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Posted in: NHK sorry over Hitler T-shirt worn by talk show guest See in context

And, to make a Mel Brookian reply,

"Let's be honest, there are some professional complanaints within that community ... tell me about it, I married one!"

That or idiot Left Wingers.

Tell us who it was and why.

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He was strapped down tight for 10 days for crying out loud.

We don't know that. Do the family speak Japanese sufficiently to read medical reports or even interact with the staff?

Unfortunately, if they weighed in with legal threats, that's the kind of official response to expect. It may just be as simple as the brother not have full authority or the right forms not being signed.

The bigger problem is how it dealt with. If they or their lawyers go stomping around, it'll end up becoming a big issue, that will end up in bad laws being made, that will end up with medical screening of all ALTs and JETs ... which more people will complain about.

Now, a lot of people might agree in closing the door to ALTs and JETs with mentally illness, others with more minor conditions or who are more responsible taking their medications might be hurt by it.

Which way do you want it to swing?

Just because you have a mental illness doesn't mean you shouldnt carry out your dreams.

On the other hand, it's a bit selfish if "carrying out your dreams" leads to others having to carry the burdens of the consequents.

I understand the family will be sad and looking to blame someone but it won't help their loss or pain (unless, of course, they just want the money).

He knew and took the risk, they must have known about. They have to accept the consequences ... and not screw things up for others. Unfortunately, "ambulance chasing" lawyers don't give a damn about the bigger picture and tend to make things worse for everyone.

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Posted in: 'Inhumane' treatment in Japanese hospital behind NZ man's death: kin See in context

It seems it is an issue Japanese hospitals are aware of and have procedures for;

But would they have sufficient knowledge of how to gear up treatments for someone with significantly more body mass than the average Japanese patient, I don't know. Usually the criticism of Japanese hospitals is that they use too much drugs or too many treatments.

I have to say, however nice an individual he was, I'm uncomfortable at the idea of individuals with serious mental health issues being allow to teach at elementary or even high schools.

If he did not disclose his illness in advance, and his family allowed him to do so - in essence entered Japan fraudulently - he will or should have prejudiced his own case against himself.

I'd be asking the government to include some kind of mental health screening/compliancy in all future JETs. At the very least demanding all canditates disclose their conditions ... but I imagine that would cause a ruckus of "discrimination" accusations.

I'd appreciating hearing more from the individual who actually knew him.

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Posted in: Mentally disabled man dies after being left in car in hot weather See in context

The heat just puts me to sleep. Likely he did too, and died in it. There's no report of him hurt due to struggling.

Yes to the individual above who compares it to how idiots treat dogs in cars too.

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Posted in: NHK sorry over Hitler T-shirt worn by talk show guest See in context

Something that irritates me about these kind of stories and events is that they never disclose who actually made the complaint for what reason.

I suspect that in a lot of case, not being specific to this one, if we knew who the habitual complaintants are, and met then face to face, we'd just reject them as nuts, immature or vested, e.g. 'right on' students practising their adult voices, single interest political groups using events to promote themselves, actual cranks or nuts. Like the fat ugly chicks who find pictures of models in bikinis "totally accceptable".

Secondly, that they all tend to have very superficial, literally understandings of words or images, so any "Hitler" is bad, even if it is anti-Hitler. There's no subtlety, no irony, no understanding of context, meaning or intent.

I suspect they are people with no sense of humor too. Take Mel Brookes ...

And, lastly, was it a foreigner in Japan? How many Japanese would actually instantly recognize a picture of Hitler and know, pick up or feel any problem with it? Was it, say, a Jewish-American in Japan importing their complex and values?

Wait until they see all the swastikas all over all the maps and temples! I hear the 'politically correct' fascists are trying to remove them for the olympics. (Note: it's a positive Buddhist icon, and used to denote the site of a temple).

Personally, when I look at pictures of the anti-war t-shirt I cannot even tell it is Hitler.

