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Posted in: Michael Jackson dies of reported cardiac arrest at 50 See in context

this is really sudden. my colleages and i were just talking about him yesterday. although i'm not a fan, i am aware of his valuable contributions to the world of music. i don't think anyone can top his achievements. RIP King of Pop.

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Posted in: Gundam See in context

this is so cool!!!

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Posted in: Japan Red Cross See in context

love the shoes :D

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Posted in: Tokyo’s new tour spot -- sightseers flock to site of Kusanagi’s arrest See in context

Shukan Post interviewed one such park visitor who said, “I just went to the izakaya (pub) where he was drinking that night and took some pictures. I’m now on my way to the Akasaka police department [which arrested Kusanagi], then the Harajuku police department [where he was detained], and lastly I’ll take a picture in front of Johnny’s Jimusho.”

this person made a whole itenarary for this! omfg! what a trip!

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Posted in: Man arrested for wiping saliva on woman sleeping on train See in context

“I wanted to make beautiful women dirty.”

at least he called her beautiful wahhahahha. crazy dude!

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Posted in: Older, stronger Goku in Hollywood's 'Dragonball' See in context

i have very low expectations for this movie.

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Posted in: Akiko Wada gives Will Smith 40-kg chocolate for Valentine's Day See in context

what brand was the chocolate? hihi

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Posted in: Tokyo Metro See in context

what does the "Please do it at home" sign have to do with giving up the seat to an elderly? the intention is there, but the verbiage is off.

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Posted in: Homeless man See in context

sleeping like that in winter...so sad.

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Posted in: Brad Pitt See in context

the movie has a nice story. but burapi's acting...i've seen it before. benjamin button is joe black aging backwards.

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Posted in: Best Jewellery Wearer Awards 2009 See in context

hilarious! and i thought that the best "eye glass wearer" award took the cake...apparently i was wrong.

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Posted in: Fuji TV to broadcast drama on choosing marriage partners by blood type See in context

I heard that Yu Kashii actually had a blood transfusion in order to play her role.

ha? is this for real?

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Posted in: Life beyond the universe See in context

i like kurara better. but all is well. all the best to the both of them.

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Posted in: Best Dressed Eyes See in context

hahahahha best jeanist still tops my "huh?" award.

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Posted in: SMAP starts nationwide tour See in context

eerrrrr...imo, they are too old to be in a boy band. but i guess they still have tons of fans. so good luck to them.

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Posted in: Investigators try to track last 30 minutes of murdered girl in Chiba See in context

so sad. a 5-yr old shouldn't be walking alone in the streets. i hope they catch the criminal.

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Posted in: South Korean pop star BoA sets sights on U.S. See in context

others have tried ... and failed. but maybe BoA will offer something different to the US market. all the best to her.

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Posted in: Mummy's boy See in context

I'm not convinced about substituting Maria Bello for Rachel Weisz. At least there's still the lovely John Hannah. Don't think I'd bother seeing it in the cinema, however....

stay with your first thought. don't bother.

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Posted in: Actress Masami Nagasawa in new film See in context

then spends several days sitting on park swings alone at night and crying her loved one's name in the rain. luckily however she discovers scuba diving and is able to ride a bicycle in a haphazard manner under blue summer skies. cue credits.

lol. very vivid

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Posted in: First scandal hits actor Eita See in context

The weekly photo magazine Flash published photos, on Tuesday, of Eita holding hands with a woman at a recent party in Tokyo

holding hands??? should it be a big deal? i don't see the point.

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Posted in: Actress Maki Horikita to appear in new TV drama See in context

wow she's only turning 20? i thought she's was older. anyways, good luck to her.

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