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Posted in: S Korea's top court orders 2nd Japanese company to compensate forced laborers See in context

Seriously, within only past one months?, how many manipulated or falsely used images by Korean were tracked down?

This is so far I know.

1) Korean Forced Labor photo which has been used for long time in Korean text book turned out Japanese men.


2) Historical Korean labor's graffiti message saying I want to see mother shown in Korean textbook as an evidence of Korean force labor by Japanese in Fukuoka was actually the recently forged one by Korean staff in 1965.


3) Fabricated Comfortable woman photo, by removing alphabet and western men.


4) Korean national TV forged Normandy landing photo into Japanese military heading to Dokto island.


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Posted in: S Korea's top court orders 2nd Japanese company to compensate forced laborers See in context

Korean man Golden statue of forced labor awfully looks like Japanese man in photo captured by Russian in Siberia. Not just his skinny body but even his face!!

Another Korean fabrication of history is revealed!


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Posted in: Japan mulling purchase of 100 U.S. stealth fighters: report See in context

Trump: "I will put more tax on Japanese cars!"

Abe: "How about us buying your fighter jets with 1 trillion yen(12 billion dollars)?

but promise me you tone down demanding to Japan, deal?"

Trump: "Deal, Done!"

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Posted in: TV Asahi cancels performance of K-pop group BTS over A-bomb shirt See in context

My mistake correct one


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Posted in: TV Asahi cancels performance of K-pop group BTS over A-bomb shirt See in context


This is the source of problem.

There is a Japanese twitter acount TAro91217966 criticizing BTS with sources, but he is just getting hatred messages by Korenans one after another..

It is all about hatred. How sad..


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Posted in: TV Asahi cancels performance of K-pop group BTS over A-bomb shirt See in context

I have engaged in an unpleasant search over internet about this issue, and here's what I found out.

This atomic-bomb T-shirt is a tip of iceberg and what's lying underneath is, as you expected, a quite amount of twisted Korean people with hatred against Japan.

I always thought anti-Japan,Han-Nichi, 反日, in Korea is limited to politics, but I was wrong.

"Love Line" from TouhouShingi 東方神起, 동방신기,东方神起

Original Video, there is no Japan island on world map, while I can even see Taiwan, British and Ireland.

No doubt this is on purpose, later, this video was edited with Japan added in it.


"Happiness" from Korean grils, Red Velvet

Video shows a controversial crop from news paper.

Please note that they didn't use just a simple newspaper article reporting Japanese surrender but chose particular ones that used derogatory words such as "NIPS" and "J#P" against Japan.


"Im coming" from Korean singer group "P" in 2011.

Dancing and singing with burning civilians in Hiroshima.

The video was banned from youtube because it is offensive, and this is only remaining video.


BTS group and crowd gone crazy with NAZI resembling flag and costume. again, tasteless!

One member is wearing a hat with Swastika on it.


Blog critisizing BTS at holocaust in 2015


This type of K-pop harassment against Japan has been known to some limited Japanese K-pop fun, ( some lost faith and left K-pop). Some Japanese fun believe that singers didn't do it but their managers did it.

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Posted in: TV Asahi cancels performance of K-pop group BTS over A-bomb shirt See in context

Here is yet another Korean group, not BTS group, music video singing and dancing.

You can see burning dying civilians and hiroshima atomic bomb dome building.

What's the message there??

Would you enjoy watching music with people dying like Holocaust behind?

Absolutely distasteful and I can sense a hostility against Japan.


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Posted in: TV Asahi cancels performance of K-pop group BTS over A-bomb shirt See in context

Asiaman7Today  08:34 am JST

Korea never occupied Japan, raped its women, tortured its people. And scientists fleeing similar oppression around the world did unite to build a device that forced Japan into submission, a point emphasized in the Imperial Rescript of Surrender delivered by Emperor Showa, and thus aid in the liberation of Korea. Of course that was over half a century ago, but recognizing and celebrating freedom from oppression is never a bad thing.

