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Hanatsuki comments

Posted in: Man sets woman, himself on fire in Ibaraki restaurant See in context

"Turn about is fair play" What the actual heck?!?!? o_0

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Posted in: Trump sees Abe as ally in push back against China: adviser See in context

"Trump-Abe axis"

Am I the only one who felt a bit weird about that particular phrasing?

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Posted in: Survey asks Japanese women if they could date a man who earns less money than they do See in context

"Yet this article only puts the spotlight on Japanese women." Uh... because it's an article which focuses on Japan? o_0 My apologies, but you sound very much like one of those people who approaches almost every situation you encounter looking for some possible offense. And as so many of that type routinely prove, you manage to find it even where it doesn't exist. Had this article presented itself as speaking towards a global issue and then gone on to focus only on Japanese women, you might have a leg to stand on, but its focus was on women in Japan, and seeing as it was authored by a Japanese news outlet, that seems only natural. No racism here, so relax and cool your outrage. You'll live longer.

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Posted in: Nastiness threatens future of online reader comments See in context

"One tool is from Facebook, whose plug-in verifies the identity of those who post comments, requiring people to use their real names.

Some evidence indicates the Facebook platform and other tools have helped the tone."

Have you been to FaceBook recently? Neither of those statements is even close to true. People continue to create and post using pseudonyms and the commentary tends to run from sophomoric to sociopathic, so if FB is being used as the template for civil discourse, I think we're in for rough waters.

I agree that anonymity, and the safety from any and all repercussions for one's actions has a lot to do with the horrendous behaviour that seems to have become commonplace online, but as mentioned in the article, it also allows folks like myself to be more open and honest when discussing subjects we would prefer be kept to a limited audience. To be honest, I have no idea how to rectify the complete lack of courtesy and civility that's taken over the online community and much of the world in general, but it would be a shame if it resulted in the end of online discourse overall.

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