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Posted in: Trump tests negative for coronavirus See in context

Trump tests negative for coronavirus

Glad that he tested negative...for the time being. Now, let's fix the coronovirus problem instead of the blame and move forward and get the economy back on track.

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Posted in: As virus roils markets, Trump again threatens Fed chairman See in context

If the economy takes a drive and people lose their jobs his election chances will be dented.

"IF the economy takes a dive...." There's no doubt there will be a recession before the November election. A recession is just the thing that will guarantee Trump will not be reelected. Having exhausted all means and failed to remove Trump from Office, a recession is just what the Democrats are hoping for. After all, the Great Recession of 2008 helped elect Obama. Why not a repeat in 2020?

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Posted in: Bloomberg to fund anti-Trump operation in 6 critical states See in context

Bloomberg is in cahoots with Hillary Clinton to deny Sanders the nomination by way of a brokered convention. With Bloomberg's help, she will get the nomination on the second ballot.

The fight at the Democrat Convention is going to be mighty interesting.....and nasty with explosive results.

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Posted in: Biden's comeback leaves Sanders little time to expand appeal See in context

 Wonder if this will end up in a brokered convention, I would pay big bucks to see that.

I think it will be a brokered convention. That's where the fun begins. As the democrats implode with the party divided as ever and failing to nominate on the first ballot, someone will emerge out of nowhere.

I'm betting it will be the return of Hillary Clinton and she will win the nomination on the second ballot; she has calling for a brokered convention and quietly working behind the scenes lining up the superdelegates to support her...... as the "savior of the Democrat Party who can beat Trump."

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Posted in: Biden's comeback leaves Sanders little time to expand appeal See in context

Bernie isn't going to allow the DNC to screw him again like they did in 2016. It's going to be a nasty fight and the DNC is gong to be messy brokered convention. Look for the Democrats to implode. Will be worse than the 1968 Democrat Convention. (You know what happened and who won the 1968 election.)

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Posted in: Warren ends presidential campaign See in context

Warren didn't rush to endorse either Sanders or Biden.

Joe may appear to be the lead for the moment, but Bernie's people aren't going allow that to happen nor are they going to allow the convention to screw Bernie out of the nomination. It's going to be a very nasty fight at the convention and there will be a brokered convention.

Warren and her supporters are now the wild card and hedging their bet and angling on who to align with. Hint: It won't be Biden or Sanders.

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Posted in: Virus spreads to over 60 countries; France closes the Louvre See in context

We must act now to stop this virus from putting more lives at risk," 

That's going to involve taking drastic measures, i.e., shut down all cross-border traffic, ban tourists, intensify screening at entry points and mobilize tens of thousands of health workers to monitor residents and isolate/quarantine those with symptoms.....until the epidemic is over.

But most governments are unwilling to take those drastic measures for fear of being accused of discrimination, violation of personal rights and freedom, etc.  Then you have some people who consider government-administered vaccines a conspiracy and refuse to take it.

The Chinese government have found a diabolical way to disrupt the world economy: germ warfare and using their people to spread it globally. Meanwhile its business as usual in China. One province shutdown isn't going to severely dent their long-range economic and global domination plans.

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Posted in: N Korea fires two projectiles off east coast into sea See in context

 North Korea has shut down nearly all cross-border traffic, banned tourists, intensified screening at entry points and mobilized tens of thousands of health workers to monitor residents and isolate those with symptoms.

Gotta admit they are doing the right thing. Something no other country is willing to do for fear of discrimination, offending or infringement of "rights."

North Korea has yet to confirm any COVID-19 cases, although state media have hinted that an uncertain number of people have been quarantined after exhibiting symptoms.

They are analyzing those quarantined people to see how they can use the virus as germ warfare. North Korea have been watching the situation closely, noting how China was able to disrupt the world economy and create pandemonium by unleashing and spreading the virus.

He (Kim) also said the North would soon reveal a new "strategic weapon" 

There you go. "New strategic weapon" = biological/chemical/germ warfare. All attention is on nuclear proliferation and banning nuclear weapons. Nobody pays attention to germ warfare and biological weapons. NK found the loophole.

Someone needs to tell North Korea that the world is too busy to pay attention to their temper tantrums right now...

While the world is too busy distracted by the virus (that China unleashed), nobody notices North Korea is quietly developing a new "strategic (biological) weapon".

