found a new running mate for 2020

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Posted in: X Japan’s Yoshiki announces dinner show for fans who have Y86,000 to spend See in context

I thought it was Rola when I glanced at the picture quickly.

Then I glanced again and thought it was Rola.

Laughed heartily...thx Haruka!!

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Posted in: Veteran singer Joan Baez muses on Trump ... and Hitler See in context

1.I don't think there is any feeling for anybody but himself and his money.

2.there is this insane narcissistic crazy person

3.Trump himself in some ways is a moron and he's very, very sick,

4.he has a way of manipulating words and people and lying and lying and lying

All great points...everyone should see these truths

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