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I wonder if he wasn't allowed to take his medications.

I have not read the Kyodo article this one is meant to come from, but in other international copies, it is clearly stated he chose to come off his medications himself. Given the propensities of this the media to post articles that make the whole of Japan look bad every time someting unfortunate happens, it would have been more fair to include the details here.


Um, what? A mentally ill man was allowed to come here and teach children..? How many other English teachers currently in Japan also fall under this same category through this so called program and have mental health problems? This scandal will be bad for English teachers I think

I have to admit I had the same thoughts myself. It confirmed a common prejudice, perhaps an actual assumption, that a higher than representative proportion of foreigners coming to Japan have personality disorders and use their foreign-ness as a mask for them. And indeed find Japanese society easier to survive within, as this unfortunate did.

And, yes, I would accept every criticism of the often unaddressed mental health issues within Japanese society.

But why would someone with such a serious condition check into a hospital where he could not communicate easily and well with those treating him? I'd guess if he was all a "tall gaijin", as in big enough to cause a real problem if he was going crazy, it would not have helped him. A bit like those Africans who put up a fight when they are deported for being illegal immigrant, also in restraints.

Personally, I would have gotten on the first airplane home asap.

Likewise, did he disclose his illness to his employers in advance? And did he tell any of his family what he was doing? Again, if I was family, I'd have gotten on the first airplane to go and get him if he did. A stranger in a strange land, separated from his family and friends, experiencing a false sense of freedom and euphoria.

I hope some ambulance chasing lawyer is not prolonging the family's grief. At least the troubled young man got to live out his dream before he died.

The article makes the accusation on the basis of "in defiance of international healthcare norms".

And yet, a brief search comes up with "**nearly 40,000 incidents of physical restraint on mentalhealth patients in England per year" ... with 'face down' restraint used over 3,000 times ... resulting in at least 949 injuries ... and 13 deaths (2012).**

Therefore, I question what the "international healthcare norms" are, and how widely it is practised.

I know a lot of salarymen, and first time mothers, who would kill for 10 days in bed.

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Posted in: Japan hangs 2 inmates, including one seeking retrial See in context

Sorry, I made a mistake based on a set of statistics that only registered Japan to the nearest single figure. Japan's homocide rate is 0.3 per 100,000.

The US's rate is 4.9 per 100,000

Therefore 16 times less. Gun murders in Japan are literally down to single figures per year against about 10,000, or 30 a day. But, hey, Americans need their guns in case King George invades them!

Toasted, how can you equate historical events of dead people with current events involving living individuals?

To an extent we are discussing, "is there a collective responsibility and come back from a society carrying out executions?", but how can that responsibility be passed on to individuals who were not alive at the time?

From the evidence of professional executioners, it does not seem to deeply effect them. Certainly less so than a soldier or, from anecdotal evidence, someone carrying a murder out of anger or negligence.

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It works both ways, because of the risk adversion, lose of face etc, there's a tendeny only to take on cases that are more sure.

Bear in mind Japan that incarcerates individuals 13 times less often than the USA, and has 1/5th of the rate or murders.

Therefore, even if it was making as many mistakes as the US "justice" system, which I doubt, it would still be making 5 to 13 times less mistakes.

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Actually, it took the UK until 1964 to stop, the lasting being two criminals who bludgeoned a man to death to steal £10 (1,500 Yen).

And it actually longer to hang some the Nazis which they used as scientific level study cases to refine and improve their technique.

The British had it down to a fine art. Albert Pierrepoint specifically tailored the drop to each persons’ height and weight resulting in an almost instantaneous death, unlike the American's John C. Woods’ who used the standard US Army "standard drop" that took ten to twenty minutes to slowly and painfully suffocate victims to death.

Of course, the US still kills. It is thought that Woods was doing it deliberately. The hangings took so long that that had to take smoke breaks (the hangmen that is, not the victims).

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What is your alternative? what is the less ridiculous method to kill a human being?