China needs to make it clear. If NK harms any other state in the region, then China won't be able to sell stuff to those people

Are you kidding? China is using North Korea as a proxy, propping them up, encouraging them so that they CAN threaten the region, i.e., missile tests and "new strategic weapons". Meanwhile Chairman Xi sits back and gleefuly watches NK do their bidding and the world panics and economy tanks.

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Posted in: Washington state confirms 2nd U.S. coronavirus death; New York reports first case See in context

Do not believe anything Pence or Trump, they do not have the basis knowledge of the Coronavirus, 

You believe Biden, Sanders and the democrats know better. What are their solutions other than fix the blame?

the fever of China may be breaking, they are calling 10 of million of migrants back to work, giving them free train tickets and paying cities bonuses,to who came get most people to return to work Top Secret Chinese Website Google Chinese Radio International Beijing Hour

Ah...Top Secret Chinese Website. So the Chinese government are calling back people (giving them free train ticket and paying bonuses, etc) they sent all over the world to unleash and infect the world with this virus to disrupt world economies, trigger recession and create pandemonium. Very diabolical, Chairman Xi.

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Posted in: Buttigieg drops out of Democratic nomination race See in context

What about Warren? What happened to her promises of reparation for slavery? You'd think that more Blacks would be supporting her.

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Posted in: Buttigieg drops out of Democratic nomination race See in context

"I don't go to rich people's homes like Joe Biden," Sanders said on CBS's "Face the Nation."

What a hypocrite. He has three homes combined worth $1,300,000: in Burlington, Washington DC and Vermont.

He's worth at least $2.5 million! Here's a breakdown: $1,300,000 real estate + $700,000 government pension + $500,000 cash/investments. (Of course he won't admit it.)

I thought socialists weren't supposed to be wealthy. At least Trump doesn't deny he's rich.

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Posted in: 'Where's Abe?' critics ask, as coronavirus spreads in Japan See in context

If this pandemic isn't solved by August, the world will be in a nasty great depression and we will have more things to worry about than a virus with a low mortality rate.

Which is what China is hoping for. They can survive economic downturns and absorb high mortality rates without batting an eye. Something like this is only a minor dip in China's long range economic plans.

Isn't it suspicious that China unleashed the virus (whether by accident or deliberate) to coincide with a U.S. election year and Tokyo Olympic event?

If Japan cancels the Olympics, it would have an adverse effect on Japan's economy. A recession in the U.S. will certainly guarantee Democrat victory over Trump, which is what China is hoping for, in revenge for the nasty trade war he waged.

So, where's Xi in the meantime?

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Posted in: Big South Carolina win gives Joe Biden campaign new life; Super Tuesday showdown awaits See in context

The party of diversity have so many choices I don’t know how they will decide.

I believe the Democrat National Convention is heading toward a brokered convention. I'll bet Hillary Clinton is working quietly behind the scene lining up delegate votes where by convention time she will be nominated as the only person who can "save the party and beat Trump."  

Biden is not charismatic and strong enough to beat Trump. Sanders and Warren are too far left (to the average American voter) to win. Buttigieg is too young and the country is not ready for an openly gay President. a wild card.

Coupled with a potential recession now in the works (which the Democrats are gleefully hoping for), Hillary....or whoever the Democrats select....will win in 2020 along with Democrats retaining the House and gaining back the control of the Senate. After all, back in 2008 that's how Obama got elected.

But given the choices, I'll vote for Trump as I don't like the direction the Democrat Party is heading and don't agree with their positions. And I don't see the Democrat Party being open and honest with the American people about the hidden costs and ramifications of their "Green New Deal", "Medicare For All", etc.

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Posted in: Big South Carolina win gives Joe Biden campaign new life; Super Tuesday showdown awaits See in context

Sanders won't be able to accomplish anything. He's just like Trump, but at least Congress and Courts are mobilized to stop dumb Trump ideas.

Sanders will get what he wants if he replaces Pelosi with AOC as House Speaker. and the Senate swinging back to the Democrats with a socialist as Senate Majority Leader (Kamela Harris maybe?)

(Heaven forbid at the thought) 

The country seems to do well when Congress is Republicans and the President is a Democrat. Too much control by any single party is bad for America.

Not necessarily.  

In 1932 the U.S. elected a Democrat President and the Democrat Party controlled both House and Senate. Roosevelt accomplished a great deal.  

His administration immediately turned to the left (much to the delight to the American Communist Party and Socialist Party) and started the U.S. down the road toward socialism. Many Americans, at the time, believed it was necessary for the House and Senate to be aligned with Roosevelt in order for Roosevelt to implement his plans and get the country back to recovery.

