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kohakuebisu, correct on all counts. Japan has to modernize. The 1980s are over. My wife won't work though, nor will most of her friends. They just sit around on their increasingly fat backsides complaining about how little money the men bring in. No wonder fewer men want to marry. They are all very aware of this problem. The school system and idiotic scheduling of classes and days off creates havoc for working mums too. Why on earth does anyone need a PTA army? Mums taking days off to watch plays at kindergartens etc., knowing they'll be ostracized if they don't show up? The whole society still seems to think women should not be working and men should earn a fortune, even though we all know that blokes have less money than they used to and less job security. Women need to be able to take jobs and the whole country needs to adapt to the times. But Japan doesn't do "change". It's the c-word.

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There was a similar event in Cheltenham UK 16 years ago, where the liberal MP Nigel Jones was attacked and a colleague of his named Andrew Pennington was killed by a mentally unstable constituent who burst into his office armed with a sword:


This is probably a similar case of a mentally unhinged individual with a serious grudge against his elected member. It's horrific, but it has happened before, and will no-doubt happen again. The individual who murdered Jo Cox favoured Brexit, and in 2000 another individual was upset about home repossession, but there is no conspiracy here. Jo Cox was a good MP who cared deeply for others. She didn't deserve this, and neither did her family.

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In my office it is Japanese women who most fear Japanese women. Especially the working mums on normal shifts, who live in terror of the next move by the unmarriable spinsters to put yet more pressure on their existences. It's only the blokes in the office who don't feel terrorised by the women, and the men are a real minority where I work. It's quite stunning to work in a room full of Japanese women and watch just how nasty some of them are behind each other's backs. It's a real eye-opener, especially for foreign guys who think J girls are all sweetness and light. If I were a Japanese guy, I'd be wary of them. Not afraid of them though, just wary.

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Well, I hope he's also going to be arrested, charged with theft, found guilty and sent to prison.

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Yeah, I don't understand why an ambassador is summoned because a ship from his nation was found being near somewhere claimed by Japan. This actually means the vessel was in international waters. I own a property, but I can't summon the Japanese government to express my concerns when a Japanese person walks near my house. These ships are allowed to sail in waters "contiguous' to Japan.

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Mary Hinge, smokers are generally unaware of how bad they smell. They don't even get how bad an ashtray smells as all their senses have been killed off by smoke. I won't hire smokers in my company anymore. Anyone who comes in reeking of cigarettes can go and work somewhere else. I don't want to have to smell them in my office or have their noxious odors inflicted on my clientele.

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Posted in: The IOC executive board has backed the proposed inclusion of baseball-softball, surfing, karate, sport climbing and skateboarding for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Which sports would you like to see includ See in context

albaleo, thumbs up, agreed; just bloody swim quick. We don't have Olympic 3-legged races or Olympic hopping.

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Posted in: Missing Hokkaido boy found alive in SDF hut in forest after 6 days See in context

This is a wonderful piece of news. I often check this site, only to find the next horror story or the next piece of doom and gloom. It's fantastic to find such good news here.

I hope this family, and all families everywhere learn the lesson on how precious children are. I also hope this little fellow lives a long, happy life and receives a reward for his ingenuity and bravery.

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Thieves aren't given the option to pay back money they stole and avoid arrest and court appearances in other walks of life. This man is a thief, who has helped himself to public money. He needs to be arrested, charged and prosecuted, just like other thieves would be.

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What does this mean for ten-year minimum pensions? Indefinite postponement?

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Aly Rustom, actually it's quite easy, if you've drunk enough.

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Farmboy, usually true, but not my father-in-law's case this weekend unfortunately. Someone snuck into his place on Saturday and relieved him of 1.1 million yen of his savings. No one has a right to enter anyone's house uninvited. The Japanese are generally great, but there is the occasional criminal here too.

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sfjp330, to answer your question, my neighbour falls into the category of people I know and answer the door to! The local newspaper salesman does not.

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Unless it's someone you know or a delivery, why open the door? My house is mine, as is my free time. I don't have to waste any of it dealing with people who want to try and sell me something I don't want, annoy me with some silly introduction to their idiot religion or try and bill me for something I don't want or use. It's mainly NHK, newspaper sales, internet packages, JWs or con-men. We owe it to everyone to not answer our doors and let them waste their time. We also owe it to everyone to be extremely rude and aggressive on the phone with all cold-callers. The next person who tries to sell me a grave on a Sunday evening is going to get the full English.

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Japan's attempt to organize the Olympics, fail staggeringly to get anything right or even decide a stadium or logo without looking stupid, watch the costs fly up, then see the bribery cases unfold is many, many times more entertaining than any Olympic event could ever be. I think we should thank Japan for having made this such a comedy event from the get-go.

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Japanese officials, illicit payments and bribes. Surely not...

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Another pizza company named Big Willy's had a "come on pizza" campaign. I thought that was brilliant and probably deliberate.

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The EU was designed to protect EU countries from non-EU countries like Japan. Why would e.g. the UK continue to contribute 11.3 billion euros a year to be part of the EU if a country like Japan can enter a free-trade agreement without making any such contributions? The Germans pay even more. Why would they want Japan to have the same trade advantages in the EU as Germany does, without any charge? The Japanese will protect all their politically-sensitive industries, particularly farming and use a massive range of non-tariff barriers at all times, same as usual. So this will be a trade agreement, touted incorrectly as a free-trade agreement, and probably with nothing like the range of TPP, which is also not a genuine free-trade agreement.