Of course, Japan used to have a perfectly one but it got a bit of bad press. Single stroke by a skilled swordsman, which is pretty much what the guillotine mechanized. So quick, you would not feel it, and I base that on the experience of a swordsman in Kyoto who accidentally ran his own blade through his own arm. He described it as like a hot knife through butter. (It did hurt afterwards though!). You can measure the speed versus the speed of nerves.

Chemicals just are not 100% reliable in the same way that a guillotine is. Same too with hanging, or the electric chair.

You would not need to use gravity these days either. You could electro-magnetics or hydraulics. Could be as surgical as an MRI scanner.

The next argument that generally comes up is, "Well, who is going to do it?". I think people would be surprised how many would volunteer to. See in the US were lay "witness" get the equivalent of season tickets and go on days out to the local terminations.

What is the real motivating factor behind Amnest International telling other nations how to live, how to deal with its social problems, and how to spend its money now?

Obviously, part of it has become putting on show, performing for its donors. Part of it an middle class status thing, e.g. "being seen to the be the force for moral good".

But underneath that, is it a Christian thing, "salvation" for all still being possible?

Try an experiment in true democracy and poll for the popular support for capital punishment for;

a) child sex abuses, and

b) rape.

I think that's where I'd draw my line to include. Who is going to defend them? Those are two areas of abuse of power that need to tightened up. At the very, very least, depending on severity, "3 times and you are out". Either with violence, one stroke.

Murder? No question (self defence etc excluded). Manslaughter laws are pretty much fine as they are, but I think the responsibility for death by automobile should be much higher, say somewhere at the high end of manslaughter/crossing over to murder is cases of serious negligence.

In Japan there's a lot more support for capital punishment than Amnesty Interntional, who are just seen on a par with Sea Shepherd over this issue.

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Posted in: 3 former high school baseball team members arrested for forcing girl into prostitution See in context

It's a bizarre connection to repeat so many times in such a short article.

What's the message, that too much school baseball will turn you into a pimp?

Even if it was just that "jocks tend to be the class aholes", then fair enough ... but why tarnish the team unless they were involved?

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So what's you position with proven, confessed, DNA supported offenses? What's the rationale at having to pay to keep them alive for 20 or 30 years?

Actually, "most Japanese" are too scared to throw themselves under a speeding train because their family's most certainly will be charged damages for shutting the network down ... I think it is up to ¥3m (or $34,000) for one "death by shinkansen". It worked as a deterrent.

And what has murdering 4 employees got with "standing up for one's rights"?

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Posted in: 3 former high school baseball team members arrested for forcing girl into prostitution See in context


Also, the folks arguing about whether the girl was willing or not: so if a minor is willing, child prostitution is ok?

If the boys were 18 and the girl was an acquaintance, chances are she around 18, perhaps already left school.

Japan's laws relating to "children" are a bit weak and in a mess due to its history, particularly during in the immediate post-war era when there were so many orphans just left to live amongst the rubble, dying like flies in the railway stations they slept it.

A minor is defined as a person under 20 years of age when in other developed nations, that's 18 being pushed back to 16. I would not call an 18, or even a 16 year old a "child" any more (unless they were retarded).

Laws relating to sexual consent are more confusing.

Ostensibly, the age of sexual consent starts around 13 years old (but only with another 13 or 14 year old). Younger than that, it's a problem. I think that is fair and it avoid the idiocy that happens in the US of 15 year boys getting rape raps on their record for consensually sleeping with their equivalent aged girlfriend.

There's a legal table defining how 13 .. 14 ... 18 and under 20 years can interact, e.g. an under 20 year old with an under 18 year old is a misdemeanor unless permitted.

How many 18 year old boys have 17 year old girlfriends in he USA? I'd call that normal.

Try this:

In this case, we have another case of crappy reporting which fits neatly into the editorial line of Japan as "the home of forced prostitution".

