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You ask did something happen before.....

You forget or chose to ignore the fact that Japan embarked on a military expansionism campaign during the 1930s, beginning with invasion of Manchuria in 1931 and China in 1937 and committing horrible atrocities, i.e, the notorious rape of Nanking and Unit 731 chemical and biological warfare in China. Also, Japan invaded other Asian countries. All this occured prior to 1941.

FDR demanded Japan to stop its military expansionism and occupation of China. Japan refused to halt hostilities in China. So the US responded with sanctions and embargoes. While US and Japan were trying to resolve the issue through diplomatic channels, Japan secretly sent an naval armada to attack Pearl Harbor.

As for FDR ordering to sink any German ships in the Atlantic Ocean, again your history is suspect. It was Hitler who ordered U-Boats to sink any British and allied ships in the Atlantic. The US was not directly involved in European Theater at that time.

It was Churchill who wanted the U.S. to join the war effort, but FDR, in his 1940 reelection campaign promised not to send any American boys into a foreign war. So his hands were tied at that point. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, the US had no choice but to declare war on Japan. In response, Germany and Italy declared war on the U.S.

Is it your opinion that Japanese 1930s military expansionism and invasion of Manchuria and China never happened? And that Japan never had ambitions of dominating Asia at that time? And it was the US who was the instigator of the war in the Pacific?

It is interesting that the Japanese aircraft carrier Kaga.....one of the carriers that attacked Pearl Harbor.....was finally found.

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Posted in: Japan protests Putin message celebrating new factory on disputed isle See in context

If Japan has exhausted all actions for peace . . . then maybe the other way?

Isn't that what lower house lawmaker Hodaka Maruyama was musing? Only he got slapped down harshly and nearly booted out for wondering the same.

What other way? Use military force to get the islands back? Or Japan to agree to renounce military alliance and security treaties with the U.S. and perhaps Russia will return the islands?

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Posted in: Japan protests Putin message celebrating new factory on disputed isle See in context

Abe and Japan's hands are tied with the restrictive Article 9 and Putin knows it. He also knows Japan can't do anything further than filing ineffective protests.

Only when the Article 9 is modified and the restrictions prohibiting Japan from having a military capability beyond coastal defense purpose only, can Japan do anything purposeful. Then maybe Putin and Xi will take Japan more seriously.

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Posted in: Mesa Airlines in talks to buy 100 Mitsubishi SpaceJet M100 aircraft See in context

The M100 looks like a good regional jet. I'm sure the Mitsubishi jets will provide efficient and reliable service and give Bombardier and Embraer a run for the money. Let's wish Mitsubishi success.

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Right now, what the protesters are asking is for "independent" investigation of police.

Why? The police acted within their authority. How are they supposed to deal with hooligans destroying property and disrupting business? The police didn't use military assault weapons, maiming and mass murdering the "protesters", did they?

And if the so-called "independent" investigators find the police acted within their authority and handled rioters appropriately, you can bet that won't sit well with the protesters and they will start new riots.

Protesting doesn't equal violence.....

No but it can't be denied that it escalated to that level. The protesters destroyed property and disrupted business. They and their leaders and organizers should be held accountable for their actions and prosecuted.

Protestors caught damaging property or harming others need their day in court. 

Protectors caught AND THEIR ORGANIZERS AND LEADERS. From the way those rioters and instigators continue to act, they expect full immunity from prosecution because their actions were "in the name of democracy"? Otherwise they wouldn't be demanding retraction of the word "riot" describing their "rallies" and release of all rioters.

We will know a lot more about the the posssible final shape of it all come Monday. If the the protestors stay united, non=violent and popular, I don't see how Beijiing will be unable to comprise on power sharing with a local representative body.

Let's hope come Monday, the protesting leaders will instruct their protesters to act in a more responsible manner.

If the leaders and protesters continue to display temper tantrums, destroying property and disrupting businesses, it's only going to reinforce the impression that the so-called "freedom-fighters" and their leaders can't govern themselves in a peaceful and responsible manner. Beijing will have to send in troops and instill martial law and the protesting leaders and organizers arrested and prosecuted. Prosecution in HK rather than China, hopefully.

