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Posted in: Japanese lab to collaborate with Christian Dior in iPS cell research See in context

Advances in the medical field are advances for human life. This collaboration might seem odd but I say "why not", and "it's about time!" Cosmetic engineering and medical research together? I'm looking forward to see how this pans out. What a combination! It's like frying bananas in soy sauce. It just might taste good. Good luck guys!

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Understanding a countries culture is important. The differences between cultures make people unique. I will take off my shoes when entering a home in Japan. I will not enter a place with a no tattoo policy. In America I proudly show my tattoos. In Japan I respectfully cover them, even to the extent to inconvenience myself so I don't indirectly inconvenience others. There is a balance between change and acceptance. I'm welcomed in Japan and I'm thankful as well as many foreigners who just visit this wonderful country. I guess for myself, being in Japan has taught me that being mindful of others and my surrounding is just as usual as the seasons. Some changes are well welcomed, others are not as welcomed but we live with them. Getting a tattoo is a choice. Acceptance of tattoos is a choice. Welcome to Japan!

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Posted in: I was moved to tears by the U.S. armed forces’ support during Operation Tomodachi (after the March 11, 2011 disaster). They did so much to help Japan in its time of need. See in context

Anyone who does emergency aid accepts some level of risk. People help because there is a need to help. In this case, those sailors gave nearly all their personal clothes. They exhausted the stores of socks, shirts, underwear, and canned food. They rationed water so the victims could have water. They even gave their blankets. Doing their job to aid or support those aiding, they did so each day, past 100%.

To help is not easy. To anyone who comes to aid in the time of desperate need, don't stop, even if your exhausted. The reward is little, but your effort is respected and remembered, even if it is by only one person.

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I agree with the bicycling for health. I also look forward to those bike lanes because in many areas of the city, people ride on the side walk, even in heavy foot traffic.

I people in Japan get enough physical exercise with their daily routine. Owning a car in the city is not necessary for life. Public transportation is great. If anything, skip the escalator or elevator a few times a day. Bicycle your heart out on your days off in some less congested area.

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