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Posted in: Railways to extend operating hours during 2020 Tokyo Olympics See in context

I have always suspected the reason the trains stop so early is Taxi industry payola !!!

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Posted in: Bathtub Cinema on Shibuya rooftop is Tokyo’s coolest stop for outdoor movies this summer See in context

Drinks on sale ? Where does one keep their money when in the tub ?

Yes, a set nomihodai price makes more sense that you pay from the beginning before putting your valuables and clothes in a locker.

Didn't anyone think this through ?

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I am NOT a Chiba Lotte Marines fan however I am a huge Bobby Valentine fan and if the owners of the Marines can not see what a great manager they have, it will be a huge loss to their organization. However Bobby won't be out of work for long I am sure of, he will either end up with one of the other teams here in Japan kicking the Marines butts with a revengeful pride or he will be back in the USA with a MLB team very, very quickly and be making even bigger money than he is asking to stay with the team that he loves. GO BOBBY !!!! Fan of his since he was a AAA Spokane Indians Minor Leaguer for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Roark Stephens

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Posted in: U.S. pays $40,000 to relatives of Afghan civilians killed in raid See in context

Let's see that works out to $2666 per person !!! Interesting dollar figure. I know the economy in Afghanistan is poor but does that make human life less valuable too ? I think Ex-president Bush should be tried for this and many other war crimes over his last 8 years, that would really show the world that even the USA is accountable for its wrong doings.

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Posted in: Would-be Japanese space tourist wants $21 million back See in context

I think he deserves this because if he REALLY wanted into space he should have said he would dress as Astro Boy.

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Posted in: Russian sumo wrestler denies marijuana use; wants new test See in context

Just checking, but when did Marijuana become a "Performance Enhancing Drug" ? ;> This smells like a skunk, pun intended.

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