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Posted in: Japanese lawmaker admits accepting ¥1 mil from Chinese gambling operator See in context

Any repercussions for his actions? Seems like since he bowed and apologized he is in the clear.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Shibuya sees high turnout on Halloween despite drinking ban See in context

Completely agree with some of the above comments. I missed a few years and tried to come back this year. There were more people who came just to come. No costume, no spirit. I miss how it used to be.

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Posted in: Olympic spectators may be allowed to bring own drinks to beat heat See in context

We want to reduce plastic waste

We want to give everyone a clear plastic bag so security runs faster

Wouldn't Hokkaido have been a better choice? More space, better temperatures? Guess Hokkaido Olympics doesnt have the same ring as Tokyo Olympics.

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Posted in: Man arrested for burning down ex-girlfriend’s house See in context

Jeez, some of these guys are so entitled.

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