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What difference does it make if a cabinet minister is a female or a male? 

It's often the female or LGBT or political-correct-inclined who makes gender or orientation an issue in the first place. When PM Abe announced his current cabinet, it was immediately noticed that there was only ONE female cabinet minister.

What matters is, the person has the experience, qualifications and ability to perform the duties, regardless of gender, diversity or political-correctness.

Remember Mio Sugita who said that gay people are unproductive? Or the mayor of Tokyo Yuriko Koike who a vicious self-described right wing nationalist?

Were they censured for their statements and held accountable? Are they still in office? Last I heard they still are. Now if they were male, they would have been censured and forced to resign, no doubt.

People need to stop associating gender with particular social positions or policies.

Then there shouldn't be any double standards where gender is concerned. Female, LGBT or whatever politicians, CEOs, activists, etc, should be equally scrutinized and viewed with equal skepticism, and be equally held responsible and accountable for their actions as their male counterparts are.

Problem is, in today's hyper-political-correct-diversity-conscience mindset, they aren't.....at least not equally. For whatever shortcomings they have or commit, it's always blamed on the "good 'ol boys" or male-bias establishment.

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Article doesn't say why he beat his wife. Something must have caused him to snap like that. Maybe she didn't prepare his meals, or she threw out his sake, cigarettes, magazines or whatever. I've seen elderly men overreacting to such petty or insignificant causes. The sad part is that at that age, they don't realize how far over they overreacted. And by then it's too late, as in this case.

At 82, I'm sure there will be a mental evaluation and Mr. Morishita will probably be diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer's or some other age-related mental disorder. Physical aggression among people with dementia is not unusual. A study from Lund University in Sweden showed that one-third of patients with the diagnosis Alzheimer's disease or frontotemporal dementia were physically aggressive towards healthcare staff, other patients, relatives, animals and complete strangers.

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3 Colombians, 1 Peruvian arrested over at least 150 burglaries

Interesting that the burglars are identified as originating from Latin America countries. In the U.S. this article would be considered racial, prejudiced, discrimination, etc..

There are just to many foreigners...some come to destroy the beauty and the way of life in Japan, such as these four Butt-Holes ....These guys entered the country using fake passports, They came with the purpose of committing crimes...  I wonder if they raped or injured anyone during there crime spree....

And yet Trump is denounced for saying the very same thing about foreigners, particularly illegal aliens, coming into the U.S......and destroying the way of life in the U.S.

just think if the Japanese cops would stop foreigners and check there credentials these guys may have been caught months ago.....

 I thought that’s what they do anyway but it does not send a nice message to foreign tourists/residents does it?

Worried about not sending a nice message? I would think stopping suspicious-looking foreigners or foreigners acting in a suspicious manner and checking their credentials and deporting if warranted, would send a message that the country is safe and secure and free of undesirable elements.

In the U.S. the police are discouraged to check for proper entry documentation. Can't even stop suspected illegal aliens and checking their credentials.

In some countries if your caught stealing they chop off a hand and that would be proper punishment in this case but a lengthy prison term then deportation will probably be the end result.

As it should be. That's a good deterrent and ensures they won't do it again. But in "civilized" countries like the U.S., even lengthy prison and deporting an illegal alien for "minor offenses" such as stealing would be considered "cruel and inhumane" punishment.

But I'm glad to see the police and judicial system in Japan knows how to handle these criminals and not coddle them.

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Japan's only woman cabinet minister embroiled in graft scandal

So much for women politicians being more ethical and honest than their male counterparts. In other words, women politicians are no more no less ethical than male politicians.

 Katayama should be held accountable to the public.

And should be held to the same level of skeptisim and scrutiny as male politicians are. Let's not absolve her of any wrongdoing because she is female....and a "victim of political snipe."

Katayama will "fulfill her responsibilities as a politician and give a thorough explanation about her political activity."

More power to her....so long as she comes clean. But let's not forget, she's a politician and didn't get to her position without being one.

