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Posted in: Streaming subscription boom boosts U.S. music sales See in context

Finally the music industry is seeing the light. Back in 2001 the record companies were thinking about buying Napster, but they decided to sue it instead, because they could and selling CDs were more profitable. But you can't put the genie back to the bottle. Digital distribution is much more comfortable and that is what people want. Most of teens have never bought a single CD and they probably never will.

Some artists are less enthusiastic, however, saying that streaming proceeds cannot ensure sustainable livelihoods except for top stars.

These artists are supposed to get their livelihoods from live performance. Selling records was gold mine to record companies, not to the artists. Of course marketing sucks, but nowadays you don't have play guitar well on the MTV, Youtube is enough. The only outside help the artists need is producer and manager. That's it.

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Posted in: Scientists glimpse Einstein's gravitational waves See in context


Time is relative to mass.

Time is relative to mass and space. Lets assume that we built a space ship and start travelling to another solar system. When the ship accelerates the crew notices that the light coming from the stars ahead of the ship have the blue shift and the stars behind have the red shift. There is another thing which the crew doesn't notice. Their time is slowing down. When they speak with Earth, Houston says that they have been travelling longer than the clock inside the ship shows. Both are right. Time is slower inside the ship than at Earth, but the crew can't know it, because they are inside the ship themselves.

Why is the time slower inside the ship and not at Earth? Who says that the ship is travelling from Earth and Earth isn't travelling from the ship? Why Earth is the reference point? It isn't. The reference point is the universe itself. The ship is travelling inside our universe.

The universe itself is expanding. There will be more, more and more space between galaxies when the time goes ahead and any volume of the space is expanding. One cubic meter becomes 2 cubic meters. 2 cubic meters become 4 cubic meters and so long. There is one problem. When the the time goes by, eventually the universe will be expanding faster than light. It has done so before just after the big bang. Physics can't explain it, because the universe would be going backwards in time and not forward like it is doing now. Was the universe a giant time machine going backwards in time? Going backwards relative to what? It doesn't make sense.

We measure distance with la supernovaes because they explode with the same amount of energy. When we measure the power and frequency of the light from la supernovaes, we know their distance from us and their speed relative to us. We discovered that far away supernovaes are bluer and nearby supernovars are redder than they should be. We made an assumption that the universe must be expanding faster now. The Nobel prize was given in 2011 for this discovery.

It makes the faster than light dilemma even worse. Is the universe breaking the law of physics? And from where all that extra energy comes from? All our physics has been created with assumption that you can't create or destroy energy. We had to add the mysterious dark energy to explain it off.

If we assume instead that the time isn't constant, but it gets slower with time (This sounds stupid, but there isn't any way in our language to explain this), we could explain it without breaking the laws of physics. La supernovaes had the same frequency in the early universe than they have now, but because our time is slower now it seems like early frequency is higher, because our second is longer than the second in the early universe. That's why early la supernovaes are bluer than they should be. That's why it seems like the early universe expanded faster than light. It didn't, but because our time is slower it seems like the early universe is super fast. And that's why the crew in our spaceship thinks that the outside world is super fast. But the crew can't tell the difference because they are inside their own space ship. And that's why we can't tell the difference between the speed of earlier time and the speed of recent time because we are inside our own universe.

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There is a lot of discussion about whether gravity is a fundamental force in the same sense as the other three. Einstein described gravity as simply the shape of space and time.

Okay. but the shape of space and time is fundamental force itself, because it isn't constant. If it would be, we wouldn't have gravitational waves aka the fluctuations in the shape of space and time. We assume that the shape is constant and thats why we need dark energy and dark matter to explain it off, but if we just accept that the shape is fundamental force, we don't need that kind of nonsense.

IMHO. Our universe is slowing down and that's why time is slowing down. In other words time was faster in the early universe than it is now. Expanting space causes red shift to the light, slowing time causes blue shift. That's why we see far away objects closer than they really are. The same applies to gravitation. We feel stronger gravitation force from far away objects than closer ones, because time is slowing down.

“The waveform that we can calculate based on Einstein’s theory of 1916 matches exactly what we observed in 2015,” Shoemaker told AFP.

Of course if I would be right, the calculations wouln't match the theory, but it was fun thought experiment, wasn't it?