I think "prostitution" or forced prostitution - if that is what happened - is too hard a legal definition for what went on, unless it can be proven that they had a string of victims or intended to make a business.

In law, "intention" is matters equally as much (Mens Rea and Actus Reus).

I think having the tabloids pruriently stomp all over your teenage idiocies is an even more damaging occurence that what actually happened. It does not report that the young woman was hurt in anyway. The newspaper reports are going to do much more damage to all parties.

What is the purpose for them? Profit from titillation.

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@William Bjornson

What so many of these poor sad minds who defend 'execution' are incapable of seeing is that killing a Human Being under any circumstances is Murder.

As you layered your posts with insults that apply to me, I'd like to state that is clearly just not true. Basically all legal systems since The Code of Hammurabi have defined differences according to purpose, context and intent.

For example, drivers used motorcars to kill innocent children or cyclists every day, are they murders?

I'd actually say they were and should be treated as such, it might make people more attentive on the road if they knew killing a kid would lead to the death penality or life imprisonment. Are you going to turn around and say, "oh no, that's not murder, that's manslaughter"? How about cigarette companies selling sticks of death?

So who has to pay to keep the murders locked away safely for life?

I have a fairly liberal set of politics, I have no objection to a group of individuals taking on the expense of keep prisons safely locked up for life ... but will your own form of moral dictatorship allow the rest of us in favor of capital punishment to opt out?

One way to resolve the issue might be to pass the cost of internment onto the offender's nearest family, thereby bringing family pressures to bear on members. This was pretty much the method in "old Asia" and still goes on, to some degree, in India and China etc, e.g. you go to prison, your family has to feed you, or you die.

But is that fair on the family members who might have been the first victims?

But why should the rest of us pay for your "extreme liberal" indulgences?

I'd rather give my money to repairing and rebuilding the victims.

At the end of the day, it is a sort of eugenic streaming. Fair enough, you say it's an illness, say it has genetic roots, should humanity keep those genes around and in circulation?

Therefore, it would seem the rest of us would be best served by killing off, say, the top 1% and the bottom 10% ... but look at what happened the last times we tried that approach!

At the very least, it should be a quick and voluntary option offered to all criminals.

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I love it how the first concern certain individuals have for criminals that have murdered four bar managers or the cruel murder of a couple of two women is that "hanging is too sadistic".

I mean, remember the old say, "First time you kill a bar manager is an accident, the second time it is a mistake, but the third time is a habit".

Four times is just taking the ****.

Put it to a vote and you might find most think it is not sadistic enough!

There is a science behind hanging that has involved a long history of vivisection, e.g. the British did extensive studies on Nazi war criminals after WWII, so it can be pretty accurate. They don't just string them to a tree.

What techique does Japan use, long or short drop?

Funnily enough, the original concept of the design of the French guillotine was to make death as sure and as compassion as possible. Nothing more sure than separating one's head from one's body in a second.

Put me down for a yes on capital punishment and a yes for allow Japanese society to decide on its own requirements. Never understodd why the likes of Amnest International made a big fuss about it, nor why society should be lumbered with the costs of keeping such individuals alive for the rest of their rotten murderous lives.

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Posted in: NHK sorry over Hitler T-shirt worn by talk show guest See in context

Me too. They are spoiling every punchline on earth.

I will sign up to, or buy a ticket for, or product off, whichever company or VIP does NOT apologize to them the next time they find something "totally unacceptable".

And if you don't like that, can I just say, "how inappropriate I find that", so you can't say it first.

I would have bought one but it isn't even a Hitler t-shirt, it's a "Hitler-like T-shirt" with "no war" plastered over.

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Posted in: NHK sorry over Hitler T-shirt worn by talk show guest See in context

Someone better not tell these people about all the Hitler cats on the internet, or they will want to cull them off too.

I was just watching Conrad Vernon's latest animation Sausage Party, which is set in a food market, and it has a running joke about German sauerkraut want to "exterminate the Juice" and ends up with a Middle Eastern lavash buggering a "Sammy Bagel Jr".

