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Posted in: Why do so many Japanese women take photos of their food at restaurants and post it on Facebook or their blogs? See in context

it simple. japanese people love food. it's such a huge part of japanese culture. just look at japanese tv. 90% of the varitey shows are about food or some how incorporate it. definitely due in large part to cultural influence.

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Posted in: Anti-drug poster featuring Yukie Nakama to go up at schools nationwide See in context

lol NO DRUG. wtf does that even mean?

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Posted in: Romance at the workplace: What's your view? See in context

make sure it's a big firm and u don't work on the same floor or won't run into each other in the lunch room, or at the gym, and that no one person has authority over the other. u meet these criteria, i say fair game. don't be fooled. this means all hr staff is off limits too cuz they're the one's that do the hiring, etc.

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Posted in: An addict’s guide to pachinko See in context

hahaha. this is pretty hilarious. hey people waste money on all kinds of entertainment anyway, video games, booze, partying, cigarettes, etc; all arguably as equally addictive if not more so. i say all things in moderation. if it helps to relieve stress and you have fun doing it, i say why not.

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