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Such a hypocrite. He is using U.S. alliance very well for Japans own interests. Threating China while hiding behind the US, not a very proud way to get these islands. And then Japan will cry because of more american soldiers, so called criminals in their country.

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Koreans living on Ullungdo have been staring at and fishing on for thousands of years

There will be no chance for Japan to get these islands. Dokdo has been Korean territory throughout history except during the Japanese occupation of Korea. It's funny, because Japan controls Senkaku, so they think it's theirs and claim it while hiding behind the US and South Korea controls Dokdo, but in Japanese minds it is also theirs? If they want to sound logical, Japan should just give up these islands.

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This is why Japan will never change and never be viewed as a respectable country. I would also be really angry, because they are playing around with their apologies and their history. The japanese politicians can do anything and there won't be any backlash from the public or government . You can tell by the procent of voters, which was really low, that japan wil not change. It seems like the right wingers are the only one's who voice and their number is growing. I bet that Japan only apologised to please other western nations. Im from Germany and we were taught really well about the history and how cruel it was. We had a mandatory history class for about 6 years and there, one of the major topics was the Nationalsozialismus. And we could never think of ppl or politicians to make any neutral comment about the war time or to whitewash it. It's strictly forbidden and the ppl would rage. Because we know that Germany was at fault. I think this is right, because you have to admit all the war crimes to fully repent to other countries and mean it! An unsincere apology is the same as no apology. Just educate your nation.

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Wow so cruel, that this woman even feels the need to do that, is just so wrong. She could be traumatised. Japan, what do you do to the women. It seems like they are centuries beyond. Please value human rights. To see that they uploaded it on their companies account, just tells you that it wasn't really her own decision, but also supported by their company. This is too much. Public humiliation and worse. The video will hunt her lifelong.

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