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Posted in: 1 dead, 3 injured in 2 blasts in Tochigi park See in context

@Burning Bush sorry JT he is right. You are right on here sir, my wife and her mom did not hear anything about this until I saw on CNN and told them, any other country this would have been all over the news. but typical J style 3 min clip 20 hours later.

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Posted in: Exhibition puts Japan's child prostitution in the limelight See in context

Excellent report by Vice.. must watch for parents in Japan


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Posted in: Drunk firefighter arrested for beating, robbing woman in Tochigi See in context

Let me guess his reason for doing this will be "Stress"

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Posted in: Solar-powered 'smart trash bin' installed in theme park See in context

Yes most def..

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Posted in: Trash cans removed from Tokyo subway stations in preparation for G-7 summit See in context

Their are trash cans in Japan?

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Posted in: London mayor slams Trump's 'ignorant' view of Islam See in context

@Tokyo-Engr just dropped the mic, no more comments needed!!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Japan's U.S. ambassador takes veiled swipe at Trump's 'America First' stance See in context

This coming from a country wrote the book on isolationism.. please rofl

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Posted in: Recent rise in yen extremely worrying, says Aso See in context

Translation , When it is not to our benefit will manipulate currency..

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Posted in: Sorry about that See in context

Ooops were sorry we got caught..... I mean were sorry....

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Posted in: Owner of 4 derelict houses becomes 1st in nation to have name made public See in context

The root of the problem is the fundamental flaw in city planning and enforcing home building regulations.

First reason for poor resale outlook of homes is quality and design of neighboorhoods, I have encountered this first hand in Japan their is no consistnacy in building nice neighborhoods.

Property laws are to lax and not consistant. In the West and most developed countries People take pride in their homes and neighborhoods and keep the property clean and the buildings maintaned.

Second the realestate companies are a joke and alot of them have ties to indesirables.

I could go on and on but until they stop putting buildings on a postage stamp size property in the middle of nowhere and houses that looked like they where designed by a someone on acid it will never change.

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Posted in: Red faces, raised voices over late hitch in Foxconn's Sharp deal See in context

Anyone who has worked in a Japanese company will know this term Donburikanjo that is all I have to say....

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Posted in: Sharp accepts bailout from Foxconn parent See in context

@sf2k yes I'm afraid the copy and make it cheaper and better generation is over in Japan.

Now is the time for innovation and reinveting new ideas thinking out the box.........

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Posted in: Actor Ken Watanabe battling stomach cancer See in context

Too much SALT!!!!!!!!1

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Posted in: Ford to pull out of Japan, Indonesia See in context


U.S. auto companies have export problems to Japan and they have given up. In Japan, Keiretsu is a form of corporate structure in which a number of Japanese companies link together, usually by taking small stakes in each other and usually as a result of having a close business relationship, often as suppliers to each other. The structure, was a way to defuse the traditionally adversarial relationship between buyer and supplier. If you own a bit of your supplier, reinforced sometimes by your supplier owning a bit of you, the theory says that you are more likely to reach a way of working that is of mutual benefit to you both than if your relationship is at arm’s length. U.S. auto companies disliked Japan’s keiretsu because they saw them as a restraint of trade. keiretsu restrains trade because there is a very strong preference to do business only with someone in that Japanese family. In Japan the keiretsu were regulated by specific laws, and they were structured in such a way that cooperation between them was almost compulsory. People talk about how successful BMW and Mercedes is, but in reality, it's a drop in the bucket when BMW sells slightly over 20,000 vehicles a year in Japan.

You are soo right on the money here, I don't unberstand why -'s too many Japan weebo's here I guess.

Doing business here with foreign products is a crapshoot at best. I can't Imagine the hastle that car manufacturers have to deal with. I bought a foreign car here and paid about 20% more than I should have, when I asked the dealer why he said basically what you said, they nickel and dime them it's all part of the non-tariff barriers they are soo good at here.

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Posted in: Hope fades TPP pact could end Japan's butter shortage See in context

Disappointing, Japan in some respects still a Third World Country. SMH

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Posted in: Former AKB48 singer Atsuko Maeda involved in traffic accident See in context


JT please stop trying to make them relevent...

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. aim for TPP progress before summit See in context

What dairy products are they protecting have you gone to the supermarket lately?

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Posted in: IWC panel: Japan's Antarctic whale hunt still not convincing See in context

Welcome the the of Lies..

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Posted in: Nurse cosplay: Would-be Hiroshima City councilwoman’s innovative campaign tactic See in context

Turn your head and cough...

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Posted in: Actress Ryoko Yonekura reportedly splits from husband of 3 months See in context

@sensei258 Dude 3 months is all they could stand of each other, after they moved in together! I don't know your daughters and are sorry that they had problems with their Husbands.

I saw a like day in the life documentary with that guy from morning bird with her, she is high maintenance to say the least. And consider the fact 40 never been married (I don't count 3 months or playing house for a year) I have friends like this, and at that age very difficult bringing someone into your life after you have done it alone, and quite successfully for that length of time. Marriage is compromise as I'm sure you know.

But I must reiterate HOT!!

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Posted in: Actress Ryoko Yonekura reportedly splits from husband of 3 months See in context

She must be freaking trainwreck pain in the ass, but she is hot!!!

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Posted in: Tokyo considers removing overhead power lines in run-up to 2020 Olympics See in context

OMG please not just Tokyo, next rusted old signs everywhere, then vacant old houses and buildings that are everywhere. Next how about some building codes and zone enforcement.... sorry could not help myself. I love Japan but it needs a swift kick in the ass on beautification..

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