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Hi everyone,

Thought I'd share my experience with all of you which is still in the making.

I am a Japanese Australian landed in the countryonn a highly skilled foreign professional visa in 2014, sponsored by the local setup of a French insurance company. 15 months into my tenure, I'm finally sick and tired of the endless bullshit and slougen shouting when it comes to getting things done, and decided it's time to move on.

Long story short, after 2 months looks around in secrecy, one of their direct competitor offered me a role at the same level, after which I envoked the process to have my current contract terminated.

Upon hearing my request to quit, the manager acted somehow outraged stating that the resignation needs to be approved by upper management and the final date of service is to be dicided from there, which I felt was but of bullshit since my contract States a minimum notice period of 14 days is required.

Trying not to burn the bridge, I agreed that while the final day of service is open to negotiation, I reserve the full right to say yes or no. Of course I have my 2 alternative options being state a hard date and stick to it, or simply disappear for 50 days in which case the employment will be cancelled automatically.

Immigration matter was not an issue in my case since the new company has been very active getting the paperwork ready for the switch over.

I'll keep you guys posted of my experience, but I had to agree with the author that the manager here will make quitting a very intimidating experience for you.

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