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Posted in: Apple's iPhone struggles unravel ambitions of Japan Display See in context

Once you've gone OLED, you can never go back. It makes the best LCD TV look horrible.

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Posted in: NZ gov't to announce gun reforms within 10 days See in context

holy commandments*

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Posted in: NZ gov't to announce gun reforms within 10 days See in context

The 2nd 'amendment' is not a holy testament written in stone. It sure can be amended again.

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Posted in: Japan to fund Sri Lankan light rail system See in context

@marcelito So take the money from J tax payers and then give that money to J-inc. We are not going to get paid, just like what they did to China.

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Posted in: Trump budget boosts military and border wall, targets social programs See in context

bass4funk What Dem wants actually sounds pretty good. More aligned with developed EU countries.

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Posted in: Trump says ending S Korea war games not concession to Kim See in context

First time I am going to have to agree with Trump.

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Posted in: 'Terrace House' announces new series in Tokyo, debuting this May on Netflix See in context

Scripted as hell, and it is so painful to watch. It’s like watching paint dry.

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Posted in: Competitor says Netflix exaggerates viewership numbers See in context

I like PrimeVideo’s library more but their user interface and experience sucks big time. No wonder people are preferring to watch on Netflix.

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Posted in: Arizona nurse pleads not guilty to raping disabled woman who gave birth See in context

Google the Sutherland guy. They say dont judge a book by its cover, but boy he looks the part.

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Posted in: Tokyo Metro offers free food to ease crowding on Tozai line See in context

I think the government should promote this to the companies, not commuters. Because in the end, employees will follow the company rules, not because they saw some jisa biz ad.

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Posted in: 3 Japanese schools believed to have kept human skulls for teaching See in context

My previous school had a fetus as a specimen. Whats wrong with a skull?

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Posted in: Officer apparently kills himself at Harajuku police station See in context

if there’s no gun powder residue at least on his hand then this needs further investigation.

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Posted in: Mayweather stops Nasukawa in 1st round, flooring him 3 times See in context

Cocky MMA fighters think they can win everything. They’re just jack-of-all-trades master of none. Same thing happened to Conor McGregor. At least he lasted until round 9 before surrendering.

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Posted in: Dual nationals feel cast adrift in Japan See in context

Matter of fact they'll never know if you dont let them know. Just use your JP passport when going in and out of Japan.

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Posted in: 11-year-old girl slashed in neck by man at shop in Kagawa Pref See in context

they are not mentally sound to begin with thats why these people are unemployed

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Posted in: Japanese students’ eyesight the worst in recent years; smartphones and mobile games are blamed See in context

Poor eyesight is also in the genes.

I am no researcher but per my observation I think east Asians are more susceptible to myopia.

I rarely see Africans who wear corrective glasses even though they use smartphone as much as the other person.

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Posted in: Japan officially announces IWC withdrawal; will resume commercial whaling See in context

They forgot to paint the double quotes on the word “Research”

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Posted in: Japan's plan to pursue aircraft carrier raises question of necessity See in context

It’s not thay China is a threat. It’s Japan growing more insecure.

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Posted in: JR East to test driverless train on Yamanote Line See in context

Japan is lgging behind in this concept

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Posted in: Japan to spend more on defense, refit 1st aircraft carrier See in context

this is where our the tax will go. Useless military toys.

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Posted in: Ghosn case raises issues beyond one man, one company See in context


i disagree. Executives should be paid accordingly. The gap between non execs shouldnt be wide. It’s the foot soldiers that does most of the work, not them.

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Posted in: Polled economists say Japan should raise sales tax above 10% to fund welfare costs: See in context

Welfare? Really? Or miltary?

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Posted in: Body of newborn infant found floating in river See in context

Stillborn or not, have some decency to give the baby a proper burial. Given that she was by the river, she was up to no good.

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Posted in: 4K, 8K ultra-high-definition broadcasting begins in Japan See in context

Been enjoying 4K on Netflix for a long time. It’s awesome. 8k will be a little overkill if you do not have a tv above 77 inch.

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Posted in: 4K, 8K ultra-high-definition broadcasting begins in Japan See in context

Been enjoying 4K on Netflix for a long time. It’s awesome. 8k will be a little overkill if you do not have a tv abouve 77 inch.

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Posted in: Supporters of foreign workers call for same pay, permanent residence See in context

Permanent residency after 5 years of demonstrating that they are good law abiding people should be fair.

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Posted in: Mother who left dead baby in train station locker gets suspended sentence See in context

She didn’t have the decency to give her child a proper burial. She deserves to rot in jail.

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Posted in: Fukushima Daiichi control room revealed 7 years after meltdowns See in context

Thats what Mickey looks like when exposed to radiation.

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Posted in: 3-year-old boy dies after being hit by car driven by father See in context

@Educator60 if the driver can get out of the car after parking it, so can his children.

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Posted in: Nursing care sector to accept largest number of foreign workers: gov't See in context

Money is not everything. Some people prefer to be happy and not miserable even if it means huge salary decrease. I would like to do the same, but I got a child to send to school.

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