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Posted in: U.S. prosecutors demand 60 years for Manning See in context

They should give this guy a medal, not stick him in jail. Who's more evil - Bush, Blair and all those others who lied shamelessly to send thousands of young men and women to their deaths, or Manning? I'm already getting in the queue to sign the petition to give him the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Posted in: Fujitsu boosts security for multi-service palm-vein authentication system See in context

I'm not neurotic about cleanliness, but I wonder if this is hygienic. Particularly in cold/flu season I'd feel compelled to wash my hands afterwards, so not so convenient after all. When I use a public toilet I notice that I'm one of the few people who wash their hands after (so much for the ultra clean Japanese!) and this looks like an excellent way to pass on bugs. On the other hand, I suppose we use ATM keyboards etc now without too much thought. I'll just have to stay at home in my germ-free bubble.

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Posted in: Get your 24-karat gold Mt Fuji replica while supplies last See in context

They gave me one of these when I retired. If I'd known it was so expensive I wouldn't have chucked it away!

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Posted in: Isinbayeva warns athletes to respect Russia's anti-gay law See in context

'Boys living with women' doesn't sound 'normal' to me - in fact, where I come from, unless it's your mum, it's illegal!

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Posted in: Family of 91-year-old dementia sufferer struck by train ordered to pay JR compensation See in context

What's next? Perhaps the families of children killed in accidents being forced to pay for the inconvenience caused to others? Or someone with a heart condition who collapses in the street? This has nothing to do with eastern/western culture. The complete absence of compassion here is not 'a Japanese thing' - it's just wrong in any society.

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Posted in: Gov't pledges to slash public spending by Y8 tril over 2 years See in context

Unfortunately, I suspect a lot of the 'savings' will be diverted into rearmament and expansion of the Japanese military.

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Posted in: World's 1st iPS cell clinical study for regeneration of retina begins See in context

My late father was blind the last ten years of his life with AMD. There's some genetic tendency towards this condition and, while it's too late for my father, I'm hoping from a purely selfish point of view that they succeed with this research, just in case me or my siblings fall victim to it.

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Posted in: Manning convicted of espionage, but not of aiding enemy See in context

Bradley Manning will spend the rest of his life in jail, but the people who killed 92 children as 'collateral damage' remain free.

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Posted in: The secret of Japan Post: unbeatable service See in context

For once, I actually agree - I think Japan Post are amazing!

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Posted in: Manning betrayed U.S. by spilling secrets: prosecutor See in context

Maybe Manning is the true patriot.

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Posted in: Obama nominates Caroline Kennedy as ambassador to Japan See in context

I think the JET Program is having an effect on political appointments. I look forward to reading Caroline's blog on 'Life in my school/diplomatic post'!

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Posted in: A look at history See in context

Unfortunately, you just need to spend five minutes on the Internet to find thousands of nutters who deny the holocaust. There's no rational basis for their beliefs. It doesn't matter how much evidence there is. This is why many people in Japan refuse to believe that there were any Japanese-perpetrated atrocities during WWII. As for the lack of education in Japan on the topic, a few years ago I had a student from Nagasaki. One day in class she started to tell about the suffering of her family in the atomic bombing of her home city. She broke down in tears. Everyone was quietly sympathetic. Then she raised her head and shouted, 'Why did such a thing happen? How could the Jews do such a cruel thing to us!' I was speechless.

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Posted in: Japan warns Britain to stay in EU or suffer job losses See in context

Japanese companies love the UK because they get massive subsidies from the government there. The money would have been better aimed at helping British entrepreneurs build up their own industry. The Japanese companies also love the lax employment laws in the UK which make it so easy to fire/lay people off much more easily than other EC countries. There used to be several Japanese companies in my hometown in Scotland (including huge concerns like NEC and Mitsubishi). Now there are none. They suddenly realised that it was cheaper for them to open factories in eastern Europe. They say there's no sentiment in business, but it was particularly heartless for NEC to send several hundred workers letters over the Christmas holidays to tell them they had closed the factory and that they had lost their jobs.

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Posted in: Con man poses as doctor, defrauds hospitals of Y25 mil See in context

When I got a job in a university here I had to account for just about every day of my life. I had to get letters from every school I attended since the age of five, every job I had ever had, including part-time jobs. (In fact, some of the people who employed me had died - I had to get proof they had died!) I had to get criminal checks done in every country I had worked in. I had to get an expensive health check done. It was an unbelievable hassle. This was for a job with a two-year contract and the only harm I could have done would have been to be a crap English teacher and prevented my students from becoming the fluent English-speaking, international people they became (irony). The mistake I made was not applying for a job as a doctor. No hassles and lots more money!

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Posted in: Scientists power mobile phone using urine See in context

This is a golden opportunity and no pistake.

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Posted in: Japan may lose pole position in global stocks See in context

This is a really interesting and informative article. Perhaps like many people, I always figured that about half of Japan's GDP was for exports. It just shows the disproportionate power a few export-dependent companies in Japan have in persuading Abe et al to boost the profits of a few at the expense of the many.

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Posted in: Model Moe Oshikiri to publish new book See in context

Life is too short. My dream is that I don't read this book.

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Posted in: Chiba man arrested for inserting needles into food at convenience store See in context

What I don't understand is, if such people are attention seekers, why don't they get attention by doing something nice, like putting 500 yen coins into buns. Then everybody is happy. You're eating your snack and, 'Hey, I just found 500 yen!' Everybody wants to buy those buns! The shop is happy, the manufacturer is happy because sales rocket. When they discover who did it, everybody thinks, ' Wow! what a great bloke!'

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Posted in: Woman forced to wear bunny ears as penalty for missing sales targets See in context

The problem is that the wrong people are wearing bunny ears. I think it would be a good idea to force politicians to wear animal outfits according to how ludicrous their policies are. Abenomics merits the complete bunny outfit, I'm afraid, visitors to Yasukuni Shrine have to wear duck beaks etc.

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Posted in: Condom maker reveals results of national survey on sex See in context

The Greeks lied big time about the state of their economy when they entered the EC, hence the major problems there. Maybe they mean they think about sex a lot, but they don't actually do it.

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Posted in: Elderly driver arrested after killing two pedestrians See in context

Why is everybody assuming this has something to do with her age? My experience in Japan is that most of the bad/dangerous drivers are men in their 30's. Every time I cross the street I wait for a couple of seconds because almost every time some driver will just ignore the red light. I'm also really tired of people here tailgating. Old people are much more careful and statistically have the fewest accidents. If she fell asleep, well, it's much more likely that an overworked trucker or bus driver will do that. This is tragic, but there's no information about what caused the accident, so less of the ageism, folks! (By the way, I'm not an old person.)

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Posted in: Tokyo American Club See in context

I don't think the membership of this club is very diverse. It's very high priced, no doubt intended to keep the riff raff out.

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Posted in: Japan's current account surplus doubles as exports rise See in context

People are so easily deceived. 'Abenomics' is just smoke and mirrors. None of the real problems are being addressed

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