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The united northeast Asia is the model of the world, as simple as that.

So long as China is the leader of the so-called Northeast Asia and the countries under PRC regime? I don't think Japan, Taiwan or South Korea (if it ever gets back to reality) will go for it as their political and economic ideology is incompatible with China's.

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Even the "The Guardian" news and Hillary Clinton questions whether China's investment in Africa is a "win-win development" or "new colonialism".



Africa has been warned.

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Just that Japan does not possess such missiles that are weaponized. Instead Japan has the capability with rockets that can place satellites into orbit. That can if the need comes, easily converted. The only thing is Japan cannot possess nuclear warheads.

Interestingly Japan could if wanted or needed, it has all high-tech machinery and equipment being used. 

True Japan has the capability to build such missiles, but such weapons are viewed as offensive and its Article 9 restricts it from developing them. Japan has the capability of building attack aircraft and bombers, but then there's that pesky Article 9 restriction.

North Korea has no such constitutional restrictions.

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Western aid usually comes with strings attached and dabbling in politics.

And China's or Russian's aid doesn't?

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Posted in: N Korea fires 2 projectiles into sea; says it won't sit down with S Korea for talks again See in context

The US will NEVER allow unification 

China and Russian will NEVER allow unification UNDER DEMOCRATIC government.

These military exercises are arranged by the US to provoke NK and to continue souring relationships between NK and SK. South Korea were instructed, told by the US, we will have military exercises, full stop.

NK's missile firings are arranged with the approval of China and Russia to intimidate SK into ultimately accepting a peace treaty and unification under DPRK terms.

N Korea says it never sit down with S Korea for talks again

Can't be a coincidence Senior Moon recently 'softened' his stance towards Japan

This should explain the “olive branch” Moon unexpectedly extended to Japan earlier 

It does look like it, doesn't it? Moon is looking to Japan to help pull his chestnuts out of the fire.

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China has instructed its fishermen to stay away from waters surrounding the disputed Senkaku Islands,

Too bad the instructions don't apply to their warships.

Japan had better begin asserting the islands as their own. Otherwise, through passivity on the part of Japan, China will claim the Senkakus. Will Japan will be comfortable with a Chinese military outpost close to the Ryukyu Islands and Okinawa?

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Here it comes! If the rioters continue, the troops will come in and martial law will be imposed. They were warned.

Let's hope it doesn't escalate to that point, but don't underestimate Xi; he's ruthless, despite that disarming panda bear smile.

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Posted in: Trump ties China trade deal to 'humane' Hong Kong resolution after troop buildup worry See in context

Yep, anything that Trump support.......even helping your beloved HK protesters, you're now against his support.

When China sends in troops and imposes martial law, I'm sure the Trump-bashers will be blaming Trump for provoking China into doing so.

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"Sorry we were too reckless ... we are only afraid of losing your support to the whole movement due to our mistake, and that you give up on fighting."

The rioters acted like children throwing temper tantrums and realized they were going to lose their allowance, get spanked and grounded.

"We promise to reflect and to improve," protesters said in one message distributed on social media app Telegram.

Protesters vowed to press on.

Until the next time.....and figure out a better strategy and get help from Taiwan? After all, they have a common enemy.

Time the revolution when China is preoccupied with their other problem child Taiwan and have their hands full. Worked for the U.S.

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Not one sympathy for the 6 policemen wounded by the criminal (felon with history of drug dealing and illegally possessing firearm), yet don't hold the criminal responsible for his actions.

if we hear anything more at all, we will hear how Trump's racism forced this guy to sell drugs and then subsequently shoot the cops trying to serve a narcotics warrant.

That's right. The guy was also suppressed, oppressed, misunderstood and victim of his environment ....per the old liberal/ACLU rationale. In a few months he'll be out on the streets and doing what he does best.

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There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that we should be preparing to withdraw all US military assets out of Moon's SK.

I'm inclined to agree. Moon doesn't seem to want the U.S. or Japan as its allies. Let Moon deal with peace treaty and unification issues alone and on NK terms as Putin, Xi and Kim wants. And after the dust settles and it turns out that DPRK is the ruling regime in the unified Korea, then so be it. Moon led SK down the path toward that destiny.

