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Posted in: Female LDP lawmaker says some women might make false reports of sexual violence See in context

some women might make false reports of sexual violence,

"Women can tell lies as much as they want,"

But it's true, some women will make false reports and will lie just to get ahead politically or bring down a male opponent. In today's politically correct world, women can do no wrong and everything they say is accepted as truth.

Kudos to Mio Sugita for telling it like it really is and being bluntfully honest, especially if it does come across as a politically incorrect statement.

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Posted in: Trump pledges to make Juneteenth federal holiday in bid to woo Black voters See in context

"Trump is making more empty promises," said Biden campaign spokesman Kamau Marshall.

Nothing compares with the Democrats' empty promises and policies for the last 60 years that still keeps them in a condition of disadvantage, underprivilege and dependent on welfare.

He (Trump) promised to increase access to capital in Black communities, create more jobs, support Black-owned businesses and expand opportunity zones....., including establishing Juneteenth, which commemorates the end of U.S. slavery, as a federal holiday.

And this is all bad??!! Well, coming from Trump it must be bad in the Democrats' eyes. The Democrats automatically oppose anything and everything Trump proposes.

It will be amusing to see the Democrats oppose something that can improve the community and lives of Blacks without appearing hypocritical. They must be gnashing their teeth in frustration trying to figure out how to oppose it.

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Posted in: Under virus strain, Europe's leaders plead at U.N. for unity See in context

Other leaders called for boosting the WHO's powers and its funding.

What they are really asking for is the U.S. to pay. Why don't they demand China, who is responsible for the whole mess in the first place, to pay up as reparations?

Without the US as a guide for democracy

LOL. U.S. as a "guide for democracy"? All along you guys consider the US as an Imperialist Fascist country and hardly a representative of "democracy". But when money is needed, now you look upon the U.S. as a "guide for democracy"

Plea for unity = one world government

Governed by which political ideology? Isn't that what the UN is supposed to be? But they haven't been successful in getting cooperation from China, Russia and U.S. in world unity, have they?

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Posted in: Trump won't commit to peaceful transfer of power if he loses See in context

The way things are shaping up, things are starting to go against Biden, especially as continued violent protests reflects badly on him and the Democrats who condones them.

But will Democrats peacefully accept the results if Trump wins with another upset victory?

The Democrats' minions will respond with massive violent riots throughout the country, and with the support of Pelosi, will overwhelm the Secret Service and forcibly remove Trump from the White House and declare the puppet Biden "President".

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Posted in: Biden says he trusts vaccines and scientists, not Trump See in context

"Let me be clear: I trust vaccines, I trust scientists, but I don’t trust Donald Trump," Biden said.

He trusts vaccines and scientists, so long as they are politically aligned with the Democrats' agenda and sing the party platform.

But a vaccine developed while Trump is President? Can't be trusted.

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Posted in: Pentagon plans larger, 'more lethal' navy See in context

All will be cancelled during a Harris/Biden administration. After all, don't want to offend and anger China.

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Posted in: U.N. says no vaccine to be endorsed before it's safe and effective See in context

U.N. says no vaccine to be endorsed before it's safe and effective

We know who has WHO in their hip pocket. When China makes the announcement of a "safe and effective" vaccine, you can be sure WHO will be the first to endorse.

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Posted in: Online bans fail to silence U.S. extremists drawn to protests See in context

Any time you try to engage a Trump supporter in a conversation, it turns into them refusing to accept facts and logic and then shouting.

And anytime you engage a anti-Trump supporter in a conversation and you refute their "facts", they call you a "Liar" and "Fascist" plus other choice four-letter descriptive words.

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Posted in: U.S. vote-by-mail begins See in context

There are 7 million registered voters in North Carolina.

It will be very interesting if more than 7 million ballots are counted and Biden winning by a overwhelming massive landslide.

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Posted in: U.S. states told be ready to distribute Covid-19 vaccine by Nov 1 See in context

when the medical experts state that it wont be ready by that date,

There isn't yet a vaccine to distribute. This is all theatre.

As all the anti-Tumpers have decided, the vaccine is not ready and will not be 100% effective.

The Dems and their minions will cast doubt on the vaccine (as long asTrump is in office) to cause delay of the distribution.

It will be suddenly be available after Biden is elected and in office.

Everybody will be cured.

Dems will claim credit.

