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Posted in: Old and new See in context

Western European countries have invaded and colonized lots of other countries in fairly recent history. Yet no ones' going to complain if you dress up in a traditional red coat costume or wear a crusaders cross on your t'shirt.

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Posted in: 2 dead, 5 injured after being electrocuted by electric fence See in context

I'm not sure why they need high voltage for deers. I know with cows it's possible to use a low 12V, just hang a few cans along the fence and when they touch it with their wet nose, it gives them a small tingle and they learn to stay away.

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Posted in: Case dropped against Thai ex-police chief over gun possession See in context

He probably knows all the "good cop, bad cop" tricks.

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Posted in: Law goes into effect allowing derelict vacant houses to be demolished See in context

I wonder how the new tax will effect the arson rate?

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Posted in: Driver who killed cyclist in crosswalk accident found not guilty See in context

In Australia if you're a car driver and your approaching a zebra crossing (without traffic lights), you're required to reduce speed and cover your brakes. If you see a pedestrian waiting at the curb (at a zebra crossing), you're required to stop and let them cross.

With this approach the pedestrian doesn't need to step into the path of an oncoming vehicle and hope they stop.

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Posted in: Masuzoe fumes over Olympic stadium demands by gov't See in context

I don't understand why they have to spend so much money on the Olympics. Don't we already have some stadiums, they can borrow for a few days?

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Posted in: Journalist's new passport bans him from going to Iraq, Syria See in context


The nails that don't stick out, have already been hammered down. :)

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Posted in: Parents of schoolboy liable for Y15 million after wayward soccer ball leads to man’s death See in context

I bet the stress from this court case has reduced the life expectancy of the parents. They should launch a counter suit for those lost years.

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Posted in: Tokyo police ask cyclists to exercise caution See in context

Bikes are seriously out of control in Japan. Even at pedestrian crossings right outside of a kindergarten, the cars stop when they see the red light, but the flood of bikes (people racing to get to work) doesn't stop.

They ride in both directions on both sides of the road and the footpath as well.

The other day I hailed a cab, and my wife and kid had to wait for a break in the traffic ("bicycle traffic" on the footpath) before they could cross the footpath. That's insane.

Back home it's illegal for bikes to ride on the sidewalk. You will get an on-the-spot fine if you're caught.

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Posted in: Bad news See in context

It's apparently non-military aid to help refugees.

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Posted in: Scientists urge artificial intelligence safety focus See in context

Who was it that once said

"When my computer can find my printer - then I'll worry about artificial intelligence!"

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Posted in: Kyle MacLachlan returning as agent Cooper in 'Twin Peaks' See in context

The banana did it.

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Posted in: Rock band KISS collaborating with Sailor Moon Crystal’s Momoiro Clover Z See in context

They've aged well. No grey hair.

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Posted in: Vagina kayak artist arrested in Japan See in context

Looking on the bright side - hopefully it raises public awareness of her work.

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Posted in: 'The Force Awakens' - new 'Star Wars' film has title See in context

It should be called the "Muppet Wars".

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Posted in: Porn queens raise Y5 mil for AIDS charity at 'Boob Aid' See in context

I saw the video on Liveleak http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=8ac_1409409995

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Posted in: Int'l probe demanded after Malaysian airliner shot down over Ukraine See in context

Why was the plane flying over a war zone in the first place?

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Posted in: Confused Japanese tourists trigger highway pursuit in Utah See in context

I sometimes see Japanese police cars driving casually down the street with their lights flashing for no immediate reason. They just drive around with them on permanently.

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Posted in: Police shoot and kill driver after car tries to ram through White House barricade See in context

They had to kill her because she didn't "respect my authoritah!!!!"

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Posted in: Watchdog orders Mizuho Bank to stop loans to gangsters See in context

This means - more loans for people with tattoos.

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Posted in: Man photographed robbing ramen shop at knifepoint See in context

Hey Papi, better to let them take the money and keep your life.

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Posted in: Apple chief sees computers on wrists - not in glasses See in context

A pair of sunglasses that could turn into reading glasses would be nice.

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Posted in: Youth arrested for hitting 16-year-old girl with baseball bat See in context

Sounds like "Lil' Slugger" from 'Paranoia Agent'.

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Posted in: Boeing takes full-page ads in major Japanese papers See in context

NASA is planning to use similar lithium-ion batteries on the ISS. So they can't too bad.


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Posted in: Nowhere to use Japan's growing plutonium stockpile See in context

Give it to NASA, they're running out of plutonium

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Posted in: Japan's indifference to 'Gangnam Style' riles S Korea See in context

There's "Beppu, Kyushu STYLE!" http://fukuoka-now.com/2012/10/gangnam-style-beppu-kyushu-style-exclusive-report/

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., EU take rare earth dispute with China to WTO See in context

The west would prefer to sit on it's buried reserves and pollute China.

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Posted in: Oita woman arrested for allegedly beating 4-year-old son to death See in context

The sad thing about this is, that it's probably going to happen again tomorrow to another little child. Then again the day after and so forth. The government should introduce an education program to teach parents that it's not okay to beat their kids, or leave them in the car while they spend six hours at the pachinko parlor.

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