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Posted in: Putin makes troop deaths in peacetime operations a 'state secret' See in context


The massive spy network of the USA has not been able to provide one once of truth to the "Russian troops in Ukraine" as of today.

Why would they provide us anything? Russian "state secret" is partly public information in this point anyway. Google is your friend.

Newsweek (and even Moscow times, before Putin ordered that foreigners can't own the newspaper in Russia) has interviewed Russian army soldiers fighting in Ukraine. Rebel leaders have publicly thanked Russia for their support and Youtube is full of low quality videos of Russian tanks in Ukraine. (And I don't mean resolution. The focus is missing, because these have been shot in secret.)

Everybody who wants to find evidence, has found it. I think you don't.

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Posted in: Cannes kicks into high gear with 'Mad Max' See in context

Fury road is shown outside competition, but it is a good advertising for the film so why not. Cannes can show any kind of film. Japan has sent anime films and France has sent erotic films and sometimes they even win. (IMHO South Korea has sent better films. Sorry.) However the only Palme d'or winner I can actually remember is "Pulp fiction" from Quentin Tarantino in 1994:-)

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Posted in: Cast, old and new, unite at 'Mad Max: Fury Road' premiere See in context

This is looks awesome! Haters are gonna hate, but nobody is forcing them to watch this. This is old school film, where stunts are real and that alone makes this worth watching.

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Posted in: Japan nuclear watchdog hits out at reactor injunction See in context


Fact: Zero people have died because of Fukushima Daiichi. Source: US Energy Information Administration

You should have said that zero people have died for radiation poisoning. I remember that some patients died during the evacution, because their condition were so poor. Other people died in the ruins, because volunteers were evacuated too. We know that there were people, because volunteers heard them calling for help. Source: Some NHK interviews.

It is SURE that there will be more earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, floods, etc in the future. Nuclear power MIGHT be safe if we can make SURE that the cooling never stops.

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Posted in: TEPCO considers evaporation, storage of tritium-laced Fukushima water See in context

Well. Since there is no solution, they have to release the tritium to the sea. I doubt people want to eat this relatively harmless isotope, so fishermen must be compensated for this.

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Posted in: Tsunami boat See in context

How can it still float? All ships should be build like this.

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Posted in: UFOs haven't invaded Japan, defense minister tells Diet See in context


We have actually got the message from outer space. It is 187.5. No one knows what it actually means.

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Posted in: Clashes rage in Ukrainian town, making mockery of truce See in context


Having a loyalty problem with your army Poroshenko?

Exactly. Many of the generals in Ukranian army have been trained in Soviet union and nobody knows where their loyalties lie.

@Olegek This doesn't make much sense. The half of the Azov battalion actually are Russian origin East-Ukranians. Why they would fight for the "New Ukraine", if they would shoot themselves to the foot by doing so?

On the other hand the peace plans dictates that unofficial armies would be disbanded and honest elections would be made. (East Ukraine would have the autonomy.) International forces would watch that everything goes smoothly. Why this is unacceptable for the rebels?

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Posted in: Why doesn’t the U.S. adopt the metric system? See in context

The more problematic matter is that we haven't even standardized numbers. In Europe billion is 1000 000 000 000, but American billion is 1000 000 000 (and it only gets worse in bigger numbers). I am always unsure when I am reading big numbers, how big it is exactly.

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Posted in: EU's Russia sanctions set to last until end of 2015 See in context


We know that MH-17 was shot with BUK missile. It was either rebels or Ukranian army. Ukranian army doesn't have any reason to shot anti aircraft missile, except if they plotted some kind conspiracy where they shot down MH-17 and blamed rebels.

At least you admit that western media is trying to tell the truth. In Russia it is impossible, because the government do the lying and telling the truth would cost your life.

That's why the peace agreement won't hold. Ukraine is demanding honest elections on rebel held areas. Russia opposes that, because Putin's power depends of fraud.

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Posted in: Several fatalities in Sweden pub shooting See in context

There are several places in Sweden where minorities are actually the majority. The problem is that these minorities hate each other and it doesn't end when they move to new country. It is the reason why there aren't any details of the gunmen. When some ethnic minority has done the crime, there aren't any details to prevent the possible revenge, but the lack of identification means that everybody knows that this isn't the crime of native Swedish.

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Posted in: Teacher accidentally shows porn to students See in context

This is regrettable or innovative teaching depending the country. In Denmark this would be business as usual.

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Posted in: Prominent Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov shot dead See in context


He was organizing antiwar protests when Russia was officially not at war. No Russian mothers would be out there insisting on saving their sons from military service, unlike Ukrainian mothers.