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Posted in: Robert Mugabe, longtime Zimbabwe leader, dies at 95 See in context

*Spry in his impeccably tailored suits, Mugabe as leader...*

Yes, impeccably tailored suits, no doubt very expensive. While his people are in poverty.

Why is it, despite millions and millions of humanitarian and economic aid going to Zimbabwe and other African countries, they still remain in poverty and infrastructure in third or fourth world condition.....long after Apartheid and white rule ended? Can't say the black leaders were any less corrupt, more humane or more ethical. In fact quite the opposite. Just as brutal if not even more so toward their own people.

Some sources estimate Mugabe's net worth to be around $10 million. Wonder how he got that much money?

" Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely."

No, immunity from checks and balances corrupts; absolute immunity from checks and balances corrupts absolutely. Mugabe had absolutely immunity from any checks and balances in his government. Nobody dared challenged or questioned him. I doubt whether anyone ever audited him or his government and held them accountable.

True to the first three letters in his name, he certainly "mugged" his people.

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The mostly young protesters say that a degree of violence is necessary to get the government's attention after peaceful rallies were futile.

Lam's administration says the violence must end before any dialogue can begin.

Well, it got China and Lam to blink first.....for now. Now that their "temper-tantrum tactics" have resulted in the controversial expedition bill withdrawn, will the young rioters/protesters should settle down and act like responsible adults? I doubt it.

Wonderful David vs Goliath victory for the brave people of HK over the brutal Chinese dictators.

The rioters were lucky. China could have easily crushed those young rioters with military troops and impose martial law restrictions. They didn't at this time because China has other bigger problems to deal with.

We'll see how this all plays out.

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Posted in: Lawmaker who made Russia war remarks suggests same with S Korea See in context

Isn't war the only way to get them back?"

Maruyama is just being blunt and honest. That's what it will take if Japan really, really wants the islands back.

The Japanese people and the Diet don't want to admit it. Japan can continue with diplomacy and dialog for a hundred more years and Russia will never return the islands.

But Article 9 first paragraph prohibits resorting to military action in settling disputes. Perhaps Maruyama forgot that point when he made his controversial remarks. Nevertheless, its becoming more apparent that Japan is going to have to have those restrictions removed if Japan is going to play a more active military role in keeping the Pacific region stable as the U.S. withdraws. And if China claims the Senkaku Islands and seizes them. What will Japan do, given the Article 9 restrictions? Absolutely nothing except file a ineffectual protest with the UN, who will do nothing.

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Posted in: U.S. to withdraw 5,000 troops from Afghanistan, close bases; Kabul attacked See in context

Donny capitulates to Kim and the Taliban. He sure is becoming adept sh appeasement of our enemies.

Well, you all wanted the U.S. forces out of Afghanistan. So Trump listened to you and gave you what you wanted. And you call it appeasement.

However, I do feel sorry for ordinarily Afghans who will have to return to life under the Taliban and the oppression and reprisals that will follows.

The country will again become a home for Islamic terrorism.

When the Taliban begin committing atrocities against the Afghan people after the U.S. withdraws, you all will be blaming Trump and the U.S. for not staying and fighting the Islamic terrorists.

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Posted in: 8 students killed in Chinese elementary school attack See in context

Suprised this can happen in a country with such tight controls and no guns.

Surprised that murders still occur where guns are banned and strict gun control exists?

In this case, the attacker used a knife. Knife attacks in schools are common in China.(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/School_attacks_inChina(2010%E2%80%9312)

Here's another example of mass murder in China where attackers used knives, killing 33 and injuring 130 at Yunnan train station.


Just goes to show people kill people using whatever that can be used as a weapon.

I wonder how the government will react to this

In Xinjiang residents are required to obtain special permits when purchasing kitchen knives. Anyone who buys a knife must provide their name, ethnicity, address, ID number and telephone number when applying for a permit. Anyone possessing a knife longer than 6 inches, will be punished and the knife confiscated. (https://www.rfa.org/english/news/uyghur/knives-09142015143756.html)

When guns are outlawed and confiscated in the U.S., and homicides using knives increases, will the knee-jerk liberals pass similar laws? Will American people be willing to register their kitchen knives?

