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Posted in: N Korean leader calls for more talks with South in new year See in context

The president of the ROK is doing all the heavy lifting and Trump supporters insist it's all their moronic idol's doing.

Still bitter that all this didn't happen while Obama was president, eh? Well, Kim didn't make any peace overtures or participated in joint activities with South Korea while Obama was president. Trump forced the doors open when his predecessors feared to open them.

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Posted in: Top Republican Graham more upbeat on Syria troop withdrawal after Trump meeting See in context

It may be the right thing, but he won't do it the right way.

So what do you consider the right way? If not immediate pullout, then what alternative? A phased long-term withdrawal? No matter which way, you'd all be blasting Trump anyway. Again, dammned if he does and dammned if he doesn't.

Funny how the anti-US folks criticizes the US for meddling in other countries' affairs and Trump decides it's time to stop being the world policemen and pulls out.....like you all wanted.

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Posted in: Okinawa-Hawaiian activist to hold rally at White House over U.S. base See in context

Maybe Kajiwara's protest will catch Trump's attention and Trump will surprise everyone (like he did with the US pullout from Syria) and issue orders to halt the Henoko base expansion and pull out ALL U.S. military forces from Okinawa. Wonder how the anti-US/anti-Trumpers will react? Favourably (akisamiyo!!!) or blast him?

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Posted in: Japan considers sending MSDF vessels to Chinese navy's fleet review See in context

What would be even funnier is if these two Asian countries' relationship improves and your own country has no excuse to send its military half way round the world stirring the pot and benefitting from other peoples' misery.

Wonder if Japan plans to send their new F-35 equipped Izumo to the review?

Would be even more funnier if the Chinese ships and overflying aircrafts "accidently-on-purpose" lock radars on the MSDF ships.

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Posted in: Tokyo hotel to trial newly-developed wooden straws, ban plastic See in context

Why do grown-ups need straws at all? Just drink your drink like an adult, for fuxache.

Well, some grown-ups, especially the invalid and the elderly with difficulty swallowing liquids has a need for straws. 

This is just another gimmicky item here that will allow the hotel chain to charge more for a drink under the guise of "saving the environment"!

Agree!   "Saving the environment" nothing more than "green greed".

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Posted in: Japan's military sees record spending: Nikkei See in context

About time Japan stepped up its spending on their military.  It doesn't mean Japan is going to start a war; it means Japan wants to be less reliant on U.S. military forces and take a more active role in protecting the region around them as they see fit.   What's wrong with that?

On the other hand, if China wants to start something, especially around the Senkaku Islands and Okinawa, that's another story. Does anybody here deny Japan the right to protect those regions?  Especially without U.S. "meddling"?

At the same time, PM Abe sees the writing on the wall:  There will be a time when U.S. military forces will be withdrawn from mainland Japan and Okinawa.  PM Abe is preparing for that day and wants to ensure Japan won't be defenseless.  These preparations takes time and better now before it's too late.

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Posted in: Trump says he is not concerned about being impeached; defends payments to women See in context

He certainly has chutzpah, doesn't he? 

No doubt the democrats will keep trying until they find the right technicality to begin the impeachment process.  Partisan politics and polarization at its "best".

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Posted in: Japan seeks 1st aircraft carrier to deploy stealth fighters See in context

 I want Japan and China to become one nation, one people, one culture, one that no one can divide. Is that anti Japan ?

What about political ideology and government? Currently Japan's and China's political ideology are at conflict. If Japan and China are to become one nation, one people, one culture, will Japan be forced to adopt China's political ideology or is China willing to give up its government and adopt Japan's Constitution? 

Political ideology differences is the major stumbling block to any kind of unification.

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Posted in: Japan seeks 1st aircraft carrier to deploy stealth fighters See in context

First of all, congratulations to the Japanese Navy on their new carrier. Hope they build more such ships and build F-35s under license. 

It's ironic how many here are opposed to Article 9 modification and new weapons procurement instead of viewing it as an opportunity to get the U.S. military out of mainland Japan and Okinawa.  That's probably what PM Abe is working toward.

By modifying the 2nd paragraph restriction, Japan can build up their military forces' capabilities without restriction, expand their military beyond coastal defense and take the lead and responsibility on regional defense instead of relying on the U.S. military.  Therefore the U.S. military footprint can be reduced and eventually withdrawn. 

Isn't that what you all want? Or do you really want a continuation of the status quo? You can't have it both ways.

