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Posted in: Emperor declares abdication; thanks people for support See in context

To your health and happiness ! my highest respects.

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Posted in: ATMs in Japan are saying they’ll transfer your money back in time to 1989 See in context

This is like a Dr. Who episode that's come to life.....I love it !

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Posted in: Vending machine selling edible bugs is an instant hit in Kumamoto See in context

I like these around town, for an appetizer before a bowl of my favorite ramen (shoyu with menma) .

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Posted in: Red Sox fans celebrate World Series title; parade on Wednesday See in context

This story really brings it home for me - congrats to Boston and the Red Sox.

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Posted in: Liberty lady See in context

Beautiful, timely.

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Posted in: Family of Prince demands Trump stop using his music See in context

I loved Prince's music and the Minneapolis funk that he sang about. I'm riding down the highway singing along '...little red corvette.' I suppose just about everybody is free to enjoy his sounds.

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Posted in: Wasabi, anyone? See in context

fresh is best.

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Posted in: Tokyo's new Toyosu fish market opens; public tours to begin Saturday See in context

Ah, to now live in a land that puts some of the finest raw fish in the world into a can, and then boils it....my personal employment concerns have left me yearning to return to where I was born and grew up, near the base of Fuji-san. I will soon enjoy visiting, tasting the maguro of Toyosu - but who can forget the maguro of Tsukiji.

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Posted in: Japan-Mekong strategy aims to boost quality infrastructure See in context

I see this direction of action promoting 'regional amae' which I once read a scholarly paper about. Japan's neighbors are fully acknowledge and each member brings their own needs and wants to the Mekong-Japan Summit, forming attachments and business relationships that can promote healing from past attempts that had bitter endings.

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