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Posted in: Wife indicted for murder of husband whose body was found buried in concrete See in context

Sociopath, lock up.

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Posted in: Tokyo braces for potential rat infestation after Tsukiji fish market closure See in context

You can re-build a fish market anywhere anytime, and rats will still be there.

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Posted in: Gov't to announce 2019 sales tax hike to address debt mountain: reports See in context

Raise our taxes and spend it on Japan's military "defense". I'm outta here. Just waiting for the right time.

I don't mind paying huge taxes, but if I do, I better get a taste of it. Free college, free medical, etc.

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Posted in: 6-month-old baby dies after being left unattended at unlicensed daycare center See in context

@Vince Black

Actually no. Low income families can't afford a private or unlicensed facility. It's the rich stay-at-home housewives who tend to use these facilities so they could have their me-time, shopping time, and whatever leisure time. Because these type of families would be the last priority in government-subsidized facilities.

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Posted in: China orders actress Fan Bingbing to pay massive tax fine See in context

Wow, she looks totally plastic.

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Posted in: Osaka cuts sister city ties with San Francisco over 'comfort women' statue See in context

What does being sister city even means? Surely won't change things.

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Posted in: Parents arrested for child abuse after beating 1-year-old daughter unconscious See in context

@Northernlife Did you just said 'RIP little one'. She ain't dead.

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Posted in: Kumamoto councilwoman who took baby to work kicked out of conference for using cough drop See in context

This woman is just brilliant in exposing how narrow-minded people are in our government. They should focus on the things that matters, not a damn cough drop.

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Posted in: Burials begin in quake- and tsunami-hit Indonesian region See in context

Praying for Indonesia

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Posted in: Typhoon loses strength as it moves by Tokyo See in context

Felt like Cat. 3 winds. Less rain too, which was good.

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Posted in: Over half of survey participants unfamiliar with katakana words used by government See in context

I hate it when they have katakana for non-English words. アルバイト? c’mon.

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Posted in: Water stored at Fukushima nuclear plant still radioactive See in context

News flash: readioactive water is still radioactive.

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Posted in: Denny Tamaki, critic of U.S. bases, elected Okinawa governor See in context

I’m also an anti-US base supporter. I believe it benefits America more than the Japanese.

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Posted in: More work-linked deaths, illnesses found at Mitsubishi Electric See in context

As much as I want to support local companies. I won't work for them until they change their policies.

There are few good ones, but not quite as good as gaishikes still.

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Posted in: Japan to give up on daylight saving time for 2020 Olympics: report See in context

...or later. Whatever floats your boat.

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Posted in: Japan to give up on daylight saving time for 2020 Olympics: report See in context

Just wake up earlier, you don't have to change time itself.

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Posted in: Japan to give up on daylight saving time for 2020 Olympics: report See in context

@ganbarejapan for the first time, I have to agree on you with this.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for abusing 7-month-old son See in context

The mother could be telling the truth here. It all depends on the topography on where he fell though.

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Posted in: Mother, 6-year-old daughter killed in car crash See in context

I have crashed one kei car in my life where I rolled on to the car in front of me. The damage from the roll was quite severe the hood wrinkled. It was hard to tell it’s just from a roll. So yes, these kei cars are like tin cans with engine. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

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Posted in: Abe may hit rocky road after not decisively winning party race See in context

Whats up with the fist.

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Posted in: Abe poised to win third term as LDP leader See in context

I can vote, i should’ve voted, but sadly I know no one other than Abe. Other parties barely make a noise.

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Posted in: Japan eager to be on board vertical-takeoff 'flying cars' See in context

Exactly as Joe Rogan said, just put wheels on a helicopter. It doesn’t need to be a shape of a car. A car’s form factor is not vertical take off friendly.

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Posted in: Man arrested over fatal abuse of 82-year-old mother See in context

Sad reality in Japan. Many people die lonely. If people would open up to each other, and not shame anyone who needs help.

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Posted in: SpaceX says billionaire Maezawa to be 1st passenger on rocket trip around moon See in context

You guys do realize that he’s also going to be risking his life here. Many people can afford this but not many are stupid enough.

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Posted in: On again? Mayweather says he and Pacquiao will fight See in context

Same old defensive tactic. It sure is a smart tactic, but an incredibly boring one.

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Posted in: 74% of Japanese companies against daylight saving time for 2020 Olympics: poll See in context

ah DST. I personally do not care. Day or night, my business goes on. Most people's activities doesn't depend on how much sun or how long the sun is out there

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Posted in: Japan on brink of IWC pullout after commercial whaling comeback blocked See in context

@Thomas you have a really bad taste in fish meat. Eating whale meat is worse than eating the cheapest tuna sushi money can buy.

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Posted in: Osaka's U.S. Open win re-opens cultural discussion in Japan See in context

Being half is only an advantage if your other half is white. Yes you may be treated differently, but that is because they think you're cool. Half brown, black, or yellow on the other hand is another story. People may talk to you as if you’re dumb.

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Posted in: Bullet train services disrupted after passenger found with knife See in context

The guy who owns the knife lacked common sense obviously.

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Posted in: New iPhones aim for momentum in sputtering smartphone market See in context

I'm done with the iPhone and all phones. iPhone X would be my phone for 4 more years.

I'm more excited about the big changes on their laptop range. Keyboard's been fixed, fine, but at least make dongles free. At $3000 price tag, we should be able to get a free dongle!

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