LDP - Rotten to the f%#ing core...*

Hmm...Had to look up her background. She served her first term in Japan's House of Councillors, having been elected in July 2010 as a candidate for the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). She was one of 83 so-called "Koizumi Children," LDP candidates elected for the first time amid the widespread popularity of reformist prime minister Junichiro Koizumi; Koizumi touted Katayama as a "madonna of reform." Was considered by the LDP as candidates for the 2014 gubernatorial election in Tokyo.[7]

Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satsuki_Katayama https://www.jimin.jp/english/profile/members/114669.html

Seems Katayama has a long affiliation history with the LDP. So she may not be as "politically clean" as many here believe.

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Who runs the (economic) world? It might soon be women

Don't they already run the economic world? They may not always had the titular title, but they certainly have the influence. In most societies, women control the finances, budgets, have veto power over money decisions and pay the bills. Women have always been the "power behind the throne." Behind every politician, CEO, director, manager, salaryman, etc., there's a woman who influences and subtly pulls the strings. It's just they don't always get the direct credit or acknowledgement.

When Adam Smith thought of the concept "Invisible Hand", he must have been subconsciously thinking of women's influence and their subtle control over men.

Great! I look forward to having a woman take me out to dinner and pay for once in my life.

Don't most Japanese (and maybe Western) salarymen hand over their paychecks to their wives? So sure, she'll take you out to dinner and pay.....with the money that you handed over to her.

Great! Looking forward to having women running things......and being directly accountable and responsible for their decisions and actions. Isn't it about time?

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The next time there's a natural disaster in the region, Ospreys will be utilized in delivering humanitarian aid and relief. They've proven their value in flying typhoon aid to the Philippines and other countries in that they can fly farther, faster and carry heavier payloads than conventional helicopters.

(source: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2013/11/22/world/ospreys-show-value-in-flying-typhoon-aid/#.W7PUEHtKiM8 )

(by the way, this article is from The Japan Times, not some American-bias source)

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Geez, I guess you all won't be satisfied until Japan gets a FEMALE PM. Most likely she'll have a 99% female cabinet and perhaps a few token males, which is okay in today's political correct/gender correct society. Funny how the gender discrimination or bias complaints doesn't apply to females.

If women don't run for political office and they don't get the majority of women (and men) votes, they won't get elected.

At least Tokyo has a Female Governor. Wonder what is the gender makeup of HER cabinet is? How is HER approval rating?

By the way, any complaints or disappointment about the lack of LGBT persons in Abe's new cabinet?

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Those "local" people are the members of Japan communist party and are mobilized by them. They regularly protest in a park near the base. I just passed by them and really am suspicious of the number of 180.

No doubt members of the same group as the ones in Okinawa.

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But Okinawa's problem will never be solved.

Okinawa's problem will never be solved so long as Okinawa is a prefecture of Japan and under Japanese jurisdiction.

As long as Okinawa is a prefecture under Japan and under Japanese jurisdiction, Okinawa will have to continue hosting military bases per the US-Japan Security Alliance Agreement.....whether staffed by U.S., joint U.S.-Japan or all Japan forces.

The solution to Okinawa's goal of ridding all military bases "that threatens Okinawa's peace and nature" is to secede from Japan and declare itself independent, sovereign country. Then it will no longer be subject to the mandate of Japanese and U.S. "occupiers" (to use the anti-U.S. base proponents' words.) and can demand the base closures and U.S. military (and JSDF) withdrawal.

Okinawa should think long and hard about going down this path. China would support a military-free and independent Okinawa for the purpose of gaining a foothold in the region and controlling it. 

But.......Okinawa doesn't consider China to be an enemy, nor mind having Chinese presence on mainland Okinawa or nearby islands, does it? And should the "New Ryukyu Government" need economic and infrastructure assistance, it can always turn to China and its One Belt One Road program.