And as for the U.S., first withdraw from Korea, then Okinawa and mainland Japan and everybody should be happy......until China moves in. The leftists and CCP sympathizers here don't view China as the imperialist warmongering colonizer they view the U.S. as.

China doesn't want have a united Korea that is a US ally on its boarder, as the relationship with Japan, the other main US ally in the area, 

But do South Korean people want a unified Korea aligned with China and Russia? Moon seems to be leading his country down that path.

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Posted in: WWII Pacific battlegrounds now site of U.S.-China tug-of-war See in context

The US better wake up put more serous effort into Asia.

Why? Only to have those countries (and anti-US people like you) accuse the U.S. being a imperialist, meddling, interfering, warmongering colonizer? Maybe better for U.S. to exit the region and they can look to China and participate in its "Belt-and-Road" program.

The world sticks its hands out to the U.S. looking for handouts. Then it turns around and bites the hand that feeds and helps them. You can't have it both ways. Either welcome and appreciate U.S. aid and cooperate with the U.S. or look elsewhere.

China is doing what Japan tried to do back in the 1930s, expanding its sphere of influence and dominating the region with its rule of order. Only China is doing it economically.

Japan, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand had better wake up, stop relying on the U.S. and put more serious effort into a similar economic aid program or it will find China in their back yard.....along with military outposts.

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China today is much stronger militarily and wields more political clout than they did in 1989. That 800-lb Panda Bear can and will do as he pleases and they probably will do a Tiananmen-style attack and impose martial law. soon.

Protests? Protest all you want; that 800-lb Panda Bear will shrug it off. It doesn't care about "world opinion" All the protests in the world haven't helped Tibet; Tibet still remains one of the most repressed countries in the region.

Trade tariffs or sanctions? Trump is doing those things, short of sanctions, yet everyone here opposes anything Trump does or tries.

And btw, where is the "leader of the free world" when we need him?

You're asking the "leader of the free world" to do something?? Well, the UN and West Europe is sitting twiddling their thumbs and not answering. Japan can't do anything because of that restrictive Article 9 first paragraph. So it always seems to default to the U.S. as "leader of the free world."

Every time the U.S. tries to help, the anti-U.S. people here accuses it of being an interferring imperialist aggressor warmonger, and so forth.

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Posted in: Japanese Bon dance picking up popular tunes as it goes int'l See in context

I can't imagine doing Bon Odori dance to Hip Hop and Rap music. The ancestral spirits must be spinning in their tombs.

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Posted in: Words from A-bombed cities' mayors mirror fears of new nuke arms race See in context

@albaleo, you make a lot of good points too. And you're right, cyber warfare is another concern.

As for rogue nations like North Korea, Iran, or any of the extremist muslim factions in the Middle East thinking about getting and using nuclear weapons (and it goes for Israel, too), I would imagine that there is an unwritten "gentlemen agreement" whereby U.S., Russia and China would agree to simultaneously target their nuclear weapons against the rogue nations and say to them, "If you think of using nuclear weapons, you will be completely destroyed."

Perhaps wishful thinking. At least the U.S., China and Russia agree privately that they would not use nuclear weapons against each other, no matter how critical conflicts of interests becomes. There has been many crises throughout the 1950s, 60s and 70s.......and the superpowers hadn't destroyed each other. That mutual assured destruction and the effect of nuclear warfare is too deeply ingrained in the conscious of the superpowers.

But I don't think those "rogue nations" are fully convinced. Nor are they convinced of the devastating effects of biological and chemical weapons either. If only the leaders of these rogue nations attend the Hiroshima and Nagasaki memorials on the anniversaries....

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@riperez, at times you sound like a law & order, right-wing hardliner (especially on this topic), but I don't disagree with you identifying these "protesters" and their actions as "rioters damaging cars, infrastructure, private property and intimidating other people" and how they should be handled.

I recall back in 1968 at the Democrat National Convention in Chicago when then-Mayor Richard Daley gave Chicago Police orders to "shoot to kill" should the SDS protesters get completely out of hand. (Fortunately for them it didn't go that far.)

