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hanataro comments

Posted in: Young Japanese women becoming less interested in sex, survey says See in context

no problem. japanese boys are just interested in pachinko and playstation. japanese woman are just interested to have cute stuffs and going to travel alone. result of the material world

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Posted in: Samurai festival returns to disaster-hit Minamisoma See in context

did not they forget being about 5 km from the meltdown reactor with the high level radiation? i think the whole government who allow people enter the area is just out of their mind. they just dont listen about the radiation

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Posted in: Taiwan tea a matter of passion and profit See in context

the taiwanese oolong tea is the best ever.

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Posted in: Fukushima radiation higher than first estimated, TEPCO admits See in context

with the time admits TEPCO the true

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Posted in: Toshiba CD radio cassette recorder See in context

living in the past dreaming about the future. the tapes are even outside of japan past tense.

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Posted in: Fukushima cucumbers relabeled and sold in Tokyo See in context

for the customer everything. but to earn money on a dirty way does not care anyone. zurugashukoiiii

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Posted in: New underwater images show damage at Fukushima reactor See in context

everyone knew about the damage exept tepco. it should work on the cleaning up, reducing the radiation level

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Posted in: How to prepare teriyaki chicken in a rice cooker See in context

that seems a wicked idea again like we had before here hamburger in the rice cook

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Posted in: Fukushima's No. 2 reactor may be reheating See in context

reheating, i think so. they just pump in the water but the whole thing is leaking. the temperature meters should be proper if they get the same data from more thermometers. they should be careful with the temperature. Now is around 80 degress celsius. At the 80 the water is already damping with the radiation as well. At TEPCO are they only amateurs, i think

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Posted in: Over-50 first-time marriages increasing See in context

its an interesant article. first marriage at your 50`s. but not thinking about kids. from other view you need a partner through your life to support each other even in happiness even in sadness. i am wondering what kind of realtions have those people who marry the first time when they are 50 years.

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Posted in: Police continue search for baby girl feared abducted from car in Oita See in context

its typical japanese thing. leave the kids in the car, very often even with the engine and the air conditioner on and shopping...and shopping...and shopping. some of them they even leave kids after locked in the car in hot summer, returning back kids are dead. never leave kid in the car! not even 1 minute! i feel sorry for the mother. i hope baby girl can find back soon...and the mother learn from the lesson

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Posted in: Naha air traffic controller falls asleep on job See in context

should be more controllers at the same time. it looks funny article but the issue is actually very serious

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Posted in: Noda to appoint Edano as next industry and trade minister See in context

edano. bad idea. please dont.

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Posted in: Noda says Japan will restart nuclear reactors, but review energy policy See in context

minnasama wo koroshitai? i would put noda san on the top of the fukushima reactor building and restart the reactor. he would talk another way, i guess. the sick thinking of the japanese government will never change

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Posted in: TV commercial of the week: Gin no sara sushi delivery shop See in context

very bad. no phantasy. rude and tastless

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Posted in: Blast at French nuclear site kills 1, injures 4 See in context

how long does it take make nucleair power centres safe? we heared a lot of promisses after the fukushima accident. people just dont take it serious. it affects lot of people, the problem does not stop at the borders of countries...

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Posted in: Half of world's PCs use pirated software: survey See in context

i think even more are pirated software users. no wonder in japan even copy cd or dvd is legal. japanese also copy softwares as well.

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Posted in: FamilyMart unveils mobile convenience store See in context

its a very good idea. but why they keep using those baby-sized trucks? i am sure would be sold out the whole moving famima store very fast even they would use bigger trucks.

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Posted in: Japan may soon lose top longevity ranking See in context

the statictics may change. suicide in japan is number one of the world. the smoker japanese growing very fast but inother countries dropes already. and of course the fukushima accident will affect the people's health soon

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Posted in: Eggplant most hated vegetable among kids See in context

eggplant is very tasty. for kids should be cooked with other vegetables, so they dont recognize it when eating. thats what mothers should find out how. but most of the kids dont like vegetables

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Posted in: Tohoku Cycling Challenge and 1st Annual Tohoku Cycling Festival See in context

what are they in the water with the bicycles?

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Posted in: Japanese underpants burn calories in your crotch See in context

so stupid. dont drink the beer instead of

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Posted in: 12-year-old girl dies in apparent suicide on first day of term See in context

sick japanese society grows sick kids. kids learn everything from their parents. where did japanese learn the weak ability can not facing problems. look at the life extremely positively or extremely negative (suicide). according to the statistics the suicide rate raising every year

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Posted in: More than 1,000 cattle running wild in Fukushima radiation zone See in context

those cows and pigs will buy by chain reataurants and selling on sale soon. no waste of any meat. infected with cesium, does not really matter in japan

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for stealing from Fukushima exclusion zone See in context

i guess they are not the only ones. its a shame. just like take the cesium-infected meat in the fukushima area and sell it on the west side of japan. how can people make benefit of those things? zurukashkoi

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Posted in: 120 Gusto restaurants closed over dysentery outbreak See in context

why only in the eastern area? i think they should check the chain all in japan. did anybody ever see how dirty is a japanese kitchen of a restaurant? unbeliveable. i did see it because i worked before in another chain restaurant. the other side where the customers are they show how clean are they. shibori is not everything. where the food cooked should be very clean. i just dont know how those restaurants pass the check from the government.

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Posted in: Greenpeace seeks nuclear action from Noda See in context

not just up to noda but the government should know what to do in nucleair case. i still did not see any plans after almost 6 month. if the kids at school are really important wanna see steps not just keep saying "daijyou desu". was the shipped rice from fukushima also daiyoubu?

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Posted in: Bullet train driver stops train because he forgot his glasses See in context

and where was the co-driver anyway?

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Posted in: Bullet train driver stops train because he forgot his glasses See in context

safety 101%. just to be sure

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Posted in: Rice shipped from Fukushima Prefecture See in context

no comment. it does not matter where did the rice shipped. was any radiation or not. its not for consumption. is there anybody who can take responsibility of this? of course nobody. welcome in japan

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