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Posted in: American activist lives on in heart of A-bombed cities See in context

American activist lives on in heart of A-bombed cities

Nice story. Truly an unsung hero who deserves to be remembered and honored. And its even more heartwarming that people like Mitsuo Baba and Hiroko Nishimura are ensuring that Floyd Schmoe's name and efforts are not forgotten.

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Posted in: 5 killed, including gunman, 21 wounded in west Texas shootings See in context

When guns are completely outlawed and confiscated, the criminals and those with homicidal tendencies will use substitute weapons and fabricate improvised weapons. They always have and always will.

And what's to keep a clever person from making zip guns, pipe guns, and even using a 3D printer to make an improvised gun? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Improvised_firearm

Instead of focusing on controlling guns, perhaps society ought to focus on controlling behavior to commit homicides.

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Posted in: U.S., Taliban close to deal as fighting intensifies See in context

However it was not clear whether the Taliban would agree to talk directly with the Western-backed government of President Ashraf Ghani, which they consider an illegitimate foreign-imposed regime.

This is the major problem. So long as the Taliban refuses to accept the Ghani government, there will never be peace between the Taliban and the Afghans. I doubt whether the Afghan people will accept a Taliban government either.

Taliban officials have said they would only agree to talk to Afghan officials in a private capacity, not as representatives of the state, and they remain opposed to presidential elections scheduled for Sept. 28.

Any agreement from that "private meeting" will probably not be binding then. And why would the Taliban officials opposed to the Sept 28 election?

Obviously to the Talibans, the only path for peace is on Taliban terms only and the entire government under Taliban regime and people accepting without question the .

What's the solution? Systematic genocide of the Talibans and other extremist Muslim factions? Get rid of the radical factions and the problem goes away? Of course that's been tried before and it didn't work.

Perhaps a divided Afghanistan with one part of the country under Taliban regime, the other under Ghani government and a DMZ border between them and a ceasefire agreement.......like Korea?

Doubt there will ever be peace in that region. The conflicts of interest are too deep. Conflicts rooted in religious philosophical differences are the worst and most difficult to resolve.

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Posted in: Governor says he was told Okinawa's U.S. Marines can move to Guam from 2024 See in context

But the new base in Okinawa is needed not just for the US forces but also for Japan. Strategically one base there in Okinawa, if disabled makes it almost impossible to defend it. Militarily speaking there is a need for 3 bases and 3 harbors to defend Okinawa, one North, one West and one South.

Don't disagree with you either. Okinawa is vital for maintaining stability of the region and to keep China in check. Without U.S. and JSDF military presence on Okinawa, China will expand unchallenged and attempt to claim the region as their own.

However, the leftists believe that the U.S. bases in the north, west and southern parts of Okinawa destroys peace, destroys nature and it makes all Okinawa a military target.. They believe when ALL bases are removed, Okinawa will no longer be a target and Okinawa will enjoy peace forever.

This is wishful thinking but that's their goal.

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Posted in: Governor says he was told Okinawa's U.S. Marines can move to Guam from 2024 See in context

Denny hasn't fulfilled anything.

His "promise" was to stop the construction at Camp Schwab and that is not going to happen.

The Marines will still be here, just less in number, so will the Army, Navy, and Air Force as well.

I don't disagree with you. I hope the U.S. and Japan maintains a military presence there; Okinawa is too important in the military strategic sense, given the proximity to Senkaku Islands, Taiwan and the China Seas.....which will soon turn into a hot crisis.

However, Tamaki stated “I can clearly state we no longer want in Okinawa the U.S. bases that destroy our peace and destroy our nature,” during his campaign.

Of course that's all rhetoric but I'm still betting Gov. Tamaki and leftist supporters will eventually get all the U.S. military forces out of Okinawa. Then I wonder if Okinawa will accept the JSDF presence when they occupy some of the vacated U.S. military bases or will they protest just as vigorously.