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*"The strong feelings of Takeshi Onaga, risking his life to stop the construction of any more bases, helped bring this victory," Tamaki told reporters.*

Poor choice of words, but deliberately so for political reasons. "Risking his life" implies Onaga placed himself in physical danger, which he probably never did. It also pictures Onaga as a martyr. That's politics for you and it sure sounded better than the more accurate wording "neglecting his health in a single-minded obsession to stop the construction of any more bases".

Okinawa isn't demanding all U.S. bases be moved away right now. (voiceofokinawa)

Ah....maybe not right now as you say, but there is an implication of future demands for the removal of ALL U.S. bases; not limited to U.S. Marine bases but including the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy.

And Tamaki, stated, "*I can clearly state we no longer want in Okinawa the U.S. bases that destroy our peace and destroy our nature."* Note he didn't state "Futenma" or "U.S. Marine bases", but "U.S. bases." The unsaid implication is clear: he considers all U.S. Marine, Air Force and Navy bases in Okinawa to be a threat to peace and nature and wants them all out of Okinawa.

.....the Americans leave, Japan is literally a sitting duck and very easy pickings for China and Russia who could wage a war with Japan on two fronts. Look at the geography..... (Matt Hartwell)

Tell me for what reason will Russia and China wage a war with Japan -- to invade and take over Japan with no casus belli? (voiceofokinawa)

@Matt, I agree completely with your post. But "voiceofokinawa", "Akie", et al., do not consider Russia or China....especially China to be an adversary or enemy. Onaga and Tamaki probably doesn't either.

China may not directly wage war with Japan or invade and take over Japan, but does it does want Okinawa to be free of U.S. and Japanese military presence so it can eventually gain a military foothold on nearby islands or even on Okinawa itself. Such a military presence will give China the ability to control the East China Seas and the Taiwan Straits. Furthermore, with military bases on Senkaku or nearby Ryukyu Islands, China could easily stage an attack, invasion and annexation of Taiwan, which it has repeatedly threatened to do in the near future.

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Outside of Okinawa, the national government and public opinion appear to support strengthening Japan's security measures as it faces nuclear threats from North Korea and the growing military might of China. U.S. President Donald Trump's administration also has been pushing Japan to do more to defend itself.

Both U.S. and Japan national government considers Okinawa important due to its strategic proximity to Japan and China Seas; that's the primary reason for U.S. military presence.  After the U.S. forces are relocated outside Okinawa, Japan will have to expand its JSDF presence on Okinawa and occupy the remaining former U.S. military bases.....that is IF the Constitution allows the JSDF expanded role.

Will Gov. Tamaki and Okinawans accept expanded JSDF military presence?  And no doubt JSDF will fly its Ospreys and other military fixed-wing aircraft over the beautiful skies of Okinawa.  How long will it take before there are JSDF-related incidents?

Will there be anti-JSDF protests demanding JSDF bases closure and removal of all JSDF military forces too? 

Without U.S. and JSDF military presence on Okinawa, nothing will keep the Chinese military expansionism in the China Seas region in check.

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With Tamaki's election, there goes any chances of a satisfactory compromised solution to the base issue. Most unfortunate setback.

After Futenma is closed, Henoko base construction is halted, what's next?  A referendum to close all U.S. Marine bases, close all U.S. Air Force and Navy bases and remove all U.S. military personnel until Okinawa is U.S. military-FREE?  Is that his ultimate goal? 

It also looks like Tamaki will be another "single-issue" Governor like his predecessor. What will he do for Okinawan businesses, infrastructure and economy? Does he have any plans other than anti-US base plans?

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So, Denny "Son-of-Onaga" Tamaki won the governor election. This is a set-back to any hopes of a satisfactory compromised solution to the base issue.

No doubt he will continue the "Onaga litigation obstructionist anti-US base tactics". Futenma base closure and personnel relocation will be stalled again; Henoko base construction will be stalled again. 

Unfortunately, with Tamaki's election, the anti-base movement will continue with more vigor: First close Futenma, stop Henoko construction, then close all U.S. Marines bases, then close all U.S. Air Force and Navy bases and remove all U.S. military personnel until Okinawa is U.S. military-FREE. Isn't that their ultimate goal?  Tamaki said during his campaign, "I can clearly state we no longer want in Okinawa the U.S. bases that destroy our peace and destroy our nature."