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Posted in: Trump wants Kim to know he likes him and will fulfill his wishes, S Korean leader says See in context

Trump likes him... 

Maybe it's because of Kim's cute, puckish grin that won him over?

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Posted in: Trump wants Kim to know he likes him and will fulfill his wishes, S Korean leader says See in context

Trump likes him... 

Maybe it's because of Kim's cute, puckish grin that won him over?

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Posted in: Paris assesses injuries, damage after worst riot in decade See in context

Historically, when Paris riots, French governments fall. Usually in spectacular fashion.

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Posted in: Paris assesses injuries, damage after worst riot in decade See in context

The grassroots protests began Nov. 17 with motorists upset over a fuel tax hike...

So all this is over fuel taxes. Well, they wanted something be done about Climate Change/Global Warming and this is what Macron did....added the carbon tax and other taxes on fuel.

People work and pay a lot of taxes and we are fed up

Some of the same people rioting are the ones that caused the whole problem. They demanded the government do everything for everybody and require companies to give shorter work weeks, more vacation time and better pay. Where do you get the money for all this? Taxes. Sooner or later you run out of taxing the rich and wealthy and then taxes for those who actually work for a living, skyrockets. They voted for the socialist Macron and then revolt when he does what they knew he would do. They have no one else to blame but themselves.

It's clear the people want change, it's time for a new government.

It must be painful to be a socialist.

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Posted in: N Korean soldier defects to South across border See in context

The incident did not trigger any gunfire, unlike last year when a North Korean soldier ran across under a hail of bullets from his own side.

Very suspicious that there was no gunfire. Maybe he was allowed to defect as a spy?

Let's see what happens when a civilian caravan tries to defect.

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Posted in: Former U.S. President George H W Bush dies at 94 See in context

George H W Bush lived a long life, served his country well in many capacities and had impressive government service credentials.

It was unfortunate he wasn't President to represent the U.S. at the many ceremonies commemorating the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II. He should have been: he was a part of that "Greatest Generation" with direct experience in that war, serving heroically and survived. He was also the last elected President to have served in World War II.

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Posted in: Mexico to boost security at border after migrants try to cross See in context

They do think there is something wrong with it. Nobody is proposing open borders. You've bought the lies you've been regularly fed by Trump and infoxwars

Oh really?  And you know even less than I thought; you've bought into the propaganda from CNN, Nancy Pelosi, et al.

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Posted in: Mexico to boost security at border after migrants try to cross See in context

But I thought only racists were opposed to the caravan?

Yet Mexico and the Mexican citizens aren't "racists"?  

It's interesting to see the liberals' reactions to Mexico voicing the same concerns and doing the same as Trump, i.e., securing Mexican borders and sending them back to their country of origin.  

Mexico is on track to send a total of around 100,000 Central Americans back home by the end of this year.

Apparently Mexico can protect their borders and sovereignty and control illegal migration into their country, yet many believe the U.S. shouldn't be allowed to.

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Posted in: Scientists weigh up stratospheric sunlight barrier to curb warming See in context

Aircraft wouldn't be used to spray the atmosphere.  Send up low earth orbiting satellites to release the sulphate particles into the upper atmosphere instead.

Have they thought about the impact of spraying sun-dimming chemicals into the atmosphere will have on the photosynthesis process? This will upset the whole ecology system.

Are the environmentalists silent on this hair-brained idea? I thought environmentalists oppose man-made chemicals that alters or harms the environment.   Oh I see.....if it helps in combating global warming, then it's okay?

Then there's the impact on solar power generation.  If these sun-dimming chemicals create a reflective barrier against sunlight, and creates a permanent overcast, there goes your solar power industry and electric cars.

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Posted in: Mexico to boost security at border after migrants try to cross See in context

The Mexicans will get tired of supporting their Latin brothers when the bill comes and the increase in crime is already obvious to them

That's why they're passing the buck and encouraging them to go to the U.S where it will be the U.S.' problems.  At the same time, Mexico will send a bill to the U.S......along with their poor, hungry and criminals THEY don't want in their country.

How on earth is America and the world in general letting this happen?! Swarms of illegals entering a country in this manner and no one doing anything to stop it, mind boggling

Yes its mind boggling but not unexpected.  Pose that question to your liberal Democrats.  They don't think there's anything wrong with open borders, free migration.  In fact they welcome them as new Democrat voters.

As for the world, they don't see a problem.....as long as illegals aren't swarming into THEIR countries.  But then they look to the U.S. to host the migrants.