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Posted in: UK judge: Putin 'probably approved' killing of ex-KGB agent See in context


Polonium 210 is made in Russia and because it is highly radioactive material, its sale is overseed. Surely you can buy a million dollars worth of polonium to poison someone, but you would need special authorization to bring it to England. And you would also need a special container to carry it without dangering yourselves and frying electronics around you. It shouldn't be hard to track down the real culprit.

I am sure that if Putin wanted this guy dead, they would have used a different way. Using polonium is just stupid.

Russia just don't care. The whole society is rotten. Russia is the country where nothing works, but everything can be fixed up, like they proudly say themselves. It doesn't actually matter if Putin is guilty for this murder or not, because he has already made so many crimes during his career. Of course there are some honest men in Russia who try to change the society, but unfortunately they have also suffered fatal accidents.

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Posted in: 'Game of Thrones' author says latest installment delayed See in context


That isn't true. When the demand is strong enough, wheels can't be stopped.

The running man. Stephen King: "I have no idea, what will happen next. This isn't the story I wrote."

Tora! Tora! Tora!. Writer: Akira Kurosawa (uncredited).

The Hobbit. Peter Jackson: "The writers haven't done the script yet. Could I now stop the shooting, please? I can't? Okay, I write it myself while I direct these movies, but it won't be good."

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Posted in: Spielberg wants new 'Indiana Jones' film before Ford hits 80 See in context


I can see it: "Raiders of the Lost Retirement Home."

That idea is already taken.


This is actually a good film. Retirement home residents have to fight against ancient pharao's curse.

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Posted in: Spielberg wants new 'Indiana Jones' film before Ford hits 80 See in context

I actually liked the kingdom of the crystal skull, because the story was good continuation from the game Indinana Jones and the fate of Atlantis back from 1992. The most horrible Indiana Jones is the temple of doom. Harrison Ford managed well in Crystall skull, but now he is too old.

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Posted in: TV operators seek silver bullet to fight online rivals See in context

ISPs could just scrap net neutrality and favor some streaming services while suffering unexpected technical problems when the user wants to watch rival tv station. Comcast has done so and it isn't the only one. Problem solved.

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Posted in: 15 EU nations opt to stay GMO-free See in context

Supporters of GM products and the manufacturers had argued that if the EU found no health reason to ban them, then individual member states should have no reason to prevent their cultivation.

Individual researchers say that log term exposure to Roundup causes cancer. Monsanto says that it doesn't. Which one you trust?

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Posted in: 5 myths about solar power – and the real facts See in context

@Burning Bush

Ok. Why solar power wouldn't work in Africa?

I think myth 5 isn't a myth at all. You can't make electric on the basis of let's hope the supply meets the demand. It must work 100%! You can make the solar power work if there is enough gas power plants as backup power. Nuclear energy doesn't work, because it you'll need to adjust the energy output on short notice. If there would be cheap ways to storage electricity, that would make solar the best option, but right now supply and demand is the problem.

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Posted in: Radiation fears as report shows Fukushima fir trees to be growing strangely See in context

This kind of strong branching is extremetely rare, but it has happened before. They can't blame the radiation. https://arainbowovereurope.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/1-001.jpg

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Posted in: 'Mad Max' voted best movie of the year by international critics See in context

It is very interesting choice to the best movie. Actually it is the best movie in its genre, which is brainless action. However it must be very awful movie year, if this the best movie of the year.

By the way I enjoyed it very much and recommed this to every action lovers. If you demand some kind story or logic, don't bother watching this.

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Posted in: Windows 10 spreads to more than 75 million devices See in context

@Azzprin. I thought about doing the same, but after a mouth of using W10, your W7/W8 licences will be no longer valid and W10 will be your only working Windows. I decided not to take the free offer and continued to use my W7 still the next 5 years or until there are some good DX12 games to play. W10 may be good, but W7 is still good enough and I don't want the spying OS, which will force me extra advertisements, uninstall my pirated software, share my porn (if they are on my documents folder), use p2p network to share Windows updates slowing my internet connection and install the newest drivers even if they are incompatible.

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Posted in: 11-year-old gives birth to girl in Paraguay See in context

The girl’s mother has been charged with negligence.

