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Posted in: Trump says it's 'un-American' not to applaud him See in context

Dishonest headline.

Trump didn't say it was un-American to not applaud HIM. He said it was un-American to not applaud at good news about the COUNTRY.

BIG difference.

Nice attempt to spin and twist, JapanToday. Yet another of millions of examples of the "objective" media's political bias.

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Posted in: Trump pushes hardline immigration policies even as he urges unity See in context

So, Trump wants to create a pathway to citizenship for nearly 2 million "dreamers," but that's "hardline"?

He also wants to secure the border, and base our immigration policy on merit rather than on a ridiculous "lottery system" that has clear security risks.

Japan Today calls it "hardline." I call it "common sense."

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Posted in: Heaviest snow in 4 years hits Tokyo See in context

13 cm of snow in Tokyo? Meh. I live in Hokkaido. 13 cm of snow is just like a day at the beach up here.

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Posted in: Oprah for president? Speech sparks fevered speculation See in context

She did two movies with Weinstein. There are several photos of her being very chummy-chummy and schoomzy with him. And at least one young woman claims that she set her up Weinstein supposedly for a job -- but it turned out just to be for sex.

Oprah knew.

So did Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, and all the other "courageous" women who said nothing about sexual predators in Hollywood until (a) after their careers, mainly built on their looks and sex appeal no less, were already well established, and (b) after Weinstein had already been outed -- mainly due to the REAL courageous of a relatively unknown Italian actress.

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Posted in: Ohtani bids farewell to Japanese fans ahead of Angels adventure See in context

Ohtani, the reigning Pacific League MVP, threw one final ceremonial pitch from the Sapporo Dome mound.

He's not the reigning PL MVP anymore. Dennis Sarfate is.

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Posted in: Defying Trump, 128 countries at U.N. condemn Jerusalem decision See in context

"Defied Trump" -- please. Nice liberal-media spin, there.

The UN has no business -- no right, in fact -- trying to tell any country where to locate its embassy in any other country.

It's solely the business of the two countries concerned, and no one else.

Matters concerning the diplomatic relations between two countries are none of the UN's business. Period.

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Posted in: American man on the run after escaping from notorious Bali prison See in context

Had to read this story again. Hoffman robbed a number of stores at knifepoint and got 20 months. Beasley had 5 grams of hash and could get the death penalty. 

Apparently you didn't read it carefully either time you read it. Nowhere does the article say that Beasley is under a death sentence.

The article says that people get the death penalty in Indonesia for TRAFFICKING drugs. It doesn't say Beasley was doing that.

Guess you have to read the article again, on top of the (at least) first two times.

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Posted in: Police arrest 3 N Korean fishing boat crew for theft See in context

Do boats have steering wheels? Are they not called rudders?

The steering wheel controls the rudder. The rudder is the thing that's underwater at the stern (back of the boat).

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Posted in: 61 lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Abe and other nationalists say Yasukuni is merely a place to remember fallen soldiers, and compare it with Arlington National Cemetery in the United States...

So why is visiting Yasukuni an issue for some people?

We don't bury war criminals in Arlington.

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Posted in: Who should decide when Emperor Akihito abdicates? See in context

Can't a guy decide for himself when he wants to quit his job?

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Posted in: George Clooney makes TV return with 'Catch-22,' two decades after 'ER' See in context

One of Harvey Weinstein's long-time enablers. No thanks, I won't be watching this show.

(Not that I watch much TV at all anyway. Most of it is mindless "entertainment" lacking in any intellectual substance.)

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Posted in: Daycare center teacher arrested for allegedly licking body of 5-year-old girl See in context

Men are always guilty until proven innocent when it comes to these things.

i know this is sexist but male day care teachers give me the creeps. and this news doesn't help any.

If you know it's sexist, then why did you say it?

Apparently, you think sexism against men is entirely okay.

Children, even young children, need male role models in their lives -- so what the hell is wrong with male daycare teachers?

And with an increase in single motherhood (coupled with what is to me an excessive gushing and fawning and worshiping of single mothers), the need for male role models in kids' lives is all the more important.

But if your by-your-own-admission sexist-against-men comment gets put into actual practice, the kids will LOSE in that regard.

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Posted in: Trump feud exposes racial divide in U.S. sport See in context

If there is a "racial divide," liberals are entirely to blame. Not conservatives.

That's because liberals (not all, of course, but certainly many) are known (even notorious) for accentuating skin color in so many situations.

It's liberals, not conservatives, who notice and prioritize skin color ahead of everything else about a person. That's probably why they're so quick to label as "racist" anyone who disagrees with them. Because they obsess about race.

Most conservatives don't do that. We don't accentuate or prioritize race or skin color. We either de-prioritize it or we don't even consider it at all.

To us conservatives -- most of us, at least -- people are people. Their skin color is, in most if not all situations, totally irrelevant.