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Posted in: U.S. shuts border post as migrants try to cross from Mexico See in context

Approximately 5,000 reached Tijuana over the past week

So is it an invasion yet?

When those 5,000 migrants try to forcibly as a mob enter into the U.S., then it's an invasion and the U.S. border patrol and military has every right to treat them as invaders and repel as appropriate.

Isn’t Mexico supposed to secure their side of the border?

They do and they are sending the migrants back to their country of origin.  But its okay for Mexico to do so, but NOT OKAY for the U.S. to do same.

And the Democrats they keep trying and trying.

That's why they oppose securing the borders on the U.S. side and advocate open borders, welcome unlimited migration, give them voter registration cards and other free privileges so they will vote Democrat.

Nothing will stop Latins !!..

That's true.  "La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada" is their motto.

Nothing will stop the Latinos in their ultimate goal to turn the U.S. into "United States of Latin America."  And it's further unfortunate the Democrats unwittingly support it.

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Posted in: Mexico to boost security at border after migrants try to cross See in context

It's okay for Mexico to secure their borders and send the migrants back to their country of origin, but not okay for the U.S to do same?

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Posted in: In U.S. Senate race, Florida Democrat sues seeking hand recount of county See in context

In U.S. Senate race, Florida Democrat sues seeking hand recount of county

In other words, the votes will be recounted, recounted and recounted until the Democrats win.

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Posted in: North Korea says it has tested 'ultramodern tactical weapon' See in context

Five months later, with news items like this one, and with no obvious progress anywhere else,

Of course it is the "devil in the details" that is slowing or derails the progress. But this happens in every disarmament/peace negotiations. At least the door was opened.

They left out "super duper".

Shhh....don't let Kim know about OUR "Super duper ultramodern tactical weapon" that he isn't supposed to know about. LOL

Seriously, wouldn't be surprised this "new tactical weapon" falls in the category of biological or chemical weapons.....which conveniently puts it outside the nuclear weapons focus.

Perhaps that's why Kim Jong-Un was so quick to agree to denuclearize --- to divert attention away from the real threat --- development of large-scale biological and chemical weapons.

But before everybody says, "Aha! Trump duped again!" Let's remember that nobody, repeat NOBODY has thought the possibility of or discussed biological and chemical weapons within the context of any disarmament dialog. All focus was all on nuclear. Looks like Kim found a long forgotten loophole.

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Posted in: Tamaki invites U.S. lawmakers to Okinawa to see base reality See in context

Tanaki, the convenient half breed 

@bjohnson23, that's a low blow. I don't agree with Gov Tamaki on the base issue, but I wouldn't stoop to call him a "convenient half breed" or any reference to his racial ethnicity.

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Posted in: Tamaki invites U.S. lawmakers to Okinawa to see base reality See in context

Kiss off Japan. Okinawa returns to Ryukyu Kingdom and Tamaki will become the new King of Okinawa. They can return their glory again. Playing their own diplomacy between China, U.S. and Japan. It will be exciting.

You mean Tamaki becomes the mayor of China's newest prefecture..

As long as Okinawa remains a prefecture of Japan, the bases, whether they are US or JSDF, will remain and Okinawa will continue hosting them. The only way Tamaki can get the bases removed is to push for Okinawan independence. Then he can order the bases removed. "The People's Republic of Ryukyu" (or whatever they want to call themselves) will no longer under Japanese jurisdiction and all military bases are on Okinawan land are illegal as there is no direct defense treaty with the U.S. allowing the base presence.

Then China will step in, offering participation in the "One Belt One Road" program and get them deep in debt with infrastructure improvements and other economic investments. China will begin territorial claims on the Ryukyu Islands including Okinawa and annex it as their own.

Of course the many leftwing and communist Okinawans would probably welcome being a Chinese prefecture. After all, isn't China more humane than the Japanese and U.S. "colonizers" as President Xi has demonstrated?

@Schopen, is this the "glory days" you had in mind?

No, Tamaki and the Okinawans would be better off cooperating with Japan and U.S. and finding common ground solution.

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Posted in: Democrats dig in for Florida recount battle; Trump sends lawyers See in context

This would not be happening if republicans didn't try to suppress democratic votes.

And democrats trying to suppress republican votes, which is what Brenda Snipes is trying to do. And if democrats can't win, then they play the "racist" cards.