The mother filed a charges against his husband in january 2014, but the police didn't intervene.


Carlos Gilizzola, a physician who holds a seat in the Senate, said he that for four years he has been pushing legislation to increase sex education funding. “The majority of Christian churches, led by the Catholic Church, campaigned in 2012 to make sure the bill wasn’t even taken up in committee,” he said.

The condom use in Paraguay is less than 20%. And it isn't self-evident in Japan either. When there were international scout camp in Japan this summer, condoms were taken away by attendants.

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Posted in: A year later, MH17 relatives grieve, wait for answers See in context


About reputation: In this case Holland is not neutral. Holland absolutely supported Maidan and sanctions against Russia. So they just can't say now - Ukraine is responsible for this crush. As a result - they investigate and investigate and investigate...

And they have very much experience of investigations. They host such kind of organisations as the International Court of Justice, The Iran-United States Claims Tribunal, The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and the International Criminal Court (ICC). In addition it hosts the European police organization, Europol; and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

This Malaysian aircraft accident investigation is just peanuts to Netherlands. You can be as suspicious as you like, but I definetely need more proof than your word that there is some kind of conspiracy going against poor Russian, whose reputation also speaks for itself:)

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Posted in: Pluto close-up: Spacecraft makes flyby of icy, mystery world See in context

Pluto is a dwarf planet, because otherwise Eris would be a planet too.

Rodney Gomes' calculations has shown that there is still unknown real planet on the the kuiper belt. We can't see it, but its gravity affects the other bodies.

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Posted in: Critics on left and right slam Greece debt 'coup' See in context

They didn't have to make the terms worse than their last offer. It really serves no purpose other than to punish and humiliate, and could drive a permanent wedge between Greece and Germany. I hope it was worth it.

They didn't want to, but Greece refused the offer even after it was warned not to do so. Greece wanted a new offer and they got one. Merkel herself think that it isn't worth it. She was leaving the negotiations after 14 hours of talk, supporting the grexit, but Donald Tusk said for her that she isn't allowed to leave the room without some kind of agreement.

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Posted in: Critics on left and right slam Greece debt 'coup' See in context

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Posted in: Japanese should take heed of Greece's woes See in context


Can any of you financial experts explain something to me. Please use the KISS principal (Keep it simple stupid), if possible. How can Japan simultaneously be the nation with the highest debt to GDP ration country while also maintaining their status as the top creditor nation in the world.

It is not voluntarily. If country sells more than it buys, it has to find a way to give its own currency to foreigners. If it doesn't do that, the value of its own currency will rise until it is too expensive for foreigners to buy anything any more. Japan doesn't want that.

Gaijinfo is more right than this article. Borrowing from BOJ is like jumping from the roof. If you decide to keep your eyes closed, you convince yourself that you can fly.

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Posted in: Greece seeks 3-year aid program from EU See in context

If the EU were to collapse, the Euro and the ECB would disappear along with it. The Euro has no independent legal existence outside of the EU.

Why the ECB would disappear alongside with the EU? It is very unlikely that nations would want the common currency, but it is possible. Of course without the European parliament the ECB would have to report every nation separate of its decisions and the nations would have to have some kind of agreement of hiring the staff members.

€ has intependent legal existence outside of the EU. Kosovo and Montenegro use it as their currency, but they are not the members of the EU.

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Posted in: Greece faces last chance to stay in euro as cash runs out See in context

The next emergency summit on sunday is the big one. All EU nations are present to decide if they are willing to finance Greece.

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Posted in: Greece enters uncharted territory after referendum 'no' vote See in context


Then why you criticize Putin, saying that "Russia does not give anything at all without demanding something in return"?. You have placed the EU at the same stage as Russia.

The EU doesn't demand anything without giving something in return. I am not talking about Ukraine, but the general Russian behaviour. There have been many cases where business in Russia were driven off with punitive taxation, beating the employees, arresting the employees and denying their entry to Russia. The EU uses bans and sanctions as collective punishment of violations of international treaties, while Russia uses bans and sanctions also as personal vendetta. This is the wrong topic for this thread, but Google is your friend, if you can handle the truth.

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Posted in: Tsipras defiant as banks shut, markets rocked See in context


So when EU originally courted Greece for membership, what was their vision of the future? What made them think it wouldn't end badly?