If the Republicans held onto the Congress and Senate in 1932, Roosevelt would have had a very difficult time implementing his programs, if any.

In order to accomplish anything In politics you have to get everybody agreeing and focusing on the same objectives and rowing in the same direction.  Otherwise you'll be rowing around in circles and getting nowhere.

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Posted in: Outbreak starts to look more like worldwide economic crisis See in context

Who manufactures the test kits? Hopefully not made in China.

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Posted in: Swimmers concerned Olympics will be canceled See in context

Cancellation will be a blow to Japan's economy. Exactly what China is hoping for. Is it any coincidence that China unleashed a global virus during an Olympic event year?

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Posted in: Trump accuses Democrats of 'hoax' for criticizing virus plan See in context

It would be nice to see this president look and act like a real president for once, especially concerning a scary national health issue like this one.

Haven't seen the democrat candidates looking and acting like a real president. All they are doing is running around the country fixing the blame(s) on Trump. And they are wishing for a recession. After all, that's what got Obama elected.

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Posted in: Another case of coronavirus confirmed in Northern California See in context

And what else will Gov. Newson do to keep it from spreading all over California, besides fixing the blame on Trump for "not doing enough".

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Posted in: Global economy wavers as nations try to deal with epidemic See in context

All the democrats know how to do is to fix the blame rather than fix the problem. Of course in their eyes, Trump is the problem no matter what he does. Can't wait to see them try to pin Trump as the cause of the virus.

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Posted in: Biden, Sanders blast Trump amid coronavirus fears See in context

So the dems and liberals are blasting Trump. How would THEY handle the situation? What solutions are Biden, Sanders, Warren, etc. offering.....other than FIXING THE BLAME. for a socialist and watch your freedoms erode.

And watch your finances erode as it will be taxed up to the hilt. Bernie, Warren et al will see to it that nobody can save and invest because poor people can't. If the poor can't save and invest, then nobody should. That's the socialist mentality.

Substantial stock market losses this week....

And somehow Trump is the cause of this?

,,,Democrats are cheering it on and that the media is promoting the story to "trick" the stock market into falling to make Trump look bad.

The dems ARE happy about havoc the coronvirus is causing in the economy, hoping it would trigger a recession. Then they can blame the recession on Trump with the expectation he will ousted out of office for that reason since all other efforts....short of assassination.....have failed.

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Posted in: Japan, China to continue preparations for Xi's state visit See in context

You’d think that President Xi would wanna be on the ground in his homeland until this threat is contained

Disgraceful Xi would rather be outside his sick nation in the worst crisis in 30 years, than anywhere near Wuhan.

Maybe Xi is a carrier and intends to spread it among the Japanese leaders with this visit? What better way to disrupt a State.

OssanAmerica, this virus is not going away in the near future according too our CDC

hopefully the virus will be surely contained by the time of the Olympics. It would be a shame if the virus continued its rampage and the Olympics have to be cancelled.

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Posted in: Battle of Iwo Jima 75 years on See in context

The US should of invaded Tokyo earlier, maybe this would of broke the will of the imperial Japanese army, and save many lives,

No, JAPAN should have surrendered earlier. Battle of Iwo Jima and Battle of Okinawa, not to mention the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki would have been avoided and lives on both sides would have been saved.

But Imperial Japanese military refused to surrender. During the summer of 1945, a popular Japanese war slogan was "The sooner the Americans come, the better...One hundred million die proudly."

The Japanese Homeland Defense strategy "Operation Ketsu-Go anticipated a U.S. invasion of Kyushu. Although Japan was finished as a war-making machine, it still had some 4 million men (not to mention women and children and elderly) waiting to defend the homeland and fight to the very end.

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Posted in: Buttigieg leads Iowa, Sanders 2nd; woman asks to change her vote after learning he is gay See in context

Buttigieg... interesting name.

And no doubt the butt of a lot of jokes.

Jokes aside, it's a Maltese surname, derived from Sicilian Arabic أبو الدجاج Abu-l-dajāj(i), meaning chicken owner or poulterer.[1]

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Posted in: Pelosi tears up copy of Trump's State of the Union speech See in context

She probably thought it was copies of the Constitution she was tearing up.

It would have been funny if Trump actually handed her a copy of the Constitution just to see Pelosi, in her blind, vitriolic hatred for anything Trump touches, tearing it up.

