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Posted in: The king of pizzas? We sample Domino’s pricey new luxury pizza See in context

A warning to everyone to check your dominos bills if you are ordering online through their English website - the site is broken right now, and the final bill does not match the actual price that is displayed. I have talked with their support staff, and they said that if you order online and pay by credit card, they will refund the difference in cash when the order arrives. They are also working on fixing the problem.

Check your past bills too - there is no knowing how long this has been going on for, and how many people they may have over-charged.

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Posted in: 3-year-old boy loses finger playing on shopping center trampoline See in context

This thread is a perfect example of how so many posters on this site jump to conclusions about how parents and staff are irresponsible, when they really have no clue. I would have let my kid play on that unattended, and in fact, I let my boy play on something very similar when he was 2 years old. I wouldn't call ANY parent negligent for letting their kid play on that - it looks pretty darn safe.

Yet, there were at least a few posters, as on every thread like this, who condemn the parents as being horrible and sometimes deserving of jail, when they really have no clue of the actual details of a situation.

You people should learn a lesson from this.

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Posted in: Brazilian held over fatal hit-and-run in Nagoya See in context

So many hypocritcal posters on this site. When a Japanese person does something bad, people go on about how bad Japan and the Japanese are. When a foreigner does something wrong, it's only one foreigner. And the Japanese are so bad.

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Posted in: Hippie no more: Suit, PhD, mark today's activist See in context


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Posted in: Hippie no more: Suit, PhD, mark today's activist See in context

Carbon credits are the biggest scam. If you dont think so, I've got so,e carbon credits you can buy.

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Posted in: Obama waits for GOP race to end 'Survivor'-style See in context

I think you got democrats and republicans mixed up, because you just described the republicans to a T.

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Posted in: American serviceman in Okinawa held for allegedly assaulting hotel security guard See in context

If we're going to talk statistics of Military vs. Okinawan crime rates, then here is a stistic: 100% of crime by military in Okinawa is done by the military, with 0% being done by okinawans. That is to say, if the Americans weren't there, they wouldn't be committing the crimes. As such a comparison of rates is pointless. The Okinawans are in their home, their land. The Americans are (often unwelcome) 'guests'.

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Posted in: Newborn baby found in convenience store toilet trash can See in context

That should read 'a cultural aversion', not 'a wrong cultural aversion'

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Posted in: Newborn baby found in convenience store toilet trash can See in context

Unfortunately, Japanese people have a wrong cultural aversion to adopting. I've tried to convince my wife that if we want another child, we should adopt, as we already have one biological child, and many adopted children need homes. But it goes against what she has been taught, and the idea makes her uncomfortable.

This aversion to adoption is probably one of the things that mothers such as the one in this story are think g of when they decide to leave their babies for dead or whatnot.

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Posted in: 5-year-old boy playing in street dies after being run over by car See in context

I don't know why you people think playing in the street is a Japanese thing - we did it as kids in my country as well. Street hockey was how I spent countless hours of my childhood. Add this to the fact that there aren't a lot of places for kids to play that aren't the street in Japan.

I don't know what it is abou so many foreigners here that they come and then blame the same things that happen in their own society on the Japanese. Talk about walking around with cultural blinders on.

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Posted in: DJ Hello Kitty thrills teenagers in Japan store See in context

I always wondered what Hello Kitty's "Hello" meant. Does it just mean konnichiwa? It's a standard generic greeting amongst English speakers.

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Posted in: Microsoft touch mouse See in context

Definitely looks to be copying Apple's Magic Mouse.

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Posted in: NYPD monitored where Muslims ate, shopped, prayed See in context

I should proofread before posting.

In this case, the official would have checked the metadata of the file to see if it all matched up properly - location, computer, user, any other identifiers they may have. It's actually a proper way of validating a file.

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Posted in: NYPD monitored where Muslims ate, shopped, prayed See in context

Then they bring up some kind of "electronic data embedded in the file" but I can guarantee that not a single person here can tell me exactly what that means.

All electronic files have extra data called metadata attached to them. Metadata contains information about the file that may or may not (and usually isn't) used when that file is viewed.

For example, look at the HTML source of this page. Right click on the page, and look for something like 'source' or 'view source'. This will show you the HTML that this page is built on. Everything between the opening <head> tag and the closing </head> tag is meta data. It is information about this document, but nothing in their will be seen in the page when you are viewing it.

Photos will have location metadata attached, as well as size, resolution, and timestamp of the image. Word documents will have the author and computer name. And so on.

