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Hamish comments

Posted in: When 'English OK' just isn’t enough, visit Lion Heart Dental International Clinic See in context

Nice to see expats working in a dental clinic, I have never ever seen foreigners taking jobs in the medical field in my 15 years living in Japan. Will have to check this place out for sure.

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Posted in: AKB48 and S Korean idol groups perform hits at music awards; turns out to be a disaster See in context

I always found embarrassing how pretending to be a 10 year old it's consider attractive in Japan. Most disturbing yet it's how grown up men seem to be the biggest hard-dying fans for groups like AKB58.

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Posted in: Ratio of elderly ex-inmates returning to prison within 2 years increases See in context


Most Japanese already stink! Particularly in the morning... undignified morning commute with a scent of sour milk and soy... a revolting combination.

A morning shower wouldn't harm people!

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Posted in: Politician apologizes for saying serial killer was heavily influenced by anime See in context

Why should he apologise? He's quite right. Some of the anime/manga out there is indeed obscene and would never be allowed in most countries in the west - paedophilic, murder, and sadistic content it's the usual train home commute reading of these deranged people.

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Posted in: Doctor negligence suspected over death after delivery under anesthetic See in context

Yer another case of Japan's 80's medicine and procedures. Some facts here:

1- Epidural isn't a pain-free anaesthetic for giving birth, only reduces the pain slightly which allows women to have a quicker recovery.

2- Epidural is administrated as a standard step in giving birth in most of Europe, Latin America and the US.

3- Obstetrician have no legal capacity nor the knowledge to administer Epidural injections - only an anaesthesiologist can.

One of the most incongruous facts of a develop modern country such as Japan is the shocking healthcare and appalling training for new doctors. The lack of modern medicine available and the government's insistence in blocking those is a massive step back for Japan

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Posted in: Tokyo ranked in third place, behind London and New York, in Global Power City Index 2017 report See in context

Over the last ten years, Tokyo has greatly improved its scores in the categories of ‘Accessibility’, 2 'Livability’ and 'Cultural Interaction’, becoming a more balanced city,” commented Hiroo Ichikawa

Ichikawa must be deluded if he thinks Tokyo has improved its cultural interaction. The only fact that has changed in the last 10 years is the increase in number of people coming from abroad. The least open minded, integrating city in Asia is by far Tokyo. A city where its citizens still point out at non-Japanese as "gaijin" and other normalised xenophobic behaviour etc. Hong Kong should have made it to the 3rd place instead.

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Posted in: Miniature dachshund receives award from police for stopping intruder See in context

How unusual for a dog to bark at an intruder?! Hahahahahaha refreshing news on the 'crime' section.

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Posted in: Japanese car rentals include stickers that read: 'A foreigner is driving' See in context

How enraging and condescending! One of many reasons Japan's still living in 1991... what's next? A big G fabric embroidered letter to wear on our gaijin clothes to make sure if any incidents on the pavement (bike/pedestrian) we know who's at fault...

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Posted in: Sexism and culture: Japan’s obsession with 'kawaii' See in context

It is indeed pathetic and quite embarrassing to witness - grown women pretending to be 5 years olds. There is nothing attractive or cute on the contrary, I can't think of anything more off putting than that. For any men who fancies a child-wannabe it's borderline pedophilic. If you need a 'escape from reality' I can think of plenty less disturbing activities and hobbies. Sports for instance it's a great way to keep a healthy body and mind.

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