Both Japan central government and U.S. still considers Okinawa important for national security and strategic military importance due to its proximity to the China Seas and to keep China's military expansionism in check.  After U.S. military forces are withdrawn, Japan central government will move its own JSDF forces on Okinawa and occupy the remaining former U.S. military bases.....that is, if the Constitution allows the expanded JSDF role.

No doubt JSDF will fly its own Ospreys and other aircrafts over the beautiful Okinawan skies.  Will Gov. Tamaki accept JSDF enlarged occupation on Okinawa? How long will it take before there are JSDF-related incidents and anti-JSDF protests to remove the JSDF military forces too? 

...follow the money behind the late Onaga bet its tied to Russia and China.

@bjohnson23, you may be right.  No doubt Onaga had indirect support from Russia and China as far as anti-US base and anti-US military is concerned.  They would prefer Okinawa is free of U.S. military presence.  Unfortunately Tamaki is unwittingly going down the same path.

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Belt and Road is anyway a rubbish concept whose main intent is to increase Chinese influence across South and Central Asia.

It's not a rubbish concept in China's eyes. They understand the need for supply chain and logistical support to sustain their global economic and military ambitions as they venture far away from mainland China...... something Imperial Japan failed to take into account in their global ambitions back in the 1930s and early 1940s. 

A military crisis on the sea between China and Japan could jeopardize Beijing's Belt and Road project

A military crisis may temporary detract resources away from the Belt and Road project, but it will not derail it. China will continue to invest in the project as long as it takes to achieve their ultimate global ambitions, which is to extend China's influence across Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

Finally, the sixth measure calls for China to build a strong navy to ensure its maritime supremacy. Describing Japan as a country that has a tradition of "not making enemies with a strong country," the article says it is vital for China to spread out its naval power.

Why does China need a strong navy if it claims to be a peaceful nation? Could it be that China actually views Japan as a military threat, specifically a threat that would prevent China from annexing the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands? 

The Diaoyu clearly possess economic and sovereign value, but its military significant is even more evident," the article says. "Its location is strategically important if we choose to take Taiwan by force.

There you go. That pretty much explains why China wants the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands: To build military bases from which it can launch military forces to invade and annex Taiwan.

In the Taiwan Strait, the article says Japan's strategy is to strengthen relations with Taiwan and work with the self-governing island and the United States to contain China

When you look at the proximity of Taiwan, the Taiwan Strait and the Senkaku Islands to Okinawa, that explains the reasons Japan and U.S. wants to maintain military bases on Okinawa: to keep China from expanding militarily in that region and taking Taiwan and Senkaku Islands by force. In the event of a military crisis in the Taiwan Straits, Taiwan and Senkaku Islands, U.S. and JSDF forces deployed from Okinawa can respond in an expedient manner.

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This makes as much sense as sending a former Ford executive to negotiate with the North Koreans.

It also makes as much sense as sending a former basketball star to represent and speak on behalf of the U.S. to negotiate with the North Koreans.

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I vote S-400 or the new 500 version

@Goodlucktoyou, that is a ridiculous and absurd suggestion that Japan should buy a Russian missile defense system. Russia and Japan don't even have a formal signed peace treaty so how can Japan procure a weapons systems from an adversary, let alone depend on them for sustainment support? Get real, dude.

It's these oppositions that keep our nation completely defenseless and force us rely on other nations help.....

@Hiro, a most realistic assessment and spot on!

It's a shame many people have been duped into believing a defensive system is a threat to their country because they believe it invites military attack. They also believe it is pointless to take means to defend your own country.  Of course these same people don't believe China, Russia or North Korea are threats. 

Furthermore, it is these same pacifist oppositions that are thwarting PM Abe's changes to the Article 9 restrictions so that Japan CAN and should be less reliant on U.S. forces. Unwittingly and inadvertently they are supporting continued U.S. military presence on mainland Japan and Okinawa.

