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They are Liars, but you are manipulators.

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I'm still surprised why most Japanese people won't commit suicide. If someone would do that, it gives another more pressure to do it because it makes him look like a coward. And it would go on as a form of vicious circle. No one likes to be called a coward. There are likely no people who make life mistakes. And social pressure is likely in every Japanese family a thing. most Japanese people would had struggles with the question to suicide. Something tells me the suicide issue in Japan isn't explained very well in the general world media.

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If Japanese culture is very related to bullying in workplace or at school, then it's likely to be in its neighbors culture as well, since it's about harmony, conformity, save and fear of losing face, which people may even take advantage of it to bully people. In western cultures there is no such thing, which makes such social abuse less possible. Western people could believe that cultures like that of Japan may be replaced, but I believe if we do that, Japan needs slowly, step by step to integrate its culture, a "cultural revolution" like what happened in China is too dangerous, and that would mean we need a real dictator in Japan to operate will propaganda from the authority in order to overrun Japanese culture norms. Chinese people suffered lack of education and morals after that period, and people became materialistic due to the economic period afterwards. After all you just can't ask someone country's culture to be replaced. Same story with China. Unless you would use it by dominant force. In China they even blame this as western imperialism. :P

On the other hand In western culture, bullies are more invidiual types, and can cause a lot of trouble to the society usually by their own. Criminality and also corruption may be increased because of our lifestyle. It's just that everone is more free to be who they are.

Japan just needs to adjust and solve problems. Japanese people are rational enough to understand that bullying needs to be tackled, especially when they would realize it causes so much suicides. No one likes to hear suicides everywhere in modern day. And even some though they may not be aware together what they do to others. Critizing the Japanese society is a good thing in order to improve it. I'm glad to hear these social issues are getting at least slowly better then not getting worse! Japan needs to keep on track.

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