Celebrating the end of war is one thing, but celebrating atomic bomb killing  129,000–226,000  innocent civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is totally another.

Here is your ignorant.

20,000 Koreans were killed in Hiroshima and about 2,000 died in Nagasak.


Shame on you!

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Posted in: S Korean Supreme Court orders Nippon Steel to compensate wartime forced laborers See in context


I don't think that SK are brainwashing anybody. They are merely teaching history. Every country teaches history (although in the case of Japan, certain unpleasant facts omitted) to students.

Ok, Could you explain why this brave Korean professor, Park Yuhas, was found to be guilty in Korea?

And all other Korean professors, An Byeong-jik and Lee Yong-hoon, who spoke a even slightest word about comfort women as prostitute ended up with being beaten up in Korea?



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Posted in: S Korean Supreme Court orders Nippon Steel to compensate wartime forced laborers See in context

Samit BasuToday

The irony of this case is that the Korean side actually offered to include the damages part in the 1965 treaty but it was the Japanese side that refused, since the word "damages" implied Japan's annexation was illegal in the first place, and conjured up words other than "damages", and this ended up backfiring.

No, This is wrong. Annexation of Korea by Japan is legal at that time.

Japan was a member of permanent member at Member states of the League of Nations, and Korea was seen as a part of Japan. At Berlin Olympic, athletes from Korea had to be there as Japanese representative.

It is the China, Manchuria that world nations didn't acknowledge as a legally recognized independent country and criticized Japan at 1930's.

With your perspective, League of Nations have to be illegal, all the countries with colonies have to be illegal, Imperialism is illegal. but, based on what law?

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Posted in: S Korean Supreme Court orders Nippon Steel to compensate wartime forced laborers See in context

South Korea has no right to ask for any money or compensation since they AGREED at treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea.

By this Agreement, problems in regard to property and claims between Japan and Korea have been settled completely and finally.


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Posted in: Police step up search for missing French woman in Nikko See in context

According to witness, he saw her and remembered her because he didn'T think there is someone else going up in the mountain on the typhoon day like this besides him.

I found photos on twitter taken the same day she got lost, 29th July.

You can see water flow is rough..

In case she fell into river, we might search down stream...


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Posted in: Man charged with libel for hate speech against Koreans See in context

Hate speech is wrong.

Threatening school kids is very wrong. They are not responsible but its school is.

Chyousen gakkkou,

north Korean school, they still teaches Kim family as a heroic leader in class.


Chyousen gakkkou sued

the Japanese government saying that it is discrimination against them because

only north korean school doesn’t get financial support while other

international schools get, when their country is responsible for its poverty,

terrorist acts such as Korean air bomb, and kidnapping Japanese people.

See the list of below, Japan gives financial support to international school, which is unprecedented in other countries. (J-goverment official web)



If you were American,

how would you feel ? if there was Islamic school in US where they teach Osama bin

ladin as a hero, and materials not matching US standard, and they claim that it

is discrimination for not being entitled

to receive money from US tax payers as education fund?

They misunderstood the difference between privilage and human rights!

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Posted in: Abe faces challenge of maintaining momentum for constitutional reform See in context

I hope that Foreigners,visiting this website, got the simplistic idea "Oh! Abe is hated by majority of Japanese people!" by looking at this photo, especially those who are against Abe seeking Abe hater resources.

I am not in favor or against Abe either.

But Abe administration is still very much supported by Japanese people, and will stay there because of the lack of strong opposing party or candidates as alternative.

Check support rate from NHK below


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Posted in: Over 100 local assemblies push Abe gov't to join nuclear weapons ban See in context

Tell that to North Korea or US, will ya!

Of course, ideally, we all against nuclear weapon.

But imagine,

There is a guy aiming at you with gun.

You prepare yourself and arm with gun to protect your family or your love one.

