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Posted in: Stifled by pandemic, U.S. movie theaters send SOS See in context

It’s a sad situation. The big studios don’t want to take a hit and get as much money at they can, thus delaying their movies till next year. However, will movie theaters still be in business by the time the pandemic is over? Studios are gonna have to release movies for the theaters to show or they won’t have any way to distribute their movies except via online streaming services.

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Posted in: 2 bogus gas company employees rob elderly couple See in context

Scumbags. Hope they get caught soon.

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Posted in: Woman sues Tokyo company after having to work 48 days in a row with limited bathroom breaks See in context

Disgusting company and equally disgusting people who work there and treated this poor woman so badly. No one should ever be treated this way in their workplace.

I hope she gets a lot of money to help her move on from this horrible ordeal.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting 16-year-old girl in train station toilet See in context

Today’s maniac of the day.

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