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I visit Japan regularly since 2000. Of course, every country will have people who can’t behave. Definitely Japan on the whole has the most polite and best behaved people worldwide and I know many countries Intimately. I always enjoy the respectful and disciplined manners in Japan. Moreover, rules are so obvious and clear. Foreigners have not the slightest excuse for not respecting them. And yes! I always DO find a litter bin for my waste.,

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Posted in: Merkel reminds Japan to confront wartime past See in context

The full text of Merkel's speech is available online on the webpage of the 'Deutsch-Japanisches Zentrum Berlin'. It is among her most despicable and hypocritical ever but it does NOT CONTAIN A HINT OF REMINDING JAPAN OF ITS WAR CRIMES. She has at least the good sense not to do that. But the scandal of this article is to name Washington in one breath with the victims of Japanese militarism in Asia. JAPAN is the victim of the USA's most montrous war crime in WWII. Before Japan apologizes to anyone the US should apologize to Japan. But instead of this Truman prided himself of his actions; when Bush senior was asked to apologize he derided and offended the Japanese people. I wonder how long it will take until the Japanese people stand up against continuing US occupation and form a coalition with China instead!

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