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Posted in: Have Japan’s anti-smoking laws gone too far? See in context

first of all this woman is quite obsessed with this guy and suffering from mental already. i am sure the guy is not smoking more than one hour in his balcony even thinking he is spending whole day at home. and i dont understand why the woman is not complaining about cars or other pollution. basically, for something i dont use but suffer from other people using it, i should be complaining. then, court should also rule that car can only use specific areas since i dont want to be poisoned from exhaust gas. this makes no sense as smoking ban. same is valid for izakayas and bars also. have you ever heard anyone saying alcohol smell makes them dizzy or umcomfortable?!? if you go such places then you know everyone is there to feel relaxed. and in japan, smoking is already being punished enough already and if you are non-smoker you can enjoy smoke-free areas in restaurants. if you cannot, then it is first place's faut for no providing you such area and seccond your fault for insisting to go there.

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