The dems are so lost. What I saw was the Democrats not standing up for Americans, but stand up for illegal aliens. They don't have a patriotic bone on their bodies. Until they can find a strong charismatic candidate....

Like Hillary Clinton? The Democrats are in such chaotic disarray with no clear cut nominee that they may be heading toward a brokered convention and nominating "Saint Hillary" as their "Savior".

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Posted in: Buttigieg leads Iowa, Sanders 2nd; woman asks to change her vote after learning he is gay See in context

The Democrat Party is still in chaotic disarray and will probably continue right up until the Democrat Convention where there will be no clear cut winner or strong nominee resulting in a brokered convention. Then "Saint" Hillary will make her announcement as "savior" who can unite the party and beat Trump, choose Buttigieg as her running mate.

It's going to be a messy and nasty 2020 election. year.

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Posted in: Buttigieg leads Iowa, Sanders 2nd; woman asks to change her vote after learning he is gay See in context

Buttigieg may have won the Iowa caucus but it doesn't guarantee he'll get the Democrat Party nomination for President. He has, however, improved his chances of getting the VP nomination, an important cabinet position in a Democrat administration the very least.

But Buttigieg doesn't have a overwhelming support among the ethnic groups; there is still a deep homophobia among the Black and Latino community ---- something Buttigieg and the Democrat party will have to deal with if he is going to win their support.

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Posted in: China jails scientist who gene-edited babies See in context

Is it unethical to genetically engineer out the genetic factors that contributes to aggressive or homocidal tendencies? If you can engineer out such factors out for a couple generations or so, imagine the impact it would have on the crime rate, especially murders.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor renews demand to stop U.S. base relocation plan See in context

Okinawa has to deal with Tokyo! The prefecture has no place attempting to dictate national defense policy! 

Absolutely! Tamaki forgets Okinawa is a Japanese prefecture.

Tamaki says Tokyo's approach is high-handed and undemocratic.

Anytime Tamaki is tired of dealing with Tokyo and it's "high-handed and undemocratic" approach., he can always call a referendum for Okinawa to secede from Japan, and go independent. Once independent and establishing sovereignty, Tamaki can state no defense treaty exists between the "New Ryukyu" (or whatever he wants to call the sovereign independent Okinawa) and order the U.S military.....not only U.S. Marines but U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force to return all land to Okinawa and get out.

Problem solved and no more U.S. military to destroy Okinawa peace and nature.

US go home and free Japan and all Asian countries where you are not welcome anymore.

Fade up with their imperialism.

Until China shows up with warships around Senkaku Islands, claims the islands, starts building facilities there and begins military exercises in the area proximity to Okinawa.

Then it's a matter of time before China starts making claims on the Ryukyu islands.

Then you'll have to deal with Chinese imperialism.

Be careful what you wish for.

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Posted in: Leaders of Japan, China, S Korea to promote N Korea-U.S. dialogue See in context

The key element of any dialogue is the understanding that any use or threat of nuclear weapons by NK against our allies will be met with overwhelming force.

How quickly we forget. Back in 2017 NK threatened to use nuclear weapons to "sink Japan" and turn the U.S. to "ashes and darkness"...

How did our allies in the UN responded? Not with immediate overwhelming force as Trump initially wanted, but with dialogue and weak sanctions. As I recall, the majority of posters here were against preemptive military strikes and favored "dialogue", "compromises" and "sanctions" ad nauseam. But as rgcivilian1 correctly points out, dialogue got us nowhere and the problem still remains.

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Posted in: Leaders of Japan, China, S Korea to promote N Korea-U.S. dialogue See in context

If the whole world wishes peace on the Korean Peninsula then let's work together for a better world.

That's what the UN, Japan, SK, U.S. has been trying to do. They've tried dialog and negotiations. Haven't changed NK's position. Sanctions were imposed and are ineffective due Russia and China continued support of NK.

Now that NK has nuclear weapons and missiles, they are in a stronger position to force the terms described above. And the UN, et al, seems impotent to act beyond what has already been tried.

NK's position has always been peace and unification contingent upon U.S. military withdrawal from the Peninsula and SK accepting peace treaty under DPRK terms and unification of the Pensinsula under DPRK regime. They will NEVER give up those goals. China and Russia will see to it that

Are the South Korean people willing to live in a unified Korea under DPRK regime? Let's not forget that DPRK is a brutal regime that starves and murders its own people.

It is naive and wishful thinking that a unified Korea under Kim and DPRK regime will be a "better and more peaceful world".

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