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@Yubaru, I don't disagree with YOUR strong opinion that China is a growing threat and its military expansionism in the region must be kept in check. That's why military base presence on Okinawa is needed. I also hope Abe is successful in removing or modifying the Article 9 restriction so Japan military can take a more active and expanded role in the defense of that region and lessen its dependence on the U.S.

Many years ago I attended a public seminar in the U.S. about the political state affairs in Okinawa. The lecturer was a former government official who served under Gov. Ota's administration. It was this former Okinawan official's position (shared by majority of Okinawans, he added) that U.S. military forces should be removed and that the U.S. military presence was a hindrance to peace in the prefecture and region. 

During the Q&A session I asked him (through an interpreter) whether Okinawa government and Okinawans people had any concerns about China's expanding military activities in the China Seas and whether they viewed China as a threat to stability in the region. He replied that he and many Okinawans do not view China as a threat.  The Ryukyu Kingdom and China used to enjoy friendly diplomatic and trade relations before the Japanese annexation.  If military conflict between China and U.S. does happen, he feared China will attack the U.S. military bases on Okinawa and once again Okinawa will be caught in the middle and suffer considerably. Therefore U.S. bases poses a threat to peace in the prefecture. That is the principle reason Okinawans feel the U.S. bases must be removed.

So there you have it:  An Okinawan native and former government official's perspective on the situation as he sees it.   I don't agree with that opinion for the reasons we both agree on. So long as Okinawa is a Japanese prefecture, is considered strategically important to the region, and China's growing military expansion threat, there will be military bases on Okinawa, either continued U.S. military, joint U.S.-JSDF, or 100% JSDF.

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Hopefully Abe will be more successful in his next term. In Japan, it seems to take a long, long time to build political consensus to make changes, especially matters of constitutional changes.

If Japan is not willing to modify the Constitution to allow Japan to expand its military forces and take a more active role in protecting Japan and territorial region, then it will need to continue relying on U.S. and U.S. bases on mainland Japan and Okinawa for security.

Here is an opportunity to send a message to the U.S. that we (Japan) are willing to take a military leadership role and U.S. can withdraw and relocate its bases out of Japan and Okinawa.

By opposing the Constitution change, the Japanese people are indirectly sending a message that they need U.S. protection and want the U.S. military forces to remain on Japan mainland and Okinawa.

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Okinawa is never going to be without any military bases. NEVER. It's just a matter of if they will be joint US military and JSDF, or JSDF alone.

Very true, so long as Okinawa remains a prefecture of Japan. Japan central government and U.S. government will continue to mandate hosting U.S. bases on Okinawa as "necessary for strategic reasons.", i.e., keeping China's military activities in the China Seas region in check.

Even if Japan and U.S. is willing to acquiesce to Okinawan pressures to relocate U.S. forces out of Okinawa and allow expanded JSDF presence to replace the U.S. forces, will Okinawans accept 100% JSDF bases presence? Or will they begin holding "Remove JSDF bases" protests in the future?

Okinawans probably rather have The chinese here instead of Americans . . . hmmm

Hmmm, maybe so. Prior to the 1879 annexation, the Ryukyu Kingdom was enjoying close diplomatic and trade relations with China. So historically, Okinawans don't consider China as a threat or enemy.

There will be a probably be a time when all U.S. military presence is removed, secession from Japan and Independence declaration that a New Ryukyu government will once again look to China for economic and trade support under it's One Belt One Road program.

If Okinawans choose this path, I hope they won't regret it. The China today is a very different China than the China Ryukyu Kingdom once knew.

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The next time China or North Korea or Russia projects their military power in the vicinity of Senkaku Island, Okinawa or anywhere near mainland Japan, you'll all be screaming "Where is the SDF and why aren't they doing anything?!" Have you forgotten the North Korean missile firings over Japan and North Korea's threats to "sink Japan"?

