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Posted in: U.S. lifts post-Fukushima import restrictions on Japanese farm products See in context

Fukushima is a big prefecture, and not all of it suffers radiation. It’s such basic information.

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Posted in: Do you really need to wear toilet slippers when using the toilet at home? See in context

Toilet slippers in public buildings etc are disgusting. The idea of taking off my shoes and putting my feet into a pair of slippers used by countless others before me as they use the urinal turns my stomach. The idea that Japan is somehow a clean country really is a myth.

I have an acquaintance who once worked as cleaning staff for a hotel. She once said the crew wiped the slippers in the public bathroom with alcohol by hand every morning. Bless her diligent soul.

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Posted in: Art event featuring 'comfort women' statue postponed due to protests See in context

How is it ani-Japan? 

It's more like anti-slavery or anti-sex trafficking or anti-bad manners toward others kind of a thing. 

No one see's this as anti - Japan but the Japanese.

These statues to me just says do not do this kind of a thing ever again.

They would be anti-slavery if South Korea wasn’t only interested in using the comfort women to spread anti-Japan propaganda. If Korea actually cared about the comfort women, they wouldn’t have embezzled the money Japan gave to them.

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Posted in: One dead, 99 missing after Florida beachfront condo collapses See in context

Everything in southern Florida suffers from humidity, tropical storms, and hurricanes. It’s not the commerce hub it used to be.

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