Transporting information can be done in much the same way. Data is added to a file, usually an innocuous one. If anybody opens the file, they see the contents of the file, not the data that has been embedded the actual data structure of the file itself.

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Posted in: JAL pilot disciplined for letting female co-pilot sit in his seat for photo See in context

The thread title is wrong. When I read it, my initial thought was 'what the hell?' a flight is long, and letting the copilot sit in the seat for a picture is fine. But the pilot didn't get disciplined for letting the co-pilot sit in the seat, he got disciplined for allowing a situation in which no one was looking at the gauges. It's this type of reporting that gives the media a bad name. It's either sensationalistic, or it's sloppy. Neither one is good.

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Posted in: Your smartphone: a new frontier for hackers See in context

I on the other hand love my iPhone. One of the best things I ever bought. It's my music, books, tv and news, all in one. Plus more!

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Posted in: Maehara urges DPJ to cooperate with LDP, New Komeito See in context

Why not. We've now learned that there really is no difference between the DPJ and th LDP. May as well merge all the parties and get rid of all the infighting.

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Posted in: Ozawa criticizes DPJ for making concessions to opposition See in context

Ozawa sucks, but that doesn't make these statements incorrect.

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Posted in: Parents of 4 children in bus swept away by tsunami sue kindergarten See in context

Another thing I would like to add is that it probably doesn't matter if there is a manual or not. To be honest, in an unprecedented emergency, people are panicking, they are not scrambling to read a manual.

It's the principal's responsibility to know what the proper actions are in the case of an earthquake. He shouldn't have needed to read the manual, he should have already known what the guidelines are. Particularly in the case of an earthquake - it's not like they should be unexpected here. To not know the guidelines, and/or to ignore them, is a gross negligence that resulted in these children's deaths (as well as the bus driver). After all, if the principal doesn't know the guidelines, then who does?

They act mostly on instinct, even if there are guidelines set out for them. Which: A) Would make them a bad principal B) Would most likely make them liable.

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Posted in: Parents of 4 children in bus swept away by tsunami sue kindergarten See in context

But did the kindergarten cause or expect the tsunami? This is an extreme situation that is NOT covered by any manual or training, you would know if you been in such a situation.

Actually, I read about this a few months ago - there was a manual. It stated that when there was an earthquake, the students were to be kept at the school until their parents picked them up. The principal ignored this and put the kids on the bus and sent them home. Seeing as the principal didn't follow the rules, and the children died as a result, I'd say that the parents probably will win this one.

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Posted in: Jenny Periman sparkles in NHK's 'Eigo de Asobo' See in context

Jenny's comments on 'English mode' and 'Japanese mode' don't reflect so much on language as they do on culture I think. It takes me a couple days to switch back and forth myself, and I speak both languages fine.

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Posted in: In Japan, the customer is not king See in context

I don't usually comment on this side of the site - I didn't even know my password. But this article resonated strongly with me as I agree with it fully. Service here is polite, but not good. If they make a mistake, you get a 'sorry', and that's the end. There is no effort to rectify the situation, or to try to make any indication that there will be an effort to improve in the future or anything. It's a simple 'sorry' and as far as they are concerned, that's the end of the situation.

Back in my homeland, service was hit and miss. Sometimes the staff was not friendly, the food not good etc. But the one thing is consistent is that if you bring this to someone's attention, there is an effort made to rectify the situation, to leave the customer satisfied that if things didn't go their way, at least some effort was made to make things better.

Japan service - cold, sterile, unflexible and polite.

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Posted in: Japan can do without preaching on how to fix its economy See in context

The basic argument presented in this article is that because others are doing bad, it's ok for Japan to do bad.

That's a crappy argument, and is the type of argument that got us into this mess in the first place. The banks in America gave sub-prime loans because all the other banks were giving sub-prime loans.

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Posted in: Half and haafu See in context

The interesting thing is that it's only ever the parents who care about the term haafu. The kids themselves never seem to care.

I made sure my wife understood completely what we were in for when we had >children; racism at every turn.

As to being tired of the questions, Scrote is on the right track. When I >am asked if my wife is Japanese and my children "hafu", I shoot back; >"Hafu? Which half? Right half? Left half? Top, bottom half?" Usually >leaves them puzzling and silent.

What you have experienced is the result of Japan's vaulted education >system and it's efforts to "internationalize" the country. The truth is >there is no education or internationalization happening, only training to >become more "Japanese".

I'm sure you are bundle of fun to be around. Persecution complex anyone?

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