Combined with the unwillingness to support modifying Article 9 to allow a more capable Japanese military force, a lack of interest among young people joining the SDF and the anti-military attitudes here, it appears the Japanese people are not willing to take a more active role in defending their own country, but wants to continue to rely and depend on the U.S. to protect them.

You'll never get the U.S. military personnel and U.S. bases out of mainland Japan and Okinawa.

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Trump has asked Moon to be "chief negotiator" between himself and Kim, according to Moon's aides...

Big mistake. Moon is going to appease Kim and make agreements that will back the U.S. into a corner where they will have no choice but to agree to a peace treaty under NK terms, demilitarization of the DMZ, and U.S. withdrawal from the Korean peninsula. Or else Kim will resume nuclear tests and missile firings.....at which point SK and U.S. will have no choice but to accept to Korea unification under DPRK regime.

Only a united Korea is a great Korea.

Only a united Northeast Asia, is a great Northeast Asia

So long as the unified Korea is under DPRK regime and united Northeast Asia under China PRC domain?

Few Americans understand why N.K. is so anti U.S. Back in 1950, MacArthur was carpet bombing the north and this resulted in massive civilian casualties Few families were spared.They never forgot this atrocity.

What sparked the Korea War in the first place? Do You believe U.S. invaded North Korea and started the war and went on a carpet bombing rampage? Check your facts, Avenger. And yes, North Korea is so anti U.S. because their forces along the DMZ are keeping North Korea in check and preventing them from achieving their ultimate goal: Unification under DPRK regime.

And by the way, do you believe unified Korea is better under DPRK regime? Are you aware of the DPRK's genocide of its own people who do not accept DPRK rule?



NK leader would still be in power and he will still suppress his own people. South Korea has only open it's door to help NK revive their economy and strengthen their army. In the end it's all about money and resources. NK is clearly trying to buy time. A few years later and we will be back to the starting line again.

+1. A most realist assessment, Mr. Hiro. And NK will be in a more powerful position to demand a peace treaty under their terms and unification under DPRK regime.

It is desirable to have a united Korea, but only under a democratic government, which NK's DPRK, China, and Russia will never accept.

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Article stated road condition was slippery and driver may have been speeding and lost control. Article doesn't state what kind of Porsche was involved. 

If the car was indeed a 911, there's an explanation to what may have happened. A friend of mine has a 911 and explains the car, with its rear engine and rear weight bias, has certain driving quirks, especially when driving into a curve at high speeds. Most drivers will let up on the gas, maybe touch the brakes into the curve and accelerate on the way out. Try that with a 911 and the rear will swing around in a spin, especially under wet road conditions, which is probably what happened to that unfortunate driver. 

The driver was lucky to escape with only minor injuries.

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The Russians and Chinese are holding military exercises in their own territory and territorial waters. Just because it is called the Sea of Japan it doesn't mean that it all belongs to Japan

@ Hello Kitty 321, et al: By the same token, all regions of the China Seas doesn't belong to China either, but China believes it does and is diligently building up its military toward achieving that objective.  Many here don't seem to object to China's aggressive military exercises and expansionism in the region.

Furthermore, many here don't any object to China participating in joint military exercises within Russia's territory in this particular exercise, but many raises many objections whenever U.S. participates in military exercises within Japan (including Okinawa) and South Korea territories, even going so far as to state the "warmongering" US is trying to start World War 3. 

After the conclusion of these exercises I have complete confidence that the Russian combined arms will find an incursion into Sakhalin child’s play

In participating in this Russian military exercise, China is improving its ability to conduct a large scale military action and invasion.  After the conclusion of these exercise, I too have complete confidence that China is preparing and building up to attack, invade and annex Taiwan within the next few years.

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Meanwhile we are doing the same in China’s sea

If the U.S. had 300,000 soldiers, 36,000 vehicles, 1,000 planes and 80 warships in a military exercise in the Sea of Japan, everybody here would be raising the warmonger flag against the U.S. Yet hardly anybody here is raising the warmonger flag against the Russians and Chinese whenever they perform military exercises. Probably because everybody here believes military exercises the US are involved in are offensive in nature and Russian/Chinese military exercises are "defensive."