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Posted in: Biden, aiming at Trump, says he won't use military as 'prop' See in context

But if you think blacks and hispanics cannot see through this you are not connected to reality. They see it clearly and understand the racism behind it all, including charter schools. If you look at the demographics of LAUSD today, white kids are a lower proportion of the student population than black kids. Their actual proportion of the age 1-18 population within the district's boundaries is much greater than their proportion of the student population of LAUSD. The white kids were all taken out and put in private schools and now want vouchers to pay for their continued segragation. That folks is racism plain and simple. It has to end before anything will get better.

Back in the 1970s as a teenager, I lived in a Los Angeles suburb that was predominantly Chicano (as they called themselves back then), Blacks and some Japanese-Americans. I was one of the few White kids there.

Well....the Blacks and Latino parents didn't want their kids to be bused to White schools. They didn't want their kids to lose their ethnic heritage.

The Black and Chicano kids certainly didn't want "Honky"/"Gringo" kids in their schools either.

I'd say their attitudes are just as racist as the whites you describe.

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Posted in: Biden, aiming at Trump, says he won't use military as 'prop' See in context

For too long, and I have heard this many times myself, blacks have felt like they have no say in how anything is done in the country they are born to and will live their lives in.

Well, for the past 50-60 years, we've seen more blacks working in local and state government jobs, including supervisory and managerial authoritative positions. They've even been elected as City Council representatives, Police Chiefs, Attorney Generals, Mayors, Governors and we've even elected a Black President of the United States.

So how can you say "Blacks have no say in how anything is done in the country"? They are more influential than they've ever been.

Despite the increased numbers of Black politicians and representatives in power at the city, state and federal level, why are the same problems of 50-60 years ago still persist?

"That's white man's law, I don't have to obey it" is something I have heard spoken often. 

That's the root cause for the Blacks' problems. They perceives the Law as the "white man's laws" and believe they don't have to obey it and should be immune from it.  Any attempt to prevent them from disobeying the white man's laws is OPPRESSION and POLICE BRUTALITY.

As long as they have that attitude and refuse to discipline themselves and learn to obey laws, they'll never rise above their reputation as "criminals" and "rioters", etc..

I know many good, decent law abiding Black people who respect law and order and don't like the reputation their ethnicity has. It is unfortunate for them.

Another thing: Asians (as a group) and other non-whites don't have a problem with the "white man's" laws as much as the Blacks do.  Their crime rates are much lower than Blacks. You don't see the majority of them rioting, burning, looting and vandalizing as much as the Blacks.

Why is that?

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Posted in: Biden, aiming at Trump, says he won't use military as 'prop' See in context

Biden, aiming at Trump, says he won't use military as 'prop'

And Biden and DNC are using the BLM and Antifas as their "prop." The BLM and antifas use scare tactics and threats that if you vote for Trump, there will be more "protests". We all know that those "protests" usually turn into riots, burning, looting and vandalism.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. defense chiefs agree to keep China in check See in context

Kono for PM.

He seems to have good credentials and maybe he'd make a good PM, but you'd lose a good Defense Minister. Who will replace Kono?

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. defense chiefs agree to keep China in check See in context

Weapons lobby are workaholics crazily working for creating conflicts, fear, panic, this is very sad, the insane competition for making money at any cost. Hope that the peacemakers win this dispute, the world must be united to erradicate coronavirus and build bridges, not walls.

wars sell weapons least we forget

Unfortunately China's CCP political ideology is not on the same page as Japan, U.S. and most countries in the region.

Why do most countries view China as a threat, but not Japan or U.S., and insists China must be kept in check?

Remove political ideology differences and conflicts of interest, then there wouldn't be any need for military forces and their weapons.

I'd rather have a democratic political ideology in the Pacific region rather than a CCP political ideology dominating the region.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. defense chiefs agree to keep China in check See in context

Japan, U.S. defense chiefs agree to keep China in check

Not only U.S. and Japan agrees on need to keep China in check, but also Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, etc.

By controlling the East and South China Seas, China can control the maritime sea lanes and limit Japan's trade with countries in that region.

Once China gets a foothold on Senkaku Islands and moves the territorial lines closer toward the Ryukyu Islands, it poses a threat to Japan.

