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Posted in: Chiba cop arrested for allegedly groping woman on train See in context

bogva: Good point! Maybe she was waiting for him to get off the train.

Last night I saw a drunk man groping a woman's chest in Roppongi station, and she was protesting and trying to push him away. There were 3 station security officers standing in full view and they all looked the other way. I have to admit that I also did not get involved. Like many people, I tend to think that someone else will take care of it, and that I am probably assuming too much - what if they had been a couple having a fight? Still, I probably should have gone back through the ticket gates to pretend to ask directions or something, to give her a chance to run away...seeing as no-one else paid any attention to it. It bothered me so much that I got on the wrong train, though ;p

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Posted in: Japanese prisons face swelling elderly population See in context

It is heartbreaking that so many people would rather be in prison under conditions that are uncomfortable at the very best, than to be free. To some of these people, it is worth getting a criminal record just to escape from society. I also saw a show on TV the other day about a rise in funerals that no-one attends, almost all of them for elderly people who died alone. What happened to community spirit? Why are people abandoning their elders? I long ago resolved to work hard and attain success and wealth so as to keep my parents comfortable, free and close by when they grow old. I simply can't understand this 'head-in-the-sand' mentality.

The worst is the fact that some inmates have dementia. It seems fairer to spend the money on building more elderly care facilities (and the benefit of job creation will follow).

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Posted in: Tokyo salon owners sound off on current state of male style See in context

I really respect Japanese men for taking the time and effort to look good, and putting some thought into style, fashion and grooming. It makes them so much more attractive than the average South African guy who just rolls out of the house in a free T-shirt he got at some sporting event, board shorts and flip flops.

Sure, there are some fashion trends that are a bit much, but generally I love to see guys that use some product in their hair and wear interesting clothes that fit nicely. I would take groomed eyebrows over a unibrow any day, and I think for most women, hoso-macho is way better than gori-macho.

However, I have to say no to those pointy shoes. Enough is enough!

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy stabs 14-year-old sister to death at home See in context

Thanks for the extra info, fishy. That actually sheds quite a bit of light on the story. I really think they should increase the required attendance at schools - so many kids seems to stay home half the year! But that is veering off-topic. This type of incident, in which a young person shows no recognition of the value of human life, seems to be on the rise worldwide. They don't seem aware of the consequences of killing someone, or maybe they just don't understand that death is permanent. It always seems to be for a stupid reason, too.

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Posted in: Man broadcasts own suicide live on video streaming site See in context

Anonymity breeds this terrifying lack of humanity.

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Posted in: Grounding the JETs See in context

I just want to mention that I think the TOEIC test is a very poor reflection of a student's English communication skills. All it shows is how well the student knows the TOEIC test and strategies for taking it. JET has no point if the schools don't start teaching functional, conversational English instead of getting kids to remember tons of grammar and uselss archaic vocabulary. Have you ever looked at the vocabulary section of the Eiken test for university admission? Most of the words I've only read in really old books! The focus needs to change, so the JET teacher can bring in their knowledge of natural and situational English.

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Posted in: Things Japanese girls do that make guys go, 'Huh?' See in context

The main thing that sticks out for me as particularly 'Japanese' is number 9. So many of my Japanese girl friends are really into 'power spots' and soothsayers and stuff. Also, the eyebrows. I had to hold back a scream when I first saw one of my friends with a clean face! She's stopped doing it to that level now, though (thank goodness).

4 and 8 are just plain annoying!!

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Posted in: Alcohol more lethal than heroin, cocaine: study See in context

I'm pretty sure most of the cases of death by ecstacy were because of dehydration or the opposite, drowning from drinking too much water. Mixing alcohol probably led to a lot of the problems, too.

There is also a very big difference between MDMA and ecstacy, which people don't seem to acknowledge, especially on the news. With ecstacy, who knows what's in there. People who have died from ecstacy most certainly did not die from the MDMA in it.

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Posted in: What makes Japanese women say, 'I never want to see that jerk again!' See in context

They seem to have surveyed an extremely picky group of women here. There are much worse things guys can do on dates than be critical of others or harp on about one subject. Who do they think they are? They're lucky this is the worst that's happened to them!

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Posted in: Nursery school head charged with molesting 4-year-old girl See in context

It's pretty easy to get a confession out of someone over here, whether it be true or false. I would have welcomed a few more details in this story, such as where the allegation came from. If she was asleep, did she even realize? Some more background information would have been good, too.

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Posted in: Constant drone of vuvuzelas killing World Cup atmosphere See in context

On second thought, I heard from someone who attended a game that a large amount of spittle rains forth from the mouths of the vuvuzelas. At this, I might draw the line... Maybe they can just restrict it to the SA games?

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Posted in: Constant drone of vuvuzelas killing World Cup atmosphere See in context

Wow, the sound really doesn't bother me at all. I find it exciting. But let the South-Africa-bashing continue - it's not like it ever stops.

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Posted in: Club hostesses hold first protest over working conditions See in context

I know someone who is trying to sue her boss for withholding a huge chunk of her wages. The clubs make masses of money, but it doesn't always go to the girls.

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Posted in: March is worst month for suicides of salaried workers See in context

My flatmate works for a company which, like many in Japan, is only focussed on cutting costs. His boss fired half the staff and wouldn't take on any more, thus doubling the workload for the people left. My flatmate's position in the company was eliminated (division head), and he now earns less than he was earning when he started there 5 years ago, and doing 3 people's jobs. The boss repeats the same thing over and over: If you don't like it, quit.

Many companies cut down on staff and try to get the same level of performance out of a reduced workforce by overworking them without extra pay. Since the government doesn't interfere, this can carry on. This kind of laissez faire led the US into The Great Depression. Why can't anybody see that?

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Posted in: Self-centered zombies running rampant through Japanese society See in context

You know what makes me really angry about this? On a nearly-empty train I receive a call (in silent mode), and answer it discreetly, near-whispering into the receiver that I'm on the train and will call back. Then I get huge flak from some old person for using my phone. One time I was subjected to a tirade in terrible English - 'Japanese manners please! Bad! Stop! Stop!' - and the rest of the train looking at the floor. Because I'm not Japanese, I get shouted at. Japanese can do what they please.

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