It was made by Warner Brothers, and produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, all of which add up to as Jewish as you can get (because, as we all know, "The Juices Run Hollywood" too).

Since when was Japan swallowed up by the great politically correct whale ... or was it all just a mistake in translation, and the complainants were a couple of JAPs on a shopping holiday in Tokyo?

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Posted in: Question raised about timeline of Amelia Earhart documentary See in context

@Toasted Heretic

Ah, so the bodies weren't found - it has to be the Japanese what done it.

Obviously ... and they then must have burned the evidence too!

I've heard that Amelia Earhart must have died in Unit 'You-Know-What' and the fact that there is absolutely no evidence of it proves it !!!

And the Howland Island belong to Korea!!! Or it is China?

(Having gone a couple of rounds with these people, I can write all their posts for them).

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Posted in: Question raised about timeline of Amelia Earhart documentary See in context


I wouldn't be surprised if she and Noonan met their fate at the hands of Japanese captors as many historians believe.

I also wouldn't be surprised if previous Japanese governments destroyed any evidence that would bring that to life. It would be one more black eye on an already shameful war history

Sure ...

and anyone who denies it is an extreme Right Winger revionist who believes the Americans made then do it too?

But if Kota Yamano turns out to be right, will you sing the Kimigayo and apologize to the Emperor while bowing deeply (... because, of course, you know the Japanese never do).

I'm just amazed that no one's mentioned Unit 'You-What-What' here.

Jeez, some of you guys are stuck records.

The bit I found funny was, "it took Kota Yamano just 30 minutes to effectively debunk the documentary’s central claim".

The History Channel would have been spending at least $100,000 per hour to make the program.

At least now we understand the prevailing view of Japanese history ... no one in the West spend even 30 minutes actually researching their subject, or reads Japanese sufficient well to use Japanese language sources about it.

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Posted in: S Korea to build 'comfort women' museum in Seoul See in context

Firstly, it would not be possible to gain free and open access to the remaining prostitutes.

Seconly, what sort of inhuman would force 90 years to relive their experience of being sold by their parents?

And it is not necessary as they have already been interview many times over since before the issue was politicized by the nationalists.

All you need to do is read Professor Park's or Professor Chunghee Sarah Soh's books.

"When I was a history student, I interviewed dozens of Koreans who were born and raised in the Korean Peninsula in the 1920’s and 1930’s including my grandparents about comfort women.

According to what they witnessed, most Korean women were sold by their parents to Korean comfort station owners. There were also some women who were deceived by Korean traffickers. They never witnessed any Korean women coerced by the Japanese military.

Korean men, who had debts from alcohol, gambling and so on, sold their daughters to Korean comfort station owners who shouldered their debts. Each woman’s contract length was determined depending on the amount of debt the owner took over. Korean women were not allowed to leave until their debts were paid off. Any coercion, violence or confinement was exercised by Korean comfort station owners. So the Korean women were the sex slaves of Korean comfort station owners. They were not the sex slaves of the Japanese military. The common perception in the West that the Japanese military operated comfort stations is incorrect."

Bear in mind the young women could also leave if the PARENT or family paid off the debt.

If it was so terrible, why did they not?

What does this say about Korean family values at the time?

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Posted in: 3 former high school baseball team members arrested for forcing girl into prostitution See in context

@Michael Jackson

Forced? I doubt it. More likely she claimed being forced after her family found out ... Why wait until after 3? Because she still couldn't get enough for that LV bag after the boy-pimps took their cut.

Sadly, that's not far from the imaginable truth, but one ought to err on the side of caution in case she was one of those 'slow' girls.

If they had had any sense, they would have blackmailed the older guys instead and made much more money out of him.

The local Yaks ought to be giving these guys lessons.

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Posted in: S Korea to build 'comfort women' museum in Seoul See in context

the article isn't about "Prostitution" ...but about forced War-time "Sexual Slavery". Two completely different things.