There is still a danger of China threatening and attacking Taiwan. Taiwan is 749 km from Okinawa, compared to 2751 km from Guam. Should China attack Taiwan, U.S. forces can respond much quicker from Okinawa than from Guam.

What is keeping China in check is U.S. military presence on mainland Japan and Okinawa. Remove U.S. presence and China will run amuck. Whether Japan can stand up to China alone remains to be seen as it has always had U.S. backing them up.

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Posted in: Democrats beat Republicans in first-night convention TV audience See in context

It doesn't mean that those people who watched it, are going to vote for Trump

Doesn't mean all those people who watched the DNC are going to vote for Biden either.

I'm interested to hear what kind of bold-faced lies are going to be told to sell us that Trump is the savior and the next coming of Jesus.

And the democrats aren't lying, either?

If anything, Biden and the Democrats have been saying THEY are the Saviors who will solve all the social problems and save the Earth and environment, etc., etc. What they aren't disclosing is how much it will cost the taxpayers and what the real impact on businesses and the economy will be.

Actually 14 times as many people watched DNC on C-Span than the RNC one.

Actually, I think they were more interested in seeing what Joe Biden was going to say and how he was going to say it. Considering his speech was under a controlled environment and reading from a teleprompter, he did not disappoint.

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Posted in: Biden, Harris to get routine virus testing, a notable change See in context

So besides wanting to lock down the country, what would Biden do different? Use a wand to make the virus go away?

After Biden wins the election, shortly after taking office, he will announce a vaccine / cure breakthrough (without disclosing that it came from China) and the virus will go away and things will go back to normal. The virus has served its purpose.

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Posted in: Biden, Harris to get routine virus testing, a notable change See in context

And the campaign has pledged to make public if either Biden or Harris tests positive for the virus.

Biden had said multiple times over the past few months that he hasn’t been tested for the virus, noting he’s experienced no symptoms. Still, the former vice president is 77 and remains at higher risk for severe illness

Imagine what would happen Biden tests positive and has to step down between now and November. It will be interesting to see who the DNC will pick as the replacement.


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Posted in: Why do 'non-lethal' weapons maim and kill protesters? See in context

Okay, if no more tear gas cannons, rubber bullets, stun guns, etc, then go back to using water cannons and high pressure water hoses. Or use fire-fighting helicopters dumping massive amount of water.

They were effective in controlling riots and breaking up crowds..

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Posted in: Trump announces plasma treatment authorized for COVID-19 See in context

Please dont let there be progress against Covid19 until the light bringer Biden is elected!

Shortly after the Biden inauguration in January, Biden will announce the elusive COVID-19 vaccine and cure has been developed, the infected numbers dramatically drop and the pandemic is declared over.

Biden and the Democrats will no doubt take credit for it, boasting what couldn't be done under a Republican administration, has been done in just a few weeks after they took over.

China and the Democrats won in ousting Trump and the pandemic has served its purpose.

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Posted in: Democrats nominate Biden to take on Trump; John McCain's widow praises him See in context

Democrats nominate Biden

And I was expecting an exciting (and messy) convention with surprises. Oh well.

But it's going smoothly and without melodrama and focused on one thing: Oust Trump.

Biden got the nomination, but Sanders got what he wanted: Wrote the Party Platform. and controls the Democrat agenda for things to come. He stated his so-called "radical socialism" has become mainstream for the Democrat Party. But do the American people really know what the Democrat Party Platform stands for?

Noted that AOL seconded the nomination of Sanders for President.

Sanders, AOL and the squad are really running the Party and will run the Biden Administration and country.

A lot of Democrats don't know it yet, but they actually just nominated Kamala Harris

Agree. Biden will remain under covers in the bunker while Harris will be out in front really campaigning for her "Presidency" and "relection" in 2024.

Remember folks, if you want higher taxes, open borders, free medical care for illegals and defunding of the police, vote for Harris-Biden!

If Biden-Harris wins, prepare for the destruction of America (which is what you wanted, right?)

Also the BLM and Antifa, et al, will be more powerful under Biden-Harris. Will be out in mass force demanding all whites give up their homes.

In four years, you won't recognize the country.

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Posted in: U.S. convention season set to begin, with (virtual) spotlight on Biden See in context

Or perhaps Biden may not even be the candidate after the convention. Since he's so gaffe-prone,

Anything can happen.

After Bernie speaks, the delegates may think, "we picked the wrong guy" and switch their votes to Bernie.