In the meantime, onward, upward and forward with the Camp Schwab expansion.

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Posted in: Governor says he was told Okinawa's U.S. Marines can move to Guam from 2024 See in context

Now that Denny fulfilled the promise of getting the Marines out of Okinawa, next will be getting the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy out too.

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Posted in: 5 killed, including gunman, 21 wounded in west Texas shootings See in context

So, what was his motive and why? Don't see anyone questioning that.

Oh, I see; don't need a motive: He's white, male, most likely Trump-supporter, most likely racist and most likely NRA member. All boxes checked. He's guilty.

The Dems will push for anti-gun laws prohibiting anyone (especially if the the person is white, male, republican-registered and NRA member) from obtaining permit/license to operate and own a gun (any kind).

And then there will be laws to limit the shoot-happy police force from using guns, if not eliminating their use altogether.

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Posted in: Bahamas braces for hit as Hurricane Dorian roars toward Florida See in context

After the damage by the hurricane have been done, wouldn't be surprised many (especially the Dems) will blame the government for failing to do something to prevent it. Just remember Trump wanted to nuke the hurricanes.

Seriously, hurricanes in that region are nothing out of the ordinary. People are used to it, can weather it out, survive, clean up, make repairs and move on with life.

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Let's look at the figures of all the other major countries in terms of their military spending and that as a share of their GDP (%) [2017}; -

Let's sort that list a little differently in terms of GDP and see where Japan fits:

Saudi Arabia: $69.4 billion, 10.3% of GDP

Russia: $66.3 billion, 4.3% of GDP

United States: Spending $610 billion, 3.1% of GDP

South Korea: $39.2 billion, 2.6% of GDP

India: $63.9 billion, 2.5% of GDP

France: $57.8 billion, 2.3% of GDP

China: $228 billion, 1.9% of GDP

Britain: $47.2 billion, 1.8% of GDP

Germany: $44.3 billion, 1.2% of GDP

Japan $45.4 billion, 0.9% of GDP So, what does this tell you?

NORTH KOREA. 22% of GDP !!

Despite blackouts and starving population, North Korea spends 22% of GDP on military spending. Compare with South Korea's 2.6%, U.S. 3.1% and Japan 0.9%

Now, what does THIS tell you?

(Source: https://www.news.com.au/world/asia/north-korea-spends-whopping-22-per-cent-of-gdp-on-military-despite-blackouts-and-starving-population/news-story/c09c12d43700f28d389997ee733286d2)

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Posted in: Japan says N Korea developing warheads to penetrate missile defenses See in context

The US has attacked Japan with nuclear weapons.

The US and Japan were AT WAR with each at the time in 1945. Are you implying the US attacked Japan during peacetime?

The DPRK hasn't attacked Japan.

DPRK and Japan are not at war at this time. But DPRK has threatened Japan.

I do hope this region will eventually come together and see who the prime aggressor really is, and always has been. Through violence and/or economic war/threats.

And who was the principal aggressor on June 25, 1950? When the U.S. forces leaves the region, we'll see who the aggressor really is.

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Posted in: U.S. approves $3.3 bil sale of anti-ballistic missiles to Japan See in context

"This is why being able to make your own interceptor missile is so critical. Korea's getting 2000 interceptors for $30 billion because they make them themselves, while Japan's importing 73 interceptors for $3.3 billion."

And if Japan spends $30 billion for their own home-grown interceptor missiles, you all will be complaining about spending that much too when it could be used for other purposes.

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Posted in: U.S. approves $3.3 bil sale of anti-ballistic missiles to Japan See in context

Japan should be looking in to establishing their own domestic defense contractor.

It would not only cut costs dramatically but would reduce the depency on the US government so in time we can ask them to remove all US military troops from the Japanese territory so they can go back where they belong namely the United States.

Article 9 prohibits Japan from using military force as a means of settling disputes, and also prohibits Japan from having a military industrial capability to build and sustain such a military force. So Japan has to resort to procurement of defense-purpose military hardware.

