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“Hugh Grant insists he doesn’t like acting. So why does he do it? “Because I’m not really good at anything else,”

Some one should let him know that he isn’t much good at acting either. He might make a good English teacher though, a well spoken depressive with a sexual interest in his students. Sounds about perfect for him.

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Posted in: Off-duty cop arrests student for stealing bag to buy White Day present See in context

Without actually having a big stick in his hands being a 5th dan black belt in kendo really doesn’t amount to much does it? I’m a helicopter pilot but without a helicopter I can’t take off, fly and land. All a little meaningless really. Still the kid got caught and that’s what matters.

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HeyLars at 08:02 PM JST - 19th March

This post I agree with totally.

HeyLars at 01:23 AM JST - 20th March

But this one is a terrible indictment of marriage. Not one word about a loving (none sexual loving) relationship. You make the entire thing sound like nothing more than a business arrangement. Wow! That is so sad. I hope you were joking, really I do.

But going back to your first post have you thought about the wording of the headline? “Private drama”. How private is it if it ends up as the headline of a news story? Doubtless it sells newspapers and doubtless that’s what it is all about. Famous or not I have to say I feel sorry for her, situations like this in any family are hard to get through without them being public.

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Posted in: Clinton to attend Mideast session amid crisis See in context

If Netanyahu does agree to reverse the east Jerusalem housing project then I for one will view all this as a set up from the beginning.

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Well we know he’s Japanese, had he been “foreign” that would have been mentioned in the headline. Maybe an okaku whose mother has refused to buy him anymore cigarettes. He’s certainly pale enough not to have seen daylight in a very long time. So, 30 packs of cigarettes at one pack a day we should see him pop up again in about a month.

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Posted in: U.S., Israel to try and heal worst rift in years See in context

HeyLars at 09:56 PM JST - 17th March “I am most certainly not advocating genocide against anyone! What absolute malarkey that is! All I want is for the majority in the area to choose their government by democratic vote. What the devil is so confusing or genocidal about that?”

First thing you need to realise is that Israel is a democratic state and the Palestinians in Israel can vote for whom ever they wish, and do so. But your little twist in your statement says “in the area”. Which makes what you are saying just a little too vague to have any true meaning. Are you thinking of creating a Greater Israel or a Greater Palestine? Your first sentence is deliberately obtuse given that you believe a democratic vote would put the Palestinians in control the “area” and they would then treat the Jews (now no longer Israelis) in a fair and even handed way. Get real. We have seen how the Palestinians behave towards the Israelis when they have no power over them, are you seriously saying there would be no genocide if the Palestinians did get power? We have already seen what they managed to “create” when they were given Gaza. Were they productive and did they get on with building their lives? No, they created Hamas and used the land that they were given back as a platform to fight against Israel. If the Palestinians ever did get what is now Israel you would see the worst blood bath the world has ever known. What absolute malarkey you talk.

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Posted in: Thai protesters pour own blood at government HQ See in context

Sounds like a way of cutting out the middle man. Saves the army having to spill blood.

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Posted in: What is the best way to get more men to take paternity leave? See in context

“What is the best way to get more men to take paternity leave?”

Get more wives pregnant? Sounds just a little too obvious to me, but then maybe I am missing something about the way the question was set.

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Posted in: U.S. official: Bin Laden will never face trial in U.S. See in context

If Bin Laden is alive (I have my doubts) and is taken alive then no one should ever see or hear about it. He should simply be made to disappear. Going before a court will give him a stage in front of the world, something he should never be given. When he is found guilty as he obviously will be because the US could never allow anything else, the US would then have a prisoner they really don’t want. How many American hostages will be taken around the world from that point on with demand for his release? No, this is a man that no one wants take alive.

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Posted in: U.S., Israel to try and heal worst rift in years See in context

“But the unrest appears to reflect a deeper frustration over the yearlong standstill in peace efforts.”

Rubbish speculation by a Palestinian talking head. The entire thing has been orchestrated and only a half wit could fail to see this. But then perhaps that is what Obama is, a half wit that that caved in to the pressure. This gutless behaviour will come back to haunt him, or more exactly haunt the US. Obama has shown weakness and betrayed a supposed friend and the Palestinians will remember this and use it. The US has just lost big time.

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