The Japanese should get their good friends, the Chinese, to keep an eye on the Russkies.

@Serrano: Guess what? The Chinese and Mongolians are participating with the Russians with 3200 troops, 30 fixed wing aircraft and helicopters and 900 other military hardware.


At least these exercises are giving a good show of their military hardware and soldiers, tactics and performance under actual battle conditions. I'm sure the U.S., Japan and allies are observing and taking careful notes of both Russians and Chinese.

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The U.S. wants to keep its military presence in Japan indefinitely for whatever reason 

Both Japan and the U.S. considers Okinawa necessary for the US-Japan Security Alliance. It is Japan central government who wants to keep U.S. military presence in Okinawa, citing national security requirements. The U.S. wants to keep its military presence on Okinawa citing geo-strategic location and proximity to the China Seas. In the case of an eventuality, it is easier for the U.S. Marines, who act as first responders to exigencies, to take appropriate action well before Japan is affected.

Given the covert security threat from China and Russia and territorial disputes with Japan, Japan central government will choose in favor of hosting U.S. bases in Okinawa. It is the U.S. military on Okinawa that keeps China in check and as a deterrent against China's aggressive military expansionism in the East China Seas region.

On the other hand, when Japan is allowed to constitutionally expand and extend ts military forces, it will no longer need to host U.S. bases in Okinawa and mainland Japan. Japan will then be able to replace the outgoing U.S. military forces with its own expanded military forces and replace U.S. military force projection in the Far East.

The question then becomes is Okinawa, as a Japan prefecture, willing to accept and host Japan military forces occupying the vacated U.S. bases? If the local Okinawan government and people are not willing to host Japanese military forces, then it will have to pursue Independence.

But do you think the Japanese government would let it go easily?

Both Japan central government and U.S. will not give up Okinawa easily. If Denny Tamaki and supporters cannot convince Japan and U.S. to remove its bases, then it will have to push for a referendum for independence. But it will need help and financial assistance. Tamaki may have to turn to China. China has long favored an independent Okinawa free of Japan and U.S. influence. China now has the military power and political clout that it can intimidate Japan into giving up Okinawa and keep the U.S. from interfering in internal affairs.

Okinawans had better think long and hard about pursuing independence, for in return for China's support, Okinawa may unwittingly wind up as a colony of China.

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Posted in: Campaigns begin for Okinawa governor race; base transfer in focus See in context

a) do you believe Okinawa should be controlled outside sources in Tokyo and Washington (Vote LDP Atsuki Sakima)


b) do you believe the local Okinawa people should be consulted and their values respected unconditionally. (Vote Tamaki, Denny)

So long as Okinawa is a prefecture of Japan, it is subject to compliance with Japan central government mandates and policies.  The US-Japan Defense Treaty that allows continued US military presence on Okinawa was negotiated between the US and Japan, not between Okinawan local government and US.  Japan government and US government agrees that US military presence and bases on Okinawa is a strategic necessity.  

File your complaints and protest the Japan central government for failing to consult Okinawan people and respecting their values.

What is Denny Tamaki going to do for Okinawa and Okinawan people? Continue Onaga's single-issue obstructionist anti-base agenda and continue to file obstructionist lawsuits at the expense of other much-needed economic priorities and projects Okinawa needs? Is Tamaki going to be another single-issue governor like Onaga?

There was a compromise solution: Relocate and transfer to a less populated area in Henoko and close Futenma. But Onaga and followers wouldn't accept and instead opted to pursue obstructionist tactics, thus delaying Futenma closure and transfer. 

The new Governor of Okinawa should work with Japan and US, seek a working compromise to resolve the base issue, not be an obstructionist.

Sick of prolonging base issue argument. Have a referendum and choose independence if they do not want the bases on Okinawa.