No, that is where you are wrong. That is the fallacy that the Korean nationalists, and all the various Japan Hate mobs, are attempting to create.

This article is about these particular war time prostitutes in Korea and, actually, the activities of Chong Dae Hyup who we have discussed above.

Unlike all of you, Professor Park went to length of actually interviewing them and others.

Her conclusion was that actual cases of abuse were probably in the dozens and that it was, in essence, business as usually.

Basically all of the women who "testified" at the UN committee lied and fabricated, contradicting the many interviews they had given before.

What Park also found was that women who remained independent and were not coerced by Chong Dae Hyup.

Previously they had admitted on many ocassions that their parents had sold them.

Conditionally to Chong Dae Hyup's protection, they changed their story for the UN, to claim that the Japanese Army had abducted them.

Chong Dae Hyup are not a pro-women rights, anti-slavery, or pro-prostitute rights group, they are an anti-Japanese activist group. And they are using and manipulating these old ladies for their own political purposes.

As I reported earlier, that actually statue of a teenage girl was original intended for an anti-American campaign after the Americans killed two young girls in Korea. They were warned off doing so, and instead dragged it out for an anti-Japan campaign.

Their aims is to weaken the USA-Japan, USA-South Korea, Japan-South Korean relationship.

Understand that and you will understand the rest. They are North Korean communist sympathizers.

The title should be changed to "Pro Korean Activists to build 'comfort women' museum in Seoul".

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Posted in: China's Xi urges Japan to put aside distractions in relations See in context

And a map of the Senkakus.

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Posted in: China's Xi urges Japan to put aside distractions in relations See in context

And, presumably, he was carrying a copy of Mao's Little Red Book?

How China is rewriting the book on human origins

The Peking Man Delusion

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If a someone crashes into your car, can you sue the motor company for making the automible in the first place?

My experience of the Japanese military are immaterial, we have innumerable original documents that allow us to have a 'big picture view' right over the entire geography and history.

However, I am happy to admit that I was paid for sex by a married women once.

It was great. It did not hurt and I did not feel shameful afterwards. I laughed. I had sex and I got paid (actually it was more of a gift, or may be a guilt payment, because I did a good job, as we had no such contract first).

I also know an ex-prostitute and brothel owner. Not only is she excellent company but she herself admitted that one of the reasons she did was because she also enjoyed sex, and the freedom of the only high paying job her class and education would allow.

We can then look at the diaries of the comfort women and find exactly the same sentiments arising. Time and time again.

We can also find love affairs, camaraderie, and even marriages between the comfort women and the young soldiers - many of whom were in or just out of their teenages and, hence, hardly raping monsters.

For many, the experience was their one and only tender experience of a woman's love and they appreciated it greatly. Many of the reports from both sides are highly emotional.

Such ocurences could not have happened in the perverted picture the Japan Hate mob prefers.

But, historically, we know that they did.

So who is right and who is wrong.

You have to take on board all of the evidence.

Sadly, most of the war time prostitutes in Japan are dead now but there are many still alive who remember the comfort stations set up for the US Army when it arrived in Japan.

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Posted in: S Korea to build 'comfort women' museum in Seoul See in context

Yes, most of the remaining ones are not only lying but have been clearly and specifically proven to be lying, contradicting their earlier statements.

Many others lied purely for the sake of financial benefit and face saving.

They having been coached by the Communist/North Korea leaning Chong Dae Hyup.

This is well documented, when Chong Dae Hyup advertized for women to come forward, even it had to reject many of them because their claims were so unreliable.

Remove Chong Dae Hyup and the Korean nationalists, both in Korea and the US, and you would have a far more real and reasonable discussion.

Largely, Chong Dae Hyup's position has being destroyed by rational Korean feminists academics who reject chauvinist nationalism that has usurped the campaign for their own entirely separate political interest.