HK is bordering on anarchy (if not already) and it won't be long before China mainland government sends in tanks and troops and impose martial law. Then what will happen next? The anarchist leaders and supporters are rounded up tried and executed in accordance with CCP laws? How will the "democratic" world react?

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Again the liberals are so fixated on guns that they fail to see that it is the criminal behavior, ie the DESIRE TO MURDER that is the problem. You can eliminate the weapon, but the problem still remains.

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Posted in: Words from A-bombed cities' mayors mirror fears of new nuke arms race See in context

The genie is out of the bottle, all nations now want a nuclear deterrent.

@riperez: Why not? You have to admit that it worked with the U.S., China and Russia and kept them from waging World War III. And no country has mounted an all-out attack on Israel, knowing Israel will use their nuclear weapons on them.

As I've said before, given the nuclear deterrent and the threat of mutual assured destruction, nuclear weapons have made Total War unthinkable and actually forced adversaries to pursue diplomacy and dialog to settle their conflicts, and in doing so, actually promoted world peace.

Has the world forgotten there was a time when the world was nuclear free? And was there world peace? Hell no! Prior to 1945, there were numerous wars being fought with conventional weapons, weapons that made total war all too thinkable. And now we want to go back to that time where nations capable of waging total war will do so again?

When nuclear weapons are abolished, they will be replaced by more effective conventional weapons AND biological and chemical weapons......weapons that nobody mentions but should be.

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Posted in: Democratic candidates blame Trump, NRA for inaction on guns See in context

Switzerland and Serbia have higher gun ownership rate on per capita basis than America. Have you ever heard of any mass shootings in Switzerland? 

I've been pointing that out for years. Just goes to show that guns don't kill people, but the person's desire to kill....is the problem and that's what needs to be controlled. You can abolish guns, but the criminal who has the desire and intent to commit mass murder will find substitute weapons. One can make a very lethal pipe bomb with easily obtained chemicals and hardware.

You need two factors to make mass shootings possible, a person with criminal behavior and a high assault weapon. 

You're right about the first factor, but not the second. Remember Timothy McVeigh and the 1985 Oklahoma bombing that killed 168 people and injured 680? Did he use a high assault weapon? No....he used a rented truck and 5,000 lbs of of ammonium nitrate and nitromethane. Chemicals bought over-the-shelf.

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Hmm....wonder if Kim is firing those missiles on behalf of Moon to rattle Japan and U.S..

"Achieving peace economy with North Korea". Such statement by Moon is a joke or he just wants to make South Korea to be part of North Korea?

I'd say Xi, Putin and Kim is manipulating Moon to do just that. First, alienate and wreck the US-Japan-SK alliance and get US out of the Korean peninsula and alienate Japan as an ally. You now, the old "divide and conquer" game. The sad thing is Moon is playing right into their game to unify the Koreas under DPRK-regime.

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Posted in: Pentagon chief urges Japan to consider joining Strait of Hormuz coalition; raps China See in context

Pentagon chief urges Japan to consider joining Strait of Hormuz coalition

Hmm....I'm not sure whether the Pentagon chief fully understands the restrictions of Japan's Article 9 first paragraph. And Japan's active participation in the Strait of Hormuz and Yemen may be a stretch.

If Japan has tankers or cargo ships going through the Strait of Hormuz regularly, I can see the need to join the coalition. Japan has every right to defend and protect its ships and personnel when threatened.

However, Japan should be more concerned about the Pacific region beyond its coastal waters and take more responsibility in keeping that region stable. That is, if it can get away from the Article 9 first paragraph restriction of never resorting to military action to resolve conflicts. There are times when diplomacy and dialog can go only so far and when it does fail, the time to resort to military action when needed.

Japan is eventually going to have to modify its Article 9 first paragraph so it can protect its interests abroad, but that doesn't mean Japan is renouncing its pledge to be a peaceful nation.

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 Moon is giving up that stalemate in his dream of going down in history as the SK leader who united North and South. To do so he's wrecking the US-JPN-SK alliance, and at the end of the day he;s going to go down as the one who ruined South Korea. Both politically and economically. (OssanAmerica)

Best assessment of the situation I've seen. Divide and conquer: Xi, Putin and Kim are manipulating Moon to wreck the US-JPN-SK alliance and in doing so, will make it easier to maneuver Moon into a peace treaty and unification under DRPK terms. That is, if he is in power long enough to do so. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a military coup in the works to overthrow Moon and prevent that disastrous capitulation from happening.