If Okinawa does choose Independence, secedes as a Japanese Prefecture, and votes in a sovereign Ryukyu Government, it can claim ALL US bases are on Okinawa illegally as there is NO defense treaty between US and Ryukyu Government.  The defense treaty between Japan and US that allows US bases on Okinawa is null and void. Then it can order the removal of US military presence and closure of bases. PROBLEM SOLVED!

The Okinawan people should think long and hard about pursuing Independence as a solution to removing the US military and bases. Okinawa as an independent sovereign country will no longer be a Prefecture of Japan and enjoy its economic support and defense. Neither will the US be obligated to protect Okinawa.

Perhaps Denny Tamaki and Morimasa Goya believes Okinawa does not need Japan and US support and when it becomes independent of Japan and free of US bases, the sovereign Ryukyu future is with China under its "One Best One Road program"?   After all, there some Okinawans (and JT posters here) who do not consider China to be an adversary or enemy.

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Posted in: China offers another $60 bil to Africa See in context

$60 billion will include $15 billion of aid, interest-free loans and concessional loans, a credit line of $20 billion, a $10 billion special fund for China-Africa development, and a $5 billion special fund for imports from Africa.

China is acting more like a mobster. Also reads more like a bribe, not only to get the recipient country to become more politically indebted (despite what China says), but also to sway alliance away from Taiwan.

There's no such thing as a free lunch.

Beijing has also fended off criticism it is only interested in resource extraction to feed its own booming economy, that the projects it funds have poor environmental safeguards, and that too many of the workers for them are flown in from China rather than using African labour.

Why else would China be investing massively in Africa? Not only resource extraction but also to control the precious metals market and other natural resources. As for direct investment and using Chinese labour instead of African labour, it makes it easier for China to control the projects and complete without threats of local labour strikes and corrupt government interference.

Chinese officials say this year's summit will strengthen Africa's role in Xi's Belt and Road initiative to link China by sea and land with Southeast and Central Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa through an infrastructure network modelled on the old Silk Road.

As one poster in another article put it, China's Belt and Road program is really about "One Belt, New Colonialism". Accompanying the infrastructure network is a military network to protect China's investment and ensure the recipient country to align with China's global ambitions.

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Posted in: Japan, N Korea held secret meeting in July: Washington Post See in context

So what? What was the "secret" meeting? If it was about the return of kidnapped Japanese abductees, that's entirely between Japan and North Korea and has nothing to do with the denuclearization, demilitarization, peace treaty, unification issues the U.S. is more concerned with.

On the other hand, if Japan "rewards" North Korea with economic and financial aid in exchange for return of the abductees, that would undermine the purpose of imposed sanctions and undermine negotiations between the U.S. and North Korea; U.S. would have every right to be concerned.

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Posted in: Honey the lonely dolphin, abandoned in aquarium, sparks public outcry See in context

It's unfortunate the Inubosaki Marine Park Aquarium had to close in the aftermath of the 2011 disaster. Lack of paying visitors and diversion of government revenues to disaster recovery efforts, no doubt.

Funny how the bleeding heart animal advocates favour releasing them into the wilds, unwittingly sentencing them to a fate worse than captivity.  As Jijitsu pointed out, animals raised in or kept in captivity long time don't adapt or survive long in the wild. Sending an animal lacking the skills to hunt, defend itself and survive into the wilds is actually cruelty. Have they thought about that fate? I doubt it.

Priority should be to find another aquarium willing to accept them, rather than killing them. How about that Churaumi Aquarium in Okinawa? Supposedly the second largest in the world. Surely they can accommodate.

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Posted in: Soldier's nephew in Japan receives second WWII souvenir flag See in context

Nice story. Always heartwarming to read about a family being reunited with a treasured ancestral item.

I'm sure Japanese soldiers did their share of collecting wartime souvenirs wherever they were, i.e., China, Philippines, Corrigidor, Indonesia, Saipan, Okinawa as well as confiscating items from POWs. Did the surviving Japanese soldiers or their descendents ever return such items to their original owners? You never hear about these things.

The media gives the impression that only Americans indulge in this peculiar wartime practice.

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