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Posted in: Japan weighs plan for ban on hotel guests without masks: report See in context

How exactly have masks (and vaccines) helped Japan? It's not like Japan is a shining example of controlling COVID.

Nevertheless, I don't think wearing them indoors or on the train is a big deal.

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Posted in: 60% of people with foreign roots questioned by Japanese police: survey See in context

If life is so bad for them in Japan, they could always move to China or Russia instead. My guess is they're staying put.

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Posted in: Japan set to waive some visa requirements in October to boost tourism: Nikkei See in context


Who should Japan cater to first? Where are you from?

@Japan Violet

Negative test works as well.

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Posted in: Japan's total COVID cases top 20 mil since start of pandemic See in context

CDC estimates 75% of Americans have had COVID. With Japanese regularly coming into close contact with each other, I’m sure a lot more than 20 million have caught it.

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Posted in: California sets new low unemployment record in July See in context

If life is so great, why are so many fleeing California?

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Posted in: Pence tells GOP to stop lashing out at FBI over Trump search See in context

With Cheney gone, it's a good thing the media has someone like Pence to quote once in a while.

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Posted in: Ukraine war hangs over U.N. meeting on nukes treaty's legacy See in context

It’s astounding how much the world has changed in only 18 months.

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Posted in: Ukraine war shows West's dominance ending as China rises, Blair says See in context

Tony who?

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Posted in: Kishida vows to push for Constitution reform, build on Abe's legacy See in context


Agree, Kishida is a leader looking out for his country, which is perhaps a rarity in today's world.

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Posted in: Shinzo Abe murder suspect: What we know See in context

So, Abe had a "connection" to an organization that his guy held a grudge against? That's the worst excuse for an assassination I've ever heard.

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Posted in: Abe assassination raises questions about security for VIPs in Japan See in context

There basically was no security. The shooter got within a few yards of Abe. The first shot missed and he had three seconds to gather himself for the second shot, which allegedly killed Abe.

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Posted in: World leaders stunned by Abe's shooting See in context

Abe was able to form deep, lasting relationships with so many world leaders. He was a giant for Japan and democracy and his legacy will live on.

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Posted in: ANA to resume one-way flights from Beijing to Narita after 2-year suspension See in context


You're right, lockdowns and border closures are clearly not health related, but why would China or Japan want to prolong it? Control? External threats?

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Posted in: Ohtani strikes out 11, extends scoreless streak in 4-1 win over White Sox See in context

He is developing into an elite MLB pitcher.

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Posted in: Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to 20 years in prison for helping Epstein See in context

Who are these "rich and famous"? What will be their punishment?

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Posted in: Biden urges Western unity on Ukraine at G7 summit See in context

"Russia, Russia, Russia" stopped working. Only 19% of Americans believe the country is heading in the right direction. Biden is a calamity for America and the free world. Which is good for some people, however.

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Posted in: Shanghai reports zero COVID cases for first time since March See in context

They can report it. We don’t have to believe it.

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Posted in: What do you think of China's zero-COVID strategy? See in context

It’s not about COVID or preserving public health.

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Posted in: Pfizer applies for Japanese gov't approval of booster shots for kids See in context

Seems like everyone has COVID these days- vaxxed, unvaxxed, boosted, etc. No one has gotten very ill. People have just learned to live with it.

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Posted in: Growing numbers avoiding news as too depressing: report See in context

It would be nice to get news that is accurate and objective. Too much propaganda these days.

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Posted in: Beijing tests millions, isolates thousands over COVID cluster at 24-hour bar See in context

All this for omicron part II?

Seems most in the U.S. have had it, but life goes on.

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Posted in: Wind energy infrastructure hindering Japan's defense radars: sources See in context

Uhhh, then why are they using it?

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Posted in: Lightning hold off Rangers to book return to Stanley Cup final See in context

NY is a cesspool. Their fans attacked Lightning fans in New York for no reason.

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Posted in: Beijing warns of 'explosive' COVID outbreak; Shanghai conducts mass testing See in context

Omicron is quite harmless, so not sure why they keep locking down, even if their vaccines are ineffective. Are they going to keep locking down for the next 10 years? I think the health benefits of lockdowns are negligible (who else still does it?), but the human and economic impact is significant.

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Posted in: Thousands rally across U.S. demanding new gun control measures See in context

If they cared about protecting fellow Americans, they'd be demanding that leaders of crime infested cities like Chicago, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco resign. Instead, nothing but crickets.

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Posted in: Capitol riot panel blames Trump for Jan 6 'attempted coup' See in context

Shocking finding by this "panel".

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Posted in: Boxing champ Inoue's home burgled during fight See in context

Leave him alone with the burglars in a locked cage for 5 minutes and call it even.

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Posted in: Vote of confidence in British PM Johnson to take place on Monday See in context

Is BOJO senile and compromised? I think he is the least of our concerns.

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Posted in: Musk wants to cut 10% of Tesla jobs; tells employees to return to workplace or quit See in context

Tesla headcount will now grow in the next year, according to Musk. I think he's just trying to manipulate the stock market.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police make multiple arrests as Tiananmen gatherings banned See in context

HK is practically dead, 80% want to flee. CCP/Globalists are like a cancer- they thrive by killing everything else.

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