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Posted in: American arrested in Fukuoka for kidnapping own kids from ex-wife See in context

Japan is getting preivalage only in business sector seems advanced internationlly when comes its matter same like underdevelop country. Because American umbrella is big and enough for Japan. IF hague protocol is not signed why not take action to her by internaionlly its matter of human rights.Domestically also Japan discriminate foreigners in matter of business.

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Posted in: Airline tickets to raise cash for U.N. health effort See in context

UN should charged on Tobaco and cosmetic goods in duty free shops and keep donation boxes in every airport and street. Air fare is very hig now days because IATA's wrong policy in eticketing system implementing new policy.

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Posted in: Should foreign residents have local voting rights? See in context

Paying of tax is same as Japanese. when comes to voting rights why not same as Japanese if he/she is permanent visa holder.Oh my dears it may be fake visa made by government to people whom they are holding.In airport always screned finger prints.Here are special permanent visa holders also how can use sweet language to them such?People do not think about visa.How many levels are here?Still more.This the example of discrimination in issunace of visa.But UN is silent becasue this body will not get money if talbled in headquater.

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Posted in: JR installs anti-suicide lighting on platforms See in context

Japanese society is very much selfcentrist and selfish.No one help when needed and those people who are going to do sucide they have trouble no one help them, lightonly does not control.If light control why not develop in home and other places to install.Their main problem is job and stressess.Goverment just collect tax does not know how to provide job offer for people. Parlimnenatry does not know true sorrow of people they are born by ministry family.

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Posted in: Saitama police launch new unit to prevent groping on trains See in context

How to waste tax money ?It can not collect from love hotel whole of Japan? But why not write in Train no groping ? There are half naked poster advertised. why not stop by authoriies of this kind of earning money by train compmany?

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Posted in: Woman arrested for fatally stabbing 82-year-old father in Chiba See in context

This the acutal education given by her mother in society not only this family may be there are just have to burst.Society grown only giving emphasis for money not for humankind value, if her father gave lot of money he will not suffer in this weak age. How Japanese can wait and see untill the somebody became weak stage.

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Posted in: Man falls to death from 14th floor of condo, hitting woman passerby See in context

If depression comes nobody can stop like this accident,society must be more open and enjoyable smiling faces when walk in the street.People must be more freindly each other.

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Posted in: Low-income bachelors victims of widening 'sex gap' See in context

They can not choose right partener every time chasing only for money crossing 50 years.Husband had nice time in outside everywhere in Japan they can go rest for 3 hours with other women. How they can enjoy in home?Wife thoughts he is doing overtime in office for family but reality is not.Even higher income people doing samething outside of Japan man and women so how they can make good sex in couple.People are cheating each other in name of money,from heart to heart they have to love eachother then sex life will be better and happiness.

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Posted in: Virgin Atlantic to implement new baggage policy See in context

Its not virgin airlines idea only lower level of thinking in name of logistic, if possible decesion should be made on basis of human beigns weight. Those people who are more than 80kg. and getting of 23 kg. prefernce and those who are below of 60 kg. Same rate should not applicabel in airlines why not charge fuel cost extra for them becasue this passanger are overweight and fare should not equal Where is government?May be sleeping?Whcih fare made by logistic department of IATA?Why eticket became more expensive now days without making old custom tickets?It should more cheapest.

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Posted in: 18-year-old Japanese woman loses Y8 mil antique violin on Austrian subway See in context

Its nothing for Japanese even they can forgot husband and children if they have money.She will not complain because she had nice time in hotel with another man becauuse of email facility given by internet provider inthe world without charging money.Thanks for government body of the worlds who does not know how to make revnue.

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