How would you feel someone comes in and condemn you for not throwing away your gun, cuz it is against humanity?

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Posted in: Abe on fire See in context

What Abe did is...

In 2006, Abe and Chinese President Hu Jintao proposed Joint Researcg project about Nanjing Massacre.

In 2015, apology and compensation for Korean comfort woman 1 billion yen ($8.3 million) .

Of course, the death toll in Nanjing remains disputable.

By the way, the flag of Red sun with beams, so called.Kyoku Jitu Ki きょくじつき, 旭日旗, is such a beautiful traditional Japanese art.




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Posted in: Japan detects radio signals pointing to possible N Korean missile test See in context

Would you please stop being obsessed with Abe or Trump?

Last time, 29th August, the ballistic missle flied across Japan island when Air France was flying near there.

And see what kind of constructive thing South Koreans had been doing at that time ?


There are 500 of them! And they say they feel pain when they see them.


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Posted in: San Francisco mayor accepts 'comfort women' statue; Osaka to end sister-city ties See in context


The inscription on the statue says it all:

"This monument bears witness to the suffering of hundreds of thousands of women and girls euphemistically called 'Comfort Women,' who were sexually enslaved by the Japanese Imperial Armed Forces in thirteen Asian-Pacific countries from 1931 to 1945".


I read everybody's posts above, and just found amazing and appaling how people simply believe the "story".

Is this what liberals do these days?

Never thought that you need to hear the story from other side before conclusion?

or checking the evidence or material that support their claim?

You say, "Japan, accept the past!" huh!

You don't know anything about what exactly happened,nor what comfort womens were.

The issue is not about statue.

The issue is the fact statue has its written message which is nothing but false spreading to the world,

Those ignorants, read the website below.

Weeks ago, brave Korean Professor Park Yuha got guilty in South Korea because of her truthful opinion and research with lots of evidence about comfort women


And South Korea is full of Hypocrisy as well.

Korean comfort woman sued Korean government and US, so far no apology, nor compensation. Korea doesn't care about Woman issue, they just use anything to blame Japan!


How about this? no apology?


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Posted in: S Korea invites former 'comfort woman' to state banquet with Trump See in context

marcelitoToday 05:23 pm JST

Hypocracy much? Japan is not the only one with injustices in its past.

You must be kidding.

Japan apologized to South Korea by former PM Murayama, and PM Abe paid compensation to them.

While North Korea did nothing but present a false dead remaing which didn'T even match DNA.

Lie Lie Lie..

South Korea is full of Hypocracy as well.

Korean comfort woman sued Korean goverment and US, so far no apology, nor compensation. Korea doesn'T care about Woman issue, they just use anyting to blam Japan!


Weeks ago, brave korean Professor Park Yuha  got guity in South Korea because of her truthful opinion and research  with lots of evidence about comfort women


How about this? no apology?


Can u believe Korean goverment is planning to serve shirimp to President Trump captured at a disputed island Dokto as a message that island belongs to Korea not Japan..?


Korea, Don'T you know when to stop? !

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Posted in: N Koreans in Japan loyal to roots amid discrimination See in context

nandakandamandaToday 11:42 am

One mistake, however. There are two photos above the blackboard, but not the third, ie Kim Jong-Un. 

Right, my mistake.

tinawatanabeToday 04:30 pm .

No. No foreign schools receive financial suport from Japan except some Korean schools, who use threat on municipalities.

They do. I meant high school. sorry.

This is the Japanese goverment website with a list of international schools in Japan Japanese goverment support  financially, which used to include North Korean school and now on debate.


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Posted in: N Koreans in Japan loyal to roots amid discrimination See in context

Park views North Koreans as misunderstood victims.

"I want to believe my country is right, and I have believed in my country since I was a child, and that isn't going to waver," he said. "I believe my country is right."

I am so happy finally English or western media focus on this issue for better understanding Japan.