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Posted in: Trump insults more reporters; claims Acosta video wasn't altered See in context

The media launched the attack on Trump relentlessly first so he retaliated. It's just one of him against a bunch of them. That's hardly fair. The media is the big bully. But anyways the irony is they hate him but that hatred was precisely what helped him won the election.

Well said and very true.

Trump is throwing back what they dish out to him......obviously they don't like it and are crying "foul".

Yet it's acceptable to criticize and demonize the President, but you can't criticize the press for their unfair, biased and vicious attacks on Trump and his policies.

The media (and the majority of JT posters here) never got over Hillary Clinton's humiliating defeat, which was a blow to the media's credibility as they predicted she would win overwhelmingly. As it turned out, they were wrong and that fact sticks in their craw. Instead of accepting Trump as President, they are demonizing him at every opportunity.

The press/newsmedia has been referred to as the "fourth branch of government". Problem is there are no checks and balances on them and nobody holds them accountable for irresponsible and biased reporting. Hence they are free to run amuck, attack anyone they disagree with or consider an enemy, and distort his statements, i.e., especially Trump and his policies.

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Posted in: Trump signs order limiting migrant asylum at U.S.-Mexico border See in context

People can come in but they have to come in through the points of entry.

And what's wrong with that? A country has the right to control its own borders and its points of entry. Except the liberals and other countries believe U.S. is exempt from that right.

"We also have an obligation under international law not to return people to a country where they fear persecution," he said.

The United Nations refugee agency UNHCR said on Friday the United States must make sure anyone seeking refugee protection and in need of humanitarian assistance can get both promptly and"without obstruction."

Why must it always be the U.S. "obligations"? Other countries don't honour that obligation. Why didn't Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala, offer the Honduran caravan asylum and humanitarian assistance?

The U.S. has an obligation to take care of its own citizens, not the world. If the Honduran government were taking care of its own people like they are obligated to do, there wouldn't be a mass caravan trying to get out. Why isn't the UN investigating the Honduran government and correcting the problem?

Oh I see....it's not the UN's responsibility, it's the U.S.' responsibility.


Also known as the "American Criminal Lobby Union". Always there to protect the lawbreakers, especially the immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally. They believe lawbreakers have more "rights" than the ones who obeys laws.

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Posted in: Trump insults more reporters; claims Acosta video wasn't altered See in context

Good for Trump! He calls it like it is and he's not afraid to call a "spade" a spade. If the press doesn't like it, then that's their problem. Deal with it.

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Posted in: Truck full of gas cylinders set on fire; 3 stabbed in Melbourne terror attack See in context

Knife kills a few people at most during attack but gun kills 10 - 20 people instantly. That is a big different. It seems Australia has a good gun control law.

There are plenty who do not believe this obvious logic, always arguing that killers without guns will turn to knives instead, without appreciating the far more limited damage that can be inflicted

What most people here fails to recognize, or don't what to admit, is that the killer....in the absence of a gun.... used a knife and a gas-laden truck.....to KILL. Had the truck exploded in a crowd, more people would have been killed.

In the perfect liberal world, the existence of ALL guns would be eliminated. But would that end murders? NO! The criminal or terrorist would resort to substitute weapons.....in this case, a gas-laden truck and knife.

Now, shall we ban knives, barbeque gas cylinders and trucks/SUVs because they were used in this mass murder attempt?

It's not the weapon of choice that needs to be controlled; its the desire and motivation to KILL that needs to be controlled and eliminated. There was a time when murderers and terrorists were immediately executed. Now that may be barbaric to many, but then murder and terrorism is barbaric.

A failure on so many levels. Gross incompetence and dereliction of duty ...

Oh? A failure on so many levels because the police don't have a crystal ball to foresee this act of terrorism act and prevent it? How unrealistic. It's anti-police people like you who damn the police for what they do or don't do or can't do. Okay, so what's your solution?

Humans probably have to evolve to live together. We need to evolve to a higher mentality and have more tolerance, less primitive religions, instincts and customs

Yeah, right. Try telling that to the extremist Islams who screams "Death to all unbelievers and infidels!"

Speaking of extremist Islams, so the Islamic State claimed responsibility for this act. And you guys want to allow free and open immigration to such people?

Sadly there appears to be no way to reason with, or even make some form of peace with these Islamic extremists. So what's left to do ?

That's right, there's no way to reason or make peace with these fanatic Islamic extremists. The only thing they understand is violence.....sheer naked unabashed violence. Like cancer or any kind of malignant disease, you have to eliminate them.

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