Now you are underestimating Russian mothers. When your son is killed, you demand justice. And you don't longer care of your personal safety by doing so. http://www.mamasoldata.org/

And there is personal danger of opposing Putin in Russia. My friend speaks Russian and he wrote some critics on Russian forums. He had his real phone number on the personal information and soon he received phone calls in the middle of the night that he should change his opinions, if he know what is the best for him. Of course my friend laughed and said that if you are going to beat me up, you would have to get a visa and airplane ticket, because I don't even live in Russia. When I got my visa to Russia I asked directly from the seller, who was Russian woman, if I would get in trouble of showing any political activism in Russia and she said it is true. If Russia fears even tourists, I would bet that it fears even more its own citizens.

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Posted in: U.S. says Russia violating spirit of Ukraine peace deal See in context

1 The thrue nature of Anglo-Saxon were shown in Hiroshima&Dresden. Russian NEVER kill people to have fun 2 People who live there are Russian (they are AGAINST Ukrainian nationalistic government) They have no special reasons to run in Ukraine . And 6-7 thousands of Ukrainian forces - now they are doomed

Of course they do, as every military in the world. In the Russian army there is a special problem that they hire actual criminals and war doesn't make them any nicer.

The next video shows separatist killing civilians for fun. Normal people shouldn't watch this. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1XKLJSaLpqw

Russian forces are shelling the city. Of course civians try to flee, because they don't want to die.

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Posted in: U.S. says Russia violating spirit of Ukraine peace deal See in context


Sorry to trouble you - classified information : 6 -7 thousands of Ukrainian forces surrounded in "Debaltsevo pocket" (Result of genius NATO officers , planning ops in Ukraine) So they try to escape... TOO late...

The people who are trying to escape are unarmed civilians. Well at least this peace plan will show the true nature of Russians.

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Posted in: U.S. says Russia violating spirit of Ukraine peace deal See in context


It is sometimes hard to know who is doing the shelling, but if we assume that Russian tourist, who are on their holiday in Ukraine and who also thought that their tanks need a holiday too. (This Russian official explanation is so ridiculous, that it is hard to even repeat it.)

What I was saying? Oh yeah. If we assume that Russian troops, who aren't there, are doing the shelling of the cities in Ukraine. We would be probably right nine times of ten.

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Posted in: Russia faces new U.S., EU sanctions over Ukraine crisis See in context


Russia did sent troops to Estonia and kidnapped their officer. Both Estonian and Russian border guards confirmed the incursion. This isn't the act of civilized, peace loving country, so I wouldn't blame west alone for highened tensions.


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Posted in: Russia faces new U.S., EU sanctions over Ukraine crisis See in context

Today, Brussels and the leaders of the EU nations need to give a clear answer to EU citizens as to why they are putting them under the risks of confrontation, economic stagnation and unemployment, the Russian ministry said in a statement.

It isn't about economy on both sides. Power play is more important in Russia than economy and Europe stopped thinking about it after MH17. The politics of the EU are very bureaucratic and it is very hard of member countries to agree about anything. Now that they have finally drafted new sanctions, they don't want the truce to stop implementing them, because lifting them is much easier process.

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Posted in: Explosions in east Ukraine threaten ceasefire See in context

German politician, green party member, who works in parliamentary assembly of the coucil of Europe, Marieluise Beck had decided to make a visit to Ukraine. She didn't go to Kiev. Instead she is visiting Luhansk and what she is reporting isn't encouraging at all. Russia is already breaking the peace plan. The city is full of Russian soldier protectioning "Russian citizens", who have become Russian citizens, because soldiers are issuing money and passports for them. Russian language has become the only official language and churchs have been closed, because priests had to flee or be arrested.

Some Russian soldiers have ambushed Ukranian troops in Mariupol. It was clearly a provocative act, because they have released trophy pictures of them. It was before ceasefire had been officially broken, because Kiev had decided to turn the blind eye and hold on peace plan.

The strategy of Russians is clear. Violate treaties so blatantly that people just can't believe it to be true and cast more doubt in social media.

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Posted in: Putin unveils Ukraine peace plan ahead of NATO summit See in context


Residents of Mariupol are arranging a welcome party to their liberators.


Even some Russian newspapers admit that Russian military sends soldiers to Ukraine.


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Posted in: EU inches toward new sanctions on Russia See in context

Assuming that's true, the Ukrainian army has over 100,000 troops backed my armour, artillery and aircraft.