This also involves a recent issue called,"朝鮮学校 無償化 問題"(Chyousen gakkou Musyouka Mondai),meaning North Korean School Financial Support Issue. North Korean schools filed a lawsuit against Japanese people for stop giving a financial support to them while other international schools get. They say Japan is not fair to them!

You see, Japan actually is such a generous country that it pays financial support not only Japanese schools but also international schools in Japan including US, British, Chinese, South Korea and all others including North Korean schools. And the problem is as you know, they teach Kim Jong-un and his father as a respectable leaders, when they are abducting Japanese people, Korean Air bomb, missile flying near commercial airline over Japanese island, Anti-Japan education and so on.

You can also check some misuse on mismanagement issue by North Korean school and suspicious move in Japan. They also demand for Japanese citizenship while refusing giving up North Korean’s citizenship. They want to join Japanese politics and power.

I would like to hear non-Japanese people’s opinion. What should Japan do with these people?

I mean, If this was the US, how would you feel if there were some schools in the US and people refusing to be Americans and instead worshipping Osama bin Laden as a hero, demanding financial support for education from tax payer saying that this is discrimination against minority?

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Posted in: S Korea favors visit by emperor before he abdicates, if conditions ripe See in context

Strikebreaker555Today :JSTHonestly, I think the Emperor has a more sympathetic stance on the Comfort women issue than the japanese government!

Exactly, and Korean goverment is trying to USE Emperor having him visit friendly,and get further apology or comments that can be used politically.

But the situation is worse than ever.

Just a couple days ago, Korean brave Professor Park Yuha, got guilty at Korean court because of her book ,truth about comfort women, where lots of historical evidence and materials showing in fact many comfort women were making lot of money for sex or some deceived not by Japanese but Korean local recrcruiter.


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Posted in: S Korean academic convicted of defaming 'comfort women' See in context

Professor Park Yuha 's opinion and research is below with lots of evidence


South Korean people should be proud of her, not sending her to jail.

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Posted in: Abe says his priorities are N Korea and aging Japan See in context

Dango bong: This priority is changing the constitution so Japan can fight wars

LandofExcuses: And most certainly lose... yet again!

smithinjapan: Well, I know a couple of old guys who have said they were rather see Japan destroyed than a more successful China, South Korea, or North Korea. No joke.

I think you people are very misguided and well, you can live the way you like. I don't care.

Hate Abe as much as you like.

The need to change the constitution, article 9 is not to start the war but save allies.

If you were Japanese self defence force, and right in front of your eyes, US solider is injured and about to get shot by North Korean soliders.

With current "Pacifist Law", aritcle 9, you cannot shoot North Korean soliders to save US soldiers.

Because "self" defence force, self means only Japan, not the US. How ridiculous is that?

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Posted in: Abe sends ritual offering to Yasukuni Shrine for war dead See in context

I am not a big fun of Abe nor Yasukuni, but he has a right to visit there, because his grand father, Nobusuke Kishi, was once convicted as A-class criminal, later managed to release.

seen in China and the two Koreas as a symbol of Japan's past militarism, to mark its annual autumn festival, the shrine said on Tuesday.

Only Korea and China which are hypcrite with their own problems, have seen it that way.

They simpify equation conveniently

"Yasukuni= Tojo's grave".

The truth is far more complicated, Koreans and Taiwanees are also honored there, it is all about "togetherness at the war".

"Yasukuni= "grave for  those who fought for war ".

Note: Koreans were also executed as war criminal by the US and honored there.

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Posted in: Japan expects U.S. to halt CH-53 helicopters for indefinite period See in context


Too bad, this article doesn't tell anything about the background or tone of voice.

So here I am, as Japanese, I will tell you what's missing here.

PM Abe is totally on US side, and anti-China.

Okinawa Governor, Onaga has been against Abe and leaning toward Chinese side.