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Posted in: S Korea to build 'comfort women' museum in Seoul See in context

@ mmwkdw

Your analogy fails because the Japanese did not go about threatening, "[husbands], your Kids, your Parents, your Nephews, etc" to make women volunteer to become comfort women.

In some case, they were queuing up to.

You are portraying how gangster nations imagine how Japan is. In Japan it were just normal military procurement.

They advised a demand for specified services, received offered of supply, did their best to choose the most reliable offers (and refused many bad ones). The contractors did the rest.

I would say in outlying regions, e.g. from remote parts of Korea to Indonesia, there were cases when the "demand for services" went out to the local village headman and he supplied women. I suspect that were less reliable and, perhaps, he forced unmarried or widow women for the sake of the income. I reported a well documented example in S Korea where supply was motivated by the village wish to stop the rapes and violence by US servicemen.

But in all those cases, you need to accuse the individual who actually carried out the act as they were not representing Japan, nor Japan's interests.

They were acting outside of any official contracting.

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Posted in: S Korea to build 'comfort women' museum in Seoul See in context

Then why the purchase of all those Korean women, which you have gone to great lengths to tell us all about?

They weren't purchased, they were contracted.

And it was neither "to Japan", nor even the IJA.

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Posted in: S Korea to build 'comfort women' museum in Seoul See in context

@ Yoshi tsune

We are discussing legal responsibilities here, not economic trends.

And I would also argue that you cannot blame "Japan" because 53% of Japan was female and had no "demand" for foreign prostitutes. 20% were children and had no "demand" for foreign prostitutes, another 20% were beyond the age of having any interest in sex ... and we can assume that a certain percentage of adult males were either gay, Christian, strictly Buddhists, or happy in their marriages and so, consequently, and had no "demand" for foreign prostitutes.

What percentage does that leave? I'm down to single figures already.

Then we have to ask, what treated foreign prostitutes nicely and what treated foreign prostitutes badly? Let's say, for the sake of argument, 1/3 was bad customers.

Therefore, what percentage does that leave? 1/3rd of a single figure percentage. A few percent of Japan males? Does that seem fair?

In short, no more the number of abuse men or rapists in any nation and much less than, say, USA or Korea today.

Since when do a few percent or rapists define an entire nation?

No one was forced to supply.

No one was forced to offer themselves. Some were "forced, tricked and coerced" by others, and we have documented who, and that they were not contracted to do so.

Therefore, the responsibility is not the nation of Japan's.

There are no ground for collective or inherited guilt.


Someone, zichi it was, mentions Nakasone yet again. That's a bit of an own goal really.

Nakasone was responsible for setting up comfort stations in Balikpapan.

Interestingly, Ishibashi Nakazaburio, a Japanese civilian manager of one of them, was charged with kidnapping several Indonesia women and forcing them to render sexual services by the Dutch (who themselves had enslaved and prostituted Indonesian women before the war).

During the case, 3 of the so called "victims" appear as witnesses and actually testified against the Dutch prosecutors claiming that, thanks to Ishibashi, they had a good life during the War.

Ishibashi was found not guilty.

What zichi and the sources he uses are trying to do is exploit a "guilt by association" based on Judeo-Christian values about the shamefulness of sex and prostitution.

Japanese culture never found sex or "comfort" dirty or shameful in that way. It was and is a very clean society. It realized sex was part of human expression and managed it in a typically clean and ordered manner, even during a world war.

This is why I ask, what is your opinion of prostitution in general?

If you are disgusted by commercial sex, if you cannot believe that some women enjoy it, or voluntarily choose it as a profession, then you will have a difficult time looking at the entire issue rationally.

Comfort stations were not brothels. There were differences. Comfort stations were more like officers' clubs, or clubs for other contractors.

Yes, Asia was a chauvinist place back then. Some Asian nations still are.

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Sure ... and all Chinese are actually African descendants, so the Senkaku belongs to Ethiopia.

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