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Posted in: Indonesia rejects clemency appeals; ready to execute 7 foreigners See in context

I feel sorry for everyone involved but, You should know the risks of such actions when going to other countries. My only fear is that some of these might actually be innocent.

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Posted in: Islamic State issues new threat via Goto to kill Jordanian pilot See in context

This is so disgusting

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Posted in: The Zawachin look See in context

I think she got the make up right actually I looked online ans comparing the two seems pretty close

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Posted in: China to hold military parade to 'frighten Japan' See in context

I wonder how other nations can have any possible tie to this nation of thugs.

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Posted in: Abe calls 24-hour hostage deadline despicable See in context

I'd release her and Track her. of course shortly there after have a drone even the odds a bit.

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Posted in: Japan awaits news of hostages as deadline passes See in context

I suspect these poor men are dead which would explain the silence. I hope it isn't so but when it comes to these monsters. They dont seem to bluff.

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Posted in: Attack me if you dare, Boko Haram chief taunts 'African kings' See in context

This man has hundreds of child sex slaves form those kidnapped school girls Enough reason to ensure the slowest most painful end one could imagine. These pigs need to be reminded of the way it really is. How can the mid east and Africa be so messed up. But let me guess its the west's fault again.

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Posted in: Topless page 3 returns to Britain's The Sun See in context

Japangal. The difference. is that most western papers are held back. Japanese Magazine are often on the forefront of change.

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Posted in: Japan says it is looking at all possible ways to free hostages See in context

Democratic non arab countries should make it illegal to go to Africa and Arabian lands. Once all the civilians are out send in the troops

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Posted in: Hackers announce 'World War III' on Twitter See in context


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Posted in: Indonesia to execute 5 foreigners for drug offenses See in context

Well Indonesia is known for its Anti drug stance. While capital punishment seems severe, the government there obviously wants to tell the outside world and foreigners that they are serious about this stance. Remember some people dont recognize labels and billboards and messages.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of ex-girlfriend See in context

I know people want to blame the J cops but I dont think they have the ability to know what is happening everywhere. Did the mother call the police as the daughter went to her ex's? I hate to say it but Japanese girls need to not trust ex Japanese partners. For that matter no girl should openly trust an ex partner if they have signs of distress. its always best to be safe and do such things with a friend with them.

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Posted in: South Korea activist arrested for praising North See in context

Well at least Park doesn't have a Harem and hasn't executed an uncle or a relative because they had a growing popularity. Though I must confess deportation of these people for publicly expressing their views seems a tad overkill.

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Posted in: China bristles at Japanese defense minister's remarks See in context

@japangal Please ignore the sensationalist members in this forum. According to their logic Americans today are still responsible for slavery. While I personally feel strongly on the crimes of the Japanese regime during the events of WWII. I believe two cities blown to dust, massive casualties, regional influence loss. and Countless apologies have atoned that sin.

Something else to consider. We are talking about events 80 years ago. when the last person alive during the events of WWII is dead the apology train will hopefully be derailed. I cannot fathom apologizing for something I did not do, or for the actions of a generation ago.

it would be like asking the Chinese to apologize for the then Mongol invasions. Ridiculous

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Posted in: 200 rally in Tokyo to honor Paris victims See in context

I daresay whether you are against the satire nation of the Charlie Hebdo prints or just responding to a cry against terrorism or honoring the victims of such attacks, the key thing is the principle of unity people are now showing across the globe. While other disgusting events are taking place in Africa, at least a small measure of international bonding is taking place.

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Posted in: French massacre suspects cornered with hostage; say they want to die as martyrs See in context

Well, Paris has changed because of this, it may not be safe for islam in that country

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Posted in: Police strengthen patrols around French Embassy, other buildings See in context

I'm personally worried about when reprisals come. When will mosques be stormed and heinous crimes committed in these places

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Posted in: Pakistani forces kill 77 militants See in context

Wow Pakistani action only after a massacre. Now the politicians better be acting before the parents and familes of those slain children act instead.

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Posted in: How Kim Jong Un became the target of 'The Interview' See in context

If North Korea were to sink in the ocean then the movie could be released

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Posted in: Man held for camera voyeurism in first arrest under new child porn law See in context

While I don't care to know this man's obsessions, Clearly he is a victim in this case. As is this girl he has taken photos of. I think perhaps he can be charged with harassment but child pornography? I don't see how he is guilty of that crime? Was she naked and performing sexual acts on this public train while he captured media of her??

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Posted in: Taliban kill 126 in Pakistan school attack See in context

Its a terrible thing. Unfortunately we are beyond "Bush was right!" All we can do is take moral stock of the situation these Arab worlds are in and support the elimination of these violent Sects that do not represent Arab society as a whole. That these acts are the height of gross criminality is beyond question. I hope the authorities route out these extremists and put an end to their war mongering.

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Posted in: Four polio vaccinators shot dead in Pakistan See in context

When will we learn to pull everyone out of that part of the world, use our domestic resources of cruse and let them fend for themselves.

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Posted in: Sony takes hard look at streaming after Taylor Swift snub See in context

I have no sympathy for artists. they make millions of dollars live a lifestyle dreamed about by millions. Like hockey players football baseball ect.. grown adults getting paid millions of dollars to chase a piece of rubber on ice, field, court... garbage men should be paid that or kfc customer service representatives in Harlem, those are the real heroes.

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Posted in: 4 killed in Jerusalem synagogue attack See in context

This is terrible. i am in favor of isolationism. obviously Jews and Arabs cannot live together. separate them. As you would violent criminals in society.

sometimes boundaries cannot be overcome.

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Posted in: Islamic State beheading plot shakes Australia See in context

Its sad but eventually Western countries will deny immigration to all Muslims just out of fear of keeping their own citizens safe. What a story state we are in. If i had my way i'd pull all assets and interests out of the middle east and let them have each other, we can go back in a 1000 years ans see if they have matured. It's a heavy handed solution but one that a politician will eventually come to.

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Posted in: TV announcer Mariko Oe to marry Monex billionaire Oki Matsumoto See in context

i'm with ryuusei. I can see why this old man find this girl lovely. and im fine with it. who cares what happens though. as long as they found mutual love and understanding in the time they have.

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Posted in: TV announcer Mariko Oe to marry Monex billionaire Oki Matsumoto See in context

if i was him i'd agree... she is crazy hot... oh has similar interests i am sure

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Posted in: China rereleases Japanese war crimes 'confessions' - again See in context

It would be nice if japan could pull some resources together and get some Tibetans to tell their story.. perhaps release those volumes for the price of on the house/

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Posted in: Porn queens raise Y5 mil for AIDS charity at 'Boob Aid' See in context

Seriously though if jihadist ever threatened Japan,it's people or anything at all for that matter, I predit thousands of westerners marching against Isis..

And thank you ladies 20 000$ may seem small to some people but in an 8 hour period that is holy shit balls awesome

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Posted in: Stallone hopes to film next 'Expendables' movie in Asia See in context

Well i'd rather see Arnold and Stallone be action heroes no matter their age then see Ben Aflek as ...shudder Batman.

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