Onaga let Chinese build  300 million yen meaningless monument as asymbol of  tie between China and Okinawa.

Now Onaga called this helicopter accident, "Kokunan 国難", meaning "nation disaster/threat", the word not frequently used but PM Abe uses a lot to criticize North Korea.

So, Onaga uses "Kokunan" as well, as an implicit message to PM Abe, saying

"PM Abe, you don't seem to understand what is a real threat. The threat is US which you have been defending  and we,Okinawa people are tired of living with them on this island!"

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Posted in: Osaka may end San Francisco sister city ties over 'comfort woman' statue See in context

smithinjapan: Actually, that's what Japan is doing.

I totally DISAGREE. Japan has aplogized and paid compensation since 60's, follwed by Murayama PM, Abe PM. They have done much enough.

I give you a very simple question to show who is actually using woman issue politically

Answer me if you can.

"Give me a good reason, why "Post WW2" korean comfort women serving US soliders don't get any apology or compensation from Korea and US or memorial statue , while women serving Japanese got so many?"




Listen to their voice!!

Listen to those poor womens's cry!!

All women should be treated equally whether  exploited sexually by Japanese soliders ora US soliders!

They are not different, they are same issue!

Don't separate them with political reason!

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Posted in: Osaka may end San Francisco sister city ties over 'comfort woman' statue See in context

I have been following Korean's "hatred" against Japan over decades.

Obvisouly Korea is using "comfort woman issue" to advance its position.

It would make a more sence to build statue in US of all poor "post ww2" korean comfort women who served US soldiers sexually, under Korean goverment after ww2. They sued Korean goverment, but no apology, no statue nor compensation unlike Japan did.

This is soo hypocrite, Korea, you need to acknowledge your own problem!



If you care soo much about damn woman human rights issue, why not bring up this as well?

Oh right, Korea and US, they don'T want to be in a position to be blamed, right?

Meanwhile, the brave Korean woman,park yuha, who wrote the truth about comfort woman, is now facing a second trial for 3 years prison after she won first trial.



Speak up! people in the world!

Something is soo wrong about this country, Korea.

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Posted in: Trump's North Korea threats leave Asia puzzled See in context

Wallance Fred


Politics, Manipulation all that, Japanese people are aware of it.

I am not a big fun of Abe, or Trump, but this is what many Japanese people feel.


A week ago, ex-German Chancellor Gerhard visited Korea and criticized Japan and called for apology.



The number of comfort woman statue is growing, not just Korea but US, Europe,and Australia  world wide. In Korea now statue is inside the public bus and school not just in front of Japanese embassy, and another statue of Korean men for labory during WW2, demanding apology and compensation although the apology from Murayama PM and compensation during Abe administration etc...

Besides Korea, China,whose military fighter jet flying over Senkan-island, and Russia, which still possess Japanese northern territorial islands and start to build a base or resident to ensure they belong to Russia. Japanese neighrbor are not reliable.


Japan whose population is decreasing and losing its power facing uncertainty, people are worried and wondering,

Who is it to bring us a justice?

Which path we should take so that all our daily hard work pays off?


Japanese people feel they need a strong alley, 

Someone (or some country) they are happy to give away money to and in return they get protected and bring justice for them.

Someone, who is committed,not change of heart, but take affirmative actions without intimidating.

I can see many comments thank you! thank you!ありがとう Mr Trump comments from Japanese people.


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Posted in: Trump's North Korea threats leave Asia puzzled See in context

Asian is puzzled?

At least, Japan is welcome Trump' s speech, especially the fact that he mentioned Japanese abductees. Look at how pleased the parents of victims at Trump's speech.

Look at Japanese comments saying appreciation to Trump, and praising Abe's work to have Trump mention poor abducted girl.


What's really puzzling is South Korea , yet another statue next to comfort women, the men of forced labor during ww2 and they are gathered to demand further apology and compensation from Japan.


This is what I call really puzzling.

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