Ukraine has a paper army. In reality they have only several thousand combat ready troops. Vehicles do desperately need maintenance, because they have been stored outside and training of the troops are poor. Russia could easily walk to Kiev, but political fallout prevents it. Russia only needs land corridor to Crimea and after that it probably will freeze this conflict.

Europe is going to stop vodka, caviar and diamonds trade with Russia. I don't think Putin cares much.

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Posted in: Ukraine accuses Russia of sending in tanks, armor See in context

It's quite amusing the correlation between western propaganda news sources (like the AP) proclaiming so-called Russian "invasions" of Ukraine and the inability to get cell phone cameras to work in the region.

Of course cell phone cameras work in that region, but you can only send pictures in cities.

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Posted in: West condemns Russia over convoy to Ukraine See in context

I am glad that there haven't been attacks against the convoy. There have been right sector troops, which aren't in the control of the Ukranian government.(But in Russian propaganda these guys have taken over of the government.) In the other hand I don't think that citizens of Luhansk region will be pleased when they find out that trucks are actually almost empty. The real purpose of the convoy is make the smokescreen for rebels. The fascist government of Ukraine needed 75 trucks to send 800 tons of aid to Luhansk while mighty Russia needs 280 trucks to send less than 2000 tons. I guess Russian military trucks aren't any more what used to be.

Better tell us what is about the result of MH17 air crash investigation?

The investication hasn't started, because the crash site isn't safe. The only thing investigators have managed to do is reclaim black boxes. Those are almost useless unless technical failure caused the crash.

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Posted in: Ukraine troops enter rebel-held city See in context

Who wants to bet that the results that the Dutch government announces, after and only after Kiev declares victory, will be "inconclusive" meaning, very politically inconvenient, or let's bury this under the rug.

Dutch government handles this as criminal investigation, not as accident. It means that if they can find the person, who is behind this attack, that person can't enter to the territory of the EU or the USA any more without being arrested. This is hot potato and thats why the results aren't published too soon, but if you really think that they can decide to bury it under the rug, you aren't from democracy.

If Russians are crossing borders and trying to establish law and order in Eastern Ukraine, let'em do it.

Russians can't even establish law and order in Russia. Ukraine isn't constitutional state either, but that's not the point. It is the independent one and Russians have done military operations within its soil for months without the declaration of war. The pro-russian military leaders were actual Russians, not Ukrainian. (Now they have fled or been killed.)

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Posted in: Tensions soar as Ukraine says it destroys Russian armour See in context

@Burning Bush

West isn't silent, but Russia is deaf. Finnish president visited president Putin couple of hours ago to ensure humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The problem is that Putin doesn't care about colladeral damage, be that Russian minority or otherwise. Citizens will get water and food, but not from Russia, because Russia would rather deliver more weapons to rebels.

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Posted in: Japan formally OKs additional Russia sanctions See in context


If it wasn't on western media, it didn't happen. Literally. Russian media uses the pictures of other conflicts, including Grozny. I decided to give the Russian media a chance and studied it, but I have seen enough. Some of the news aren't even biased. They are blatant lies which only the most gullible would believe.

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Posted in: Russian tourists stranded abroad as crisis deepens See in context


Russian tourists being stranded in the Med is bad news. They are reputedly almost as awful as the English and the Germans.

Asian countries at least get rid of Germans (and all North European people), but unfortunately it takes more than Russian flying ban to get rid of British.

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Posted in: East Ukraine city dying under siege See in context


Rebels are shelling Luhansk too...

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Posted in: Experts recover human remains at Ukraine crash site despite new fighting See in context

@Burning Bush

If you check the OSCE's own reports they always praise the professionalism and honesty of the local Pro-Russian officials

Except when they are drunk and shoot randomly :-)

Killed by whom??? Curious that such an important piece of information got scrubbed from the article. An inconvenient truth perhaps.

Friendly fire. I am sure you could make up "better" explanations, but don't tell us.

Inexcusable war crime. Starving civilians into submission. Kiev is a criminal government.

Rest assured that Kiev is taking better preparations to defend the lives of its Russian minority than Russia itself. I am not a fan of Kiev or Ukraine in general, but they seem to defend human rights because it is right thing to do. Russia is defending them only for political points.

Negotiations don't work, as the whole world have found out. Direct attack would made too much civilian casualties. What is left?

@Olegek Rebels took away bodies, because they were rotting. It destroys evidence, but I agree with rebels.

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Posted in: Ukraine premier stays on, envoys agree on crash site route See in context


Because borders aren't closed completely. I don't know the reason why some are. It might be unrelated to war, because incompetence is the norm in russia. People are fleeing, because there is war going on.

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