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Posted in: China-backed trade pact gains momentum as Trump threatens to ditch TPP See in context

I personally dislike Donald Trump, but he offered a free trade deal to the UK, and will do to others. It's the unfair trade that costs US jobs that he will stand up against. Why should the US allow other countries to ravage US markets when the US has only limited access to those same protectionist markets? Check how many non-Japanese car factories exist in Japan, and check the latest rice and dairy tariffs here. Check China's overall protectionist stance on trade and its deliberate, long-term, excessive currency manipulation. Any trade agreement involving Japan and China will be even more laughable than the final version of TPP was. Any trade deal led by China will end up suiting China. Other Asian countries should back away from this, Japan included.

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Posted in: Japan seeks way out of Trump's bad books on trade See in context

Right, a long Excel sheet; how uniquely Japanese.

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Posted in: City tags dementia sufferers with barcodes See in context

They could easily be tagged with a wrist band and located using GPS. No need for barcodes.

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The Japanese aren't great at estimating are they? They don't have a lot of accuracy estimating economic growth, Olympics, tax takes, Fukushima clean-up bills etc. Given that tens of thousands of them sitting around in bureaucracies all day every day estimating things, the accuracy rate is rather worrying. Couldn't they just fire all these estimators and save a fortune of our tax on unnecessary wages for their estimating task forces? The bills for the bureaucracy are the biggest waste of the lot, and that's saying something.

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Posted in: The regulations will make our business operations impossible. Why does the government plan to impose restrictions that could lead to the closing of small shops in local areas ahead of the Games? See in context

Patricia Yarrow, may i join you? I almost never go out anywhere because I don't want to choke on smoke.

Smoking is a filthy, smelly, disgusting, unhealthy addiction, that kills you and those around you and it's time smokers were stopped from inflicting this on everyone else. In Japan, around 15,000 deaths a year are linked to passive smoking. That is 15,000 people die young because selfish drug addicts deliberately poison them. How is there even a discussion? If 15,000 people were shot dean in Japan every year, there would be an outcry. But 15,000 people slowly poisoned to death every year, and if you object you're apparently selfish. Again, how is there even a discussion? Ban the product completely.

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Posted in: Court upholds deportation order for Thai teenager born and raised in Japan See in context

Most of the non-Japanese I know do not have health insurance or pension. Those with multiple jobs often never full income tax rates either. The system is ludicrous. Depending on which company you work for, you can be stung for full taxes, pensions that you can't receive because you can't pay in for 25 years, and Japan's crappy 70% health insurance, or you can avoid the lot. My best friend here earns a million yen a year more than I do, avoids paying income taxes and gets charged withholding taxes at lower rates, and also avoids national health and pension, instead paying 17,000 yen per month for full Interglobal cover. I pay well over double the taxes he does on a lower income than his. Fact is, Japan does not do fair or nice, as this kid is finding out. Japan is a country packed full of incomprehensible antiquated laws and ridiculous multi-tiered systems that screw over some and not others based on a bizarre set of existing bad laws they won't change. The fact is this kid is illegal because both his parents were illegal. The law says he has to leave, so this court returns that verdict. Personally I would let him stay and become a much-needed tax payer, but that's not the law unfortunately.The laws don't deal with common sense, not when it comes to salaries, tax rates, pensions, healthcare, and definitely not when it comes to immigration.

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Posted in: My girlfriend told me, if this is all I make, we can’t get married, we can’t have children. Honestly, it was pretty shocking to think about. See in context

If she had said "we", it would make sense. Raising families is far more sensible with some financial security. If all she wants is for hubby to make lots of money while she avoids work and goes off to ikebana, tea ceremony and eikaiwa classes, dump her and find someone else.

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Posted in: Abe says TPP would be 'meaningless' without U.S. See in context

Well, if the Japanese hadn't used the usual Japanese tactic of delaying the agreement for years on end until everyone else finally gave up and said okay to Japan's protectionist demands, the TPP would have been signed and sealed years ago while Obama had the power to do it. There is really nothing in the final TPP agreement for America. It would have meant more unfettered access to US markets at the cost of more US jobs, with nothing much offered in return from multi-layered protectionist countries like Japan. And it was all done to protect the aging Japanese farmers, because Abe relies on the wonky vote from rural Japan to repeatedly return his government. So having done all he could to prevaricate and remove as much free trade as possible from the agreement, Abe has made sure the agreement will never be signed. Trump has been elected on a ticket of protecting America's interests. This is his first act. I dislike him, but I completely agree with him about scuppering TPP. There is nothing in this for America.

