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Posted in: Japan to trial small group tours from 4 countries See in context

In the U.S., the CDC estimates 75% of kids and 60% of everyone else had COVID by February. I'm sure the numbers are higher now and Japan is probably in a similar situation. Not sure what good requiring triple vaxxed tourists, twice tested, is going to do.

Japan can keep its borders restricted as long as it wants, but they look silly tying it to health concerns when the rest of the world is wide open.

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Posted in: In Buffalo, Biden condemns racism, mourns victims See in context

Wonder why he couldn't make time to visit Dallas and Waukesha, scenes of other horrific shootings?

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Posted in: Shanghai says zero-COVID achieved but millions still in lockdown See in context

Great, zero cases of the common cold, suffering for millions.

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Posted in: As Musk buyout looms, Twitter searches for its soul See in context

They’d be worth 10x more if they didn’t try to virtue signal.

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Posted in: Shanghai announces gradual reopening of businesses See in context

Spare us the theatrics. They look silly in those moonsuits.

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Posted in: N Korea reports 15 more COVID-19 deaths; hundreds of thousands of fever cases See in context

Odd that they are only reporting cases now.

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Posted in: 10 dead, suspect, 18, arrested in mass shooting at Buffalo supermarket See in context

Why are they parading out the NAACP guy so fast? If you didn't know better, you would think it was coordinated.

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Posted in: U.S. 'vulnerable' to COVID without new shots, says White House virus response coordinator See in context

Hopefully he's not knowingly lying like Myorkas did about the open borders not putting Americans in danger.

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Posted in: U.S. doctors reflect on exhaustion, trauma of one million COVID deaths See in context

Mysteriously, the U.S. halted early treatment of COVID. Hospitals insist on using Remdesivir and ventilators. If you go into the hospital with COVID, there's a good chance you're not coming out alive.

How is Japan doing with early treatment?

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Posted in: What is fentanyl and why is it behind the deadly surge in U.S. drug overdoses? See in context

Gee, a flood of fentanyl and other illegal drugs into the U.S. through an open Southern border...shocking.

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Posted in: Biden trip to Asia to signal U.S. keeping its eye on China See in context

Biden just sent another $40 billion to Ukraine to keep the Russia “war” alive as long as possible. China doing its part already cutting off supply chains. Things going according to plan for Team Biden.

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Posted in: Yoon tells Japanese lawmakers he opposes politicizing historical issues See in context

Bingo, Ossan. Yoon's approach will change when he needs a ratings boost or gets some other motivation.

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't plans to start same-sex partnership system in November See in context

This is Japan, so you may be waiting a long time for gay marriage. They should consider domestic partnerships, however, so gay couples can get the same legal rights as married couples.

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Posted in: As Ukraine war rages, Biden team revives Asia focus See in context

Anything to distract from the manufactured chaos at home.

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Posted in: 10% suffer COVID-19 aftereffects 1 year after discharge from hospital: survey See in context

Insurance companies in the U.S. have noted a huge jump in excess deaths among millenials, beginning last year.

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Posted in: Gov't confirms it will start accepting some foreign tourists in June See in context

Sounds way too complicated and the focus on tourists possibly bringing in COVID is backwards. Japan should instead focus on having a healthy, vaccinated population, and access to highly effective therapeutics.

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Posted in: Fears mount for China's economy as leaders dig in on zero-COVID See in context

The rest of the world realized zero COVID was a failure a year ago and Omicron part 2 is quite harmless.

Seems like they’re trying to isolate themselves from the world.

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Posted in: Never mind New York City: For Mako and Kei, there's no place like home See in context

Guess they want to experience life in a third world country. They should’ve gone to Texas or Florida- there aren’t as many Asians but at least they won’t be targeted.

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Posted in: Belarus president says he didn't expect Russia's Ukraine 'operation' to drag on so long See in context

With inflation hurting everyone, why would they stop now?

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Posted in: Beijing closes 10% of subway stations to stem COVID spread See in context

Appears that many know the latest CCP COVID shut downs have nothing to do with health.

But I think this is less about controlling their citizens and more about keeping supply chains shut down to keep inflation high.

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Posted in: Evidence mounts of GOP involvement in Trump election schemes See in context

Speaking of election schemes- the one that the Supreme Court leak was trying to cover up- "2020 Mules" is an eye opener. Check it out if you want to be informed.

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Posted in: Report: Draft opinion suggests U.S. Supreme Court could overturn Roe See in context

One of Justice Sotamayor’s law clerks leaked it. They should be put in jail.

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Posted in: Report: Draft opinion suggests U.S. Supreme Court could overturn Roe See in context

Leaked so the radicals can intimidate the Justices. Hopefully the SCOTUS can find their backbone and clean up America now.

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Posted in: Candidates test skipping debates without upsetting U.S. voters See in context

Herschel Walker has 66%, the second place guy has 7%. I guess you could have a debate, but no one would watch.

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Posted in: GOP Arkansas Gov Hutchinson says 2024 presidential bid 'on the table' See in context

Yrral- Democrats have only 25% support from Latinos and they have 20% less support from Blacks compared to a couple years ago and they're losing Asians in droves, so that narrative is dead. It's almost impossible for them to win elections in the near future.

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Posted in: California probes 'Big Oil' over plastic pollution See in context

Yeah, this will get people to stop fleeing California’s rampant crime, homelessness, and massive taxes.

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Posted in: South Korea to end outdoor mask mandate See in context

They had an outdoor mask mandate? Why?

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Posted in: Bank of Japan hikes inflation forecast on soaring energy prices See in context

Biden-manufactured recession is on the way...

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Posted in: More Beijing classes go online in tightening of virus rules See in context

Funny how when China locks down, U.S. inflation goes up. Same for war in Ukraine and fires at dozens of U.S. food processing plants.

Guess we’re just unlucky that one “crisis” after another keeps happening.

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Posted in: Japan should ease COVID border controls for foreigners: panel members See in context

Pandemic is over in the U.S. according to Fauci. What the heck is going on in Japan? I can't imagine it is any worse than the U.S.

Japanese economy will suffer for many years to come due to lack of investment and tourists.

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