The Japanese legislators and leftists are opposed to PM Abe's efforts to modifying the Article 9 and removing the restrictions so it can be less dependent on the U.S. and have a more capable military force.

Japan, by these very restrictions have no choice but to depend on the U.S.

Wait till the two Koreas reunifies under DPRK regime with China and Russian backing and see how much a threat the new Korea will be to Japan. By then it will be too late and you'll all be wishing Japan had a more capable military force.

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Posted in: Abe pledges to boost investment in Africa See in context

Yeah yeah, stop the hypocrisy. Japan like China wants to have a big foot in Africa for the sole purpose to exploit the natural resource of the continent.

Well, that's true. And Russia is also keenly interested in exploiting the natural resources.

Whoever exploits and controls the mining industry in Africa will control worldwide technology. I'd rather it be the U.S. and Japan rather than China and Russia.

Oh well, Japan is good the guy in Africa, Unlike China, Japan is doing good in Africa. It is too bad that the Japan haters can't past their hate of Japan to see the facts.

As is the U.S.. But U.S.-haters can't get past their hate either. The anti-U.S. haters see U.S. investment in Africa as exploitation and colonizing......while looking the other way as China and Russia does the same.

What is disturbing about aid to Africa is that millions of dollar equivalency aid has been going to Africa for decades, yet their infrastructure, health and living conditions have not appreciably improved. The various African government leaders are surely pocketing the funding and not being held accountable. Any investigation would be tagged as "racist".

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Posted in: New fires rage in Amazon as Brazil warplanes battle flames See in context

Even when they aren't right?

Yup! Isn't it amazing?

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Posted in: New fires rage in Amazon as Brazil warplanes battle flames See in context

I really dont see how anyone with any intelligence could confuse the difference!

Ah, but to the anti-military mindset, everything associated with the military is synonymous with "WAR". Hence, any military plane is a WARplane. A Navy ship, even if it's a noncombatant vessel, is a WARship.

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Posted in: Hong Kong violence becoming more serious, but gov't in control, says Lam See in context

The communist heads are all against demonstrations but this is how the communists came to power

Good point. The communists are now the "establishment" and they don't like having their authority challenged. Wouldn't be surprised when Xi issues "shoot to kill" orders against the "criminal rioters."

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Posted in: NASA investigating what may be first ever crime committed in space See in context

first crime committed in outer space

And it was *a **woman who did it first***.** Just goes to show unethical behavior is not limited to men. For an agency that is championing women's achievements in space, must be embarrassing for NASA.

Who has jurisdiction up there?

Russia? The US?

Interesting question. Space is considered international jurisdiction. However....

*Crimes committed in space, under current law, currently would seem to fall to the same mix of claims of jurisdiction by state of registry, nationality of the perpetrator, and nationality of the victim that govern crimes on the high seas or in Antarctica.* (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_jurisdiction)

Space law is covered under United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs.

It'll be interesting to see how this case will be handled.

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Posted in: New fires rage in Amazon as Brazil warplanes battle flames See in context

*Definition of *warplane

: a military airplane

A warplane, by definition is a military aircraft armed for combat with guns, missiles, bombs, i.e., fighter, bomber, attack aircraft. Examples of warplanes are F-15, F-16, F/A-18, F-22, F-35, B-1B, B-2, B-52

The C-130 is an unarmed military cargo/transport aircraft and is NOT considered a warplane in the literal sense.

The only thing they have in common is that they are military aircraft and built to military specs.

Also mentioned in the article is a Boeing 747-400, which is NOT a military aircraft or warplane.

As Yubaru pointed out, there is HUGE difference between "warplane" like a F-35 or B-2 and a "military aircraft" like a C-130.

The headline use of term "warplanes" is inaccurate.

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Posted in: Trump suggested nuking hurricanes: report See in context

If Trump is as crazy, paranoid, unstable and demented as you all believe, wouldn't he have nuked China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Mexico and any country he doesn't like by now? And nuked any blue city he didn't like either?

But he didn't.

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Posted in: Trump suggested nuking hurricanes: report See in context

At least he's not using them on cities. Also another way of getting rid of nuclear warheads.

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