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Posted in: Up to 40% of Japanese men can’t sleep because of work stress See in context

After the working day, most have long commutes spent staring at smart phones. Looking at screens late in the evening affects sleep, so it's probably not just work stress, it's probably night time routine mixed in with this.

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Posted in: Which professions, other than politics, do you think have the biggest liars? See in context

Receptionists in eikaiwa schools must top the list.

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Posted in: Nov 11 - It's Pocky and Pretz Day See in context

Yeah, "On the 11th day, at the 11th hour, we will eat Pocky" just doesn't work.

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Posted in: Clinton, Trump warn of dire consequences if rival wins See in context

How did the democratic party manage to put forward the only candidate in America even capable of losing an election to a man like Donald Trump? They're both war mongers, and neither of them even remotely fit for the presidency.

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Scrote, yep, this has Abe written all over it. When vowing, insisting and urging fails, it's time to re-interpret or just make stuff up.

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Posted in: IOC, Koike to set up 4-party review panel on 2020 Olympic costs See in context

Hello Alfie,

Loved your stories from the north. Japan only has the Olympics because if their "estimate" of the cost, their "compact" bid, and the fact that their main rivals either had no money or were insecure due to Islamic insurgency. The IOC should have no ability at this stage to bully Japan into spending 29 billion dollars and rising on their 8 billion dollar Olympics.

Koike to J. Gov: "Let's split the fee..."

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Posted in: Post-Brexit, Britain may need 'Hotel California' model See in context

Voted remain myself but there was a strong economic argument for Brexit. Europe is in decline. Check youth unemployment in Greece and Spain and be afraid. Europe as a trading block has the lowest growth of all similar blocks. Many commonwealth nations are on the up. The world's 3 biggest economies are not European and the UK can now have closer relations with other powers. Britain can easily forge strong relationships with up-and-coming economies too, whilst still maintaining links with Europe. I support the EU, but even I can see that membership of the EU has not protected us from e.g. Chinese steel imports. The destruction of Welsh industries by e.g. China led to Wales voting leave. Where was the EU support? Where was the power in being part of the EU? Where was the safety in numbers? Where were the barriers against a nation like China dumping all over European interests?

I am sure plenty of racists voted for Brexit, but most did not vote leave out of racism. Anyway, Britain will not really leave the EU in our lifetimes. There will be an amicable separation of sorts in a few years from now, but no divorce. Don't forget that over 48% of us supported remain. The country is quite evenly divided on this issue still and there will be compromise once the dust settles. I hate Theresa May, but I believe she will be able to negotiate the amicable separation that both UK and Europe need for a more prosperous future.

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Posted in: World’s first Monster Slider coming to Japan in July See in context

Mocheake, yeah, before attempting to enter some water so packed you can only stand up in it and get sunburnt. Far cooler at home with an air-con on, or in a department store.

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Posted in: Abe instructs Finance Ministry to keep close eye on currency markets See in context

Oh well, at least he didn't urge him to. He only instructed this time.

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Posted in: Brexit shock more bad news for Abe See in context

Because Abe's only policies have ever been currency manipulation to help big exporters, and yen-printing to gift money to his own support base. The Nikkei has fallen apart, costing a fortune to the government due to Abe increasing the exposure of pension funds. There is a huge cash shortfall due to that stupid idea, and the yen had been strengthening anyway, regardless of events in Europe. One poster (I think it was farmboy) called this several years ago, when many like me thought the yen would weaken forever. Brexit hasn't wrecked Abe's policies, Abe's policies were already a wreck. Here's hoping for Abexit sometime soon.

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Posted in: Global markets plunge as Britain votes to leave EU See in context

I don't understand all the worries about the weaker pound. This will help the UK export more easily, if it even remains this way for more than a few months. Currency manipulation is about the only policy Japan has and the whole country thinks a weaker currency is great for trade.

This exit vote is the fault of EU arrogance. The UK tried to state its case to the EU for a better deal and got told to sod off. The UK is/was the second biggest net contributor to the EU, but the EU gave Cameron the finger and sent him back to London with nothing. So now we will sod off. Absolute stupidity from Brussels.