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The question we should be considering is not whether the mass murder of civilians was moral or legal but whether the war really came to the best end for the most people, based on what happened afterwards.

@pacificwest: Are you suggesting that the inevitable invasion of mainland Japan and the most likely loss of millions of Japanese civilians and military in the desperate and fanatical fight to protect their country and Emperor, and the likely postwar division of Japan into a DPRK-like North Japan and a democratic South Japan would have been the best end for the Japanese people and postwar Japan?

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Furthermore, why haven't there been a World War III between the Soviet Union and U.S. or China and U.S.? Why haven't the many international crises throughout the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s erupted into a full-blown, all-out World War III?

It is because the nations like the U.S., Soviet Union and China --- nations capable of waging Total War --- possesses nuclear weapons and knowing such wars involving nuclear weapons would lead to "mutual assured destruction", have made total, all-out-warfare unthinkable, unfightable and unwinnable.  

In this way, nuclear weapons have actually contributed to "world peace" and forced nations to resolve their conflicts through peaceful dialog and negotiations.

To abolish nuclear weapons takes the world back to a time when the world was nuclear-free, but hardly peaceful. There were NO nuclear weapons in 1914 (World War I), 1931 (Japan invading Manchuria and expansionism throughout Asia), 1939 (World War II in Europe) and 1941 (U.S entry into World War II.)  

As long as nations capable of waging war continues to rely on conventional weapons, war becomes thinkable once again. In the absence of nuclear weapons, biological and chemical weapons becomes the new choice of terror and doomsday weapons.

While the world is obsessed with abolishing nuclear weapons and striving for a nuclear-free world, it has forgotten how horrible and inhumane biological and chemical weapons are.  How about pleas for abolishing biological and chemical weapons in the same breath as nuclear weapons? 

Abolishing the tools and weapons of war will not lead to peace. The seeds of war are everywhere and rooted in deep conflicts of interests in political ideology, economic, religious, and cultural/racial differences. Only when these conflicts are abolished (realistically impossible) can there be hope for true world peace. 

Perhaps the best that can be hoped for is when dialog and negotiations fails to resolve the conflict and nations are forced to resort to war, that they look to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki memorials to remind us of the effects of Total, All-Out, Unlimited World Wars.

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Very good speech by the Mayor of Nagasaki. However.....

What is often ignored in the debates about the atomic bombs and Hiroshima and Nagasaki, is the outcome of the War and what would have happened to Japan, had the atomic bombs not been used.  

Also the lessons from the Battle of Okinawa is all too readily forgotten. hough sources vary, during the Battle of Okinawa, 110,000 Japanese military, between 40,000 and 150,000 Okinawan civilians and 49,000 American military were wounded and/or killed.

As the fighting drew closer to mainland Japan, the Japanese leaders' mentality at that time, would never surrender or admit defeat, fighting to the very end. Surrendering would be "loss of face".  To not "lose face" was more important than losing hundreds of thousands of lives. (Look how many Okinawan lives during the Battle of Okinawa were sacrificed before Japanese military finally gave up and pulled back). To continue fighting was not a matter of Japanese military thinking, it was an aspect of Japanese culture and psychology at that time.

A popular Japanese slogan at that time was "The sooner the Americans come, the better...One hundred million die proudly."

Despite Japan being militarily finished, they still had in reserve an army of four million men in reserve, some 10,000 airplanes (to be used as Kamikaze), many warships, submarines and human torpodoes and other weapons to protect and defend the homeland and the Emperor.  Japan's defense plan was "Operation Ketsu-Go". (https://fas.org/irp/eprint/arens/chap4.htm)

While the Battle of Okinawa was being waged, the U.S. military planners were planning the inevitable invasion of mainland Japan. The U.S. plan was to invade Kyushu in November 1945 with a second invasion in June 1946.  

