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Somebody should make it really clear to Abe (because he seems to have a hard time understanding), that the US cannot help Japan if it stays on its provocative course, rather the contrary. If Japan keeps electing leaders that stir up trouble in East Asia, Japan will soon have both the US and China (and probably Russia as well) against it.

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If the Nazis had won, these people would now be slaves to Germans, or never even have been born.

The Japanese aren't really fit to join the Arian master race, are they? There are no blonde, blue eyed Japanese people as far as I know if you don't count the Gyaru who are on the decline anyway ;-)

But joking aside, these people have no clue what would have happened to Japan if the people they worship had won the war. It wouldn't exist anymore.

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Japanese apologies always come across as a bit backhanded.

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@thywillbedone I don't see this happen. Japan will simply become a 3rd world country. Hell, outside of the bigger cities it already looks like 3rd world country.

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@michikokada The origin of all troubles isn't the USA - but the East Asian mentality of the thugs Japan has elected as their leaders, and the thugs that rule China unelected. The Chinese people didn't choose those thugs, but the Japanese people chose theirs. So actually, Japan's image is taking the damage.

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@Crazedinjapan I am German, I live in Japan. I have no connections to China at all. Don't count on Germany being a friend of Japan anymore. In Germany, people like Ishihara and Hashimoto would be prosecuted and treated like the thugs they are.

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@KariHaruka Not all the instability is due to Japan, but a good part of it - and that's the reason Japan's image has taken damage in this. I know Japan (where I live since years, but thank God, not much longer) does think the Western countries are its friends, but that is not true anymore. Japan is seen as a troublemaker in East Asia now, and no country will help a trouble maker make more trouble. China has always had a bad image, due to Tibet and other problems, but Japan should realise that people like Ishihara and Hashimoto will worsen the relations to the former allies of Japan and because China is economically more important now, countries will prefer getting on China's side. Tell me one reason why the Western world should still support and defend Japan, if it it doesn't reverse its nationalist and xenophobic policies? What has Japan ever done for their allies in the last few decades? Nothing comes to mind.

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More than China's image in the Western world, which has always been bad, Japan will suffer even more over this. East Asia is now an unstable region, mainly thanks to Ishihara and his trickery. It doesn't matter if Japan thinks it is a better country than China. Enough damage to Japan's reputation has been done to drive investments and opportunities to free, peaceful places.

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Posted in: Japan declares U.S. Osprey safe to fly in Japan See in context

Haha, it is so obvious why Japan suddenly thinks Osprey isn't a bad idea. What a ridiculous country.

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@thywillbedone China is China - nobody intelligent should be surprised that there is a lot of hate for Japan in certain groups of the Chinese society. But what about Japan's view on China, especially among the broad and numerous fraction of right-of-center politicians and their voters? The right-wing in Japan is very strong and has public backing. Do these people love, or even respect China? I think it is rather obvious that Ishihara even hates China. The mayor of Tokyo! So, this is not a one sided affair. Japan does nothing to improve the relations, so it shouldn't point at China and ask them to do the first step. China is bigger and economically more powerful. Japanese respect power, so it is time to accept that China is now the senpai.

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@kwatt Source, please :-)

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Fire spotted at gate of Chinese school in Kobe http://www.japantimes.co.jp/text/nn20120919x1.html

Japan = China

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@smithjapan Haha, you are right. Well, stupidity has never been a barrier in this country, so it won't damage his reputation too much, I fear.

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@kwatt I hope you are right. It all depends on whether Japan continues with the provocations like buying the islands (they spent money on something they say they already own, LOL). Also, it is very interesting to see people like YuriOtani argue. This is a very good showcase of how little grasp of political realities most Japanese people (I suppose YuriOtani is Japanese) have. They are not interested usually in anything outside of the Japanese borders, so when something like the island dispute arises, they appear to have their understanding of politics diplomacy sourced from Hollywood movies.

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@YuriOtani I think you will be in tears very soon if you find out the reality. If there is a local war in East Asia, which will erase Japan from the surface of the Earth (because nukes) and heavily damage China, the US and Europe will be the winners. It will be a huge blow to the whole Asian continent. The US now says they support Japan to drive them further into the conflict. The US (Obama administration) is also very worried about the influence of the Yakuza in the US. If Japan is blown into pieces, the Yakuza is also powerless.

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@peanut666 What I was trying to say is that Japan is not the peace-loving country they have tricked the world to believe they are. At least the elderly idolise WWII times and think Nazi Germany was mainly a good thing.

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@YuriOtani You sound like you are living in a dream world. The treaty you are referring to does not cover a case where Japan provokes it's neighbours over a disputed piece of rock on the coast of Taiwan. You should read some international newspapers, and stop getting your news from Japanese sources only (which are very biased).

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@chucky3176 You are right on the money with your assessments. I hope Japan doesn't one have to awake to the sobering realisation that if you want to manipulate your allies to support your questionable policies, they won't be interested in supporting you. The Japanese seem to think that the treaty is binding law. Which couldn't be more wrong. It will be decided on a case-by-case basis, which is obvious to anyone with some knowledge of international politics (which may be a hint at why it seems to escape most Japanese).

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Let's not forget Japan (by letting Ishihara into office) is the bad guy in this matter. The US will not help them, even if "push comes to shove". I hope they don't! Japan must grow up and stand for themselves. It's time to stop acting like a spoiled brat.