Or maybe the power brokers will pick Hillary.

Who knows. It's going to be interesting convention.

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Posted in: Japanese war orphans tell of pain, shame and recovery See in context

Bullying, shaming and ostracizing war orphans is not limited to Japan only. It happens in all countries who has survived the aftermath of wars. But the cruel effects of war on children and tragedy of abandoned war orphans is a seldom told for obvious painful reasons.

There is a seldom seen 1948 American movie called "The Boy With Green Hair." It's about a young small-town boy who becomes involved in a humanitarian school project to help war orphans in Europe and Asia, and in doing so discovers he too is a war orphan. He becomes troubled about this revelation and troubled to hear adults talking about preparing for another war.

The morning after the revelation that he is a war orphan, he finds his hair has turned green. He is ostracized by the townspeople, taunted and bullied by children and adults who wants to cut his hair. He runs away to a lonely part of a forest where he meets the spirits of orphaned boys and girls who confirms that he is a war orphan and tells him, with his green hair, he has a special mission to tell people that war is dangerous to children and damages them.

He decides to return home and submits to getting his hair cut. He later learns there are people who accepts what he says and wants him to go on saying it. With renewed determination, he is sure his hair will grow back green and vows to continue telling his special message.

It's a worthwhile movie for both adults and children to watch not only for its anti-war message, but its message against prejudice and intolerance as well.

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Posted in: U.S. Postal Service warns 46 states about mail voting delays See in context

The U.S. Postal Service has sent letters to 46 states and the District of Columbia, warning it cannot guarantee all ballots cast by mail for the November election will arrive in time to be counted, 

The electors have from November 4 to January 20 the following year to count the ballots and determine who won. Of course, the American people won't know who won the election and will have to put up with the incumbent President.

Sometimes early count projections have been wrong and in the end, the winner was the other candidate.

Maybe that's another reason to have the Electoral College.....to avoid this potential mail-in voter fraud and delayed count fiasco.

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Posted in: Japan to mark 75th anniversary of World War 2 end in scaled-back ceremony See in context

75th Anniversary......3/4 of a century......An important anniversary milestone.

The other significance of the end of World War II for Japan was it was the first major war they lost ....and the last major war they fought.

The end of the war also important to Japan for having marked the beginning of their transformation from a militarist nationalist country to a democracy dedicated to world peace.

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Posted in: Biden, Harris lash out at Trump at debut of historic VP choice See in context

The far right playing the 'race card'.

No more than the far left does and you know they do. The left is usually the first to play the 'race card'.

Are you speaking for Black people?

No more than you are. On the other hand, maybe you do.

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Posted in: Radical or moderate? Trump paints Democratic ticket as both See in context

Harris has a ton of baggage. Too bad Joe couldnt wait until the day before the election to name her as his running mate. Instead its an eternity in politics till election day. Watch what happens.

True. But Biden and Harris still have to go through the nomination process at the Democrat National Convention and be nominated on the first ballot. Lots of things can happen at that Convention. Watch what happens; there may be surprises.

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Posted in: Biden, Harris lash out at Trump at debut of historic VP choice See in context

"Now how does Indian American + Jamaican American = Black American ? This identity race card will not work for her, she has no appeal among her ethnic lineage."

Especially considering Harris was raised by her Indian mom after her Jamaican dad ditched them. She also was not raised in a black community but in Berkeley, CA and has been privileged from birth as both of her parents were Ivy League professors/researchers.

That makes her the "whitest" and "safest" of all the "Black" candidates Biden had to pick from.

The Black people sees through this charade many question whether Harris, as a "Black" really represents the Black people.

Harris is also a former State Attorney General and top law enforcement officer. The BLM leader is quoted as saying "when Blacks join the police, they ain't Black; they're Blue."

There you have it, per the BLM, Harris "ain't Black".

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Posted in: Radical or moderate? Trump paints Democratic ticket as both See in context

Radical or moderate?

Biden's record can be considered a "moderate" Democrat whereas Harris' record is more "radical" in comparison.

Biden and Harris will run as "moderates" and try to convince the American people they are moderates. But.....

Look at who backs Biden and Harris. Most leftist and radical groups, including the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA.

The Democrat Party Platform is the most radical platform ever proposed in American political history.

And you can assured that the Biden Administration is going to be the most radical ever.

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