Not widely known to the U.S. planners at the time, the Soviet Union were also planning to invade Japan from the north, invading Hokkaido in August 1945. By the time of the U.S. invasion, Soviet Union would have ample time time to capture Hokkaido and a good portion of Honshu and occupying the northern part of Japan.

If the Battle of Okinawa was horrible for both sides, imagine how the "Battle of Japan" would have been! Imagine the ferocity, fanaticism, and desperation of the Japanese military and civilians fighting the incoming invaders. Men, children, women and elderly fighting to protect their homeland and Emperor.  Imagine the casualties!

Then there's the postwar aftermath: Japan would have been a divided country like Korea with North Japan under a DPRK-like government and South Japan under U.S. occupation, eventually reverting to sovereign South Japan.

Can anyone here honestly admit that this outcome would be the more preferable than what actually happened?  

Fortunately this didn't happen. The U.S. gambled on the atomic bombs, which helped convince Japan the futility of continuing the war effort; Truman warned Stalin to stay out of Japan (with the atomic bomb backing him up) and Japan avoided the fate of a divided country.  

If it hadn't been for the atomic bomb, postwar Japan would have been a very different country.

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"China urges the U.S. to... let the Venezuelan people decide their own future and immediately stop the bullying actions of suppressing other countries at every turn," (Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying)

And shouldn't China stop bullying Taiwan, Hong Kong and Tibet and let them decide their own future?

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Posted in: Moon calls for 'peace economy' with N Korea; slams Japan See in context

Kim Jog-un dreams of a united Korea with him has the dictator leader.

That is exactly the goal of the DPRK manifesto: a unified Korea under DPRK regime.

Somehow I don’t think Kim will agree to serve as Moon’s vice-president.

But maybe Moon will agree to serve as Kim's vice-president?

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LB315Today 04:21 am JSTOK, a little too much to read but, did you know that Japan, was also trying to develop the atomic bomb?? They had scientists working on it, even know the name. Basically the world was trying to see who will get there first. Japan, would have used the bomb on the US or wherever had they been the first to develop it. And you know they would have had no reservation whatsoever in using it.

starpunkToday  10:45 am JST: Are you sure of that? Germany certainly was working on it, Einstein wrote to FDR warning abut it.

Okay, @Starpunk, et al, FYI:

Japan's atomic bomb program during World War II was headed by Dr. Yoshio Nishina. There were two parallel programs: Ni-Go and F-Go.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_nuclear_weapon_program https://www.latimes.com/world/asia/la-fg-japan-bomb-20150805-story.html https://www.atomicheritage.org/history/japanese-atomic-bomb-project

Then there is this interesting report that Japanese scientists in Konan (now Hungnam), North Korea secretly completed and detonated a test atomic bomb on August 12, 1945.


There is plenty of evidence that Japan was pursuing an atomic bomb program during World War II. Of course the Japanese and the anti-nuclear supporters don't want this dirty little secret out as it would detract from their atomic-bomb-victim status.

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Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Tuesday it had summoned the Japanese ambassador in Moscow

And probably also told the Japanese ambassador, "Cease and desist! Japan will never get the islands back! So forget about it!"

 Japan should do a Falklands.

Impossible! Japan's Article 9 first paragraph would never allow this action. Japan's hands are tied as far as using military action to settle disputes.

IF Japan really wants the island back and force is the only way to get it back, then it either: (1) change Article 9 so they can "do a Falklands", or (2) ask the U.S. military to get it back for them....which I doubt the U.S. will do.

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Posted in: Moon calls for 'peace economy' with N Korea; slams Japan See in context

It is too bad that the US and Russia decided to divide Korea into North and South after WWII. I'm very glad that Japan did not share the same fate.

It would have, had the U.S. not used the atomic bombs and instead opted for invasion.

The Soviet Union was planning to invade Hokkaido on Aug 24, 1945 and would have occupied the northern half of Japan. The U.S. was scheduled to invade Kyushu on Nov 1, 1945 and occupying the southern half of Japan. Postwar Japan would have been divided into North Japan under a DPRK-like government and South Japan under U.S. occupation.


On the other hand, maybe this outcome would have been preferable as Japan would have been spared the horrors of atomic bombs?

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