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Posted in: World's 'largest aircraft' gets off ground See in context

I love it. We got one planet folks if it means xboxes and playstations arrive 2 weeks later then release im fine with it.

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Posted in: N. Korea says US sanctions on leader 'a declaration of war' See in context

Yawn, and if they declare war..... what will they do really. Anything beyond conventional means will mean their total obliteration.

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Posted in: China criticizes Japan over "dangerous" jet scramble See in context

Move a japanese warshrines to the Senkakku's that should take tention out of the area..

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Posted in: Islamic State car bomb in Iraqi capital kills 115 See in context

@drLucifer. You are right, If this had happened in Canada, The UK, France, USA,Japan a different response would have been seen, but first lets Identify a few things.

1) IN the above mentioned countries, If something of this sort had happened, Real Government action would take place, specialized, trained units would seek out, try to prevent further acts, and if such specialised units could not be found in said country, the other countries mentioned would lend these units out. 2) Western, European and some Asian relationships are actually held in great regard and nurtured, where as in Iraq I suspect even the most ardent of Catholics are inclined not to go give a hand for fear of the target assassinations by these so called holy warriors. 3) At some point The middleast and most of it's people will realize how they have lost the trust of the world when it comes to their claims of persecution, religion and tolerance for others. 4) Eventually people will stop caring altogether, which makes the victims this day truly lost. 5)I am sure we have all heard phrases like..."why are we helping there when we should be helping our own country?" At what point does holding out a hand in aid only to have it chopped off, become finally the last straw and foreign aid and response dissipates with it.

In short, once these countries can guarantee the safety of their own subjects and the safety of others, and when the people in those countries actually have a say in their destinies, that is the day the response will be the same.

Its a shame. So many in Iraq are good honest people, people that need help, being tainted by the rotten apples of a bad group.

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Posted in: Canada PM Trudeau says no to ransoms See in context

If your father was being held you'd feel differently.

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Posted in: Indian girls aged 2 and 5 'gang-raped' in New Delhi: police See in context

Clearly the laws in place have no deterrent effect. The populace is not scared of the legal ramifications. I suggest the mothers and fathers of these victimized women start forming vengeance groups. With dull machetes.

" If the law cannot deliver safety to it's people then the law must be swept aside to accommodate the greater self of a nation or it's people." -Socrates-

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Posted in: Thai police say detained man is Bangkok bomber seen on CCTV See in context

Well Thailand will kill him. hopefully he is guilty though.

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Posted in: Woman's body found in bay in Kanagawa See in context

I hope this woman is at peace and I hope this woman will have justice in the end.

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Posted in: No room for gays in Kenya, says deputy president See in context

That is exactly what it means Illyas, although then you'd be classifying these people as sick or mentally different. but meh. I say let us all live in peace.

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Posted in: One tanker attacked in Southeast Asia every two weeks: piracy watchdog See in context

If current laws cannot protect these merchant ships then obviously merchant ships need to protect themselves. The East Indian Trading Company, Hung over 800 pirates globally. It taught the Pirates not to so easily plunder the holds of unarmed trading vessels. All merchant ships should have armed forces members to protect their interests, these soldiers should be provided by the country these ships are registered to. Unfortunetly many ships are registered to Lower naval taxed countries so they dont have to pay certain fee's. COugh cough Belgium, Russia, China, Malaysia.

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Posted in: More than 100 lawmakers visit Yasukuni shrine See in context

I think paying respect to the dead is a honorable thing to do. Not all commemorated at the shrine were evil.

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Posted in: Detained Canadian teens charged over terror threat See in context

As a Canadian I am shocked to hear of this. They should be sentenced to life in jail. or handed over to a family griving for loss of a family member to terrorism..

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Posted in: Gunmen attack university in Kenya, killing 15 See in context

Who is making and providing these weapons to these savages

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Posted in: Report says one pilot locked out of cockpit before Germanwings crash See in context

I'd be interested to know the remaining pilots name

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Posted in: Uber drivers assaulted in Belgium See in context

Well where I live to travel on a highway for 5 km costs 36$. The market always dictates profitabilty. perhaps the governments need to lessen the costs to these taxi drivers.

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Posted in: Gunmen kill 13 bus passengers in Afghanistan See in context

Attacking civilians, murdering them one by one. Can we really think of these madmen as anything other then criminals that need to be run down?

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Posted in: Myanmar border conflict riles China See in context

War with China. I am so sick of war!

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Posted in: Body of missing 6-year-old Toyonaka boy found in pond See in context

It is a sad thing. as for why they didn't find him sooner, well a drowned body will often stay under water until gasses inside the body start to build up due to decomposition thereby lifting the body and causing it to float.

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Posted in: Suicide bombers kill 14 people outside Pakistani churches See in context

Disgusting cowards. Where are these guys getting these explosives?

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Posted in: N Korea fires seven missiles into sea See in context

Lol. Shouldn't NK be saving what little refined equipment for their super stocked grocery stores.

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Posted in: Teacher accidentally shows porn to students See in context

I cant believe this makes the news.

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Posted in: Toyama man awarded damages after being cleared of rape charges See in context

Those women should spend some time in jail. but then again it was the state that condemned this man so I dont know. Those women were victims too.

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Posted in: Accused rapist dragged from prison and killed by Indian mob See in context

I always like to see the peoples justice in action

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Posted in: Chad president vows to wipe out Boko Haram See in context

Wiping them out. Finally a plan and I agree to it.

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Posted in: Canada to appeal ruling quashing face veil ban See in context

Simply stated, Canadians don't want offensive ideology brought from areas that have been flooded in controversy. Im with Canada on this take off the veil.

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Posted in: Radical scholar provided Japan with channel to IS at hostage crisis peak See in context

It is terrible, and no doubt blame will fall on a group of people, whether the government or the reporters themselves for being there. I still firmly believe ISIS is solely responsible. All people involved with Isis need to be deported to Syria and banned from returning. Why on earth would you want to make them stay.

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Posted in: Kanye West slams Beck's Grammy win See in context

Surely anyone criticizing West is a racist..... A person who doesn't care about black people.

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Posted in: N Korea refuses U.S. talks; vows 'final doom' See in context

8 well placed nuclear missile strikes in North Korea will ensure South Korea's safety and indeed the worlds! If the North Korean people don't oust this monster nuclear hell fire will have to do it!

This state is nuclear armed, it kidnaps other countries citizens, Uses terrorist attacks blowing up planes or hacking networks. threatens US existence and how long before they sell a nuke to ISIS another state of crazed warmongering fanatics.

I know I sound harsh But seriously, can dialogue solve this I think not.

here come the thumbs down.

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Posted in: Man arrested for drugging, raping over 100 women in fake clinical study See in context

I have no words that express how shocked i am. Are Japanese women that trusting? I mean a newspaper add. THen to hotels and hot springs???

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Posted in: Hostage families in limbo with no word from Islamic State See in context

I am so shook up by these events, Sitting here feeling tear freely forming. Just imagining the desperate pleas and position these families have been forced into. I pray for the families.

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