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Posted in: Duterte, Obama shake hands and chat after rift over insult See in context

Duterte : “You must be respectful. Do not just throw away questions and statements. Putangina (son of a bitch) I will curse you in that forum.”

As a clarification, Duterte is referring to reporters who are not respectful and are throwing questions at him that are not on topic.


Here’s a little Filipino crash course.

Puta = Whore/Bitch

Ina = Mom

Putangina = Son of a Bitch / Son of a Whore

Mo = You

“Putangina” is an expression like, say, “Shit,” or “Crap” are. When “Putangina is followed by “Mo,” that is what makes it become offensive. That is when it becomes “You are a son of a bitch.”

source: http://www.liberalamerica.org/2016/09/05/we-hired-a-native-tagalog-speaker-heres-what-the-filipino-prez-really-said/

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Posted in: Philippine president regrets 'son of a bitch' remark referring to Obama See in context

This is how (some) Philippine media deliver a transcript: Media: IF Obama brings up the subject of EJK, what will you say to him?" Duterte: "You must be respectful. (addressing the reporter) Do not throw away questions and statements or putang ina (whore mother) mumurahin talaga kita dyan sa forum (i'll really cursed you in the forum).

putang ina was delivered as an expression and not directly addressed to Pres. Obama.

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