It's liberals who like to bunch people and categorize people by race and skin color. That's actually the very textbook definition of racism ... or at least of racialism.

One exception is actor Morgan Freeman. Pretty liberal guy on most things, but on this whole race thing he's spot-on. He said the best way to eliminate racism is to stop talking about. Stop harping on skin color all the time. Just see a person as a person -- not a black person or white person or whatever.

Unfortunately, too many of his fellow liberals don't grasp that. They don't grasp that by constantly harping on race and prioritizing it, they're only perpetuating the very racial divide that they ridiculously claim to be fighting. Baloney -- inciting racial divides is actually what many liberals do best.

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Posted in: 2 U.S. Ospreys make emergency landings at Okinawa's Ishigaki airport See in context

Wow. An aircraft had to make a precautionary emergency landing. Never heard of that happening before, except to Ospreys. (Sarcasm.)

Seriously, I bet Onaga actually likes it when things like this happen. He takes every opportunity he can to exploit a U.S. military incident to push his anti-bases agenda.

If there were never any incidents involving U.S. military personnel or aircraft in Okinawa, it would take a lot of wind out of Onaga's agenda's sails.

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Posted in: N Korea says rockets to U.S. 'inevitable' as U.S. bombers fly north of DMZ See in context

That's the last straw. That's a clear and direct threat. Trump should treat it as such.

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Posted in: N Korean hydrogen bomb-tipped missile could fly over Japan See in context

And its statements such as these that rang loud before the iraq debacle. Didnt fall for it then, not falling for it now!!

Comparing this to Iraq is pretty ridiculous. Was Iraq threatening to attack a U.S. territory with its missiles or threatening to turn Japan into a lake of fire?

This 'drama' has a four pronged purpose.

Drown out the russian election tampering noise for trump.

There is, at least so far, absolutely no evidence of any such tampering or "collusion." If such tampering were going on during the election, why didn't the presidential administration in charge at the time (Obama's) say or do anything about it?

The "Russian tampering" thing, besides being offered as a lame excuse for why Hillary lost, is also being used as a distraction to try to de-legitimize Trump's presidency and weaken any effort of his to do his job.

Drown out the racist tinged drama for abe.

I have no idea what this means. I do know, though, that Mr. Abe's country is having missiles fired over it by a rogue regime which has explicitly threatened his country with destruction on numerous occasions.

You have every right to claim, regardless of how off-base it is, that Abe is somehow using North Korea as a distraction from something else. But we can all rest safely in the knowledge that Abe has absolutely no idea who you are, and is thus (thankfully) totally unaware of your comment. Even if he were aware of it, he's no doubt far too busy to take it seriously.

Put as much pressure on china to delay its inevitable rise to number one globally.

China isn't "rising to number one globally." Numerous news reports tell of China's economy starting to drop off, and some even say that it's headed for a major crash. Try to keep up.

Make a tonne of cash for the military industrial complex.

Oh no. Not the tired old tin-foil-hat conspiracy-theory "military industrial complex" mantra again. Can we please give it a rest already? It's tired and old.

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Posted in: N Korean hydrogen bomb-tipped missile could fly over Japan See in context

""What may come next is an intercontinental ballistic missile and a nuclear test that is not conducted underground."

Congratulations, then. You are reaping what you sowed. This is the DIRECT result of the bombast by the US and Japan in particular.

Give me a break. Basically you're saying, "Oh, we shouldn't make Kim angry. We shouldn't make the North Koreans angry at us. We should be careful what we say. We don't want to inflame or provoke them."

Please. Do you really think that if we speak all nice and fluffy with the North, that they will suddenly start behaving? That they will suddenly become a benevolent regime that won't threaten the U.S. or Japan anymore?

Let's put this appeasement mentality to rest. This is a despotic regime that actually puts out propaganda videos and posters depicting the nuclear destruction of the U.S. and Japan. The idea that their behavior is a direct result of being provoked by America and Japan is utterly ridiculous.

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Posted in: N Korea fires missile over northern Japan; Abe speaks with Trump See in context

NK have flown missiles over JP in the past

Yes, but before they had nukes, and those missiles were carrying non-military satellites. This time it's different.

Cell-phone alert woke me up right after 6 a.m. ...

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Posted in: 9-year-old boy falls to death in Yamanashi gorge See in context

So, their nine year old son was walking along the edge of a 30 meter cliff and fell to his death. I guess the thought never occurred to his parents to actually help him or to make sure he was safe. Parents of the year award nominees!

Were you there? I'm guessing not. So you have no idea what really happened. You don't know that it happened the way you described. So I suggest holding off on the rash judgments until the facts come in. These parents just tragically lost a child. Have a little sympathy and don't start judging them till you have all the facts.

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Posted in: American passenger arrested for assaulting ANA employee See in context

who gets drunk at 6am before flying 12 hours? 

It was at 6 pm. Not 6 am.

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