It is simple. Greece lied. In the end Eurostat isn't any wiser than the official Greece financial papers and Greece just forged them. Goldman Sachs helped to do it legally using currency swaps, which were meant for international trade.


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Posted in: Greece imposes capital controls, banks to remain shut See in context

Greece should become like Switzerland as lone eagle which will be energetic, innovative and get ahead with strong banking and manufacturing sectors.

No need for that. If Greece would become functional banana republic, it would be enough. It could sell gold, gas and oil to Europe and pay its debts. The problem is that even banana republic needs functional government. Energy and mining sectors are very long time investments and nobody is fool enough to invest in Greece. Of course it would be better if Greece would become the capital of finance, but right now it is just the opposite.


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Posted in: Greece's future in balance as creditors reject aid extension See in context

The lower classes have been punished for being seduced into owning a home by the financial industry and then they are left to pay the cost of believing in a better life while the capitalists go unpunished for their predatory practices.

It can't be helped. There is no bail out agreement in the EU, but it is not the worth of the paper it is printed on. No government has  left VOLUNTARILY its banks to go bust in the modern times. (They may have sacrificed some to scare the rest, but some banks know they are too big to collapse and act like it.

On the other hand the lower classes can blame themselves. The ancient Romans used to say Panem et circenses and it is still true.

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Posted in: How to resolve Japan's growing debt problems See in context


An article like this first needs to explain -- in a convincing way, with real evidence -- why borrowing in a currency you control is a problem in the first place.

No one controls currency. Central bank can lower the interest rate to zero and then borrow to government as much as it wants. It would raise the inflation because there would be more money in the market. At first it would raise consumption and investments, but eventually the cost of energy, food and other necessaries would be too much to bear. It would cause bank run, because keeping your money in the bank would be harmful for you, because the money would lose too much value. At first people would try to change their money to dollars or another currency which would keep its value better, but that would raise the currency deficit and the government would forbid it. That would cause the last consumption boom when people would buy anything they would need in the future. If Japan have enough domestic food and energy, it would survive.

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Posted in: Superhero movies are ruining cinema, says 'Exorcist' director See in context


Honestly, nobody over the age of 16 should care about comic books and comic book movies. They're for kids.

The US Marvel is safe for kids, but European Marvel isn't any more. There are some official Marvel stories like X-men story drawn by Milo Manara, who normally draw porn. It would be very hard to explain little kids why the bad guys undressed the x-women and pee on them. On the other hand it would test your maturity level to explain it. Instead you would propably write angry letter to publisher, because all comics are for kids.

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Posted in: Child sex abuse claims shake U.N. as revelations continue See in context

This isn't the first time this kind of thing has happened. If the United nations still can't investicate these things properly, it will jeopardize their mandate. On the other hand you can't expect too much from organization, to which all countries are welcome.

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Posted in: Putin makes troop deaths in peacetime operations a 'state secret' See in context

Last summer, after the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner, there were "absolutely reliable" photos and videos of "Russian BUK missile launcher". Soon it became clear that all the images were taken on the territory, fully controlled by the Kiev regime forces. Sloppy work by SBU (Ukrainian spy service),

They are even sloppier. They published these photos 2 weeks BEFORE the airliner was shot down. I'll quess they got the wrong memo. https://en.informnapalm.org/the-last-haul-of-the-russian-soldier-to-mh17/

About the interview. A guy claims to be an officer of the Russian special operations forces and blabbering everything about his unit, commanding officers, missions etc. Just one simple question: do you believe that a real commando, if captured, sings like a skylark about everything he knows?

He has spoken face to face with Russian ambassador and phoned his relatives in Russia. Russia has agreed with his military history, but denied that he was in active duty, when he was captured. His wife has given an interview in Russian media, where she claims that his huspand lied her about his job. I'll quess rebels aren't so poor after all, because they can pay to captain his normal salary.

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Posted in: Putin makes troop deaths in peacetime operations a 'state secret' See in context

@Asakaze No I don't speak Russian. Some videos have the exact location where these are shot and reveal tanks which Ukraine has never had. But I am no military nor Ukraine expert, so everything is the third party information.

But how about the interview? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3khPZucwTQ

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