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Posted in: Fewer Japanese seek marriage amid worries over income: poll See in context

kohakuebisu, correct on all counts. Japan has to modernize. The 1980s are over. My wife won't work though, nor will most of her friends. They just sit around on their increasingly fat backsides complaining about how little money the men bring in. No wonder fewer men want to marry. They are all very aware of this problem. The school system and idiotic scheduling of classes and days off creates havoc for working mums too. Why on earth does anyone need a PTA army? Mums taking days off to watch plays at kindergartens etc., knowing they'll be ostracized if they don't show up? The whole society still seems to think women should not be working and men should earn a fortune, even though we all know that blokes have less money than they used to and less job security. Women need to be able to take jobs and the whole country needs to adapt to the times. But Japan doesn't do "change". It's the c-word.

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Posted in: Brexit campaigning suspended after 'Remain' MP shot dead See in context

There was a similar event in Cheltenham UK 16 years ago, where the liberal MP Nigel Jones was attacked and a colleague of his named Andrew Pennington was killed by a mentally unstable constituent who burst into his office armed with a sword:


This is probably a similar case of a mentally unhinged individual with a serious grudge against his elected member. It's horrific, but it has happened before, and will no-doubt happen again. The individual who murdered Jo Cox favoured Brexit, and in 2000 another individual was upset about home repossession, but there is no conspiracy here. Jo Cox was a good MP who cared deeply for others. She didn't deserve this, and neither did her family.

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Posted in: 34% of Japanese men afraid of their female colleagues, according to recent poll See in context

In my office it is Japanese women who most fear Japanese women. Especially the working mums on normal shifts, who live in terror of the next move by the unmarriable spinsters to put yet more pressure on their existences. It's only the blokes in the office who don't feel terrorised by the women, and the men are a real minority where I work. It's quite stunning to work in a room full of Japanese women and watch just how nasty some of them are behind each other's backs. It's a real eye-opener, especially for foreign guys who think J girls are all sweetness and light. If I were a Japanese guy, I'd be wary of them. Not afraid of them though, just wary.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor submits resignation effective June 21 See in context

Well, I hope he's also going to be arrested, charged with theft, found guilty and sent to prison.

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Yeah, I don't understand why an ambassador is summoned because a ship from his nation was found being near somewhere claimed by Japan. This actually means the vessel was in international waters. I own a property, but I can't summon the Japanese government to express my concerns when a Japanese person walks near my house. These ships are allowed to sail in waters "contiguous' to Japan.

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Posted in: Tokyo curry restaurant refuses to serve any customer with a strong tobacco odor See in context

Mary Hinge, smokers are generally unaware of how bad they smell. They don't even get how bad an ashtray smells as all their senses have been killed off by smoke. I won't hire smokers in my company anymore. Anyone who comes in reeking of cigarettes can go and work somewhere else. I don't want to have to smell them in my office or have their noxious odors inflicted on my clientele.

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Posted in: The IOC executive board has backed the proposed inclusion of baseball-softball, surfing, karate, sport climbing and skateboarding for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Which sports would you like to see includ See in context

albaleo, thumbs up, agreed; just bloody swim quick. We don't have Olympic 3-legged races or Olympic hopping.

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Posted in: Missing Hokkaido boy found alive in SDF hut in forest after 6 days See in context

This is a wonderful piece of news. I often check this site, only to find the next horror story or the next piece of doom and gloom. It's fantastic to find such good news here.

I hope this family, and all families everywhere learn the lesson on how precious children are. I also hope this little fellow lives a long, happy life and receives a reward for his ingenuity and bravery.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor apologises again for spending on luxury hotels, pajamas See in context

Thieves aren't given the option to pay back money they stole and avoid arrest and court appearances in other walks of life. This man is a thief, who has helped himself to public money. He needs to be arrested, charged and prosecuted, just like other thieves would be.

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Posted in: Abe postpones sales tax hike until October 2019 See in context

What does this mean for ten-year minimum pensions? Indefinite postponement?

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Posted in: Man arrested over hit-and-run death of woman in Kanagawa See in context

Aly Rustom, actually it's quite easy, if you've drunk enough.

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