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zurcronium, sports day is worse than useless and beyond torture. Kids spend weeks and weeks in training for this stupid, boring event, then they all troop off to juku to learn what they might have learned at school if only the school had an educational function. Kids drop with heat exhaustion and risk serious injury for the amusement of their parents and grand parents, who have just this one chance a year to show off their latest tech, and for the egos of their teachers. Sports day encompasses everything that is wrong with the country in about 8 stunningly boring hours.

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sangetsu03, man, you really do know your stuff. kowaicoffee too. The company structure is rigid almost to the point of being feudal. Tokyo Labor Standards has a law that says no one has to work more than 45 hours per week, but the country is semi-feudal, and company demands always trump Labor Standard law. If abused workers go to Labor standards, they usually win the case. But "winning" means a company gives you a small payment and you're a goner. Other companies then won't hire you and the awful specter of contract employment beckons. The whole country is so terrified of Japan Inc. that most kids go to a juku from the age of about 7 and the families spend the only money they have on education. This means they have nothing to spend on domestic consumption, which is part of the economic challenge the country faces. The education system only serves to perpetuate this vicious cycle. So way too many people die at their desks, end up with mental issues, jump in front of trains or just live in misery. It's horrendous and it won't change on any of our life times.

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cleo, agreed, but we are all going to be told we can't receive the pensions we're paying for if we're under about 50 at the moment. Or that we won't get them until we're 75 but will be retired at 60. Plenty of recipients actually never paid a penny for their pensions, but that's besides the point I suppose.

Ghost rider, good point. My shakai-hoken is going up yet again despite it not being officially a tax increase, which it obviously is. This seems to happen every year and no one seems to see it as a tax increase.

Useless LDP policies continue unabated. More money for bureaucrats and concrete, same as always. Yet more debt for our children to somehow cope with. And the rural elderly will re-elect this idiot again, so we're stuck with the same failed policies for years to come. How depressing.

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I work with 14 women. When I check what they're doing, it is nearly always some idiot project or some mindless piece of paperwork pushed on them by management to give them something to be assessed on so that their bonuses can be calculated etc. It's that or Excel sheets that don't need to be made, projects that will never earn a single yen, lengthy meetings that don't need to be set or attended, assessments that are never followed up with any training and so on and so forth. Not all, but some of these women complain bitterly if someone takes maternity leave because the tasks fall on them, but the reality is that Japanese offices are full of non-work. If the Japanese put some of the non-work to one side and got on with the work, there would be no problem covering those on maternity leave, off sick, on holiday and every other thing that is normal elsewhere. The offices here would be massively overstaffed if people just got on and did the work they need to do instead of all the staggering time-wasting that goes on. All that is needed is some proper management and some basic efficiency, but this is absolutely resisted at all times by the same kind of person who complains if anyone takes leave. And when anyone is off to take care of a sick child, they have to use paid leave days here, which Misato has the same entitlement to as anyone else. I hope she's made up. If not, she's a nut case.

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Happily, I've never heard of her.

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Why though? Why did anyone even think Mr. Abe was going to do anything useful? He was PM for a year in 2006-2007 and was worse than useless then too. Why the confidence when a failed right-wing PM with no talent gets the top job again through a farcical old boys network and carries on the same drivel from a decade earlier? His only policy has been currency manipulation and even that no longer works. The only other thing he does is give money to his own supporters so they'll vote for him again and carry on supporting him. Was this honestly a reason for great confidence to a company the size of Shiseido?

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Madame Riri is really writing a gossip column for Japanese women about marriages to westerners. If anyone anywhere really insists on inflicting every weird aspect of their own culture, food, education system, family and funeral arrangements on someone else, the best advice is to marry someone from the same country you are from.

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Posted in: Would you like to see Donald Trump become the next U.S. president? See in context

Anyone but Hillary Clinton please, with the possible exception of Donald Trump.

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Abe has done nothing at all to help women in the work place. His new law only asks companies to set targets, which will mean even more paperwork, projects and meetings for the male-dominated workforce to waste its time on. The law Japan needs is one that says women must be re-employed by the same company in the same conditions they left in the event of child birth, and that bans gender discrimination with regard to pay and promotion completely. Abe has no interest in this type of law. He doesn't care about women and he doesn't want them to compete with men, he just wants them to do crappy jobs on awful pay so that Japan won't need more unskilled immigrants.

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The problem with masks is the talismanic effect. Japanese people appear to think that if they wear a cheap bit of gauze, they can continue to work with influenza and not spread it. This is (of course) total rubbish. The country is full of people who go to work knowing they are sick and deliberately spread their illnesses. Without the mask, they would probably not do this, making the mask one of the main causes of the annual epidemics. Posters can say masks are better than nothing, and all things being equal they might be. But when you understand that Japanese culture thrives on appearances and that turning up to work sick as a dog wearing a silly bit of gauze is seen as being a good thing, this epidemic will happen every year. The proof that masks are basically useless is the fact that despite their prevalence, there is a flu epidemic every year. You can blame the user, incorrect use etc., but it doesn't change the fact that there is always a flu epidemic despite the hefty mask use. Government advice should be that everyone who feels sick should stay home and that companies should supply paid sick days. They don't though, so sick people want to go to work or they lose their limited annual leave. The policy is therefore "wear a mask", which does little to stop the spread and helps encourage sick people to go out into public places, making the advice utterly stupid.

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Maybe someone should kick him in the bollocks really hard, just for a joke. He probably learns this type of humour from Japanese TV shows, which are about as funny as a massive kick in the bollocks.

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