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@peanut666 Japanese older people also love Nazi Germany. I am German and have lost count of the number of times Japanese people, when they heard I was German, congratulated me on the "good old times when Japan and Germany fought together".

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@Lunchbox They might have worked a lot, but how many of those hours were simply spent doing "dara dara" because they don't know how to work effectively? Germany built almost a big economy as Japan with half the population and maybe half the working hours put in because they worked more effectively. Also, where do you think the Soushoku Danshi and maid-cafes come from? The elderly should have spent more time with their kids, raising them to be real adults instead of doing senseless overtime in their companies. They built Japan's economy, but they failed at building the next generation to take over what they accomplished. A massive oversight, and ultimately, a failure on their part.

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Any news if Ishihara spends these days mostly sitting in front of his PC, reading the news, pants down?

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My take away from the whole situation: East Asians can't be trusted. Chinese, Japanese are the same.

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Out of all demographic groups, it is the elderly in Japan that respect the least. Japan should learn to respect their young, give them the means to become critical thinkers instead of just producing automatons. The elderly are those people who ruin Japan because they are often embittered nationalists who are too egotistical to let the young create a more peaceful, hopeful Japan that doesn't have to fear complete extermination from its overpowering neighbours.

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@Laurent It is obvious why - India's and Korea's economic booms are even younger than Japan's bubble economy, therefore you see even worse cases of "nouveau riche" there. Japan's society, on the other hand, strives to be seen as a member of the "old boys club", with Germany, the UK, France and the US. If you ask high-income Japanese people, they'd make a point to portray themselves as vastly more cultured and mature than their counterparts in Korea or India. I am not convinces this is the case, though. Money and bad taste are exactly as connected here as they are in the newer boom economies. What is the first thing that rich Russians, Chinese, and Koreans buy? Exactly - luxury brand goods such as handbags and watches. Anything that has a big logo on it and signalises "I can afford this" rather than "this expresses my style" - in this regard, the rich Japanese still haven't progressed.

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@Farmboy I don't see any signals from the US supporting your view on this. Panetta has gone out of his way to stress that this matter has to be settled peacefully by the two parties involved. It is very telling that the US has not even given a warning to China - all they are saying is that both sides are in the wrong. If you know about Diplomatic speech and phrasing, which I suppose you don't because you misinterpret the determination of the US to acknowledge that the treaty applies to this case, you will understand that the US does not, and will not, support either side in this (childish) conflict. The US will not have to "honor the agreement", because the agreement is not applicable if Japan is the aggressor. Japan will have a very hard time to explain how China is the aggressor after Ishihara forced the government to make facts and buy the islands. To repeat myself: If any Japanese person thinks the US would put only one piece of hardware, not to speak of personnel in harms way over this, they are living in dreamland.

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@Chamkun The US does not have to go as far as to terminate the whole treaty. This isn't a "yes or no" contract, but rather a matter which is open to interpretation. The US will do what it wants to do, it does not owe anything to Japan. If the US lawmakers have any common sense, they will acknowledge the facts that led to this escalation, and that Japan, or Ishihara in particular is to blame for it. So far, the Chinese government comes away as much more mature and adult about the island matter. It is the Japanese side that seems to try to provoke by buying these islands (which they claimed to belong to Japan anyway, so there's a flaw of logic already). The US will be backed by the whole world if they decide that Japan has to stand on its own if it chooses to bully it's neighbours into military action. To Ishihara, and all Japanese that are not outspoken against him and his mob, one can only say, be careful what you wish for, and don't suppose anybody will support you if you act like a childish bully.

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I think one thing most Western men notice about Japanese (and even more so, Chinese) women is their obsession with status and money. While in the Western world, conspicuous consumption is now seen as merely a misguided goal and one should not mainly live for the acquisition of status symbols to impress others or because spending money is an addiction, when you come to East Asia, you quickly notice that it is trailing decades behind in this regard. It is very rare to find a Japanese woman who doesn't determine her self-worth by material things (most cannot even pay for from their own talent). Where in the West, we have understood that the goal of life should be happiness (not necessarily in the "smiley face" sense of the word, more in an Aristotelian sense, in Japan the main driver of achievement is to be able to show off your monetary rewards. This is due to Japan having risen from a poverty-stricken country to a rich country in relative short time. They are still at an early stage, where the basic needs to be satisfied, much like a black person from a bad neighborhood who has managed to become rich by making Rap music investing the money in gold chains and diamond-studded rims. In a way, Japanese women are like American black men. Even the "old money" in this country is relatively "new money", so the nouveau riche lifestyle has no counterpart and stays at the center of every Japanese woman's ideals. The men merely try to find the best possible mating partner and therefore struggle to fill those expectations.

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I think the Americans who are aware of the misguided way Japan seems to think it can abuse the US-Japan relations for its nationalist quarrels, should waste no time and contact their government to voice their opinion. It would be inexcusable to see Americans get in harms way to satisfy Ishihara's twisted little fantasies.

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One thing that the world will take away from this whole messy issue (and the other island quarrels in East Asia as well) is that the whole region is not as stable as we thought it was. This will redirect a lot of investment away towards South America and South Asia. Nationalist quarrels and sable rattling might help the current leadership in each respective country in the short term to gain on the inner political front, but it is another nail in the coffin for Japan. Nobody likes to make business with nationalists and backward-thinking countries. I think the Japanese are not fully aware of the image they have now in the Western world. Most people can't tell Japanese and Chinese apart, anyway - and the public support for the little animosities of these bitter old men is about zero. The US should not, and will not support either side in this.

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